18 Jun 1967 - Falcon Lake, Ontario, Canada

18 June 1967 23:00
Falcon Lake, Ontario, Canada

Shiny, metallic object, 25 feet across and 10 feet, was witnessed by multiple persons. Interference on radio was reported.

An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Traces found. One metallic object, about 40 feet across, was observed in clear weather by six witnesses at a lake for 30 minutes (Green).

Hynek reports witness testimony:

While returning home by boat from visiting neighbors, noticed a bright object hovering 50 feet above treetops approximately a quarter of a mile away. Turned boat toward object to observe more closely when object suddenly and at a great speed descended toward boat. Mr. G. made a very hasty retreat, using full power of 75-horse outboard motor to make shore and get out of boat. Object then returned to original hovering position. Boat was reentered, and attempt was made to return to persons just visited, but object again appeared to make rapid descent toward boat. Boat was immediately grounded on shore, and Mr. and Mrs. G. ran to home of Mr. X, and awoke entire household. Object hovered for about 10-15 minutes and then rapidly disappeared to west-northwest. ... No noise heard at any time . . . wind conditions calm, but Mr. G, stated that tops of trees moved very noticeably as object made both descents.
Official government report summary:
The object was described as oval in shape with a slight rise on top as though with a canopy. Color was shiny . . . metallic and glassy. No lights were visible except that tops of trees appeared to glow white when the object made descents after boat. Object tilted toward the descent but appeared to rise horizontally and fly horizontally when it disappeared. Object was very clear to the naked eye with moon reflecting off it. Mr. G. size approximately 25 to 30 feet across and approximately 10 to 15 feet at thickest point. As object disappeared it took on an orange tint. No noise was heard by any of the observers nor those occupying two cabins at less than a quarter mile distance from where object was allegedly hovering. One occupant . . . did observe that he was listening to his transistor radio at time, station CKRC on 630 KCS, when so much static and interference was heard that radio was shut off. He looked out window . . . thinking thunderstorm in area but noted clear sky. His radio was checked and found in satisfactory operating condition. ... No alcohol was consumed by any of witnesses evening of sighting. Mr. G. has good eyesight, needing no glasses. Several samples of wilting leaf limbs brought to Winnipeg for analysis.

Department of Forestry and Rural Development advise they are unable to provide explanation for cause of wilting on three different types of trees: i.e., birch, hazel, and chokecherry, examined in the area from which previous samples had been obtained. There is no evidence of blight or insects. Several trees are affected but not in any fixed pattern and mainly on tops of trees. Forestry states cause could be heat, although no other evidence would indicate this as a source.

Government evaluators dismissed the light as having been the planet Venus, which was setting at the time.
Hynek rating: CE2
Vallee rating: CE2
Vallee reliability rating: 234
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