16 Jun 1948 - Baskunchak, Russia

16 June 1948 Daytime
Baskunchak, Russia

Test Pilot incident.

A banana or cucumber-shaped object with beams of light was tracked on radar when it descended across the course of Russian test pilot Aprasksin flying over the Kapustin Yar test flight facility in Astrakhan, Soviet Union . The experimental aircraft he was flying experienced a total electrical failure when it was hit by a cone of light, with the engine and controls failing. Although temporarily blinded, he was able to glide the plane to a landing.

Jet at 31,000', ground radar tracked banana shaped UFO emitting beams of light. Ordered to shoot it down, planes electrical system failed, pilot temporarily blinded, crash landed.
An object was tracked by radar and sighted visually. Electromagnetic and physiological effects were noted.

One banana-shaped object was observed in undercast weather by numerous male military witnesses, one of them an experienced observor, in a warplane for five minutes (Aprasksin).

Hynek rating: CE2
Vallee rating: MA2
Vallee reliability rating: 444
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