13 Dec 1967 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

13 December 1967 :
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dome-shaped object hovering, rocking, heat felt.

At 2:00 a.m. near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the lights of a car dimmed and the motor sputtered. The driver pulled to the side of the road and opened the hood. He then noticed a dome-shaped object hovering 150 yards away. It was metallic, had lights around the edge, and was about 50 feet high. He felt the battery of the car - it was warm. He got back in and watched the object, which rocked back and forth 10-15 feet but stayed over the road. During the next hour the car body began to heat up and even his hair got hot. His flashlight also wouldn't work. Finally the object shot straight up and disappeared from view in two to three seconds. The headlights came back on, but the motor could only be started with difficulty.

An unidentifiable object was observed at close range and caused physical effects.
Hynek rating: CE2
Vallee rating: CE2
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Sources: 808