16 Apr 1967 - Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, USA

16 April 1967 06:00
Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, USA

Disc shaped object with two levels, hovering just above water

USAF Airman/Second Guillermo Padilla and Airman Henry, 72nd Bombardment Wing, SAC, saw a disc shaped object with two levels and a reddish band slightly above midsection, floating or hovering just above the water. Object went left to right and back a short distance then rose from right to left, and Padilla took a photo. Object reversed path and disappeared.

An object was observed and photographed.

One red saucer was observed by two military photographers at an airfield for five minutes (Guillermo Padilla, Henry).

Hynek rating: DD
Vallee rating: FB2
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