11 Apr 1967 - Chemong Lake, Ontario, Canada

11 April 1967 :
Chemong Lake, Ontario, Canada

Cigar-shaped object with bright red and white lights, hum.

On this day a cigar-shaped object with bright red and white lights was sighted at Chemong Lake, Ontario . It made a humming noise. At 6:45 p.m. in Orange, Massachusetts three witnesses saw a bright glowing object shaped like a 'squashed egg.' It hovered 100 feet over a pond, and then shot off. It had a rotating red light on the bottom. Five minutes later, at 6:50 p.m. a mass of very bright lights descended and hovered in Royalston, Massachusetts before moving out of sight on an upward course. The lights were brighter than the Moon, which was visible during the sighting. At 9:33 p.m. Carol Watts had his second close encounter with UFO entities. An egg-shaped object stalled his truck as he was driving in Loco, Texas . Four beings, under five feet tall and with wrap around eyes, slit mouths, and white coveralls emerged and invited him aboard. He was given some kind of exam onboard the craft by a machine.

A cigar-shaped object was observed. One multi-colored cigar-shaped object was observed. A humming sound was heard.
Hynek rating: NL
Vallee rating: FB1
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Sources: 237