20 May 1967 - Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada

20 May 1967 :
Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada

An object was observed. Physiological effects were noted. An unidentifiable object was observed at close range and caused physical effects.

Polish-born Steve Michalac, age 52, an industrial mechanic and prospector, saw two red-glowing objects flying at high speed while prospecting at Falcon Lake, Manitoba , Canada. One of them landed nearby, and blew up vegetation as it landed. It was surrounded by a glow, and he watched it for 30 minutes before a door opened, revealing a purple glow inside. A high-pitched humming sound and an odor resembling a burning electrical circuit were noted. Seeing no further activity Mr. Michalac approached the landed craft, but he then heard voices, and when he touched the craft he burned his rubber-coated glove, and he was blown backwards by a hot blast of air. The object then started spinning. The witness felt dizzy, suffered minor face burns, and second and third degree burns on his chest. He vomited frequently for the next four days, and was hospitalized, losing over 10 kilograms. The landed craft was estimated to be 11 meters in diameter and three meters tall, with a one meter high superstructure.

Amateur prospector Steven Michalak was hunting for minerals and gems alone in rocky terrain when his attention was drawn to something behind him and, turning around, he saw two scarlet red oval shaped objects descending rapidly toward the ground. One landed about 160 ft away on the rocky surface of the ground but the other hovered nearby for several minutes before leaving at high speed. For 30 minutes, the UFO simply changed colors (red to gray-red to light gray to hot stainless steel.) Then he saw a square shaped opening appear in the side of the craft from which a brilliant purple light was emitted along with wafts of warm air in waves and the odor of sulfur. Upon walking carefully toward the object, he reached a distance of about 60 ft where he thought he heard human voices coming from it. Michalak, Polish born, shouted out at the object using English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Italian to try to obtain a response. He heard no reply at all. Now standing within a foot of the UFO, the witness decided to take a look inside it, donning green protective lenses, which he used during rock prospecting Michalak craned his neck into the opening. He saw a maze of lights moving horizontally and diagonally, and several series of flashing lights. The UFO suddenly and without warning tilted slightly and he felt a scorching pain in his chest. He reflexively touched the surface of the object and his rubber-coated glove melted and his shirt caught fire. He ripped his shirt off and watched as the UFO rose upward with a sudden rush of air. It was soon lost from sight. Michalak suffered numerous physiological symptoms including chest burns in the pattern of a grill. He became nauseated and got a strong headache. He lost over 20 lbs over the next few days.
Hynek rating: CE2
Vallee rating: CE2
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