MTDNA Haplogroup W1

W1 is defined by the 07864 coding region mutation; a third of W's are of this subgroup, making it the largest. If HVR2 results are available, W1 may be tentatively identified by not having the 00194 mutation, which differentiates it from all other W subgroups.

W1 emerged about 15,000 years ago in central Eurasia. There are nine recognized major subgroups, W1a through W1i, plus more than ten others not yet given an official designation. A basic W1 lineage continues in the Baltic area without mutations up to the present day. This very stable lineage means that various subgroups split apart from the basic W1 at widely differing times, from 14,000 years ago to as recently as 3,000 years ago.

W1 Coding Region
How to Read These Phylogenetic Trees

W1 consists of the following major subgroups:

W1 Distribution

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