6 Apr 1967 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

6 April 1967 :
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Object paced airliner and tracked by radar

At shortly after 9:00 p.m. a reddish-orange light paced a Canadian Pacific Western airliner flying near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada , and then sped away. The UFO was tracked on radar for 20 seconds.

1206-N. Edmonton, Alberta, 6 April 1967, 2125-2200 LST. Weather: "very clear," cool, temperature about 35F, little or no wind at surface, stars "bright," no moon. Observers state that a bright object appeared in the NNW low on the horizon, moving fast, appeared to hover, and then disappeared. The night before, a whitish object like a normal star "only much larger" had appeared in the same place (NNW). A Pacific Western Airlines pilot independently reported "chasing" a UFO whose position was relayed to him by GCA radar from Edmonton International Airport. This UFO appeared to move somewhat erratically, was seen only briefly by the pilot as a "reddish-orange lighted effect," and did not travel the same course as the visual object described above.

The general atmospheric conditions prevailing during this sighting were conducive to AP. The description of the GCA radar track is suggestive of AP (quasi-stationary target appearing to "jump" in position), and the description of the UFO of 5 April is suggestive of the diffracted image of a star seen through a sharp temperature inversion. In the absence of detailed meteorological data, the most probable conc1usion seems to be that the primary sighting was a meteor and that no genuine UFO case exists here. However, this case also might merit a more intensive investigation.

One orange-red ball was observed.
Hynek rating: RV
Vallee rating: MA2
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