30 Oct 1967 - Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada

30 October 1967 21:00
Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada

Object with large rectangular lighted panel hovered 12' off ground, 200 feet away. three small humanoids came from craft, moved fast, wore green uniforms with helmets. Broken trees found near site.

An object was observed. Traces found. One object, about 80 feet across, was observed by more than one male witness, one of them an experienced observor, in a yard (Marshall, D). Three dwarves, each wearing a green suit and helmet, were seen.

Approaching his home, Donald Marshall saw a light beyond it; upon getting a closer look he found a rectangular lighted panel about 4 feet high and 16 feet long, 12 feet off the ground, which looked like a large window in an object whose shape was not clearly seen, but perhaps 50 feet long. When he was 200 feet away in a bright spotlight came on, and he saw three small humanoid figures, the size of ten-year old children, coming from the machine. They moved very fast, were clothed in green uniforms, and wore some type of headgear. They disappeared into the darkness and the craft took off slowly, at about 5 mph. It moved at first (breaking some trees) into a gully, where it remained another 3 or 4 minutes. The total time during which Marshall observed the object was 18-19 minutes.

Hynek rating: CE3
Vallee rating: CE3
Vallee reliability rating: 133
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