17 Nov 1967 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

17 November 1967 17:45
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Teen abducted by means of orange light beam, four beings with rough brown "crocodile" skin, utter voiced sounds "like a kazoo" Hands with four fingers, exam.

An abduction of a witness was reported. One disc was observed by one male 13-year-old witness in a field for 45 minutes (Seewaldt, David). A noise was heard. Four 6-foot-tall reptilian beings, each wearing naked, were seen.

David Seewalt, 13, started a 3 minute walk home at 1745, but did not arrive until 1830 when he dashed in and tried to hide under the bed, saying "I've been chased by a flying saucer!" He seemed to be in shock and one if his shoe was missing, found later in the road nearby. Five months later, he had a nightmare, after which he told his father he knew what had happened to the missing time. Under regressive hypnosis, the boy recounted having been abducted into a low flying UFO by means of an orange light beam; inside the object he was undressed and examined by a being with "a rough brown skin like crocodiles;" he was assisted by at least 3 other similar creatures and they communicated with each other in voices that sounded "like a kazoo." Their hands had only 4 fingers. David was wheeled into an "operating like" room for the examination; at the conclusion, they put his clothes back on and beamed him back into the field where he had been abducted.

Hynek rating: CE4
Vallee rating: CE4
Vallee reliability rating: 334
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