28 Apr 1967 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

28 April 1967 21:00
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Metallic elliptical object with belt of alternate red and green lights, hovered, descended, witness became frightened and fled scene.

A metallic elliptical object with a belt of alternate red and green lights was seen flying over Toronto, Ontario at 9 p.m. It hovered and then descended. The witness became frightened and fled the scene when the UFO got too close for comfort. On the same night a silent disc-shaped UFO followed a car closely in Monroe, North Carolina. It responded to signals made by the driver using the car headlights. There were independent witnesses.

An object was sighted by multiple independent witnesses that had an appearance and aerobatic performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft.

One metallic elliptical, about 20 feet across, was observed by more than four female witnesses, one of them an experienced observor, for two minutes (Cassar).

Hynek rating: CE1
Vallee rating: CE1
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