28 Nov 1980 - Todmorden, England, UK

28 November 1980 05:05
Todmorden, England, UK

Dome shaped with 5 windows.Missing time 15 minutes, split in sole of boot, bruise on foot. Electromagnetic effect: failure of two different radio systems (UHF and VHF). three other cops saw bright light moving toward Todmorden.

An abduction of a witness was reported. Electromagnetic, gravity and physiological effects were noted. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Multiple independent witnesses.

One white dome-shaped object, about 20 feet across, was observed by one experienced male witness (as reported to the police) and others on a road for over 25 minutes (Adams; Godfrey, Alan). No sound was heard. A robot was seen.

Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol when he encountered a metallic disc with a dome and a row of windows. When he attempted to alert headquarters, he found that his radio was not working. Suddenly, he found himself one hundred yards farther down the road than he thought he was, and the UFO was gone. He vaguely recalled getting out of his car and hearing a voice. Under hypnosis later, Godfrey recalled that he lost consciousness after a light from the object struck him. Then he felt himself floating into the craft and meeting a human-like being named Joseph. Six feet tall, friendly in manner, Joseph had a thin nose, a beard, and a mustache. He wore a skullcap and was clad in a robe making him look something like a prophet from the Bible. A large black dog accompanied him. The room also contained eight robots, each about three and a half feet tall, making a sort of murmuring chatter. When they touched Godfrey, beeping sounds emanated from them. Joseph directed Godfrey to a bed, where he lay as a beam of light from the ceiling shone on him. Communicating by telepathy, Joseph touched his head, and Godfrey lapsed into unconsciousness for an undetermined period. The robots took off Godfrey's shoes and studied his toes. Meanwhile, instruments placed on his arms and legs caused him discomfort to the point of sickness. A foul odor permeated his nostrils. Joseph asked him questions, but Godfrey would refuse to tell investigators what they were. The alien indicated that they had met before, apparently when Godfrey was a child.

Hynek rating: CE4
Vallee rating: CE4
Vallee reliability rating: AAA
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