In 776 - Sigiburg, Germany - Two objects were observed.1300
9 Aug 1186 - Dunstable, England, UK - One cross-shaped object was observed.1400
1 Feb 1554 - Salon-de-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - Nostradamus reported hundreds of witnesses observed a big "bright burning rod or torch in the sky which changed its flight path"
9 Aug 1762 - Lausanne, Waadt, Switzerland - Deep space cigar-shaped object observed by two astronomers at different locations for nearly two months (Croste; De Rostan)..1300
12 Oct 1796 - Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada - Girl and two men saw 15 "ships" in the sky at around sunrise. On one, a man stood forward with his hand stretched out. to the east over Bay of Fundy. Could see sides to objects with portholes.0700
18 Jan 1798 - Tarbes, Midi-Pyrenees, France - One object was observed by one experienced male witness (D'Angos).1300
7 Aug 1869 - Vevay, Indiana, USA - Several meteors were seen during eclipse heading west. Explanation: Meteor.
22 Mar 1870 - Lady Of The Lake, Cape Verde - Lady of Lake incident. Explanation: Planet.1830
25 Jan 1878 - Denison, Texas, USA - Fast round flying object reported.0800
25 Aug 1880 - Bagneres-De-Luchon, Midi-Pyrenees, France - Yellow cigar exits storm clouds. Had pointed ends. Drops something.1300
27 May 1888 - Darlington County, South Carolina, USA - Three sisters walking in woods spot 15 feet hissing serpent fly overhead. Article asserts that other witnesses in county had similar sightings earlier in day.1300
In early April 1890 - St Louis, Minnesota, USA - "Well-do-do farmer" claimed to have seen many small white flying snakes with pink eyes and yellow wings. No one took his report seriously. Explanation: Hallucinat.1500
In Early 1892 - West Coast Baja California, Mexico - Flock of objects first thought to be birds, but changed appearance from dark to brilliant polished mirror, balloon shape changed to hour glass, swoop over lagoon, lit with halo of light, polymorphed.1300
20 Jul 1894 - Marriott, Utah, USA - Black cloud approached swiftly, when within 150 yards of road stopped, hovered in place. Sides appeared folded toward center like tri-corner hat. Many small black and white birds seemed to be in center.1800
15 Apr 1897 - Vermillion, South Dakota, USA - A daytime object was reported. Explanation: Kite.
In May 1897 - Marble, Washington, USA - Mill Workers incident.
27 Apr 1899 - Baye, France - 10m diameter red ball crosses highway N51 on steady trajectory. Goes to the southwest. Lights area red.1600
7 Mar 1901 - Silver City, New Mexico, USA - Newspaper reports flying machine photographed, picture "has appearance of three cigar-shaped objects which seemed to be lashed together, the one hanging below the other 2." Photo lost.1300
16 Sep 1904 - Troutman, North Carolina, USA - Woman and children report seeing and 30 large flying snakes sail through air. Had fins 5' long, 4-5" wide. Would alight in pine thicket.1500
7 Oct 1906 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Cigar rises from northeast horizon, makes sudden turn rapidly to the east, flies away.1700
31 Jul 1909 - Fairfax, New Zealand - Dark fat cigar-shaped object over hills. Box shaped cabin on bottom, center. Flew to the west.1650
25 Oct 1909 - Minderoo, Western Australia, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One blimp-like object was observed by four witnesses for two minutes.1300
13 Jan 1910 - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - Fog. White cigar passed rapidly over city in daylight at 500-1,000 feet altitude, disappears into bank of smoke along the river. "flags on the custom house hung limp.would not have propelled a...balloon.". Explanation: Balloon.1200
27 Oct 1910 - Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada - Cigar-shaped object with red and green lights on rear and bright headlight, flew overhead at 600 feet altitude.1000
In June 1912 - Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, about 600 feet across, was observed by one witness for over one minute (Nelson).1000
10 Feb 1913 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Procession of objects.1400
In Early 1918 - Waco, Texas, USA - Soldiers leaving mess hall saw cigar-shaped object 100-150 feet long, 500 feet altitude, go directly overhead. Reddish color, no motors, rigging, or windows."weirdest feeling of our lives."1800
8 Jun 1920 - Rushville, Missouri, USA - Cylindrical object at 75' altitude seen by 200 people. Made 90 degree turn to the east, disappeared into a cloud.1800
In July 1927 - Nicolae Balcescu, Romania - Agricultural engineer saw gray cylindrical object hang vertically, flew over village at 600-1000 feet altitude, no sound, no lights, moving west to east. 45-60 feet long.1300
10 Jun 1931 - Tasman Sea, Tasmania, Australia - Dull grayish white airship spotted by Sir. F. Chichester while flying over Tasman Sea.1500
10 Jun 1931 - Tasman Sea, Tasmania, Australia - Pilot incident. 1500
1 Jun 1933 - Mount Everest, Nepal - Two black sausage-shaped objects hover, move against the wind. Expand and contract, then vanish.1000
22 Jan 1934 - Vindeln, Sweden - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object was observed.1000
29 Oct 1936 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA - Low over lake came a rocket black formation throwing sparks of various colors, which shot across our front and seemed to disintegrate in northwest ." Daylight meteor? Explanation: Meteor.1300
9 Jan 1937 - Pyhakyla, Finland - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed. Explanation: Comet.1500
12 Feb 1937 - Wien (Vienna), Austria - A daytime object was reported.1200
13 Mar 1937 - Allejaure, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by three female witnesses (Degermark).1300
13 Mar 1937 - Arjeplog, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by three experienced witnesses (Lindqvist).1400
27 Aug 1938 - Marle-Sur-Serre, France - 30m long fuselage flies to the west, turns to the north at 250m altitude, speed 250kph. Whistling sound. Rectangular windows.1800
In mid-September 1940 - Zaporozhye Region, Russia - Giant black cross appeared from nowhere in sky, hovered for 40 minutes, vanished suddenly.
In August 1942 - Lafayette, New Jersey, USA - Three adults saw huge hovering cigar-shaped object with two rows of windows, multicolored fluorescent light. Shortly, saw same object again, this time it shot off at high speed.1300
27 May 1943 - Essen, Germany - Bomber Crews incident.
25 Jun 1943 - Elbe Estuary, Germany - 1st Air Division incident. 1300
26 Nov 1943 - Bremen, Germany - 8th Air Force incident.
12 Feb 1944 - Kummerdorf, Germany - Nazi rocket launch. Tracking film shows sphere circle and follow rocket.1300
In August 1944 - Ploesti, Romania - Engineer incident. 1300
29 Sep 1944 - Rechlin Goggenthin, Germany - ME262 pilot: 100m long cigar with openings on the side, long antennae. Shot off at moving rapidly to the 1900kph.1045
9 Oct 1944 - Halle.Saale, Germany - One object, about 300 feet across, was observed by one witness (Ulinski).1600
10 Nov 1944 - Okayama, Japan - USAAF 301St Bomb Group incident. 1300
In December 1944 - Rhine Valley, Germany - P-51 Mustang - 109th Tact. Reconnaissance Squadron incident. 1300
1 Jan 1945 - Fort Lee, Virginia , USA - Multi-colored object near Army base, 19451200
In mid-February 1945 - West Texas, Texas, USA - USAAF C-47 - 2nd AF HQ incident. 1000
26 Mar 1945 - Ruhr, "Happy Valley", Germany - RAF Spitfire XI - 541st Squadron incident. 1100
In April 1945 - Berlin, Germany - German Soldiers incident. 0900
7 Apr 1945 - North Sea, North Europe - USAAF B-17 Pilot incident. 0900
In Mid- 1945 - Crane'S Beach, Massachusetts, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness on the shore (Allen).0900
20 Jul 1945 - Houdain, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France - Fast silent metallic cigar rapidly to the southeast. Shoots flames from front. No trail. Surface glowing.1050
28 May 1946 - Stora Mellosa, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1300
29 May 1946 - Lisboa, Portugal - A daytime object was reported.1830
31 May 1946 - Katrineholm, Soedermanland, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. A daytime object was reported.1140
1 Jun 1946 - Katrineholm, Soedermanland, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver rocket-like object was observed by several witnesses.1143
8 Jul 1946 - Norrkoping, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object, about 2 feet across, was observed by one experienced male witness (Strand).1330
9 Jul 1946 - Borlange, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1430
9 Jul 1946 - Finspang, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by two male witnesses, one of them an experienced observor (Bjorling).1430
9 Jul 1946 - Jarna, Sweden - Silvery thermos.1430
9 Jul 1946 - Stockholm Area, Sweden - Many Reports incident. 1430
9 Jul 1946 - Sundsvall, Vaesternorrland, Sweden - A fireball was observed. One fireball was observed by three military witnesses.1430
9 Jul 1946 - Turku, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed at a lake.1430
9 Jul 1946 - Turku, Varsinais-Suomi, Finland - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by a male witness.1535
9 Jul 1946 - Ekeby, Eskilstuna, Sweden - Sailplane Pilots incident. 1600
10 Jul 1946 - Edsbyn, Sweden - Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Two objects were observed.1010
10 Jul 1946 - Farila, Sweden - A daytime object was reported.1030
10 Jul 1946 - Skagen, Nordjylland, Denmark - Nautical UFO: crashed or landed in water.1110
10 Jul 1946 - Gladhammar, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by three witnesses.1430
10 Jul 1946 - Orebro, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One fireball was observed.1430
10 Jul 1946 - Stockholm, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One cigar-shaped object, the size of the moon, was observed.1430
11 Jul 1946 - Kuklavik, Gothenberg, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, about 2 feet across, was observed by one experienced male witness in a forest for 18 seconds (Andersson). A noise was heard. Explanation: Aircraft.0908
11 Jul 1946 - Orebro, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object, about 80 feet across, was observed on the ocean.1200
11 Jul 1946 - Kopingsvik, Borgholm, Sweden - A fireball was observed. One fireball was observed by several witnesses.1330
11 Jul 1946 - Ramsjo, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by a female witness at a lake.1500
11 Jul 1946 - Stockholm, Sweden - A fireball was observed. One fireball was observed by one witness.1642
12 Jul 1946 - Rasunda, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed on a river.1900
13 Jul 1946 - Rogaland, Sweden - Builders incident. 1200
15 Jul 1946 - Eskilstuna, Soedermanland, Sweden - A fireball was observed. One fireball was observed for over three minutes.2055
17 Jul 1946 - Grabo, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness for 12 seconds.1140
17 Jul 1946 - Ullern, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by one male witness.1250
18 Jul 1946 - Sundsvall, Ortviken, Sweden - Factory Men incident. 1000
19 Jul 1946 - Boleby, Pitea, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by three male witnesses at a lake for 12 seconds (Danielsson).1130
19 Jul 1946 - Pitea, Sweden - Shiny "flying milk can" glides to the northwest. Visible for 15 minutes.1130
19 Jul 1946 - Kattistjarn Lake, Sweden - Nautical UFO. Big roar, no wind. Unseen object dives into lake, makes big splash.1140
20 Jul 1946 - Skaten, Hallnas, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by two witnesses.1050
20 Jul 1946 - Eskilstuna Area, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two witnesses.2000
21 Jul 1946 - Halsingborg, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed briefly.1500
23 Jul 1946 - Norrland, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver torpedo-shaped object was observed by one witness at a lake for a few seconds (Fogelberg; Nordin).1900
27 Jul 1946 - Slagelse, Vestsjælland, Denmark - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by numerous witnesses in a city.1500
1 Aug 1946 - Norrland, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by over 7 witnesses for over five minutes.1500
1 Aug 1946 - Tampa, Florida, USA - USAF incident. 1800
3 Aug 1946 - Mariestad Area, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.0900
4 Aug 1946 - Southern Sweden, Sweden - A fireball was observed. One fireball, the size of a star, was observed by one witness for six seconds.2000
7 Aug 1946 - Norrland, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one experienced male military witness (Neckman).1800
14 Aug 1946 - Vasteras, Sweden - Swedish AF B-18 incident. 1300
16 Aug 1946 - South Sweden, Sweden - Explained as a tornado. Explanation: Tornado.0600
17 Aug 1946 - Snekkersten, Oresund, Denmark - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects were observed in a city.2000
In September 1946 - Stockholm, Sweden - Photo taken in afternoon of glowing rocket-like or cigar-shaped object.1300
3 Feb 1947 - Frankfurt, Germany - Unusual objects were sighted, that had unconventional appearance and aerobatic performance. Three objects were observed by three female military witnesses for 30 minutes (Slack).1200
In May 1947 - Antelope, Saskatchewan, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One blue cigar-shaped object, about 300 feet across, was observed by one experienced male witness on a railroad for over one minute (Staysko).0530
In June 1947 - Sodra Hammarby, Sweden - Plain tube-cylinder flies to the north, makes fast 90 degree turn and instantly accelerates rapidly to the east.1000
In June 1947 - Milo, Oregon, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One aluminum cigar-shaped object, about 40 feet across, was observed by three male witnesses on a highway for several minutes (Wright, R).1300
28 Jun 1947 - Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - Private Pilot incident. 0950
29 Jun 1947 - Lake Deschenes, Ontario, Canada - Stovepipe shaped object.1300
In July 1947 - Jamsa, Finland - Brown cigar exits cloud. Hovers for 2-3 minutes. Departure not seen.1300
In July 1947 - Vasteras, Sweden - Round silver metallic ovoid, makes instant 90 degree turn to to the west.1600
3 Jul 1947 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada - Black cigar with flame from rear, left contrail. Flew rapidly to the south at 3km altitude.1745
6 Jul 1947 - Savannah, Georgia, USA - 1, then two more, metallic ovoid objects fly to the ESE, descriptions differ.1600
14 Jul 1947 - Syracuse, New York, USA - 60m long cigar, featureless, hovered over orchard, 100m away.1030
In October 1947 - Urjala, Pirkanmaa, Finland - Gray cigar 60m away over lake. Second cigar-shaped UFO in western sky. Zig-zagged rapidly to the southwest.1300
12 Apr 1948 - Ashley, Ohio, USA - Large vertical cylinder flies against wind, trails streamers.1100
31 May 1948 - Wilmington, North Carolina, USA - Fog or smoke. Cigar-shaped object moved at terrific speed. Smokes, veers, slows down, then speeds off rapidly to the east. Project Blue Book case #001291320
20 Jul 1948 - Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands - Cigar with two rows of windows. Seen four times. Moved through sky very fast.1330
24 Jul 1948 - Rayne, Louisiana, USA - Teacher incident. 2000
In August 1948 - Martigues, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - Luminous cigar-shaped UFO with flashing lights along the sides. Stopped in flight, then shot rapidly to the southeast fast. Police investigation.1830
1 Aug 1948 - Clark AFB, Philippines - Wingless cigar with row of lights.1300
3 Aug 1948 - Moskva, Russia - Long silent metallic cylinder with no wings, very high altitude, moves very fast moving rapidly to the northeast .0800
11 Jun 1949 - Huntsville, Ohio, USA - Metallic ovoid descends over highway, makes square turn. Had flippers on underside. Explanation: Aircraft.1300
29 Jul 1949 - White Sands, New Mexico, USA - Officers incident. 1115
30 Jul 1949 - Nampa, Idaho, USA - Biologist incident. Explanation: Aircraft.1012
25 Sep 1949 - Rome, New York, USA - C-47 Pilot incident. 1545
26 Sep 1949 - Lexington, Nebraska, USA - Three 4m ovoid objects flew to the northeast, turn up. two leave trail of sparks.1840
In October 1949 - Palm Island, Queensland, Australia - Featureless 100 feet long shiny metallic cigar, hovers above ocean at 80 feet altitude. Vanishes.1300
14 Oct 1949 - Mount Palomar, California , USA - Astronomers incident. 1320
16 Oct 1949 - Nogales, Arizona , USA - A meteor-like object was observed. One object was observed by a male witness briefly.1500
17 Oct 1949 - Mount Palomar, California , USA - Small black dot zipped along below 7000 feet altitude clouds. Geiger counter jumps off scale.0720
21 Oct 1949 - Mount Palomar, California , USA - Banana-shaped UFO nearby. No geiger counter info this time.1430
18 Nov 1949 - Raceland, Louisiana, USA - Shiny fuselage-cigar flew rapidly to the southwest, made two 90 degree turns. Silent.0930
18 Nov 1949 - Biloxi, Mississippi, USA - Silent 200 feet white cigar at 3000 feet altitude. Flew at 50mph past hospital.1000
25 Nov 1949 - Inez, Texas, USA - Mist, vapor. Cloud cigar. Radiated heat, caused vapor/steam. Flew rapidly to the south in Edna, Texas.1430
In 1950 - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - Big dark cigar-shaped object with lights. Hovered and moved off. Was in a mist.
28 Dec 1949 - Langley Field, Virginia , USA - White, curvy cone, 10 feet high. Tip of cone slowly oscillates.1320
15 Jan 1950 - Sierra de Comechingones, Argentina - Horses reacted first to silvery dirigible craft, like a half-cigar, came over mountains from east.1200
24 Jan 1950 - Pope AFB, North Carolina, USA - Hemisphere with flattened lower part (70-80m diameter). Maneuvered 5 miles away from C-45 transport plane, could not catch up with at 160mph. Object oscillated. Explanation: Balloon.1650
26 Jan 1950 - Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, USA - Lt. Colonel incident. 1600
19 Feb 1950 - Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Photo of structured object0720
24 Feb 1950 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. Airport weathermen with theodolite viewed white ovoid for 90 seconds.1400
10 Mar 1950 - Phoenix Se, Indian School Road, Arizona , USA - Oval aluminum object hung in sky, 40,000 feet altitude, estimated 200 feet diameter, tapering to narrow proportions at rear. Moved with red fire trail 100 feet long, no condensation trail. Gone in 4-5 seconds.1800
17 Mar 1950 - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA - Pilots incident. Explanation: Aircraft.1630
20 Mar 1950 - Greenwood, Missouri, USA - CSA incident. 1230
29 Mar 1950 - La Palma del Condado, Huelva, Spain - Square object hovered and made wild maneuvers.0830
3 Apr 1950 - Longmont, Colorado , USA - UFO reported by "a newspaper editor, a civil engineer and a retired banker.". Explanation: Planet.0900
5 Apr 1950 - Woodland, North Carolina, USA - Military witness. 18' long silent white cigar at low altitude. Explanation: Aircraft.1700
8 Apr 1950 - Henderson, Kentucky, USA - 30 feet diameter "oil drums" fly by in formation, left trail of smoke.1500
9 Apr 1950 - Hapeville, Georgia, USA - Silent bright red 6m long pencil shaped object flies to the south, flickers like neon light.1300
19 Apr 1950 - Clarendon, Texas, USA - Pilot incident. 0900
25 Apr 1950 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Police incident. Explanation: Aircraft.1600
3 May 1950 - Savoyeux-Haute, France - Several girls see large cylinder fly south rapidly to the north shooting silvery rays.1500
23 Jun 1950 - Daggett, California , USA - UAL incident. 1700
24 Jun 1950 - Gulf Of Mexico, Gulf of Mexico - Weather Recon incident. 1940
28 Jun 1950 - Cairo, Illinois, USA - Two chrome ovoid objects maneuver, one stops, then shoots off moving rapidly to the southwest .1300
13 Jul 1950 - Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. two civilian observers watch bowtie object resolve into two delta-shaped objects, one rotates 90 degrees, flies away.1700
In August 1950 - Big Sur, California , USA - Silent cigar hovers 5km offshore. Estimated and 200m altitude. Flies rapidly to the south, returns and circles. Flies rapidly to the south again.1400
23 Oct 1950 - Bonlee, North Carolina, USA - Aluminum object shaped like a dirigible1242
19 Feb 1951 - Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - EAA incident. Explanation: Flare.0720
10 Mar 1951 - Chinnampo, South Korea - USAF B-29 incident. Large red-yellow glow burst and becomes blue-white.0951
11 Mar 1951 - Biggs AFB, Texas, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by military witnesses at an airfield. Explanation: Venus.1200
8 Aug 1951 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Dark cigar (6-7m long) flying at great speed. Explanation: Aircraft.1400
30 Oct 1951 - Yucca Flat, Nevada, USA - Three silver ovoids 600m over Atomic Bomb test site, 20 minutes before blast. More objects join.0640
7 Dec 1951 - Torrance, California , USA - Aeronca 65Cv Pilot incident. 1021
22 Dec 1951 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - USAF F-84 incident. Explanation: Balloon.1030
22 Feb 1952 - Keysville, Virginia , USA - Silver cigar moves across sky in short bursts of motion.1300
12 Mar 1952 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Cylinder turns twice rapidly to the north. Explanation: Aircraft.1815
5 Apr 1952 - San Francisco, California , USA - Clear photo of ovoid UFO in broad daylight.1200
19 Apr 1952 - Brooklyn, New York, USA - Silvery cigar s light orange streak 2/3 of the way to top for its entire length. Went into a cloud, causing a sparkling light to emanate from cloud, did not emerge.1430
20 Apr 1952 - London, Ontario, Canada - TCA incident. 1130
29 Apr 1952 - Singapore, Singapore - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed by a male witness in a city for over one minute.0800
1 May 1952 - Palomar Gardens, California , USA - Photo of cigar-shaped object.0758
13 May 1952 - Santarem, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal - Dazzingly brilliant sphere with vapor trail observed for several minutes. Explanation: Aircraft.0930
13 May 1952 - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. two orange balls, one hovers, one darts out and back.1920
29 May 1952 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - AF pilot on ground. Cylinder tilts vertically and horizontally. Explanation: Meteor.1900
1 Jun 1952 - Rapid City, South Dakota, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. 5-6 silver cigar-shaped objects in neat box formation with one leading.1800
12 Jun 1952 - Medford, Oregon, USA - Fog or smoke. Object hovers over military airbase, spews white smoke, leaves vapor trail.1300
18 Jun 1952 - Columbus, Wisconsin, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. Crescent object hovers several seconds, then shoots away.0900
21 Jun 1952 - Auch, Midi-Pyrenees, France - Police incident. 1110
21 Jun 1952 - Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada - Independent witnesses. 2-5 silver-gray triangle-ovoids rapidly to the west, one splits off moving rapidly to the S1350
21 Jun 1952 - Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada - Teacher incident. 1900
23 Jun 1952 - Owensboro, Kentucky, USA - Two object looking like "giant soap bubbles" reflecting1000
In Mid- 1952 - Gnivan, Ukraine - Triangle object raced across clear summer evening sky, observed by astronomer. Yellowish, moved noiselessly at very high speed. No explanation.2000
17 Jul 1952 - Balliettsville, Pennsylvania, USA - Two red glowing balls of light follow plane across sky.1400
18 Jul 1952 - Pouilly.Vingeanne, France - Fog or smoke. 30m long vertical cloud-cigar with regular brief lights. Emits thick white smoke.1800
21 Jul 1952 - Pomona, California , USA - GOC incident. Explanation: Balloon.1240
23 Jul 1952 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - Rocket shaped, all identical, flew slowly, silently.1040
28 Jul 1952 - Helena, Montana, USA - 12 objects in V formation hover over town, fly to the southwest .0550
21 Sep 1952 - Casablanca, Morocco - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One blue-green cigar-shaped object, the size of the moon, was observed by a female witness (Sedrejas).1825
17 Oct 1952 - Oloron, France - Angel hair residue. Whitish cylinder at 45 degree angle, 30 other UFOs in front. Through binoculars red spheres with yellow ring. Fibers like wool or nylon, when balled became gelatinous, sublimed. Explanation: SpiderGoss.1250
17 Oct 1952 - Southern Part, France - 31 objects were observed for 20 minutes.1250
17 Oct 1952 - Josbaig Valley, France - Apparition seen. A daylight object was observed by a male witness. Explanation: Natural.1300
17 Oct 1952 - Mont.Marsan, France - One object was observed.1730
27 Oct 1952 - Lignan-de-Bazas, Aquitaine, France - Two glowing balls hover for 10 minutes, seem to burst.0750
22 Nov 1952 - Orleans, Centre, France - Cigar flies rapidly to the northeast, makes two stops, shoots away rapidly to the south.0840
17 Jan 1953 - Guatemala, Guatemala - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. Gold ovoid at 6500 feet altitude, 400mph, 90 degree turn straight up.1600
23 Jan 1953 - Eklutna, Alaska, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by six witnesses for two hours. Explanation: Venus.1440
6 Feb 1953 - Truk, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia - Weatherman incident. Explanation: Aircraft.1110
13 Feb 1953 - Inverness, Scotland, UK - First appeared to be saucer shaped, but cigar shaped when it tilted. Darted all over the sky.1400
1 Mar 1953 - Princeton, New Jersey, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed (Fowler). Explanation: Venus.1445
18 Mar 1953 - Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia - A crescent-shaped object was observed. One crescent-shaped object, larger than a star, was observed.1300
4 Apr 1953 - Numurkah, Victoria, Australia - Photo1300
18 Apr 1953 - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - GOC incident. 1115
19 Apr 1953 - Pammunjon, South Korea - White, rounded delta-shaped object, 7' diameter, travelled 60-80 mph in vibrating motion north northeast to the south southwest over enemy territory, 100 feet above ground.1300
28 Apr 1953 - Laredo AFB, Texas, USA - T-33 incident. 1030
23 May 1953 - Melbourne, Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia - Cigar darted into cloud, then jumps back out again. Very high altitude.1200
9 Jun 1953 - Tillamook, Oregon, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by two military witnesses for two hours (Slynn). Explanation: Venus.1010
19 Jul 1953 - Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility, Tennessee, USA - Silent black object, great acceleration. Joined by two others.1500
22 Aug 1953 - East Bolton, Quebec, Canada - Silver cigar dropped from clouds, stops near ground. Made odd noise, shot back up vertically.
4 Nov 1953 - Tenes, Algeria - Flying cigar seen here and in Montenotte.1400
5 Nov 1953 - Montenotte, Algeria - Flying cigar seen here and in Tenes.1300
5 Nov 1953 - Tenes, Algeria - Flying cigar seen here and in Montenotte.1300
19 Nov 1953 - Le Vigan, France - Whistling sound. White org plunded down, stopped, shot back up vertically. Thunder heard.1430
12 Dec 1953 - Black Rock, Victoria, Australia - Light bulb shaped UFO flies over town to horizon. Explanation: Balloon.1840
18 Jan 1954 - Setif, Algeria - Cigar circles town at high altitude. Leaves blue smoke trail, rapidly to the east toward St Arnaud.1430
18 Jan 1954 - Ste Arnaud, Algeria - Multiple reports.1430
1 Feb 1954 - Jackson, Mississippi, USA - Sphere, bright, flew horizontal then vertical, 16mm film taken.1400
In March 1954 - Preston, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by more than two witnesses (Suggate).1430
11 Mar 1954 - Port Klang, Malaysia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by more than five witnesses.
12 Mar 1954 - Klang, Selangor, Malaysia - Shot straight up.1520
16 Mar 1954 - Port Klang, Malaysia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by more than five witnesses.1520
16 Mar 1954 - Cheras, Malaysia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by more than five witnesses for two minutes.1535
30 Mar 1954 - Newton, Massachusetts, USA - 15' diameter silver sphere over kite flying contest. Remains still in 30mph wind. Moves away slowly.1530
15 Apr 1954 - Ste Mexant, France - One cone-shaped object was observed.1200
28 Apr 1954 - Sare, Aquitaine, France - Cigar at 2000m altitude flies rapidly to the south toward Spain.1200
13 May 1954 - Norrbotten, Sweden - One silver ball was observed.0900
14 May 1954 - Kautokeino, Finnmark, Norway - Police and two others with binoculars watch three delta-shaped objects fly in formation for 5 minutes, 7000 feet altitude.1210
22 Jun 1954 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 80 feet long blimp-shaped object drifts at 300 feet altitude, veers, up and away sharply.0520
22 Jul 1954 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Five metallic balls or ovoids fly to the west in V formation for 30 seconds. Like "Xmas tree ornaments."1915
25 Jul 1954 - Middle Sister Island, Ohio, USA - Black cylinder scoots over Lake Erie just above surface. Length was 12x diameter.1910
18 Aug 1954 - Chur, Graubuenden, Switzerland - Brilliant metallic ball moved rapidly to the west toward Llanz at 3km altitude, made sudden turns. Shot up very rapidly and was gone.1830
27 Aug 1954 - Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. 7 teardrop-shaped objects fly in single file. Turn blue color and speed up.1400
3 Sep 1954 - Weston, UK - Dazzling cigar-shaped UFO loops, turns vertical, moves rapidly to the south. Absolutely silent.1930
5 Sep 1954 - Graz, Steiermark, Austria - Police incident. 0930
8 Sep 1954 - Stafford, England, UK - Cigar with glowing underside seen for 20 minutes. Travels in waves, interval four minutes. Turns off.1500
14 Sep 1954 - Paris, France - Fog. Cigar or carrot-shaped UFO emerged from cloud, tilted toward ground, hovered, front point rose quickly into vertical position. Vapor from lower end. Metallic disc spun around cigar, reentered.1700
21 Sep 1954 - Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa - Two weathermen with theodolite, watch delta-shaped object, much larger than balloon, maneuver through sky.1000
23 Sep 1954 - St Laurent-Medoc, France - Luminous cylinder moves with jerks, shoots away at great speed.1350
23 Sep 1954 - Le Puy, France - Red cigar moves in continuous trajectory, follows Tulle-Langeac orthotenic line. Explanation: Re-entry.1500
24 Sep 1954 - Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes, France - Photo of black disc or sphere. Left dark trail of smoke behind.1310
24 Sep 1954 - Vichy, Auvergne, France - Fast silent cigar crosses sky slowly over stadium.1500
27 Sep 1954 - Froncles, Champagne-Ardenne, France - Viewed through binoculars. Disc follows three airplanes, returns 5 times, flies rapidly to the northwest.1315
29 Sep 1954 - Sidi, Morocco - Fast glowing cigar leaves luminous trail. Also reported in LDLN #326.1300
In October 1954 - La Feuillade, Limousin, France - About 50 .4m spheres in tight T-formation, roll to the west northwest just over woods.0800
2 Oct 1954 - Vichy, Auvergne, France - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed in a stadium.1000
7 Oct 1954 - Corbigny, Bourgogne, France - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Three cigar-shaped objects were observed by six witnesses on a farm. Explanation: Coincidenc.1900
9 Oct 1954 - Sidney, British Columbia, Canada - Bright plain metallic ovoid crossed sky in 30 seconds. 2700m altitude. No contrail.1200
19 Oct 1954 - Taza, Morocco - Silent aluminum colored cigar flies to the southeast, curves to the east, becomes spherical.0910
21 Oct 1954 - Girancourt, Lorraine, France - Vertical cylinder hung in sky, changed colors.0830
22 Oct 1954 - Marysville, Ohio, USA - School Principal incident. Explanation: Birds.1515
27 Oct 1954 - Prato, Toscana, Italy - Two luminous spindles, followed by a vivid white trail, made a 45 degree turn. They were seen twice, at 13:30 and 15:30. Photos taken.1410
27 Oct 1954 - Florence, Toscana, Italy - Numerous sightings over a three-hour period and an angel hair fall. Samples analyzed at University of Florence's Chemistry Institute. The substance contained boron, silicon, magnesium, and calcium.1420
27 Oct 1954 - Marysville, Ohio, USA - Angel hair traces1515
30 Oct 1954 - Roma, Nr Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy - Unidentified objects were sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. Two objects, the size of a star, were observed by several hundred witnesses, at least one of them an experienced observor, at a church (Perego).1300
6 Nov 1954 - Roma Tuscolano, Italy - Angel hair residue. White spots with short, white trails, in formations of 2, 3, 4, 7, 12; often forming lozenge of four or V of 7. Executed curves.1100
10 Nov 1954 - Stembert, Belgium - Yellow-white ovoid object at 7000m altitude. four small dark objects orbit it.1615
21 Nov 1954 - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand - Brilliant cigar moves to the west toward mountains, circles, goes rapidly to the north into clouds. Explanation: Balloon.1540
23 Nov 1954 - Chebabat, Morocco - Many on train see huge cigar make sharp, fast turns. Flies away rapidly to the north.1650
3 Dec 1954 - Montebuono, Lazio, Italy - 10m long cigar passes at 40m altitude. Big porthole on side. Suddenly shot straight up.0800
10 Feb 1955 - Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One ovoid object was observed in a residential area for two minutes.0600
15 Feb 1955 - Chatham, England, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two witnesses briefly.1130
In March 1955 - Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Russia - Pancake shaped clouds, remained together.1100
30 Mar 1955 - Dayton, Ohio, USA - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed at an airfield for over 15 minutes (Jikutz).1010
8 Apr 1955 - Rockford, Illinois, USA - USAF incident. Explanation: Balloon.0930
8 May 1955 - Detroit, Michigan, USA - Several witnesses, viewed through binoculars. Perfect white cylinder rapidly to the west, tilted at 30 degree angle. Center portion of object glowed.1920
11 May 1955 - Thurmon, Colorado , USA - AAL DC-7 incident. Explanation: Aircraft.1806
24 May 1955 - Dorking, England, UK - Tap Airline incident.
17 Jun 1955 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Viewed through binoculars. Silver oblong object hovers. Hides in clouds when plane approaches.1415
30 Jun 1955 - Pantelleria, Sizilien, Italy - Tanker Crew incident. 1000
10 Jul 1955 - Santa Catalina Channel, California , USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by six witnesses on the ocean for a few seconds (Parker).1100
27 Oct 1955 - Whitsett, North Carolina, USA - Angel hair residue, milling objects.1445
6 Dec 1955 - Ashfield, Massachusetts, USA - CRIFO Case 123. Cigar with long rows of red lights on the side, rapidly to the south.1615
8 Jan 1956 - Robertson Island, Antarctica - Chilean Scientists incident. Explanation: Hoax.0900
4 Mar 1956 - La Guaira, Vargas, Venezuela - 3m long metallic blimp with three or more windows flew slowly over hills. Silent.1000
15 Mar 1956 - La Puna Region, Argentina - Several cigars make amazing maneuvers. Wingless and silent. Photos taken, but not shown.1200
16 Mar 1956 - Gablingen Airfield, Germany - Glittering globe hovers, turns, shoots upward at amazing speed.1415
In April 1956 - Arequipa, Peru - Several separate witnesses. Silver cigar moving rapidly to the south, hovers over downtown for three minutes. Leaves moving rapidly to the west.
13 Apr 1956 - Telar Grande, Argentina - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed.1545
10 May 1956 - Tatow Knob, Utah, USA - Uranium Prospectors incident. 0730
14 May 1956 - Gastonia, North Carolina, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by three military witnesses for over 35 minutes (Ellis). Explanation: Venus.0900
16 May 1956 - Norton AFB, California , USA - Two civilians at radio tower witnessed silent white ovoid fly to the north overhead. Estimated speed and 2000 kph. Explanation: Aircraft.1420
26 May 1956 - Bern (Flutag), Switzerland - Hundreds at military airshow watched white triangle-shaped craft hover at 3km altitude, center spinning.1440
In June 1956 - La Turbie, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - Football/ovoid shaped object hovered low over rocky hill. Witness continued driving into work.0700
30 Jun 1956 - Wellington, New Zealand - Three glowing cigars speed over town.1430
17 Jul 1956 - Ontario, Oregon, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by three female witnesses in a city for a few seconds (Potter).1800
22 Aug 1956 - Ontario, Oregon, USA - Sisters sight cigar-shaped object come from SE, to overhead, disappeared from view to the northwest.1740
24 Aug 1956 - Canton, Ohio, USA - GOC incident. Explanation: Venus.0840
30 Aug 1956 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - One object was observed for 21 minutes (Ristace).2100
31 Aug 1956 - Fort Smith, Montana, USA - Black "dog bone" follows plane. More objects join in. Ground and airborne observers.2000
9 Sep 1956 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Two F-89 jet interceptors were scrambled to intercept radar-tracked UFO. Explanation: Venus.1408
25 Sep 1956 - Dorr, Michigan, USA - Cessna incident. 1600
29 Oct 1956 - Tobyhanna, Harvey Lake, Pennsylvania, USA - Nautical UFO. Bright silver cigar hovered over residential area, flipped over several times, went into lake. GOC observer. File not found in Blue Book catalogue.1500
10 Jan 1957 - Stafford, England, UK - Cigar moving to the southwest, left orange trail behind it twice its own length. When jet plane approached, it rose vertically and vanished into the sky. Explanation: Reflection.1635
7 Apr 1957 - Tahunanui, New Zealand - Ovoid hovers over beach, suddenly shoots away rapidly to the NNW. Sharply defined edges, .5x size of moon.1530
22 May 1957 - Bletchley, England, UK - Fat cigar in vertical position, hovers in place in stiff wind, turns, rapidly to the southeast.1530
24 May 1957 - Kings Park, New York, USA - Large plain cigar slowly flies to the south. "Flying boxcar" follows, jet seen rapidly to the north. Explanation: Balloon.1038
4 Jun 1957 - Kingseat, New Zealand - Balloon-like objects observed. Two ovoid objects, about 20 feet across, were observed on a farm for two minutes. Explanation: Balloon.1230
14 Jun 1957 - Silver Bell, Arizona , USA - An unusual object was sighted by multiple witnesses, that had unconventional appearance and aerobatic performance. One sphere, about 150 feet across, was observed by two male witnesses, one of them an experienced observor, at a mine for ten minutes.2000
14 Jul 1957 - Rio Doce, Brazil - Cruzeiro Sul Convair incident. 1750
2 Aug 1957 - Reefton, West Coast, New Zealand - School incident. 1300
23 Aug 1957 - Camden, New Jersey, USA - Photo. Explanation: Balloon.0700
30 Aug 1957 - San Rafael, Honduras - Large cigar over mountains, flashes at one end, earth tremors. Object spirals.1200
30 Aug 1957 - Sea Isle City, New Jersey, USA - Engineers incident. 1230
18 Sep 1957 - Ipplepen, England, UK - Ex-RAF Mechanic incident. 1500
22 Sep 1957 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - RCAF T-33 incident. 1530
In October 1957 - Croissy-Beaubourg, Île-de-France, France - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed on a road for over 60 minutes.1610
21 Oct 1957 - Bachaquero, Zulia, Venezuela - Two cylinders hover at high altitude. No wings, but had 3-pointed tail.1430
6 Nov 1957 - Amity, Oregon, USA - School Principal incident. 0810
9 Nov 1957 - Pueblo, Colorado , USA - A hovering cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed for five minutes.0800
22 Nov 1957 - Tarakly, Turkey - Turkish Air Force incident. 1300
25 Nov 1957 - Faverges, Rhone-Alpes, France - Ball zigzagged over highway N508, vanished into thin air.1430
In 1958 - Edinburgh, Corstorphine Hill, UK - Long silver-colored object streaked across evening sky. Near Zoo.2000
1 Dec 1957 - Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan - Huge cigar with 8 shimmering lights on side moves slowly.0600
6 Dec 1957 - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - Metallic object hovers low over horizon, splits in half. One half descends heading to the south, other half hovers in place.1300
10 Jan 1958 - Tabor City, North Carolina, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by a male witness for over 15 minutes. Explanation: Venus.1420
12 Jan 1958 - Houston, Texas, USA - One object was observed (Johnson). Explanation: Flare.1500
9 Mar 1958 - London, England, UK - Cloud cigar. Explanation: Cloud.1630
14 Apr 1958 - Lynchburg, Virginia, USA - Pilot saw grey-black rectangular object rotate very slowly1220
1 Jun 1958 - Altafjord, Norway - A triangular object was observed. One delta-shaped object was observed on the ocean for over one minute.1150
9 Jun 1958 - Puget Sound, Washington, USA - USAF F-102 318th FIS incident. Explanation: Balloon.1017
21 Jun 1958 - Chenxi County, China - Fog or smoke. 2m diameter orange fireball spins smoke. Makes 120 degree turn near school. Leaves smell of ozone.0720
22 Jul 1958 - Grimsby Docks, UK - Private Pilot incident.
In August 1958 - Poland, Poland - Polish AF incident.
2 Oct 1958 - Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed (St Just).1210
2 Oct 1958 - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. Enormous, first looked like puff of smoke, then "like pickle with a flat bottom. Dull gray color. Went from diaphanous to solid in appearance. Went black momentarily.1729
14 Oct 1958 - Rockford, Michigan, USA - Balloon-like object observed. One ball was observed for 30 minutes (Radie). Explanation: Balloon.0830
1 Dec 1958 - Grants, New Mexico, USA - Wingless fuselage circles slowly at high altitude. Hovers over same spot three times. Flies rapidly to the northwest.1430
3 Jan 1959 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - 6' long shining cigar object giving off a red glow, followed by 6' square object, spinning and shining brightly.1330
7 Jan 1959 - Port Pirie, Spencer Gulf, South Australia, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver sausage-shaped object was observed by two male witnesses on the shore.1530
In Spring 1959 - Altus, Oklahoma, USA - Bright object with reflected sunlight hangs high in southeast sky at 70 degree elevation for over an hour.1600
18 Jun 1959 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case.2030
27 Jun 1959 - Danville, Virginia , USA - Four small objects exit cloud-cigar, follow cloud back up after flying to the southeast. Explanation: Weather.2000
5 Jul 1959 - New Albany, Mississippi, USA - Cigar-shaped object hovers, tilted at 45 degree angle, then flies up into clouds, heading to the northwest. Explanation: Aircraft.1900
25 Jul 1959 - Irondequoit, New York, USA - Project Blue Book "unidentified" case. Had dome in center resembling gun turret, 800mph. Banked, went behind trees. Seen through binoculars.1330
28 Jul 1959 - Corpus Christi, Texas, USA - Motion pictures. four large cigar-shaped UFOs and one disc on 16mm motion picture film.1410
4 Sep 1959 - Petaluma, California , USA - Dull silver cylinder hangs in air at 45 degree angle. Hides in clouds. Appears to watch traffic.1700
10 Sep 1959 - Tiller, Oregon, USA - Three silver spheres hovered, shot rapidly to the west when airliner passed by. Came back again.1530
1 Oct 1959 - Evansville, Indiana, USA - 50 feet long thin silver cylinder hovered level at 100m altitude. Had lights at rear of object. Shot up vertically fast.1645
11 Oct 1959 - Blue Ash, Ohio, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed for 20 minutes (Osborne). Explanation: Venus.1000
13 Oct 1959 - Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA - A meteor-like object was observed. A daytime object was reported.0900
21 Oct 1959 - Olcott, New York, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed for five hours (Hadley). Explanation: Venus.0900
In the 1960's - Fallon, Nevada, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in cloudy weather by two experienced witnesses (Carson). Explanation: Cloud.1415
25 Mar 1960 - Vichel, Auvergne, France - Noise like gas turbine. Cylinder hovered for and 5 minutes, then shot rapidly to the southeast sideways like an arrow.1500
26 Mar 1960 - Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory, Australia - Large metallic "mother ship" accompanied by four smaller satellite objects orbiting it, sphere shaped. Objects appeared to be intelligently controlled. 2000 mph speed.1210
4 May 1960 - Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Giant cigar-shaped object crossed skies over town, tremendous speed gone in 30 seconds.
24 Jun 1960 - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA - Korsholma incident. 1920
3 Jul 1960 - Yacanto, Argentina - Argentinean AF Captain incident. 1630
14 Sep 1960 - Misawa AFB, Japan - USAF F-86D incident. Explanation: Meteor.1300
18 Oct 1960 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Slow moving cigar-shaped object, similar to aircraft; bright orange rear portion with rest dull gray.
25 May 1961 - Devonport, Tasmania, Australia - Group of children saw silvery but not reflective object fly over, pencil shaped, no sound. Speed slow to the NNW straight line. U-2 spy plane in area at time, going to the north. Explanation: Aircraft.0835
7 Aug 1961 - Heaton Moor, UK - Cigar-shaped cloud was seen to release 20 or more smaller objects as it passed overhead.0900
28 Sep 1961 - Lawrence, Indiana, USA - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One red ball was observed by a male witness (Bernstein).1300
30 Sep 1961 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - An object, later identified as the planet Venus, was observed. One object was observed by a male witness. Explanation: Venus.0914
14 Oct 1961 - Sunset, Utah, USA - Two "puffy daubs of cotton" passed over, joined together by "long stringy stuff", followed at a short interval by pair of smooth disc-shaped objects.1730
21 Nov 1961 - Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia - 6-8 crescent-shaped objects entered an isolated cloud and did not re-emerge.1815
21 Dec 1961 - Aso San, Japan - Photos. two cloud cigars maneuver within sight of airliner, paces DC-4 airliner. one cigar emits a ball of light.1635
17 May 1962 - Winfield, Alberta, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One gold cigar-shaped object was observed by six male witnesses (Sketchley).1900
6 Jun 1962 - Caroda Shalimar, New South Wales, Australia - Green fireballs were observed. Eight green fireballs were observed in clear weather by three female witnesses (Williams).1120
19 Jul 1962 - Sauce Viejo, Argentina - 150 workman at car plant saw cigar move rapidly rapidly to the northeast, 1000m altitude, gave out frequent blinding flashes. No sound, no trail, climbed, disappeared.1300
In August 1962 - Long Beach, California , USA - A hovering cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by two female experienced witnesses on the shore for three hours (Druffel, A).1400
19 Aug 1962 - Thorp, Wisconsin, USA - Spinning balloon shaped object sped through sky overhead.2000
27 Feb 1963 - Modesto, California , USA - 100 feet diameter crescent with portholes hovered, dropped 1000 feet in altitude. Had bright beam for 15 seconds.1200
9 Mar 1963 - Witwatersrand, South Africa - Huge cylinder W rapidly to the east by planes, trail of smoke.1300
22 Oct 1963 - Ipswich, England, UK - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object was observed for ten minutes.1530
22 Mar 1964 - Armidale, New South Wales, Australia - Brown colored cigar-shaped object, travelling sideways.
2 May 1964 - Mancos, Colorado , USA - Two fat cylinders with fins, at low altitude.1400
8 May 1964 - Tijeras, New Mexico, USA - Silent silver ovoid spins over Manzano Mountains, rapidly to the east.1020
In August 1964 - Ste-Maxime, France - Clouds part, many on beach see large gray cigar hovering in place in strong winds. Object had sharp edges.1330
Mid-1960's - South Bend, Washington, USA - Cigar-shaped objects were observed using optical instruments. Six cigar-shaped objects were observed in clear weather by two witnesses in a yard (Louderback).1300
5 Mar 1965 - Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia - Brilliant cigar-shaped object just below the clouds. Faster than a jet, trailing sparks.
12 Mar 1965 - Kaipara Harbour, New Zealand - USO - unidentified submarine object, 100 feet long x 15' wide plain fuselage in 30 feet of water in harbor, headed to the south.1200
4 Apr 1965 - Birdwood, South Australia, Australia - Glowing object, silent, faster than jet aircraft, Flew overhead during daytime.
21 Jun 1965 - Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia - Unidentified submarine object (USO). Long thin metallic object just under surface of ocean. Submerges when plane flies over.1130
In early July 1965 - Funnemark, Norway - A hovering object was observed. One metallic ovoid object, about 10 feet across, was observed for 30 seconds.1500
13 Jul 1965 - Silver Spring, Maryland, USA - Doctor incident. 1300
19 Jul 1965 - Antofagasta, Chile - Cone flew over at high speed, point to the rear, making loud explosive noises.1600
25 Aug 1965 - Stonehenge, UK - Driver stops car, four ovoids maneuver and spin. Crowd of tourists also see them but ignore them.1000
27 Sep 1965 - Westerville, Ohio, USA - Research Chemist incident. 1715
21 Oct 1965 - Melwane, Mqanduli District, South Africa - Blue-green glowing object observed in bright sunlight, hovered motionless 5 minutes, moved off quickly to west, no sound.1500
In 1966 - Grafton, West Virginia, USA - Cigar-shaped object hovered over Tygart Dam, .5 miles away. Humming sound like when standing under power lines. It shot off in a flash.
3 Dec 1965 - Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan - An unidentified but otherwise conventional object was sighted. One gray elliptical was observed by one experienced male witness (Saito).0712
1 Jan 1966 - Tokyo, Japan - Fog. For 8 minutes. bow-like dark brown "mother-ship", 10x longer than apparent diameter of Moon, hovered on northern horizon. At 0640 second huge stick-like craft seen, blew mass of white clouds behind it.0623
1 Jan 1966 - Mather AFB, California , USA - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by two male military witnesses at an airfield. Explanation: Meteor.1030
6 Jan 1966 - Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan - Three gray discs and two multi-colored UFOs (pink-blue-white) seen hovering. At 1355 16 more UFOs appeared to left of these, gradually vanished 30 seconds. Many more appear in display at 1409!1349
18 Mar 1966 - Puerto Deseado, Argentina - Nautical UFO. Shiny metallic cigar, 50-60 feet long, completely smooth, 100 feet above waves off shore. Gray vapor in rear. Vibrated, rumble louder, black smoke rear. Nose tilted up, erratic to the northeast, hit water.1600
In April 1966 - Battlesbury, UK - Several white "fluffy balls" passed across sky, at no great height above the ground.2000
29 Apr 1966 - Chipperfield, UK - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Five cigar-shaped objects were observed by three female witnesses for over 15 minutes (Forbes).1030
29 Apr 1966 - Holland Gardens, UK - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Four cigar-shaped objects were observed in clear weather by two female witnesses for 20 minutes (Jupe).1030
8 May 1966 - Ipamari, Brazil - 75' wide diamond shaped object seen over rainforest on other side of river. Color photo appears in LIFE magazine. Object went to the south.1500
8 May 1966 - Ipameri, Goias, Brazil - Photo (color) object made right angle turn, low-pitched whining sound.1500
15 May 1966 - Itaguai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Dark "tire" hovered and wobbled, had hole in center, appeared to be the size of an airliner. to the north1730
16 May 1966 - Temple City, California , USA - School Principal incident. Explanation: Kite.1525
13 Jun 1966 - Atafona, Brazil - A mysterious explosion was reported. One object was observed by three male witnesses on the shore (Elcio; Gomes).1300
In Mid- 1966 - Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA - Rocket-like UFO Seen Flying Over Suburban Philadelphia In Summer of 19661700
26 Aug 1966 - Grand Island, Nebraska, USA - UAL incident. Explanation: Balloon.1930
6 Sep 1966 - Suffolk County AFB, New York, USA - White cylinder of light came from east at high speed, stopped and hovered three minutes, then turned, slowly disappeared.1850
17 Oct 1966 - Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - F-84 NATO fighters chase a flying triangular UFO. Other sightings into the evening. Explanation: Balloon.1300
22 Nov 1966 - New York, New York, USA - Rectangular, cushion-shaped object to the south over East River, viewed from 17th floor, 750 Third Avenue over UN building, hovered several minutes, bobbed like ship, reflected sunlight with golden glint, shot vertically, moving rapidly to the east.1620
25 Jan 1967 - Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA - Bright object, pulsated0700
3 Feb 1967 - Yorba Linda, California , USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, three times the size of the moon, was observed by one witness for over two minutes (Kirsch).1630
8 Feb 1967 - Newbury, Massachusetts, USA - Two silvery cigars, moved in straight line, then shot straight up and away, separately.1400
18 Feb 1967 - Chatsworth, Georgia, USA - Cigar-shaped object with two satellite objects.1630
23 Mar 1967 - Lawrenceville, Illinois, USA - Silver fuselage-shaped object, like wingless DC-3, maneuvered around airport. Shot to rapidly to the northeast into cloud.1100
25 Apr 1967 - Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France - 10m wide triangle of metal tubes with black orbs in corners. Pointed down, ascends until gone from view.1700
28 Apr 1967 - Brixham, England, UK - RAF incident. 1125
28 May 1967 - Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - Cigar with windows and protrusions, seen at distance of 3000 feet with clouds as reference, moved 500mph, sent behind clouds.1201
11 Jun 1967 - Da Nang, Duyen Hai Mien Trung, Vietnam - USAF F-102 incident. 2000
In July 1967 - Taipei, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan - Viewed through telescope. UFO flew low and very fast rapidly to the southwest. Reports from southern Taiwan later that same evening.
3 Jul 1967 - Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA - Photo of structured, large cigar-shaped object1915
7 Jul 1967 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Cigar-shaped silver-gold UFO whilte driving Trans-Canada Highway. Radio announcer saw it, received reports from listeners.1300
In September 1967 - Villacoublay, France - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one experienced male witness for a few minutes (Stehlin).1500
16 Oct 1967 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 0925
3 Nov 1967 - Skovlunde, Denmark - Driving to work man saw cigar shaped UFO hovering vertically for 15 minutes before moved away to the west.0835
9 Nov 1967 - Miass, Bashkir, Russia - White cigar with black dashes at one end, glides to the northwest toward Zlatoust.1200
In 1968 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one female child (Drummond, R).
3 Dec 1967 - Antipayuti, Russia - 3 reports of same UFO. 1503
In Spring 1968 - Commerce, Texas, USA - A daylight object was observed by a male witness (Massey).
In April 1968 - Woodford, UK - Wingless rocket was seen to enter a cloud. It failed to reappear.1300
24 Apr 1968 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - One rectangular object was observed.
10 Jun 1968 - La Union, Los Lagos, Chile - Odd-looking cloud curves and ascends, splits in two, halves fly away in separate directions.1000
6 Jul 1968 - Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa - Circular cloud, odd flight behavior.
6 Jul 1968 - Jagersfontein, South Africa - Circular cloud, odd flight behavior.
6 Jul 1968 - Stilfontein, North West, South Africa - Circular cloud, odd flight behavior.
6 Jul 1968 - Thabazimbi, Limpopo, South Africa - Circular cloud, odd flight behavior.
6 Jul 1968 - Vryburg, North West, South Africa - Circular cloud, odd flight behavior.
21 Jul 1968 - Oakland, California , USA - Large object on a clear day completely vanished after hovering in plain sight1400
25 Jul 1968 - Melipilla, Metropolitana, Chile - Cloud cigar rises vertically, turns horizontal, shoots away fast.1000
In August 1968 - South Bend, Washington, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed before it exploded. One crescent-shaped object was observed in clear weather by two witnesses in a city for 18 seconds (Louderback).1500
8 Sep 1968 - Evansville, Indiana, USA - Woman and adult son drove near city, she saw object hover over railroad tracks. Silent dirty-gray harmonica-cigar hovered near airport.Turned corner, trees blocked view, so continued on.1500
30 Nov 1968 - Woomera, South Australia, Australia - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Three cigar-shaped objects were observed by two single female witnesses (Potter, H).1430
13 Jan 1969 - Lugo, Spain - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.0830
3 Feb 1969 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Police captain followed odd-looking cloud for short while that abruptly disappeared. Sound like "walking on pebbles" or "rattling of sheet of cellophane".
26 Feb 1969 - Longview, Texas, USA - Small dark gray cloud, dense with leading edge of haze, "sped" to the north across highway I-20 at 40 mph. Moved in straight horizontal path at steady rate. Weather clear.1020
3 Mar 1969 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object was observed by one male witness for 18 seconds (Hasamear).1500
22 Mar 1969 - La Selva Beach, California , USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by one female witness (Rogers).1300
30 Mar 1969 - New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two witnesses for 30 seconds (Goerman).1415
26 Apr 1969 - Melnik, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria - Shiny delta shaped object remains in place in sky.1726
27 Apr 1969 - Redlands, California , USA - A mysterious explosion was reported. One object was observed by one witness at an airfield.1100
21 May 1969 - Sarasota, Florida, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by a male witness.
5 Jun 1969 - Atlantic, Iowa, USA - Meteor-like objects were observed. Three objects were observed by several witnesses for a few seconds. Explanation: Meteor.1750
5 Jun 1969 - Burlington, Iowa, USA - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by several witnesses. Explanation: Meteor.1750
5 Jun 1969 - Chesterfield, USA - More than one object was observed by several witnesses. Explanation: Meteor.1750
In August 1969 - Timisoara, Timis, Romania - Cone or diamond-shaped UFO, very slowly moves southwest to the northeast. Seen by many all afternoon.1500
15 Aug 1969 - Kotka, Kymenlaakso, Finland - Formation of 8 orange clouds watched by military personnel. Clouds maintained regimental precision as they moved steadily across sky, in unison over horizon.0525
In late August 1969 - Masbro, UK - Spherical object entered and remained inside a cloud, motionless over town. Cloud was subsequently inspected by a jet aircraft.1330
31 Aug 1969 - Northern Part, New South Wales, Australia - Object like aluminum Zeppelin, seen for three hours.
31 Aug 1969 - Kyogle, Queensland, Australia - Aluminum cigar-shaped object vanished as RAAF jet approaches.1300
10 Sep 1969 - Bucharest (Bucuresti), Romania - Delta-diamond-lightbulb seen all over city from many locations. Explanation: Balloon.0650
11 Sep 1969 - Puget Sound, Washington, USA - One object was observed by a male witness for several minutes. Explanation: Meteor.0600
26 Sep 1969 - Pianello, Corse, France - Bright metallic ovoid flew back and forth over mountain. Gone in a flash.1800
10 Oct 1969 - Stukel Mountain, Oregon, USA - One object was observed by one witness at a mountain briefly. Explanation: Meteor.1035
10 Oct 1969 - San Francisco, California , USA - One object was observed by several witnesses briefly. Explanation: Meteor.1700
2 Nov 1969 - Tallinn, Harju, Estonia - 3-4 shiny spheres exit cigar shaped object.1300
In the 1970's - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed by one female child at a school (Freeman, J).
11 Dec 1969 - Clifton Park, New York, USA - Photo: three balls of light, one greenish-blue, one orange, one brilliant red. Objects changed altitude and color, reacted to witnesses, moved at terrific speed.0500
1 Jan 1970 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Man reports heard woman scream, turned, and saw large triangular ship in sky.1600
23 Feb 1970 - Anaheim, California , USA - Surgeon incident. 1800
In early August 1970 - Bex, Waadt, Switzerland - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two witnesses (Pillet).1600
2 Jan 1971 - Corfton, UK - Two independent witnesses of red-orange light with a black smoke trail, fluttered from side to side as it fell, size of car, descended vertically, stopped burning just before it hit the ground. No traces.1615
6 Mar 1971 - Tokyo, Japan - A fireball was observed. One orange fireball, three times the size of the moon, was observed by several male witnesses, typical age 33, at an observatory for 90 seconds (Hirayama, C). Explanation: Meteor.0856
20 Apr 1971 - Warwick Park, New South Wales, Australia - Four teenagers saw large red glowing light near racecourse, 1' diameter. Joined by three other lights.
23 Apr 1971 - Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia - School teacher saw fiery orange-red ball of light which showed white and trailed behind it a very long cigar-shaped object, from east to southwest .0830
4 May 1971 - Ventersdorp, South Africa - A cigar-shaped object was observed. Multiple independent witnesses. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two female witnesses (Koekemoer).1500
19 May 1971 - Mangere, New Zealand - Elongated metallic object, quite bright like metal reflecting sun, appear over Penrose, moved away and down slowly for 5 minutes.0900
18 Jun 1971 - Burketown, Queensland, Australia - Red glowing cigar, like silver streak, no vapor trail. Watched for 10 minutes by multiple independent witnesses. Went northwest to the southwest, seemed about 30 miles east of town. Explanation: Aircraft.1838
15 Jul 1971 - Timberwolf Mountain, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 1200
7 Aug 1971 - Fresnoy-Le-Grande, France - Ball of light follows 50m off right wing of light plane. two observers on ground.1130
16 Aug 1971 - Oadby, England, UK - Silver "slipper-shaped" object flew north to south slowly, had a wide V-shaped vapor trail, no sound.0630
20 Sep 1971 - Lanejevo, Serbia - Tu-134 incident. 0813
28 Sep 1971 - Banbury, England, UK - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Several cigar-shaped objects were observed by three male witnesses, typical age 11, in a city (Pettiger).1650
In early October 1971 - Sarajevo, Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Astronomical Society sighted two UFOs in daylight through telescope. One described as triangular, other white with irregular shape.1300
16 Oct 1971 - Chaoyang, China - Chinese Pl Army incident. 1400
27 Oct 1971 - Hailey, UK - Viewed through binoculars, two objects in early morning sky shaped like oxygen cylinders, one yellow, one orange. Yellow one was brighter than the sun.0805
4 Nov 1971 - Dartford, England, UK - Cigar-shaped UFO with ring of white light and ring of red light, hovered. Changed direction and shot off, low moving rapidly to the Crayford.
4 Nov 1971 - Welda, Kansas, USA - Duck hunter sees then wingless cigar fly to the north northeast slowly. No sound.1000
6 Nov 1971 - Edsbro, Sweden - Huge cigar-shaped UFO with satellite objects.1000
29 Dec 1971 - Atafona, Brazil - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Five cigar-shaped objects were observed in cloudy weather by eight witnesses for 70 minutes (Mello).0830
10 Jun 1972 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Dark banana-shaped object rises from cloud. three small objects exit. one flies to the east, one flies to the west, one shoots up.1920
25 Jun 1972 - Verona, Veneto, Italy - Weather Professors incident. 1800
6 Jul 1972 - Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand - A star-like object was observed and photographed. One object was observed by four witnesses (Michie). Explanation: Star.1300
In August 1972 - Para Hills, South Australia, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one male witness.1100
5 Aug 1972 - Lafayette, California , USA - Two large spheres fly over. Explanation: Balloon.0545
6 Aug 1972 - Bern, Switzerland - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects were observed by two witnesses (Bigler).1450
6 Aug 1972 - Sint-Niklaas-Vaas, Belgium - DC-3 incident. 1845
6 Aug 1972 - Liverpool, England, UK - Iridescent object hung stationary in sky three minutes, veered rapidly rapidly to the west, then hovered again two minutes. Had contrail when moved, red flames from rear end. Shot away at 2103 rapidly to the west.2045
7 Aug 1972 - Beg-Meil, France - Two dark orbs maneuver in square-wave trajectory. Both rise, moving rapidly to the north.1450
10 Aug 1972 - Granum, Alberta, Canada - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects, about 20 feet across, were observed by one witness (Douglas).1500
22 Sep 1972 - Okinawa, Japan - KLM 985 incident. 2000
29 Sep 1972 - Hanoi, Vietnam - Three SAMs fired at orange ball that hovered for more than an hour in clear blue sky over Hanoi. Missiles were unable to reach it. Explanation: Balloon.1300
30 Sep 1972 - Hanoi, Vietnam - SAM missiles fired on luminous orange sphere at very high altitude hovering over Hanoi. Stayed in place for one hour 20 minutes.1300
10 Oct 1972 - Badin, North Carolina, USA - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object, about 150 feet across, was observed in clear weather by one experienced male witness (Devereaux).1030
12 Dec 1972 - Iglesias, Argentina - Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Several white balls were observed.0450
12 Dec 1972 - Calingasta, Argentina - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One white ball was observed in a pasture.0500
9 Jan 1973 - Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Fog or smoke. Skyquakes, rumblings, and weird puffs of smoke seen in sky. No UFOs visible.1430
11 Jan 1973 - Buckinghamshire, UK - 3 reports of same UFO. 0855
14 Jan 1973 - Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia - Several Reports incident. 1800
9 Mar 1973 - St-Jean-De-Bournay, France - Very bright ball of light maneuvers near two witnesses for 15 minutes. Disappears behind trees.1430
16 Mar 1973 - Roosevelt, Utah, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, about 150 feet across, was observed by one male witness (Hunt).0800
In mid-April 1973 - Littleover, UK - A crescent-shaped object was observed. One crescent-shaped object was observed by two witnesses.1500
In mid-April 1973 - Mayfield, Kentucky, USA - Cigar shaped silvery object follows car's movement and speed then disappears into sky with incredible speed1500
19 Jun 1973 - Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA - One bullet-shaped object was observed by one witness for over one minute (Rutledge).1910
1 Jul 1973 - Waterford, Pennsylvania, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed for over one minute.2000
5 Sep 1973 - Quitman, Georgia, USA - One football-shaped object was observed for two minutes.1930
16 Oct 1973 - New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, USA - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects were observed by one witness on a highway for over one minute.0730
19 Oct 1973 - New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, USA - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects were observed for 30 seconds.0730
24 Oct 1973 - Genova, Italy - Spinning top-shaped object in the sky seen from the SS Waalekerk, off Genoa.0720
25 Oct 1973 - Exmouth, Western Australia, Australia - Mist, vapor. Large black ball hovered near secret USN communication post (NAVCOMSTA), then accelerated at tremendous speed moving rapidly to the north.1920
1 Dec 1973 - Annandale, French Lake, Minnesota, USA - Man loading gravel spotted silver, cone-shaped object with revolving movement at large end, silver streaks emitting from small end. Moved very fast northwest rapidly to the southeast.0800
4 Dec 1973 - Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada - Orange ball moved to the east, trailed smoke.1300
5 Dec 1973 - Pictou, Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia, Canada - Orange ball moved to the east out over Northumberland Strait, trailing smoke for several hundred yards.1030
9 Jan 1974 - Summerstown, Ontario, Canada - Object with tail zig-zagged, generally to the south, had a tail which gradually stretched out, then it disintegrated, or disappeared.1800
3 Feb 1974 - Thoisy-La-Berchere, Bourgogne, France - 1.7m wide shoebox-shaped object jerks around field, jumps over hedges, shoots away rapidly to the south.1315
27 Feb 1974 - Rimogne, Champagne-Ardenne, France - Orange ovoid hovers for 20 minutes, gone in white flash.1530
25 Mar 1974 - Balagny-sur-Therain, Picardie, France - Red orange ovoid shot up rapidly into the sky when witness's car neared.0745
9 Apr 1974 - St Malo, France - Two in taxi watch large luminous cigar fly to the southeast toward Mount Dol, under heavy cloud cover. News coverage.0615
15 May 1974 - Arroyo Grande, California , USA - Dull gray banana, 60m over electronics plant, no noise.1300
19 Jun 1974 - Souppes-sur-Loing, Île-de-France, France - Metallic gray blimp flies over trees. Had "ears" or antennae, and tail, pointed up. Flew away behind trees.1300
12 Jul 1974 - Beaumont, California , USA - Woman driving home from Beaumont sighted cigar-shaped object, "several football fields" in length, with dome, tilted on its side. It shot off at tremendous speed, trailing flames. Not blimp or aircraft.0610
11 Aug 1974 - Salles-la-Source, Midi-Pyrenees, France - Silent brilliant ovoid object flies slowly overhead at one km altitude.1900
1 Sep 1974 - Kristinelund, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by three male witnesses for two minutes (Walfridsson).1030
In 1975 - Bohemia River, Maryland, USA - Mechanical Engineer incident. 1300
22 Dec 1974 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. A daylight object was observed by seven witnesses (James).1530
2 Jan 1975 - Eastern Shore Kauai, Hawaii, USA - Photos (3). 25' square object, below clouds. Flew to the south southwest slowly.1450
10 Feb 1975 - Romans, France - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.0700
4 Apr 1975 - La Grange, Wisconsin, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one experienced male witness for a few minutes.1055
In May 1975 - Chengdu, Sichuan, China - Huge "coil" spins rapidly to the northwest, leaves luminous trail of mist.1300
3 May 1975 - Copenhagen, København, Denmark - Large flaming barrel caught in advertising photo, descended at 45 degree angle.0800
10 May 1975 - St Marys, New South Wales, Australia - A hovering crescent-shaped object was observed. One crescent-shaped object was observed in cloudy weather by one male 53-year-old witness for 12 seconds (Bown).1345
15 Jun 1975 - Benalla, Victoria, Australia - Moving northwest, site photos on file.0745
10 Sep 1975 - Seattle, Washington, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by 25 male witnesses on the ocean.1300
7 Oct 1975 - Kansas City, Kansas, USA - TWA Captain incident. 1300
12 Oct 1975 - Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, about 80 feet across, was observed in clear weather by one male 44-year-old witness in a city for over three minutes.1530
19 Nov 1975 - Emporia, Virginia , USA - Wilson EAL 852 incident. 1610
In 1976 - Chinese-Soviet Border, Russia - Border guards, air defence, and civilians saw elongated UFO. Had portholes, emitted three rays downward. Moved horizontally three hours, then vanished as quickly as arrived. Did not appear on radar.
12 Dec 1975 - Miami, Florida, USA - Long silver cylindrical object, hovered at altitude of 20 miles, swerved to right, disappeared.1300
1 Feb 1976 - Arhus, Denmark - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed for five minutes (Fennrup).1500
30 Mar 1976 - Ascoli Piceno, Marken, Italy - Nautical UFO. Brilliant oblong object rose from sea, flew away in few seconds.0800
13 Apr 1976 - Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by more than one male witness, one of them an experienced observor (Glaser).1715
In mid-April 1976 - Americus, Georgia, USA - It was a silver rectangle just sitting still in the daylight sky1330
Mid- 1976 - Glennville, Georgia, USA - Summer 1976 or 77 a huge triangular object with bright white lights moving very slow making no noise moving in a serpentine manner.1900
In August 1976 - Siziwang, China - A hovering object was observed. One silver ovoid object was observed in a desert for two minutes.1830
9 Sep 1976 - Qikou S, Shan County, China - Ball of light hovered during Mao's obituary over radio, then flew away.1000
18 Sep 1976 - Tehran, Iran - ATC incident. 1030
20 Nov 1976 - Alvesta, Sweden - Cigar-shaped objects were observed. Two cigar-shaped objects were observed in clear weather by two witnesses, a married couple, for over 15 minutes (Nilsson).1555
In 1977 - Grafton, West Virginia, USA - Very "bright star" overhead resolved into a football shaped object, seen by two women driving to work in early morning.0515
26 Jan 1977 - Raf Credenhill, UK - RAF Airmen incident.
In early February 1977 - Bideford, England, UK - Procession of clouds, white, roughly cube shaped, travelling against the wind. Crossed the sky in about a minute. Very fast speed.1500
2 Mar 1977 - Porthill, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two female teenage witnesses for 30 seconds.1430
17 Mar 1977 - Siracusa, Italy - A hovering object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One metallic ball was observed on the ocean.1400
In Spring 1977 - Heathrow Airport, UK - Bell 47 Helicopter incident. 1020
12 Apr 1977 - Oxelosund, Sweden - Shrill whistling sound. UFO hovered four seconds. Disc diameter four m, had antenna with sphere on top. When UFO departed strong noise was heard causing windows to vibrate. Left to southeast.1037
14 Apr 1977 - Chigwell, Tasmania, Australia - Solid object, moved towards the E1215
1 May 1977 - Nanango, Maiden Well, Queensland, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by two male witnesses, typical age 39, at an electric plant for ten minutes (Sampson).1715
In June 1977 - Loch Nevis, UK - Photo. Unidentified submerged object (USO), keel-shaped, beneath the waters of Loch Nevis, photographed by priest. Police and coastguard took several days to check the Loch.
20 Jun 1977 - Buckhorn, California , USA - Large oblong silver object hung silently in the air.1000
In July 1977 - Asbygda, Norway - A cigar-shaped object was observed by more than one male witness, one of them an experienced observor (Bjorndal).2300
2 Jul 1977 - Glen Head, New York, USA - Large bright cigar shaped craft with 5 smaller black crafts1400
17 Jul 1977 - Lindisfarn, Tasmania, Australia - Only outline of UFO seen, speed under 100 mph, 360 degree turn in flight..1630
31 Jul 1977 - Normal, Illinois, USA - Art professor and two others watch silent plain cigar, 3x size of moon, move southwest rapidly to the northeast steadily.1830
11 Aug 1977 - Cartecay, Georgia, USA - A huge slow movingTriangle shaped hole in the sky, a cut -out that became dense and larger with three lights1700
17 Aug 1977 - Lake Hjalmaren, Sweden - A hovering cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, larger than a star, was observed in clear weather by three experienced witnesses for six seconds (Blom).1715
17 Sep 1977 - Manawatu River Mouth, New Zealand - A hovering object was observed. One red light was observed by two male witnesses, typical age 50, on a river for seven minutes.0750
13 Oct 1977 - Chanute AFB, Illinois, USA - Sketch of rectangular object, 150 feet long, 10 feet wide, no lights or vapor trail. Rotated around major axis once every two seconds. Small square patterns on sides.1555
3 Nov 1977 - Redwood Park, South Australia, Australia - To the east, Object blurred, ill defined.0615
14 Nov 1977 - Warner Beach, South Africa - Orange object moved with wind. Explanation: Balloon.1300
9 Dec 1977 - Kunamura, Northern Territory, Australia - Cessna 206 Pilots incident. 1730
10 Jan 1978 - Blandford, UK - Fog. Black cylinder with turret at rear, blows smoke, shines beams of light and rises up.1620
22 Jan 1978 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Two triangular objects hovered over sewage treatment plant.1400
2 Feb 1978 - Verona, Kentucky, USA - Dark triangle flew low and slowly over farmhouse. Steady humming. Had three bright lights.1930
23 Feb 1978 - Columbus, Indiana, USA - Small brown ovoid object stayed 16km ahead of corporate jet, then climbed.0930
30 Mar 1978 - Albury, New South Wales, Australia - Chrome or mercury colored short cigar, hovering over hillside, cast shadow. Second object, stingray, swept slow arc, turned beside bigger craft. Sheep pasture. Eerie silence, distance one mile.0730
19 May 1978 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Motorists incident. 1600
14 Jun 1978 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Triangle crafts in V Formatn slowly flew over parking lot in Los Angeles Crenshaw shopping area0915
13 Jul 1978 - Lisboa, Portugal - Silver sphere zig-zagged across sky.1100
20 Jul 1978 - Hjo, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by a female witness.1920
5 Aug 1978 - Gatwick, UK - Dark cigar with white spot flies to the northwest over airport.1300
13 Aug 1978 - Sutton-At-Hone, UK - Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Two blimp-like objects, about 300 feet across, were observed by two witnesses, a married couple, in a field (Fry).0900
22 Aug 1978 - Moscow, Pennsylvania, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in cloudy weather by four male experienced witnesses for over one minute.0703
14 Sep 1978 - Florence, Toscana, Italy - At Torre Del Lago a cigar-shaped object with a blue trail of light behind it, giving off intense light beams, is seen. The craft's lights went off-and-on two or three times during the sighting. At the same time a triangular UFO was sighted over Rome.0550
20 Sep 1978 - Westminster, Maryland, USA - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation.1540
21 Sep 1978 - Marcos Paz, Argentina - 12-yr-old boy photographs UFO with Kodak instamatic camera. Image in paper shows a black body between some iron bars.1300
28 Sep 1978 - Kettering, Ohio, USA - Engineer incident. Explanation: Balloon.1920
2 Oct 1978 - Unanderra, Nr Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia - 6m non-metallic ovoid object to the southwest, zig-zagged rapidly to the west over mountains at Kiama.1330
18 Nov 1978 - Laxbacken, Vilhelmin, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by four witnesses for five minutes (Kanon).1445
22 Nov 1978 - Moklinta, Sweden - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by three witnesses for two minutes (Andersson).0750
25 Nov 1978 - Ducklington, England, UK - Dark triangle with pale yellow lights seen travelling across sky south to northwest .0745
26 Nov 1978 - Dulce River, Argentina - Actress Perla Caron and 200 people watched UFO hover over opposite bank of river. UFO gave off white lights, reddish halo, descended, ray of light beamed at river one hour, went away fast.0900
28 Nov 1978 - London, England, UK - Unknown triangular object crossed sky at great altitude west to the east.1920
1 Dec 1978 - Ruislip, UK - Silver triangle with yellow lights west to the east.0715
2 Dec 1978 - Abingdon, England, UK - Silver triangle flew south to the northwest.0710
3 Dec 1978 - Prestwick, Scotland, UK - Silver triangle with yellow lights flew north to south.0700
3 Dec 1978 - Chipping Norton, England, UK - Gray triangle watched by many moving through sky west to the east.0715
3 Dec 1978 - Standlake, UK - Silver triangle with yellow lights flew south to the northwest.0720
4 Dec 1978 - Kidlington, England, UK - Silver triangle with two yellow lights passed over town W to the southeast.0730
20 Dec 1978 - Yarnton, England, UK - Silver triangle crossed sky very high up, moving west to east.0720
26 Dec 1978 - Torre Archirafi, Italy - 4m diameter metallic sphere flashes low over shore. Had black spot in center.0850
26 Dec 1978 - Sierra De Los Padres, Argentina - Vertical cigar hovered over television station 10, seen by police sergeant, technician, watchman while eating lunch.1300
7 Jan 1979 - Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia - Farmers incident. 0600
7 May 1979 - O'Hare Airport, Illinois, USA - Unidentified but otherwise conventional objects were sighted. Two rectangular objects were observed by two witnesses, a married couple, for a few minutes.1000
18 Jun 1979 - Quinto, Treviso, Italy - Fiat G91-R 14th Fighter Group incident. 1130
27 Aug 1979 - Blackbushe, UK - Flight Instructor incident. 1500
28 Aug 1979 - Blackbushe, UK - Flight Instructor incident. 1500
12 Sep 1979 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 1015
14 Sep 1979 - Siniscola, Sardinien, Italy - Boat Crew incident. 0630
14 Sep 1979 - Rome, Lazio, Italy - Zigzag maneuvers.0700
9 Nov 1979 - Bangour, UK - Bright yellow light appeared to descend to area known as Deans, close to Dechmont Law, heard distinct hissing noise.0805
8 Dec 1979 - Varois, France - Metallic blue cigar hovers at low altitude, shoots into sky extremely fast.0950
11 Dec 1979 - Bolton, England, UK - Cessna F-150 incident. 1150
31 Dec 1979 - Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - Dark ovoid to the southeast during solar storm.1320
7 Jan 1980 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - Man on north side of I-240 spots football-shaped object, 30-40 feet long. "Skin" appeared to rotate around two axes.1300
17 Apr 1980 - Buffalo, New York, USA - Crescent or boomerang-shaped object seen flying from behind house.1300
21 Jul 1980 - Exeter, California , USA - I had gone outside to get the mail. when walking back to the house, something caused me to look above the roof where I saw what i thoug1400
2 Sep 1980 - Texarkana, Arkansas, USA - Doctor-pilot. Blimp with eerie lights, odd maneuvers, vanishes on the spot!0930
15 Sep 1980 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 0850
2 Nov 1980 - Vallejo, California , USA - Silver cigar, no sound, reflected sunlight, high altitude, rotating and spiralling as it moved, once/sec. When reached zenith stationary 5 minutes, rapidly to the south very fast, one minute to horizon.1500
26 Nov 1980 - Bentwaters AFB, UK - Witness in car sees black ball stop in sky, chased by two jets, shoots straight up.1400
28 Nov 1980 - Istanbul, Turkey - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed in partly cloudy weather at a school. No sound was heard.0830
15 Dec 1980 - London, England, UK - UFO hovers, divides into sections, regroups. Darts, shoots straight up.1410
25 Jan 1981 - Chatsworth, California , USA - 25 and witnesses. Brilliant white needle, color photos and 8mm movie film, becomes ball and shoots all over.1530
30 Jan 1981 - Florence, Arizona , USA - Three photos taken of giant cloud-cigar shaped UFO with Kodak instamatic. Whole object would not fit into frame. Apparent size 12" ruler at arm's length.1300
8 Mar 1981 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Coral Lorenzen watches tiny, round, white ball-shaped UFO move steadily southeast over shopping center.1733
30 Mar 1981 - Magny, France - Metallic sphere descends at 45 degree angle, stops over house. Shot straight up. No balloons released at time.1120
13 Apr 1981 - Tangshan, Hebei, China - Triangle-shaped object ejects dull flames flying southwest to the northeast. Hundreds of reports from separate groups of witnesses.1920
12 Jun 1981 - Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand - A meteor-like object was observed. One teardrop-shaped object was observed by three male witnesses for six seconds. Explanation: Meteor.1730
22 Jun 1981 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 1035
28 Jun 1981 - Kennebunk, Maine, USA - Object shaped like football with rounded ends, no sound, flew at steady rate from northeast to the west.1400
21 Jun 1982 - Brindisi, Apulien, Italy - 737 Crew of same UFO. 1220
22 Jul 1982 - Katy, Texas, USA - Unnatural silence, then boomerang shaped object overhead. Hum only thing heard.1200
In late August 1982 - Oxford, Connecticut, USA - Rectangular object with rounded corners, passes low near creek in residential area. No noise, no vapor trail, no tail or wings.1015
In Fall 1982 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Photos. Internally glowing, swirling, rapidly rotating cloud, appeared and disappeared suddenly in otherwise featureless overcast sky. Lenticular-shaped UFO inside cloud(?) or a natural phenomenon?1800
18 Oct 1982 - Catawba River, North Carolina, USA - Fog. Driving to work two nuclear plant men saw silver oval UFO with four legs above fogbank they thought was a water tank, but driving back later no tank at site, power lines nearby. UFO was at 250 feet altitude.0730
6 Nov 1982 - Lombard, Illinois, USA - Brilliant intense light in sky, round like Sun. There appeared to be very small planes circling this huge unmoving object. Witness called Adler Planetarium but got the "run around."1545
2 Dec 1982 - Bury St Edmonds, UK - Silent object beams three lights down, folows car. RAF investigation.0800
16 Mar 1983 - Grassington, UK - Police incident. 1200
21 Jun 1983 - Rivadavia, Argentina - An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One silver object was observed.1730
21 Jun 1983 - Mendoza, Argentina - Soccer Match incident. 1800
In July 1983 - Nj Turnpike, New Jersey, USA - Caller to talk radio show reported seeing V-shape object at high altitude while driving New Jersey Turnpike at two p.m, it sped up and zoomed away.1400
25 Jul 1983 - Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA - 300 feet long cigar with windows over trees and sewage treatment plant.0520
1 Aug 1983 - Cap-Rouge, Quebec, Canada - Retired RCAF Pilot incident. 2000
15 Oct 1983 - Klamath, California , USA - Fog. Photo of dark blob taken with Polaroid by 11-year-old boy as oval object moved out of fog and over Pacific Ocean.1500
31 Oct 1983 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - F-5E interceptor sent up by Brazilian AF as many witness silvery spot maneuver over city. Official explanation was balloon, but Ufologists don't accept it.1710
28 Nov 1983 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA - Four witnesses. Large fireball drops three small objects in swamp. Goes over lake, vanishes!0840
In January 1984 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - Private Pilot incident. 1300
22 Jan 1984 - Huntington, West Virginia, USA - Orange ball of light hovered silently for one minute, suddenly moved west high rate of speed. No sound.0709
22 Jan 1984 - Toledo, Ohio, USA - Blurry red object left contrail, visible only a few seconds. Viewed by crew of UA flight 729 westbound.0725
23 Feb 1984 - Columbus, Ohio State, Ohio, USA - Cone or rectangle changes shape or rotates every minute. 5 hi-quality witnesses.1600
29 Feb 1984 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - 0.5m diameter formless black object just over campus building, shot away rapidly to the southeast.1530
22 Jun 1984 - Adelanto, California , USA - Object shaped like rounded-off airplane "tail-fin" with very short fuselage came straight down over woman's car in her driveway. Watched it hover 125 yeards away. Wobbled, fluttering motion.1100
15 Jul 1984 - Greens Beach, Tasmania, Australia - Fog or smoke. Low flying cigar-shaped UFO, created a smoke cloud which kept enveloping it as it moved.1145
16 Sep 1984 - Elwood, New York, USA - Chevron shaped objects in V shape formation; daytime sighting, silent moving1500
24 Nov 1984 - Columbus, Wisconsin, USA - Mid day cigar shape sighting while deer hunting1300
26 Jan 1985 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Orange ball of light, aircraft on final approach to LAX passes directly underneath. Estimated altitude 30k.1830
17 Aug 1985 - Umkal, Argentina - DC-10 incident. 1930
25 Oct 1985 - San Rafael, California , USA - Curved boomerang hovers, maneuvers, rises at high speed and gone in two seconds.0830
26 Jan 1986 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - 15 dark spheres go northwest rapidly to the northeast in 20 seconds.2000
28 Jan 1986 - Fort Myers Beach, Florida, USA - Large bright golden delta one mile away, hovers for 10 minutes, maneuvers moving rapidly to the west.0645
21 May 1986 - Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One dark cigar-shaped object was observed by a male witness in a city for over 15 minutes.1500
13 Jun 1986 - St Joseph, Michigan, USA - Shiny silver torpedo hovers for three minutes, shoots moving rapidly to the northeast1230
16 Jun 1986 - Park Ridge, Illinois, USA - Wingless white cigar leaves trail at 1500 feet altitude. southeast rapidly to the northwest.0450
3 Aug 1986 - Richmond, Indiana, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed for over 15 minutes and videotaped by one witness. Animal reactions to the object were reported. No sound was heard.2115
11 Aug 1986 - Lima, Ohio, USA - Retired factory worker and wife saw large, roating, diamond-shaped object. Size 20-40 feet diameter. Object quite low, passed behind several trees.1800
16 Jan 1987 - Manchester, New York, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One orange cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness for six seconds. A rumbling sound was heard.1623
23 Jul 1987 - West Pensacola, Florida, USA - Six spheres make 90 degree turns in broad daylight.1200
30 Aug 1987 - Syracuse, New York, USA - Zigzag maneuvers.1230
31 Dec 1987 - Sater, Sweden - Metallic blue sphere, 6m x 8m diameter, at treetop level, lightning flashes from bottom extends for miles.0300
9 Apr 1988 - Stode, Sweden - Fog or smoke. Triangle craft hovers for three minutes, vanishes in cloud of smoke.1300
23 May 1988 - Fredericia, Vejle, Denmark - Black cylinder hovered in northern sky for 30 minutes, then vanished.1600
27 Jun 1988 - Jokkmokk, Lapland, Sweden - Silver cigar at high altitude, moves moving rapidly to the northeast, makes strange humming sound.1130
29 Jun 1988 - Smedjebacken, Sweden - Silent chalk-white "flourescent tube" rapidly to the north steadily at low altitude.1830
5 Dec 1988 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Zigzag maneuvers.1655
25 Feb 1989 - Edenhope, Victoria, Australia - Large oblong UFO with dome at rear end. Vanishes in place!0730
9 Mar 1989 - Oak Harbor, Washington, USA - Video taken of object in daylight through window.1300
17 Mar 1989 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Photos. F-4 Pilot (retired) takes three Polaroid photographs at Garson Point. Silent.1545
In Mid- 1989 - Shevchenko (Aktau), Kazakhstan - UFO several times larger than passenger aircraft, disappeared in clouds above Caspian Sea.
26 Jul 1989 - Sochi, Krasnodar, Russia - Crews from four different aircraft observed two discs high in sky. UFOs made maneuvers with incredible speed, changed shape.1440
17 Aug 1989 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Cherokee Warrior incident. 2100
1 Sep 1989 - Shevchenko (Aktau), Kazakhstan - Giant cigar flew silently over city into clouds over water, taillights stayed visible for awhile.
24 Sep 1989 - Voronezh, Russia - Airship-like (elliptical) object flew rapidly rapidly to the east, reversed direction.1030
4 Oct 1989 - Bernadotte, Illinois, USA - MUFON FI saw numerous dumbbell shaped white objects through binoculars for 2.5 hours. Changed, reversed direction repeatedly and intermit. ejected "angel hair", which floated over wide area. Many samples.1440
10 Oct 1989 - Tunica, Mississippi, USA - Pilot incident. 0550
18 Nov 1989 - Torquay, England, UK - Glowing 100 feet cylinder, hovers 200 feet over sea, 150 feet out from shore.0750
29 Nov 1989 - St Vaast, Belgium - One ovoid object was observed by one witness in a residential area.1630
In 1990 - Huntington, West Virginia, USA - Huge 1600 feet blimp-shaped UFO, same color as clouds, with exhaust from rear, witnessed by former WWII/Nurenberg photographer. Not an airship, according to airship historian.1300
18 Mar 1990 - Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA - Driver saw reflected sunlight off bright rectangular object, rapid speed.1730
In May 1990 - Burney, Indiana, USA - Light, cigar, and videotaped. Potentially good case.0300
30 Jun 1990 - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - Office Worker incident. 1900
6 Jul 1990 - Pompignan, France - Featureless white ball hovers for 45 minutes in light winds.1150
In August 1990 - Selkirk, Scotland, UK - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed in a pasture for two minutes.0800
21 Sep 1990 - Teterboro, New Jersey, USA - Two men observe rotating box/domino traveling at high speed.1615
16 Oct 1990 - Dye, Bourgogne, France - AF mechanic watched silent pale yellow light make 90 degree turn to the north, then stopped.1540
25 Nov 1990 - Milton, Florida, USA - Navy tech, dull silver-gray wingless fuselage north rapidly to the south, airliner speed.1240
6 Jan 1991 - Liskeard, England, UK - Viewed through binoculars. Slim white cigar with pointed ends. Flew from cloud to cloud.0800
13 Jan 1991 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - USAir B-727 incident. 0830
In early March 1991 - Ringwood, New Jersey, USA - Daylight sighting of cigar-shaped object0800
12 May 1991 - Huejutla, Hidalgo, Mexico - Three elongated silver objects appear during UFO conference.1300
22 May 1991 - Bodmin, England, UK - Slim cigar with pointy ends, viewed through binoculars, hovers, vanishes in clear sky.1300
1 Jun 1991 - Dublin, Ireland - Britannia Airways B-737 incident. 1438
2 Jun 1991 - Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico - 15 delta-shaped object seen in sky. Photographs and videotape taken. television coverage of event.
1 Jul 1991 - Troy, Ohio, USA - Silver cigar-shaped UFO, disappeared in green flash when witness went to get camera. Next day flight of 5 green military helicopters over home.1200
19 Sep 1991 - Medjugorje, Serbia - Tourist took photo of church, unexplained hovering object showed up in picture when developed.1835
In November 1991 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Outdoors for morning paper, looked up to see sky almost filled by solid object gliding or floating by. Ran to back deck to see it better, but it was gone.0700
13 Jan 1992 - Scales Bay, South Australia, Australia - Elongated triangle, blue-gray object. Not seen at time just came out on photo. Explanation: FilmFlaw.1530
2 Feb 1992 - Hallets Cove, South Australia, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object, of huge size, was observed on the shore for 150 minutes.0610
9 Feb 1992 - Kingman, Arizona , USA - Orange cigar shaped object observed for a few minutes1300
13 Mar 1992 - Bellevue, Wisconsin, USA - WFRV-TV chief photographer videotapes cigar-shaped UFO. UFO travels from right to left of frame, passing behind windmill. Estimated altitude 25,000', speed 7,000 mph.1000
13 May 1992 - Piuma, Malibu, California , USA - Bright globe of white light hovered and descended behind ridge.1100
22 May 1992 - Roza Rica, Mexico - Teacher and second grade class see daylight object, highly polished mirror, rectangular "wall-like structure" 3m tall. Object wobbled, sucked into ground!1030
18 Jul 1992 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Black rectangle seen again out of swirl clouds.1930
21 Jul 1992 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Pilot incident.
29 Jul 1992 - Mount Ranier National Park, Washington, USA - Out hiking four witnesses saw rectangle turn into trapezoid.0700
24 Nov 1992 - Kinghorn, Scotland, UK - Low flying odd looking object, not similar to any conventional aircraft, made no sound. Secret government machine?1300
1 Dec 1992 - Iaeger, West Virginia, USA - Delta 250 feet overhead, moves backwards very slowly. Many colored lights on the underside like Xmas tree.1600
10 Mar 1993 - Maslin Beach, South Australia, Australia - Nautical UFO, four photos. Taking photos of sunrise sighted grey object on sea surface. Object rose out of sea and approached. Second smaller object approached and docked with first. Photos show clear metallic "craft."
16 Mar 1993 - Artesia, New Mexico, USA - Witness observed three orange balls of light above Mount Graham.1300
17 Mar 1993 - Graham County, Arizona , USA - 40 reports of orange balls of light in two days1300
29 Mar 1993 - Moisella, Ontario, Canada - Rated as high-reliability unknown.1330
18 Apr 1993 - New Port Richey, Florida, USA - Hovered in broad day light, rose until vanished.1500
1 May 1993 - Magnolia, Mississippi, USA - Oval shaped object with flashing lights had no sound and it only was there few minutes and left as a flash through the sky.1800
5 May 1993 - Geneva, Ohio, USA - Enormous cigar shaped craft, no wings, no windows, no sound, incredible rate of speed, over Lake Erie, in Ohio, chased by helicopter.0900
20 May 1993 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Air Liaison 112 incident. 1300
24 May 1993 - Buffalo, New York, USA - Shiny box like object floats in sky.1430
28 May 1993 - Crestone, Colorado , USA - Isadora Storey and I see 30-40 feet boomerang going southeast to the northwest. Appears to land between T Road and San Isabel Creek with fast falling-leaf pattern.1940
1 Jun 1993 - Rogers, Arkansas, USA - Dull, metallic, cigar shaped object traveled from one cloud formation to another, then back to the other formation on the exact path.1300
1 Jun 1993 - Mustang, Oklahoma, USA - A plane like object without wings, with lots of windoows emitting light...I can't tell much more because I remember nothing after that.1900
8 Jun 1993 - Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness. No sound was heard.2130
13 Jun 1993 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA - Fireball that changed color and split into three equal parts. Explanation: Meteor.1520
14 Jun 1993 - Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada - Large fridge shaped object, observed for 10 minutes, moving slowly at low alltitude over populated area during morning rush hour.0805
15 Jun 1993 - Williamsburg, Missouri, USA - Bright flash of light lit up our entire yard1200
15 Jun 1993 - Beechnut, West Loop, Texas, USA - Houston Police incident. 1900
20 Jun 1993 - Capetown, South Africa - Rectangular "bus", black with white windows, flies north to south over mountains.1500
22 Jun 1993 - Colonial Beach, Virginia , USA - Disappearing flying object1400
18 Jul 1993 - Liberal, Kansas, USA - Jetliner object scanning property with broken beam - enormous and very low0630
1 Aug 1993 - Wolcott, Connecticut, USA - Leaving the hunting club i saw an object with flat bottom and a tappered. No noise or exhaust. It was traveling at 5mph.1500
20 Aug 1993 - Kennewick, Washington, USA - Sky opens, objects darts out, then disappears through another opening in the sky.1900
23 Aug 1993 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - Cloud-like object at extreme range changes shape.1956
28 Aug 1993 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - A black cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness for over 60 minutes. No sound was heard.2130
In mid-September 1993 - North Bend, Washington, USA - I'm 28, this happened when I was 10. I had a telescope I used to look at Mount Si. It was a clear day so i left the scope out on the la1300
15 Sep 1993 - Colchester, England, UK - We saw a large silver and brightly colored cigar shape stationary for 5-7 minutes which just dissapeared1500
15 Oct 1993 - Garden Grove, California , USA - A HUGE black retangular object. At least twice as big as a blimp even with it being about twice as high in the air. No lights. Seen jus1800
17 Oct 1993 - Hassocks, UK - Delta UFO turns upside-down. Whoosh sound. "Electrical" rays.0700
15 Nov 1993 - Encinal, Texas, USA - Large mother ship sighting and smaller UFO chased by military fighters.1430
19 Nov 1993 - La Rochette, France - Diamond tube-winged object to the north.1120
22 Nov 1993 - Versailles, Île-de-France, France - Math Students incident. 0950
22 Nov 1993 - Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA - Charcoal cigar, 18000', zig-zagging down.1107
23 Nov 1993 - Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - Me and one of my friends were coming home from sledding when we saw a metallic, cigar shaped, UFO hovering in the air emitting a blue b1124
25 Nov 1993 - Rivonia, South Africa - An unidentified object was sighted by mutliple independent witnesses, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation.1700
27 Dec 1993 - Long Branch, New Jersey, USA - Very odd structured object or objects hover just offshore. Looked like three connected saucers with arrowhead.1100
10 Jan 1994 - Thackley, UK - Silent torpedo passes over house.1400
20 Jan 1994 - Stromness, Scotland, UK - Cigar leaves bright green trail moving rapidly to the behind hills.0900
28 Feb 1994 - Chester, England, UK - Blue domed cigar hovers, darts about, shoots up. Has fins on ends, light on top, size unstated.1430
4 Apr 1994 - Hollywood, Florida, USA - Orange Orbs in Broward County Florida.1700
23 Apr 1994 - Ikes Fort, West Virginia, USA - Silent silver wingless cigar seen in clear sunny day. No contrail.1600
20 May 1994 - Pensacola, Florida, USA - Oblong metallic craft, 150 feet diameter, 4000-6000'altitude1400
5 Jun 1994 - Col De Vence, France - Scientists incident. Explanation: LensFlare.1630
12 Jun 1994 - Crawley, England, UK - It appeared over me and sat there. Once I looked at it, it blinked out like a light.1540
27 Jun 1994 - Parc De La Mouliere, France - 'Airplane' lands on jagged peak. It is joined by two ovoid flying objects.Electromagnetic effect: camcorder fails to work.1300
1 Jul 1994 - Col De Vence, France - An object was observed and photographed. One object was observed by more than two witnesses at a mountain for over one minute.1300
7 Jul 1994 - St Barnabe, France - Three balls of light in single file. Complete silence: no bird sounds, bells, any noises!0500
14 Jul 1994 - Havelock, North Carolina, USA - All in all i saw a gray/silver ship that i could only see a triangleish part of.0800
10 Aug 1994 - Gull Lake, Alberta, Canada - Smoke, fog. A black triangle spun out of a billowing line of smoke and stopped dead,then took off at incredible speed.1500
15 Aug 1994 - Sutton Coldfield, England, UK - Shiny metallic angular object rolled in sky, shot away.1630
20 Aug 1994 - Normandy Beach, New Jersey, USA - Clear skies, daylight,a triangle shaped object moving faster then the speed of sound without a sound then divided into two seperate .1900
4 Sep 1994 - Ewa Beach, Hawaii, USA - Unidentified spacecraft about 10 times larger and similar in design to our modern aircraft carriers.1700
In early October 1994 - Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA - It was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle.1130
23 Oct 1994 - Chimney Hill County, Virginia , USA - No such place found. three lighted circular aircraft1500
8 Nov 1994 - Bradshaw, West Virginia, USA - Silver cigar with two rectangular windows. Roaring sound.1120
18 Nov 1994 - Teignmouth, England, UK - Metallic cigar goes to and fro between clouds over ship. LDLN #330.0630
23 Nov 1994 - Gila Bend, Arizona , USA - Object observed over Painted Rock dam.1300
1 Dec 1994 - Leopoldshoefe, Germany - Square with small dome on top, red, orange, violet and green lights on bottom, moved slowly, no sound, 70 m altitude.0830
19 Jan 1995 - Dunkerque, France - Luminous white ball changes shape, makes fast maneuvers.0900
10 Apr 1995 - Merweville, South Africa - Dark "cloud" near roadside. Maneuvered against wind. Rose up and hides inside real cloud.0730
19 Apr 1995 - Pembrook Pines, Florida, USA - Blimp-shaped object in western sky, starts moving, suddenly shrinks in place.1930
20 Apr 1995 - Spezet, Bretagne, France - Three fireballs zoom through dry woodlands following a road. Do not cause a fire.0900
22 May 1995 - Blackwater Bridge, Florida, USA - Cigar, 5cm at arms length with hump or dome on bottom, hovered, then gone in seconds.1530
23 May 1995 - Brawley, California , USA - Ex-Airman incident. 0520
In June 1995 - Glasgow Mount Florida, UK - Very large white diamond-shaped object, spinning through sky.1400
11 Jun 1995 - Tacoma, Washington, USA - Three adults witness "white balloon" to south. Then witness three triangular-shaped objects nearby. They slowly drift into clouds.1715
25 Jun 1995 - Batesburg, South Carolina, USA - Very shiny silver egg in northern sky. Witness claims to be very familiar with military aircraft.1900
11 Jul 1995 - Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway - Pilot incident. 1630
14 Jul 1995 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Round black object flies overhead to the west southwest, passes through clouds. Not a plane.0650
22 Jul 1995 - Santa Clara, California , USA - Four small metallic cylinders maneuvered dramatically overhead. Had colored lights, zigzagged.1030
22 Jul 1995 - Redding, California , USA - Four featureless cigar shaped objects flew slowly north to south. No wings, engines, nor tails.2000
22 Jul 1995 - Springfield, Illinois, USA - Small luminous cigar-shaped object crosses sky slowly, suddenly speeds away.2000
6 Aug 1995 - Bakersfield, California , USA - Many witnesses over 8 hour period. Several objects in formation. Hovered, zigzagged, maneuvers.1845
15 Aug 1995 - Tacoma, Washington, USA - Police incident. 0430
16 Aug 1995 - Caleta Olivia, Argentina - TV Cameraman incident. 2000
20 Aug 1995 - Colonial Beach, Virginia , USA - Cigar-shaped object seen by man and his fiance. It suddenly disappears.1345
25 Aug 1995 - Tuaran, Malaysia - Spherical object with yellow glow.0530
25 Aug 1995 - Helena, Montana, USA - Pearly-white round object, not illuminated, moved overhead against the wind. A few seconds later was followed by others.2000
27 Aug 1995 - Grand Junction, Colorado , USA - Disc-Jockeys incident. 0800
27 Aug 1995 - Cochetopa, Colorado , USA - Family driving on Highway 114 near Cochetopa see cigar-shaped craft.1500
27 Aug 1995 - Poncha Pass, Colorado , USA - Two women driving over Poncha Pass report cigarette-shaped object.1500
27 Aug 1995 - Baca Golf Course, Colorado , USA - Maintenance Man incident. 1600
28 Aug 1995 - Poncha Pass, Colorado , USA - Huge cylinder hovers, shoots away at fantastic speed. Police report.1300
29 Aug 1995 - Kampung Likas, Malaysia - Two spheres with yellow glow.0715
30 Aug 1995 - Rio Claro, Brazil - Thin silent cigar-shaped UFO passes over house, multi-colored rays of lights in all directions.0500
30 Aug 1995 - Tourrettes, France - Odd cloud turns out to be silver ovoid UFO. Blinks every 5 seconds, absolutely silent. Flew slowly.0900
3 Sep 1995 - Kapyong, South Korea - White sphere offloaded similar objects. 6 luminous white discs on video four Sept.1800
4 Sep 1995 - Cheongju, South Korea - Korean Air Force incident. 1130
4 Sep 1995 - Kapyong Province, South Korea - Good photos and videotape, four minutes duration. 100m cigar at Mach 12 speed, 5km altitude, 90 degree turn.1200
11 Sep 1995 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Two blue and four white Nocturnal lights sighted. three were in triangular formation.1625
15 Sep 1995 - Seattle, Phinney Ridge, Washington, USA - 4-6 small metallic cigars hover for hours, move and rise in clear sky.1500
1 Oct 1995 - Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA - Two white diamond-shaped objects seen.1630
5 Oct 1995 - Chinle, Arizona , USA - Metallic rectangular object hovers over desert. Seen again four times. 11 aircraft appear to chase it.1000
In mid-October 1995 - Westminster, South Carolina, USA - The low-hanging cloud looked too dense1730
12 Nov 1995 - Hooper, Colorado , USA - Tim Edwards and family photograph a pencil-shaped object in western sky.1800
30 Nov 1995 - Orly Airport, Paris, France - Rectangular object with several red and white "V" stripes crossed within 330m of Airbus. 5-6 "exhaust pipes" on rear. Vanished.0904
11 Feb 1996 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - One black sphere was observed by one witness for 30 minutes.1300
15 Feb 1996 - Villasobroso, Spain - Triangular object clearly seen in morning sun.0850
22 Mar 1996 - Bethesda, Maryland, USA - Federal Employees incident. 0800
22 Mar 1996 - Meridian, Mississippi, USA - Retired USAF Intel Officer incident. 1600
24 Mar 1996 - Capivari, Sao Paulo, Brazil - White metallic cloud cigar, reversed direction, rapidly to the northeast.1820
11 Apr 1996 - Santa Cruz, California , USA - Strange craft observed1244
2 May 1996 - Hanmer, Ontario, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.
25 May 1996 - Coacalco, Mexico, Mexico - Three good quality photos of metallic ovoid object. Computer analysis does not reveal any hoaxing.1510
5 Jun 1996 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed by four witnesses for 30 minutes.2000
18 Jun 1996 - Constanta, Romania - Brilliant cigar, silent, curved slowly through sky, suddenly sped up and away rapidly to the northwest.0630
17 Jul 1996 - Damiansville, Illinois, USA - Triangular UFO approached interstate ramp, appeared like "polished steel," hovered over trees 4-5 minutes, vanished. No sound.2130
1 Aug 1996 - San Jose, California , USA - Large boiling object 3/4 size of full moon moving rapidly to the1600
6 Sep 1996 - Ayr, Scotland, UK - Dark delta, wings opened and closed, stopped at 300-400 feet altitude, no sound. Soft black color, no glint, no glass or obvious contours.1135
15 Sep 1996 - Salto, Uruguay - Photo1300
18 Sep 1996 - Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - One metallic sphere was observed.0620
18 Sep 1996 - Blackwell, England, UK - 80 feet long cigar drifts over golf course, shoots away suddenly.1800
5 Oct 1996 - Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Embraer-712 incident. 1020
18 Oct 1996 - Guarabira, Paraiba, Brazil - Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. One silver pyramidal object, about 80 feet across, was observed for 309 minutes.1500
22 Oct 1996 - La Madeleine-Nonancourt, France - Sonic booms heard, "jet plane" zigzagged. Seen through binoculars. rapidly to the ESE.1500
30 Oct 1996 - Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA - Blue cigar-shaped object stationary, then turned and moving rapidly to the up vertically.1600
1 Nov 1996 - Vilonia, Arkansas, USA - Object decended and circled cell-phone tower and disappeared1200
4 Nov 1996 - Mareil Le Guyon, France - Huge triangle to the ESE toward Paris. Seen for 5 seconds.0750
13 Nov 1996 - Repentigny, Quebec, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One gray cigar-shaped object was observed by five witnesses on the shore for ten minutes.1038
7 Feb 1997 - Westbury, Tasmania, Australia - Cigar-shaped object flew to the west slowly, turned vertical, went up-and-down fast, then lost sight of going down.0900
11 Feb 1997 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Object resembled Hindenberg Zeppelin1100
10 Mar 1997 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One brown cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.1505
3 Apr 1997 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Black, elongated key like object to the south seen from Highway 520.1730
14 Apr 1997 - Bonavista, Newfoundland, Canada - A triangular object was observed. One black triangle was observed by two witnesses.1745
18 Apr 1997 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Red object descend through clouds, then ascend through clouds, twice.0705
20 Apr 1997 - Sarnia, St Clair River, Ontario, Canada - Gray cylinder over St Clair River. White sphere exited and flew rapidly to the north and vanished. Then cylinder vanished.1340
5 May 1997 - West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA - Metallic object moving across sky.1215
11 May 1997 - Utah College, Utah, USA - Objects seen falling from sky at Utah college.1356
15 May 1997 - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA - Red flare lights in formation.1653
18 May 1997 - Linglestown, Pennsylvania, USA - Several witnesses. "15cm" triangle went to the west northwest at very low altitude. Had 12 lights. Dropped down into trees.1830
30 May 1997 - Dallas, Georgia, USA - Yellow object moving rapidly to the across sky.1145
1 Jun 1997 - Mount Vernon, New York, USA - White object making impossible moves in sky, no sound.0800
1 Jun 1997 - Liverpool, England, UK - Black object seen flipping over on itself.1300
8 Jun 1997 - Maplewood, New Brunswick, Canada - Silver object hovering.2030
17 Jun 1997 - Beaumont, Mississippi, USA - Three objects moving in formation, then three more objects moving up and followed were seen from Beaumont campsite.1030
17 Jun 1997 - Pico Rivera, California , USA - Black object moving low altitude toward beach, no sound, pencil thin.1200
21 Jun 1997 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - White object, stationary, no sound.0945
21 Jun 1997 - Ticonderoga, New York, USA - Blue Flash, then disappeared.1128
22 Jun 1997 - Huffman, Texas, USA - Long streak moving rapidly to the across the sky over Huffman Atascacita area.0630
1 Jul 1997 - Langley, British Columbia, Canada - Yellow object hovered and disappeared.1030
1 Jul 1997 - Albion, Pennsylvania, USA - Two witnesses, no sound.1300
5 Jul 1997 - Wairoa, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand - Green object with red tail, west to the east. Explanation: Meteor.1321
10 Jul 1997 - Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA - Large silver shiny object stoppped and hovered and moving rapidly to the at sharp right angle, then disappeared.1300
11 Jul 1997 - Allison Park, Pennsylvania, USA - Black object hovering near radio tower that is under construction.1525
14 Jul 1997 - Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA - Large object encased in clouds joined with smaller circle, then hovered for one hour near shore.1430
14 Jul 1997 - Hazelwood, Missouri, USA - Silver-bowl looking object was observed while with his mother.1600
22 Jul 1997 - Arabela, New Mexico, USA - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed.1300
23 Jul 1997 - Warrenton, Virginia , USA - Metallic object moving rapidly to the changed directions 3x at sharp angles.2000
3 Aug 1997 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Dark object seen hovering 30 feet over highway, no sound.1915
5 Aug 1997 - Santa Cruz, California , USA - Object photographed.1530
7 Aug 1997 - New York, New York, USA - NTSB report of anomalous object near 747 aircraft.1707
8 Aug 1997 - East Rochester, New York, USA - Second sighting of black object in this area.1800
9 Aug 1997 - Bel Air, Maryland, USA - Object hovered, zig-zagged down, then ascended.1124
12 Aug 1997 - Fridley, Minnesota, USA - Orange object seen hovering. Explanation: Star.1708
17 Aug 1997 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Small objects at high altitudes moving from north to east.0930
22 Aug 1997 - Kingsville, Texas, USA - Object about the size of a pinky at arms length was seen moving north.0622
22 Aug 1997 - Kings Park, New York, USA - Green objects from earth changed into fireball and ascended.1050
23 Aug 1997 - Daleville, Indiana, USA - Object seen with pole sticking out of the front with small rectangle ball at end of pole.1130
23 Aug 1997 - Mission, British Columbia, Canada - A V-shaped object was observed. One white V-shaped object was observed by ten witnesses.1700
10 Sep 1997 - Lierskogen, Norway - Pointed horseshoe looking object seen on clear day.1600
19 Sep 1997 - Orland Park, Illinois, USA - White object hovered, then moving rapidly to the .0540
21 Sep 1997 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.1224
22 Sep 1997 - Palo, Michigan, USA - Object moving west to east.1400
30 Sep 1997 - Eltham, Victoria, Australia - Two round black balls followed erratic flight path northeast to the northwest. Appeared to be doing aerobatics.1540
1 Oct 1997 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - Silver/white object 500-1000 feet altitude in clear sky hovered, no sound.0900
10 Oct 1997 - Connersville, Indiana, USA - Three different types, cluster, delta, and one in a three pointed star design. Followed it for 6 miles.1600
15 Oct 1997 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Three objects moving slowly over the foothills.1900
21 Oct 1997 - Larbert, UK - Videotape. Spinning orb videotaped in daylight hours. one minute later also caught military jet on video, travelling over the area.1300
23 Oct 1997 - Billings, Montana, USA - Dark, gray object about 100 meters wide and 40 meters tall seen 20 miles away.1630
24 Oct 1997 - Houston, Texas, USA - Black metallic object passed by airplane window at 28,000'1800
In November 1997 - Grangemouth, Scotland, UK - Bright orange, cigar-shaped object, left small vapor trail.1300
8 Nov 1997 - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed by two witnesses.1530
10 Nov 1997 - Orem, Utah, USA - Black object moving slowly N-S.2000
12 Nov 1997 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.1512
14 Nov 1997 - Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.1400
22 Nov 1997 - Petoskey, Michigan, USA - Large green/white shape object moving rapidly to the .1615
22 Nov 1997 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Black object first appeared as hot air balloon, then a 747, then roundish.1730
1 Dec 1997 - San Francisco, California , USA - Large object and cylinder space junk reentering atmosphere southeast of San Franciso probably in Central Valley or Nevada. Explanation: Re-Entry.1200
14 Dec 1997 - Auburn, Indiana, USA - Three objects hovering over church.0645
17 Dec 1997 - Burlington, Vermont, USA - Large object at 50,000 feet altitude going about 3000 knots dimensions: 300 feet x 300'1145
22 Dec 1997 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One gold cigar-shaped object was observed by one witness.0735
5 Jan 1998 - Phelan, California , USA - Huge, slow moving black cigar-shaped object with wings.1615
24 Jan 1998 - San Bernardino, California , USA - Three huge balls of light approached observers, a mother and her son..0930
24 Jan 1998 - Swansea, Wales, UK - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed.1515
24 Jan 1998 - Leander, Texas, USA - Five witnessed sighting of daytime cylindrical UFO.1520
1 Feb 1998 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Gray or black leading edge.1500
7 Feb 1998 - Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Base, California , USA - Deltoid flying wing, dull golden brown bottom, dull off white top, small fuselage area, no prop, no jets, no sound, wing tip fins, ...1100
12 Feb 1998 - Shelby, Alabama, USA - At 231 mile marker Shelby County airport: Objected sighted in sky while searching for "bears in the air"1235
14 Feb 1998 - Deming, New Mexico, USA - Video. Truckers communicating via CB radio watched wingless fuselage in sky.1300
15 Feb 1998 - San Jose, California , USA - Silver object seen floating beneath cloud.0800
17 Feb 1998 - Moreno Valley, California , USA - One sphere was observed.1600
21 Feb 1998 - Nokomis, Florida, USA - Shiny object moving rapidly to the at high altitudes W northwest1130
24 Feb 1998 - Houston, Texas, USA - Object seen at 20,000 feet was long shiny shape with a point at the front.1700
7 Mar 1998 - South Abaco, California , USA - Two objects with contrails came from northeast, turned south, then appeared to depart.1646
7 Mar 1998 - Lake Placid, Florida, USA - Two objects, smaller than full moon, came toward witnesses from east. Sky was clear1830
7 Mar 1998 - North Fort Myers, Florida, USA - Two objects hovering in the eastern sky. Conditions-clear. One object lower on the horizon than the other. one disappeared.1840
7 Mar 1998 - Lighthouse Point, Florida, USA - Two comet like objects with curved fan-shaped tails streaming behind, hovered in east sky over ocean, 45 degrees above horizon.1845
7 Mar 1998 - Orlando, Florida, USA - Two objects seen in sky about 300 yards apart and 30 feet in diameter, close to a cloud, disappeared ...1845
7 Mar 1998 - Vero Beach, Florida, USA - Fog. two objects moving toward witnesses, one lower than other. One turns and disappears leaving illuminated doughnut shaped fog.1845
7 Mar 1998 - Sarasota, Florida, USA - Object seen coming from the southeast at twilight, sky very clear and not yet dark. Object was white with small white core moving toward us...1850
8 Mar 1998 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - One cylinder was observed.1200
29 Mar 1998 - Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada - Observed two objects which he felt might have been cruise missiles.1025
5 Apr 1998 - Homer, Louisiana, USA - Shiny balloon object hovered, then maneuvered, vanished and reappeared. Made 90 degree turn and away fast.1300
6 May 1998 - Auburn, Washington, USA - Object seen which sounded like airplane1330
17 May 1998 - La Veta, Colorado , USA - Silver colored cigar-shaped object over the Sangres, during a thunderstorm. UFO flew in and out of the clouds for several minutes before becoming obscured by the storm.1330
20 May 1998 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Flight crew of a 757 reported seeing a "missile" fly under their plane.1817
25 May 1998 - Madison, Wisconsin, USA - Two events separated by about 3-5 minutes.1205
In June 1998 - Gary, Indiana, USA - Three gray metallic, slightly oval spheres seen slowly rolling over one another flying parallel to power lines, joined by fourth, then all shot away.1030
4 Jun 1998 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Shiny object seen in sky0830
6 Jun 1998 - Reno, Nevada, USA - A large cloud formation that was pouring out an unbelievable amount of rain. Explanation: Cloud.1418
7 Jun 1998 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Expanding pencil shape, very long and thin.1400
20 Jun 1998 - Medford, Massachusetts, USA - Object light a star appeared moving in a funky way.2000
25 Jun 1998 - Boise, Idaho, USA - Object seen outside of Boise.1100
4 Jul 1998 - Dutton Park, Queensland, Australia - Huge oblong object, appeared to be transparent, with portholes. Seemed to be lit up with white light from inside.1900
6 Jul 1998 - Elkhart, Indiana, USA - Silver cigar shaped object.1330
17 Jul 1998 - San Luis Valley, Colorado , USA - Very large cylinders hovering over south end SLV. I spotted it twice, 9am and 11:30 am,very high in the sky,motionless. No details could be seen.0900
18 Jul 1998 - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - Two cigars with bumps, nr. airport, faded from view1500
23 Jul 1998 - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada - Small object moving across sky slowly2000
24 Jul 1998 - Washington, District Of Columbia, USA - Two photos taken with UFOs.1430
3 Aug 1998 - El Paso, Texas, USA - Big ball of light, shot out of the clouds and down towards the ground. Only lasted for a few secs, maybe a ball lightning.1730
10 Aug 1998 - Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia - Angel hair. "Cobwebs" fell from clear blue sky while silver spheres performed aerobactic maneuvers and made right angle turns. Angel hair produced at accelerations. White, cotton strength, dissolved.1500
1 Sep 1998 - Jonesville, Illinois, USA - Saw same looking object earlier in day that disappeared behind buildings. I was stuck on lift bridge it was not moving...1630
3 Sep 1998 - Rochester, Minnesota, USA - Long object spotted in sky.1030
4 Sep 1998 - Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA - Two objects moving over Cheyenne, performing odd maneuvers, then saw it again in the city with an AF copter...1500
14 Sep 1998 - Randle, Washington, USA - Metallic object seen from car1200
22 Sep 1998 - Poway, California , USA - Vertical cylinder, gold and hot, bright light on the bottom.1700
In October 1998 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Solid-silver sphere zig-zagging in straight flight path, no sound. Second object, white, crossed path with first in opposite direction. White object seemed to disappear, watched with binoculars.0930
9 Oct 1998 - Noblesville, Indiana, USA - Translucent object changing shape, no sound1600
10 Oct 1998 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Vertical object floated around east sky.1730
11 Oct 1998 - Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, USA - Object seen at high altitude1405
15 Oct 1998 - Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, USA - Gray triangle hovered near Kennesaw Mtn, flew to the north, changed shaped, vanished.1230
18 Oct 1998 - Wombourne, UK - Sphere in sky, stationary. After 20 minutes metallic-triangle appears, moves side-to-side "in short bursts" before vanishing. Sphere stays longer, but dwindles to dark spot.1240
21 Oct 1998 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Man observed an object that looked like an 'airplane fuselage, minus the wings.' Seen about 25 degrees above the horizon.0730
1 Nov 1998 - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Object in broad daylight, one bright light "like flashlight"1500
1 Nov 1998 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Very high in sky, cross-shaped object with white lights on corners, vanished.1630
8 Nov 1998 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Blue green fire ball shot over Salt Lake City.1307
13 Nov 1998 - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA - W on Highway 80: Double suns in sky on a day with no clouds.1700
19 Nov 1998 - Auburn, California , USA - While west bound on I-80, sun behind clouds, saw object 50 degrees to south.1545
26 Nov 1998 - McKinney, Texas, USA - Object east rapidly to the west through sky.1400
1 Dec 1998 - Malmo, Sweden - Twice in 10 days that these fire-cigars were seen above Malmoe City.1550
In January 1999 - Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada - Tadpole flew across field of view; east to west, downward.1630
10 Jan 1999 - Woodhead, UK - Delta "dart-shaped" UFO, illuminated on underside by two rows of lights. Commercial aircraft also visible at time, but UFO looked nothing like them.1500
16 Jan 1999 - Mentor On The Lake, Ohio, USA - A daytime object was reported.1600
21 Jan 1999 - Southport, England, UK - A triangular object was observed. One shiny triangle was observed by several witnesses in a city.1600
In February 1999 - Upper Norwood, UK - A hovering triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed by two female witnesses on a road.1800
3 Feb 1999 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Long object with "nubin" on top, flying over city.1015
13 Feb 1999 - Center, Colorado , USA - Erratically moving silver reflection that was visible three times--each time for several seconds. Object seemed to be below 2,000 feet in altitude and made sharp twisting turns.1505
15 Feb 1999 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Man downtown, saw 100m silver blimp cross sky at 600kph, three km altitude. Source: CUFORN1020
12 Mar 1999 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - White 'straw' flying north to south; UFO 'strange flat and long cloud'.1800
25 Apr 1999 - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA - Two witnessed large object about 500 feet altitude, moving slow1900
2 May 1999 - Lake Elsinore, California , USA - Object was boomerrang shaped and was witnessed by four people on a sunny afternoon.1530
7 May 1999 - Gainesville, Florida, USA - Three black spheres size of small cars floating in vertical formation. two balls moving up-and-down. No weather balloons in area.2015
13 May 1999 - Bellevue, Nebraska, USA - Object as bright as a star hovered 40000-60000'.1900
27 May 1999 - Troy, Ohio, USA - Broad daylight, clear day saw a object that looked metallic or silver hovering or floating in sky.1345
28 May 1999 - Wessenden Reservoir, UK - Metallic triangular craft videotaped flying at high speed only 6' above rolling hills. It disappeared over crest of a hill.1130
30 May 1999 - Hermiston, Oregon, USA - Object moving at high altitude behaving like a shooting star.1000
30 May 1999 - Paso Robles, California , USA - Object hovering in sky and giving off a white and orange glow. It was in west sky about 8 miles away.2015
31 May 1999 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - Object north to south glowing white through binoculars.1915
1 Jun 1999 - East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Large object seen moving rapidly to the across sky and gave off a large red light, then it was seen again the same night.1514
2 Jun 1999 - Bellevue, Washington, USA - Y-shaped object low moving west to east under low cloud cover. Smaller upward projections...0750
3 Jun 1999 - Thornton, Colorado , USA - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed.1955
6 Jun 1999 - Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Two witnessed large object east to west.1730
7 Jun 1999 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - Object seen performing acrobatic stunts that planes could not do, like leave the atmosphere.1930
8 Jun 1999 - Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - Object seen as rectangle shape, then became narrower and very elongated.1045
8 Jun 1999 - Squia School, California , USA - 17 objects in formation.1830
9 Jun 1999 - Prague, Oklahoma, USA - Glistening metallic object almost motionless at 10000 feet altitude, appeared at one point like very bright...1950
10 Jun 1999 - Tupelo, Mississippi, USA - Two objects seen moving rapidly to the across sky.0720
12 Jun 1999 - Goias, Brazil - UFO size of football field may have landed in Goias. Fighter aircraft from Anapolis AFB scrambled.1500
13 Jun 1999 - Bispham (Blackpool), UK - Object seen moving close overhead.0635
15 Jun 1999 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Object hover over the Ocuirh Mountains west of Salt Lake or further out. It started...0815
15 Jun 1999 - Chihuahua, Mexico - I think I saw contrails, but this day some military F-5 aircraft were passing by over the city and I don't know if they release a white...1300
17 Jun 1999 - Santee, California , USA - Light seen in sky come closer until it was about 200 feet away and about 100 feet off the ground.1740
18 Jun 1999 - Miami, Florida, USA - Objects moving rapidly to the across sky and a trail followed...0545
18 Jun 1999 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Object seen on clear day with the exception of a few clouds moving out from behind one of the clouds, no sound.1400
19 Jun 1999 - Maricopa, Arizona , USA - Bright reflective object disappeared in then air.1145
20 Jun 1999 - McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, USA - Object like rod with the dimensions of 6" ruler moving rapidly to the very high altittudes1500
23 Jun 1999 - San Diego, California , USA - A bright blinding round ball of white light w...1900
24 Jun 1999 - West Hollywood, California , USA - Object 3000-4000 feet altitude in northeast sky, directly over banana tree near house. It moved slowly in the same area...1600
24 Jun 1999 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Bright white object seen in north sky on Washington Avenue (7 Corners)1635
25 Jun 1999 - Oak Park, Illinois, USA - Two objects to the east to west seen, with the first three lobes, the second a rectangular object with lights at front.1830
26 Jun 1999 - Lamar, Colorado , USA - FL 310 northeast of Lamar, 10 degrees above horizon: two objects like stars traverse the starfield (25 degree arc). One adjusts on other. Flash in front of lead object disappears...1022
26 Jun 1999 - San Francisco Bay Area, California , USA - Lenticular object hovering over bay.1230
29 Jun 1999 - Springfield, Illinois, USA - UFO seen while driving home.1250
29 Jun 1999 - Navajo Lake, New Mexico, USA - Shiny object moving across the sky horizontally and did not appear to be a plane.1600
1 Jul 1999 - Florence, Oregon, USA - Bright object seen in sky descending...1500
1 Jul 1999 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - One sphere was observed.1800
1 Jul 1999 - Birmingham, Alabama, USA - Flash seen in sky moving up and...1900
5 Jul 1999 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Object hovered in sky unlike the shape of a blimp, lasting 5-10 minutes.1500
6 Jul 1999 - Rochester, Washington, USA - Seen from eastbound on Highway 12; Object seen at 5-7000 feet, a few clouds in sky.1115
6 Jul 1999 - Tacoma, Washington, USA - Object seen moving slowly, then descending and wobbling, then corrected self and moving rapidly to the1423
7 Jul 1999 - Replot Bridge, Finland - Webcam program that has pictures.1000
8 Jul 1999 - Plymouth, Wisconsin, USA - Two witnessed object like aircraft moved with two black circles buzzing it.1025
8 Jul 1999 - Crown Point, Indiana, USA - Two witnessed object like jet moving overhead with arrow-like shape.1315
9 Jul 1999 - Mentor, Ohio, USA - Object seen over trees and changed colors, spun and split into two spheres1500
9 Jul 1999 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Object appeared to be bright, very large and very distant.1804
9 Jul 1999 - Trinidad, Colorado , USA - Object like meteor behind heavy cloud cover. It formed an arc from what looked like northeast - to the southwest .2000
10 Jul 1999 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Object seen hovering with vertical smokestack from top; Seen from west bound on I-80.0720
10 Jul 1999 - San Diego, California , USA - Object hovered over baseball stadium and made series of moving rapidly to the manuevers, then moving rapidly to the, diappeared, then rotating object reappeared.1500
10 Jul 1999 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Object seen moving at tree level west, then descended below tree line.1710
11 Jul 1999 - Sayreville, New Jersey, USA - Glowing orange object seen hovering in south sky.1830
12 Jul 1999 - Carmarthen, Wales, UK - Object seen moving in the vapor trail left behind by an airplane.0800
13 Jul 1999 - New Roads, Louisiana, USA - Translucent watery appearance with waves like heat waves.0745
13 Jul 1999 - Morton Grove, Illinois, USA - Two witnessed object like comet seen with a very long tail.1230
13 Jul 1999 - Tacoma, Washington, USA - Object like Boeing 777 with no discernable wings or tail except a small vertical stabilizer...1800
13 Jul 1999 - New Rochelle, New York, USA - Sighting near airport.1930
16 Jul 1999 - Highland, California , USA - Large object seen with rounded ends, silver middle and white ends...1430
17 Jul 1999 - Aberbeeg, UK - Sphere seen hanging in sky.1600
18 Jul 1999 - London, England, UK - Sphere moves into puffy white cloud. 'Dot' close viewed through binoculars, sphere emerges, two circle each other. Third object came down, shot away.
19 Jul 1999 - Kansas City, Kansas, USA - Wide, transluscent line coming out of west sky.1100
22 Jul 1999 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Object with no discernable shape appeared north of Palm Beach Internat'l Airport, lasting 5 minutes.1930
23 Jul 1999 - Bishopstone, Nr Salisbury, UK - Object seen rotating with a wobble, it was approx 30 feet in diameter and hovered over trees for three minutes before slowly...1300
23 Jul 1999 - Tracy, California , USA - Video. two object seen, one cylinder in shape, the other was a bright light. Both captured on video.2027
24 Jul 1999 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Three witnessed object in west sky.1900
25 Jul 1999 - Seneca, Kansas, USA - Object seen moving slowly, then moving rapidly to the rising horizontally, then darted vertically.1900
25 Jul 1999 - Rocky Mount (Plain Dealing), Louisiana, USA - Objects seen like bird hovering, moving rapidly to the backwards about two lengths and...2000
27 Jul 1999 - Fort A.P. Hill, Bowling Green, Virginia , USA - Bright object seen from car, crossing the sky and fading away.1900
1 Aug 1999 - South Point, Ohio, USA - Bright egg-shaped craft1200
1 Aug 1999 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Large object seen and captured on film...1300
1 Aug 1999 - Cleveland, New York, USA - Very bright shiny metallic/silver object seen like aluminum foil with gray stripe in the center.1500
1 Aug 1999 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Object appeared out of nwhere with a light pulsing along its length from right to left, then object faded and then...1730
1 Aug 1999 - The Colony, Texas, USA - 15-20 objects dancing around a large white craft in the sky overhead.1735
1 Aug 1999 - Bear Valley Ski Resort, California , USA - Object rose out of the huge, deep canyon to the north of the ski parking lit to a spot overhead in about three seconds and then lost sight of it.1830
1 Aug 1999 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA - Bright red flash seen far away and then out of nowhere it appeared much closer...2000
2 Aug 1999 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Two witnessed sighting.0610
2 Aug 1999 - Federal Way, Washington, USA - Three witnessed objects like balloons floating by, then hovered...1800
2 Aug 1999 - Utica, New York, USA - Oval/egg shaped object with white translucent color seen hovering and vibrating moving slightly west...1815
11 Aug 1999 - Peterhead, Scotland, UK - Bright white object moving rapidly to the with trail dissipated after one second visible in daylight. Explanation: Meteor.2045
14 Aug 1999 - Destin, Florida, USA - Object was visible on photo taken of sunset.1930
15 Aug 1999 - Greencreek, Idaho, USA - Object was seen in sky, no sound.1400
15 Aug 1999 - Eleanor, West Virginia, USA - Object appeared with long black line in the middle.1600
18 Aug 1999 - Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada - Huge object going north to south; jumped from one place to another.2045
3 Sep 1999 - Gwent, UK - Very large, shiny, metallic cigar-shaped object, 2000 feet altitude, stationary.1205
13 Sep 1999 - Brewster Lake, British Columbia, Canada - Huge object with long tail floated over lake; kite?1300
18 Sep 1999 - Catalina, Arizona , USA - Shiny, bright object seen hovering near power lines...0825
19 Sep 1999 - Janesville, Wisconsin, USA - Two witnessed object lasting for four seconds near an airport...1700
20 Sep 1999 - Highland Park, California , USA - Object seen hovering and wobbling, then rose vertically very fast.1045
20 Sep 1999 - Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA - Object seen in sky pass overhead.1300
20 Sep 1999 - Barrington, New Hampshire, USA - Two witnessed object in sky at tree level at a distance. When object reached crest of hill it disappeared.1710
21 Sep 1999 - Denver, Colorado , USA - Object like star moved about 10 moons distance, disappeared, reappeared and moved 10 more moons, then disappeared again.0800
21 Sep 1999 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Large object seen with a smaller object...1845
23 Sep 1999 - Sunderland, England, UK - Flash seen in east sky, then object flashed overhead from east to west leaving trail behind it...1730
23 Sep 1999 - Victor, Idaho, USA - Two bright objects were seen in east sky with several other dimmer lights. Saw 25 minutes of unusual movement...1825
24 Sep 1999 - Chico, California , USA - Small object seen flying low in straight line emitting thick bright billowy contrail.0700
24 Sep 1999 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Three objects seen hovering, moving, but not forward. After 5 minutes one moved slowy to the left.1800
25 Sep 1999 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Silver shaped cigar.2000
30 Sep 1999 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Glider, 'minus the wings', high, moving west.1700
1 Oct 1999 - Moama, New South Wales, Australia - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One orange cigar-shaped object was observed in clear weather by two witnesses, a married couple (Dana).1800
2 Oct 1999 - Lewiston, New York, USA - A daytime object was reported at an electric plant.1200
5 Oct 1999 - Los Angeles, California, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1500
13 Oct 1999 - Florence, Kentucky, USA - On I-75 going to the south saw triangle shaped flying object. White light in each corner. Not moving, no sound.1720
17 Oct 1999 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1400
19 Oct 1999 - Everson, Washington, USA - Looked like jet contrail coming straight down, like a plane was crashing. Stopped and two more contrails appeared in same vicinity.0735
21 Oct 1999 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed.1155
22 Oct 1999 - Hamilton, Ohio, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One metallic cigar-shaped object was observed.0900
24 Oct 1999 - Baldwin, Wisconsin, USA - Two green balls were observed.1130
24 Oct 1999 - Hitchcock, Oklahoma, USA - Shiny round metallic object, size of BB at arms length, seen by family, gives off bright reflected light when passes in front of setting sun.1845
26 Oct 1999 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed on a highway.1445
4 Nov 1999 - Col De Vence, France - Triangular shaped object photographed, good detail on enlargements.
5 Nov 1999 - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Worker on 37th floor Burnett Plaza saw flight of boomerang-shaped craft across western horizon. Had narrow, dark gray body with sharply swept wings, dime size at arm length. Estimated bigger larger than a jumbo jet.1437
17 Nov 1999 - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - A daytime object was reported.1300
18 Nov 1999 - Manchester, England, UK - Large gray cylinder, no markings, no wings, with flat front and rear. Travelled very slowly towards Stockport, suddenly turned, shot off moving rapidly to the Manchester.1415
2 Dec 1999 - Shanghai, China - Shining cylinder with flaming orange tail sighted "scooting" above skyscrapers in Shanghai. Explanation: ReEntry.1300
13 Dec 1999 - Nepaug Rsvr, Connecticut, USA - Odd large bullet shaped UFO and sphere passed close, going to the north. Source: MUFON_CT1530
16 Dec 1999 - Pico Rivera, California , USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed for over one minute.0950
16 Dec 1999 - Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed.1030
21 Dec 1999 - Sea-Tac Airport, Washington, USA - Metallic silver sphere at 500-700 feet up, 6-8 miles away over Southcenter Mall near Sea-Tac airport.1330
18 Jan 2000 - Puerto Belgrano Navy Base, Argentina - Shiny object seen at 6000', powerful whirlwind at ground surface directly below sphere. Weather station reports atmospheric conditions not conducive to formation of such.1245
21 Jan 2000 - Junction, Nevada, USA - At "Extraterrestrial Highway' sign in NV, saw rectangular object in sky.1130
22 Jan 2000 - Tacna, Arizona , USA - Three objects came out of south. one of the craft, the one flying in the center, about 100 feet wide.1130
3 Feb 2000 - Polk, Georgia, USA - Police incident. 0409
7 Feb 2000 - Shepparton, Victoria, Australia - Three box shaped objects were seen for 10 seconds, then vanished as if they teleported...1100
18 Feb 2000 - Park Beach, Tasmania, Australia - Man with dog on run saw large, Moon sized, orange light move rapidly across sky in straight line, reverse direction instantly, come back, reverse direction again to the southwest, then left to the southeast.1230
23 Feb 2000 - Napoli (Naples), Agnano, Italy - Two cylindrical UFOs circle housing development, ascend to high altitude in zigzag motion, one faster than the other.1300
12 Mar 2000 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Sighting from south bound on freeway between I-90 and Renton.0800
14 Mar 2000 - Scotts Valley, California , USA - Three rods in a unilateral triangle formation appeared to follow Highway 17 northbound.1635
15 Mar 2000 - Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA - Strange object was seen in sky changing shape and occasionally giving off a bright flash of light.0639
16 Mar 2000 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Object like missile seen moving exceptionally slow.1305
17 Mar 2000 - Antonito, Colorado , USA - Metallic sphere about 30 degrees elevation. Did not move in any extraordinary ways, but "sure didn't look like any airplane I've seen."1500
21 Mar 2000 - Dickson, Tennessee, USA - While in a stopped car an object like a large tube was floating across the sky.1445
5 Apr 2000 - Hazelwood, Missouri, USA - Object seen hovering in sky until AF jets started to close in on it. The object turned and left.1830
15 Apr 2000 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Two small objects seen floating over the runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.1225
17 Apr 2000 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - Large shadow seen crossing the moon during clear weather conditions.0615
18 Apr 2000 - Cottonwood, Arizona , USA - Object like rocket launch seen, lasting 15 seconds.1900
22 Apr 2000 - Sullivan, Missouri, USA - Seen while driving eastbound on I-44: Object seen moving slowly against broken clouds, lasting two minutes, then disappeared.1715
17 May 2000 - South Avalon Beach, Nr Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Surfer parked car on clifftop, saw orange puff of cloud with bright light travelling along. Photos.0719
In July 2000 - Adavale, Queensland, Australia - A meteor-like object was observed before it exploded. One object was observed at an airport. Explanation: Meteor.1110
1 Jul 2000 - Kit Carson Peak, Willow Lake, Colorado , USA - Hikers incident. 0900
1 Jul 2000 - San Pedro, California , USA - Black object moving without lights in sky.1145
5 Jul 2000 - Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, USA - Shiny silver object seen from airplane.1600
5 Jul 2000 - San Diego, California , USA - Object had a light on the end was seen in pursuit of military jets, no sound.2020
6 Jul 2000 - Rockford, Illinois, USA - Small orange object changes shape and disappears.2015
7 Jul 2000 - Torrevieja, Alacant, Spain - Object sighted made a whizzing sound.1100
9 Jul 2000 - Windorah, Queensland, Australia - Townspeople heard an explosion after seeing a red-orange glowing object streak through the sky, leaving a silver trail. Some thought it headed in upward direction, rapidly to the north toward Injune.1030
12 Jul 2000 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Object hovering and moving in square pattern and moving rapidly to the .1830
14 Jul 2000 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - Shiny, silver objects hovered, reflecting sun, then turning dark, then disappeared.1740
14 Jul 2000 - Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Second report.1800
19 Jul 2000 - Venice, California , USA - White object sighted on clear night, one hour before sunset, no sound.1900
21 Jul 2000 - Chula Vista, California , USA - Black cloverleaf-like object slowly rotated, was surrounded by what looked like heat waves.1800
23 Jul 2000 - Vallejo, California , USA - Several cigar-shaped objects seen in formation in northeast sky.1802
28 Jul 2000 - Elk City, Oklahoma, USA - Slow moving egg-shaped object approaches from southwest, makes sudden vertical turn, rapidly to the east. Captured on videotape by golfer at country club.0920
12 Aug 2000 - Pen-Y-Ghent, UK - Gray cylindrical object hung vertically in sky near SAS base. Has skirt at bottom giving rocket appearance. Thought to be unmanned UAV but no match with any known vehicles.1155
17 Aug 2000 - Newark Apt, Nj Turnpike, New Jersey, USA - Motorists watch fast moving silver sphere pass by at highspeed. Glints in morning sun, no sound to the north. Car radio static.1024
In September 2000 - Ashbourne, England, UK - Circular rainbow, covered the sun.
In September 2000 - Carsington, UK - Nine huge banks of vertical cloud, descended from sky.
8 Sep 2000 - New York, New York, USA - Two independent reports received at NUFORC of rectangular object over New York City.1230
8 Sep 2000 - Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - Ball seen above college library.1400
10 Sep 2000 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - One black object was observed.1910
12 Sep 2000 - Gold Bar, Washington, USA - V-shaped formation in morning sky over Skykomish valley.0750
12 Sep 2000 - Walnut, California , USA - One ball was observed.1430
12 Sep 2000 - New Albany, Indiana, USA - Oval or football-shaped craft.1930
12 Sep 2000 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Object moved across sky, left no smoke trail, no vapor trail, no sound. Never changed direction, in sight 20 minutes.1930
13 Sep 2000 - Toledo, Ohio, USA - Silver-white sphere, went to the north, estimated 8,000-10,000 feet altitude, no sound, changed direction slightly, speed 180 mph, aircraft in the area at time.1300
13 Sep 2000 - Everett, Washington, USA - Three points of light forming a triangle.1700
14 Sep 2000 - Houston, Texas, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed in a city.0751
14 Sep 2000 - Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia - Two changing color balls were observed.1230
14 Sep 2000 - Santa Monica, California , USA - One diamond-shaped object was observed.1930
15 Sep 2000 - Glenwood, Illinois, USA - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed.1900
15 Sep 2000 - Studio City, California , USA - Satellite-looking object, seen at sunset, changed direction twice.1900
16 Sep 2000 - New York, Manhattan, New York, USA - Several formations of objects were observed.1530
16 Sep 2000 - San Francisco, California , USA - Shiny sphere, high altitude, seen up over south downtown San Francisco. Bright, shiny object seen for up to 30 minutes.1730
16 Sep 2000 - Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA - Dark gray colored object with two big circles on the side.1754
16 Sep 2000 - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - Triangular shaped object with bright light in each corner.1900
16 Sep 2000 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - One diamond-shaped object was observed.1930
17 Sep 2000 - San Francisco, California , USA - Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Several yellow lights were observed.1630
19 Sep 2000 - Houston, Texas, USA - Silver sphere, size of Volkswagen, seen in northern sky from downtown Houston for 30 minutes, moving in different directions.1150
19 Sep 2000 - Buckley, Washington, USA - Six triangle-shaped craft flew over White River high school at about noon.1200
2 Oct 2000 - Crick, UK - Dark gray cloud-like object, darker than background clouds, not moving with wind, changed shape, angular angles, watched through binoculars.1300
5 Oct 2000 - Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina - Two small orbs or discs, darted about sky. Third object, cigar or saucer, appeared. Videotaped.1220
10 Oct 2000 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Saw shiny cylinder travelling from horizon to horizon in a straight path. Made jet-like sound briefly while overhead.0730
19 Nov 2000 - Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - An object was tracked by radar and sighted visually and videotaped. Animal reactions to the object were reported. A daylight object was observed by numerous witnesses. Explanation: Balloon.
24 Dec 2000 - Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia - Bright yellow light with tail, changed color from yellow to white to pale blue. Came down like a falling star, seen for 20 seconds. Explanation: Meteor.2010
5 Jan 2001 - Frank Holton Park, Illinois, USA - High School Teacher incident. 0645
23 Jan 2001 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed.0900
31 Jan 2001 - Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed for over one minute.1530
6 Feb 2001 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver cigar-shaped object was observed.0915
15 Feb 2001 - Currumbin, Queensland, Australia - Best footage i have ever seen1200
25 Mar 2001 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1100
19 Apr 2001 - Sunrise Beach, Queensland, Australia - Huge crescent object hovered, small satellite objects exit and return. Vanished.0950
13 May 2001 - Ferme-Neuve, Quebec, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed.1845
31 May 2001 - Deep Creek, Yukon, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One black cigar-shaped object was observed.1630
10 Jun 2001 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Ex-Navy incident. 1120
29 Jul 2001 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - A gray metallic UFO that resembled a food warming cover, with no tail or rotors, was seen to the west at 1 km altitude. The object was observed by one male witness in a city for a few minutes.2130
4 Aug 2001 - North Bay, Ontario, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One white cigar-shaped object was observed.1400
25 Aug 2001 - Kanata, Ontario, Canada - Cylindrical metallic object with semi-transparent dome, surrounded by haze, left no contrail. Witness has Masters degree in engineering.1002
25 Aug 2001 - Kantara, Ontario, Canada - High flying cylinder moves through clear-blue sky, rapidly to the northeast, no contrail. Had transparent dome atop, was size of big commercial jet.1002
27 Aug 2001 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - One black sphere was observed.2200
30 Aug 2001 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One black cigar-shaped object was observed.1800
2 Sep 2001 - Lynbrook, New York, USA - Shiny round object with a red light, but red not sharply defined. Light changed from one big light to smaller lights, two big objects and many smaller ones, hovered, moved fast in different directions.1735
19 Sep 2001 - Woodward, Oklahoma, USA - Huge silver flying triangle, went rapidly to the east at high speed, stopped midair without slowing, went invisible for two seconds, sped rapidly to the west, stopped again, dropped straight down. three loud sonic booms, roar followed.0930
2 Oct 2001 - Sandyville, West Virginia, USA - Motorists spot blimp-like UFO, smooth surface, glowing bright red in overcast cloudy day. V-shaped object exits from door in bottom. No sound. Objects vanished at same time.0655
19 Dec 2001 - Mouscron, Hennegau, Belgium - Second sighting by Y.S. of triangular UFO. Daylight sighting of triangular wedge with three blue lights in corners, yellow light in center, red light on side.1010
6 Feb 2002 - Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada - Spaceship with 2 wings and four engines flew Mach two over house.1325
21 Mar 2002 - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - Object high in cloudy sky; to the northeast ; went behind trees.1830
3 Apr 2002 - Guy Fawkes Natl Park, Queensland, Australia - Man and girlfriend see green fireball in afternoon. Then 90 minutes after sunset but still dusk saw gray halo shape move west to east for three minutes, followed by second, then third. Then red light did aerobactics.1500
4 May 2002 - Farmingdale, New York, USA - Two witnesses in nearby towns observe egg-shaped UFO move at low speed, altitude in clear blue sky, west to east. Seemed "transparent rather than solid, more like a ring." Left white wake like boat in water.1545
5 May 2002 - Smithtown, New York, USA - Two witnesses in nearby towns observe egg-shaped UFO move at low speed, altitude in clear blue sky, west to east. Seemed "transparent rather than solid, more like a ring." Left white wake like boat in water.1545
In June 2002 - Alen, Norway - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed for over one minute.0902
1 Jun 2002 - Madison, Wisconsin, USA - Tubular Shape glinting object1400
1 Jun 2002 - Brighton, Michigan, USA - Four brown connected spheres with several spikes poking out traveling at 300 feet altitude, steady course, silent.1500
8 Jun 2002 - Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA - At front of chemtrail, was an intensely, luminous, white diagonal line with a dark area at its mid center.2000
9 Jun 2002 - Papillion, Nebraska, USA - Chrome-like cigar with wings, quiet, low flying in unusual flight pattern, with no identification markings.1700
15 Jun 2002 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - Large floating triangle saw floating just outside of a third story window.1430
15 Jun 2002 - Broadview Heights, Ohio, USA - Bright orange cigar shaped UFO outside of Cleveland, Ohio1930
18 Jun 2002 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA - A formation of three black winged objects very high up was sighted on a clear morning.0745
20 Jun 2002 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - I was on my balcony with my girlfriend sometime in afternoon on a nice day in juin. (Not sure of exact time or date) I looked up1600
23 Jun 2002 - Claremont, California , USA - Two distant three-sectioned cigar-shaped white UFOs observed for half an hour, one of them approached by an apparent jet.1930
25 Jun 2002 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Object like airplane hovered; went straight down in northwest .0950
28 Jun 2002 - Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines - An object, a wingless aircraft, resembling a giant silver colored cucumber size of a modern Airbus hovers motionless approximately1330
29 Jun 2002 - West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Viewed through binoculars. Sting-ray shaped UFO swooped down over lake, climbed to the northwest into clouds.0705
4 Jul 2002 - Sherman, New York, USA - Chrome appearance; slow moving1500
6 Jul 2002 - Houston, Texas, USA - Black triangle with green lights.1145
7 Jul 2002 - Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA - Digital photos of high altitude object over Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 07/07/02. "Popping" sound(distant) behind object.1400
7 Jul 2002 - Tehachapi Pass, California , USA - Headed east on Highway 58, just aproaching Tehachapi Pass, crystal clear afternoon, about 1/2 mile from windfarm on the pass, with the sun to…1600
7 Jul 2002 - Belleville, Ontario, Canada - Object with gold strip motionless in sky; blinked out.2002
13 Jul 2002 - Denver, Colorado , USA - We taped a triangle shaped object changing shape and color then just disappeared win 15 min1100
15 Jul 2002 - Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA - Tirangle shaped object with eratic lights over Yardley in summer 20021130
15 Jul 2002 - Rock River, Wyoming, USA - Carrier retrieves two small craft southeast of Rock River, Wyoming.1500
15 Jul 2002 - Burbank Heights, Washington, USA - Silent plane-shaped shadow passing on ground in daylight when no planes are anywhere above.1800
17 Jul 2002 - Liverpool, England, UK - A CYLINDER SHAPED OBJECT THAT CLIMED 3000ft IN A MATTER OF SECONDS1430
19 Jul 2002 - Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA - Three objects were seen by several people in neighborhood, only to remain unidentified by local authorities.1800
23 Jul 2002 - St Albert, Alberta, Canada - Four Black squares that met in the sky, then suddenly disappeared.1430
30 Jul 2002 - Mesquite, New Mexico, USA - It was parked (floating) there, how long, I dont know...1400
3 Aug 2002 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Oblong object hovered
3 Aug 2002 - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - Object like "cruise missle" flew like rocket at high speed.2000
8 Aug 2002 - Burlington, Vermont, USA - A self propelled pentoid or cylinder shaped object that looked light brownish and it moved like a plane.1315
12 Aug 2002 - Invermere, British Columbia, Canada - Object flew slowly to the west.
12 Aug 2002 - Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA - Photo's of Triangular UFO exiting apple orchard0730
13 Aug 2002 - Beverly Hills, California , USA - It was a long round cylindrical object and it just stayed in the sky for an hour and started moving north towards orange county. it was1145
14 Aug 2002 - Bristol, Tennessee, USA - Boomerang shape in daylight1501
14 Aug 2002 - Nj Turnpike, New Jersey, USA - While driving on the New Jersy Turnpike I saw three ufos.1630
20 Aug 2002 - Virginia Beach, Virginia , USA - The object is a wiener shape (illuminated) with two circles on top and two slanted prongs beneath.0645
20 Aug 2002 - Marion, Ohio, USA - Trianglar object in sky1100
21 Aug 2002 - Lebanon, Tennessee, USA - Two triangular shaped craft hovering over power lines.0530
21 Aug 2002 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Cigar shaped object over Logan Airport1430
23 Aug 2002 - Houston, British Columbia, Canada - Shiny cylindrical object videotaped as it flew by.1900
In late August 2002 - Vancouver, Westside, British Columbia, Canada - Two men saw shiny, black oval object, "moved like stingray" with its side rippling as it moved. 2x size of moon, gave off no light but reflected sunlight. Moved at steady pace.1630
27 Aug 2002 - Venice, Florida, USA - The craft were hidden by the moon and had a purple halo, and left at high speed0600
30 Aug 2002 - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA - A huge orange triangle heads toward Earth!1700
1 Sep 2002 - Cantonment, Florida, USA - Unexplained but was nice to see1830
3 Sep 2002 - Rennes, Bretagne, France - There was a C30 military transport fly at 200 feet at 250 and mph when this thing came into view pursuing plane.1200
5 Sep 2002 - Willow Brook, Illinois, USA - While sitting In our livingroom my girlfriend was alerted to the window due to a helicopter passing over, It was then she noticed an o0845
6 Sep 2002 - Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA - Cylinder light disappeared near BWI airport in Maryland. Cylinder gets skinnier and then disapears like when turning off a television.1900
7 Sep 2002 - California, Pennsylvania, USA - A square flat-looking white object moved steadily not tumbling in a straight line northwest to southeast as fast as alow flying plane.0715
8 Sep 2002 - Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA - Over about a 15-minute period, I saw either 6 or 7 bright white, rice-shaped objects moving steadily across the sky.1845
9 Sep 2002 - Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, USA - Two UFOs spotted over Mehoopany Pennsylvania.0930
10 Sep 2002 - Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, USA - Clear day several of us were walking beach and looked out to sea. Going over ocean was a large retangular shape1500
12 Sep 2002 - Oneida, New York, USA - Yellow triangle with yellow pulsing lights1600
18 Sep 2002 - Germantown, Tennessee, USA - Silver cylinder with bulbous ends appeared for four seconds near clouds in daylight and was photographed.1846
21 Sep 2002 - Carlsbad, California , USA - Pinkish Lightbulb shape over neighborhood1830
26 Sep 2002 - Sofiya, Bulgaria - Just like Moon phase, like hook, white in color1555
29 Sep 2002 - London, England, UK - Four angular brown objects moving in straight path, each with smaller areas that constantly changed0730
4 Oct 2002 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - A triangular object was observed. One triangle was observed.0845
4 Oct 2002 - Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA - Large white, wingless oval-shaped object sped across the sky.1318
6 Oct 2002 - Union, New Jersey, USA - Two very small, white aircraft-like crosses in eastern sky.1355
1 Nov 2002 - Traverse City, Michigan, USA - Very large, dark object flew very low over water. Moved too smoothly and silently for airplane.0720
1 Nov 2002 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Fuselage without wings flew quickly past another airplane in sky.1535
2 Nov 2002 - Arroyo Grande, California , USA - Black object appeared to float and change shape.1542
4 Nov 2002 - Bartow, Florida, USA - Silent V-shaped craft.0922
8 Nov 2002 - Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA - A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cylinder was observed for five minutes.1500
9 Nov 2002 - Kingsville, Texas, USA - Silver cylinder seen near Navy jets. Practice dogfight.0900
9 Nov 2002 - Mullen, Nebraska, USA - Very brilliant lights move at incredible speeds, do very strange maneuvers.1100
10 Nov 2002 - Haddon Heights, New Jersey, USA - Rectangular object, 2x size of Boeing 747, witnessed by two.1330
11 Nov 2002 - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - Canard wing craft.1530
13 Nov 2002 - Sparta, Wisconsin, USA - Egg-shaped bright object and blinking lights descended slowly from cloud, then disappeared.0645
13 Nov 2002 - Lansing, Michigan, USA - Triangle shaped object with white and red lights, made sound like helicopter or airplane makes.0752
13 Nov 2002 - Morrow, Georgia, USA - Craft with three big red blinking lights zigzagged around in sky.0945
14 Nov 2002 - Hayward, California , USA - Craft over Bay area.0800
16 Nov 2002 - Canakkale, Turkey - Two teardrop shaped UFOs landed on ground, just disappeared.0655
16 Nov 2002 - San Pedro, California , USA - Six dark objects move over city in daytime, stop and hover, assume stationary "U" formation.1630
20 Nov 2002 - Portsmouth, Ohio, USA - Daytime sighting of white cigar-shaped object.1500
21 Nov 2002 - Vinita, Oklahoma, USA - Bright cigar hovered in sky, sped off at very high rate of speed.1530
28 Nov 2002 - St Cloud, Minnesota, USA - Large black flying wing low over field near highway during daytime.1030
29 Nov 2002 - Deming, New Mexico, USA - "Goldfish cracker" shaped object seen 30 minutes.1500
2 Jan 2003 - Enid, Oklahoma, USA - Dark gray cigar-shaped UFO hovering over fields.1630
2 Jan 2003 - San Jose, California , USA - Two black triangles flew above 30,000 feet altitude. Hovered, moved very slowly to the east, then to the west.1720
3 Jan 2003 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Six teardrop shaped UFOs flew over house, hovered over mountains for two minutes.1011
7 Jan 2003 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Huge diamond-shaped craft went across the sky extremely fast.1100
8 Jan 2003 - Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA - Triangle shaped craft, one light on each corner. Hovered, silent.1021
14 Jan 2003 - Boise, Idaho, USA - Early morning sighting of cigar-shaped UFO left witness dizzy.0650
16 Jan 2003 - El Paso, Texas, USA - Cigar-shaped object visible in eastern sky.0726
16 Jan 2003 - Tucker, Georgia, USA - Flying wing spotted near Atlanta.0730
16 Jan 2003 - Simi Valley, California , USA - Very bright cylindrical object moved very slowly at extremely high altitude.1400
16 Jan 2003 - Wildrose, North Dakota, USA - Made humming, buzzing noise. Gray in color. Witness got within 1/8th of a mile of object.1630
4 Feb 2003 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Shiny smoothly object in clear sky above Victoria BC, Canada spotted by at least three people1335
12 Feb 2003 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Orange fiery/glowing circular object flying above tree level watched for about 10 seconds in Shoreline Washington1800
16 Feb 2003 - Crestview, Florida, USA - I was outside when a weird looking object showed up a few miles from my house. Cylinder shaped with flashing lights at top and bottom.1433
19 Feb 2003 - Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada - Fast, low-flying object like cruise missle going north across fields0920
1 Mar 2003 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Sunny day, huge jet-shaped craft with tiny red/black wings very low to the ground, rose noiselessly into a cloud, didn't emerge.1330
2 Mar 2003 - Blackpool, England, UK - Cylinder1400
2 Mar 2003 - Bristol, England, UK - White cigar shaped object1400
4 Mar 2003 - Westlake, Louisiana, USA - Me and a co worker observed three craft flying at a very high rate of speed while on the job, We both witnessed the three craft as these0734
15 Mar 2003 - Arvada, Colorado , USA - Clear sky, witness saw oblong/ovoid object slowly spinning around, reflected sunlight, had halo. Moved to sky, then stopped, got smaller as if receding. Went for camera, gone when came back.1130
15 Mar 2003 - Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan - Triangular object with white lights in each corner, red light in center. At party on roof of home, watched for 5-7 minutes.1335
17 Mar 2003 - Croydon, Nr Surrey, UK - Videotape, 30 minutes of cylinder "coming and going." Reflected sunlight on clear sunny day. Object may have disappeared/reappeared.1030
19 Mar 2003 - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia - Cigar-shaped object flew over school, then zoomed off. No wings or tail, no contrail. Moved slowly three seconds, shot off with incredible speed.0850
1 Apr 2003 - Asheboro, North Carolina, USA - Large, shiny, motionless cylinder.1700
2 Apr 2003 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - I've seen the four to 6 feet cyinder in Australia1630
2 Apr 2003 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - The object was in a rectangular form and was hovering in the air for about 5 minutes then all of a sudden dissapeared1630
6 Apr 2003 - Baghdad, Iraq - Flying drill bit1300
8 Apr 2003 - Tempe, Arizona , USA - Noontime sighting on a sunny, cloudless day of a long, brightly glaring craft that disappears from view.1205
10 Apr 2003 - St Albans, UK - Black figure eight object shimmering moving side to side at slow pace at 150ft1735
19 Apr 2003 - Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada - HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large triangle stopped abruptly in the air and hovered.1800
20 Apr 2003 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Triangle with fat rod on nose, flew silently overhead at high altitude1930
26 Apr 2003 - Fallbrook, California , USA - White marbell shaped object1530
28 Apr 2003 - Baden, Aargau, Switzerland - Cigar or ballonet shape, on gray color, in the middle of blue sky1300
30 Apr 2003 - Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA - Reflective white tube flying 100 feet or so under passenger plane during daylight.1320
3 May 2003 - Markham, Illinois, USA - White object traveled through morning sky.0615
3 May 2003 - Wooster, Ohio, USA - A moving dark cloud,hovers,fades in and out,small visible opening in sky, orange color object appears,ballon material look.disappears..1700
6 May 2003 - Cacak, Central Serbia, Serbia - There were a lot of them in Cacak.1230
6 May 2003 - Chesapeake, Virginia , USA - The object was cigar shaped and did not have any wings or rotor.1245
9 May 2003 - San Francisco, California , USA - Black, Silent, Low Flying aircraft heading east over San Francisco.1330
9 May 2003 - Wastern Atlantic Ocean, Portugal - Huge cylindrical object paced airliner for at least half an hour off the coast of Portugal.1700
11 May 2003 - Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA - Two discs and one cylinder seen over Eureka Springs, AR1830
21 May 2003 - Winter Springs, Florida, USA - Rectangular object changed its shape to two spheres0835
21 May 2003 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - The item I believe I saw was at approx noon on 05/21. I was working as a gate guard. I looked up into the northern clear blue sky...1200
22 May 2003 - Lebanon, Illinois, USA - Sighted high flying cylinder UFO with split contrail.1845
24 May 2003 - Waltham Abbey, England, UK - Aerospace engineer sights cluster of 5-6 silver spheres in triangular formation overhead, one hovered in place rest to the west. Watched for 30 seconds, lost behind clouds.1230
28 May 2003 - Douglasville, Georgia, USA - Observed a daylight star/cannister shaped object1743
28 May 2003 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia - Triangle shaped object1855
29 May 2003 - Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA - Cigar shaped cylinder object white and silver colored1635
7 Jun 2003 - Oakland, California , USA - Large gray cylindrical object near Oakland Airport, no wings, no lights. Witness driving on freeway, saw object descend at sharper angle than plane, quickly out of sight toward ground. Not blimp.1953
11 Jun 2003 - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia - A big triangle kept on changing colors and dissapering near my school, it lasted at least one minute1340
12 Jun 2003 - Oak Brook, Illinois, USA - Three light object hovering and stopping; witnessed in afternoon in chicago area surburb; near O'hare international airport1650
12 Jun 2003 - Camarillo, California , USA - Ph.D. incident. 1730
14 Jun 2003 - Bennington, Vermont, USA - Very fast moving lights, aircraft changing color and vanishing0630
23 Jun 2003 - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada - Cigar shaped craft, motionless, definitely not a conventional aircraft1300
2 Jul 2003 - Bloomington, Illinois, USA - I saw a flat, white-illuminated object near Bloomington, Illinois yesterday afternoon.1430
5 Jul 2003 - Crystal, New Mexico, USA - A silvery object was moving across the clear blue sky at a slow speed.1030
5 Jul 2003 - Athens, Alabama, USA - Cylinder shaped object travelling at high rate of speed. No contrail, no sound.1940
9 Jul 2003 - Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Small object with truncated ends flew slowly into cloud1415
9 Jul 2003 - Richmond, Quebec, Canada - Daylight sighting of a white, cigar shaped object.1415
11 Jul 2003 - Zion Natl Park, Arizona , USA - A friend while on vacation shot some photos of scenery when the film was developed there was a craft on the film. I took it home and l1200
12 Jul 2003 - Fairborn, Ohio, USA - Cigar shaped craft, moving very fast and very high; with no contrail!1950
13 Jul 2003 - Hensall, Ontario, Canada - Cigar-shaped object seen north of Hensall Ontario, crossing the road (at a distance) while driving on Highway 41145
13 Jul 2003 - Milford, Delaware, USA - Long dark gray metallic object spotted in front of cloud, moving slower than a plane.1200
15 Jul 2003 - Waterdown, Ontario, Canada - Cigar shaped object spotted by Canadian teachers in Ontario1500
16 Jul 2003 - South Bend, Indiana, USA - The object was watched for 4-6 minutes. and made no apparent sound, from ground it appeared brown/no zoom2017
19 Jul 2003 - Jersey City, New Jersey, USA - Strange upright vertical cylinder crossed over New York City before disappearing behind the clouds.1830
22 Jul 2003 - Naperville, Illinois, USA - Two jetliners one glowing white Triangle ufo, intersecting flight paths Triple Near miss Clear Day .1730
27 Jul 2003 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - A daytime object was reported.1645
28 Jul 2003 - Silverton, Colorado , USA - Vacation photo shows two cigar shaped objects (that were not seen when photo was taken).1200
2 Aug 2003 - Santa Ana, California , USA - Orange "V" formation1050
9 Aug 2003 - Glendive, Montana, USA - Three chevron shaped objects flying in formation that disappeared1045
10 Aug 2003 - Lake City, Florida, USA - Triangular craft using cloud cover not to be seen.0650
10 Aug 2003 - Houston, Texas, USA - Approx 15:30 in afternoon at friends apartment pool - noticed indefinte sized triangluar craft 90 degrees to left and up. Slowly moving1530
10 Aug 2003 - Yakima, Washington, USA - Triangle shaped object seen over Yakima valley traveling from west to east, it changed its path of travel three times.1855
11 Aug 2003 - Salem, Massachusetts, USA - Long black cylindrical object with large bowl shape at end; silver with a concave top; points at top part of bowl shape.1100
12 Aug 2003 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Shiny rotating cylinders flying over1000
13 Aug 2003 - Napoleonville, Louisiana, USA - Black boomerang wing with no sound or lights passes low and fast over south Louisiana1925
16 Aug 2003 - Wheaton, Illinois, USA - I dont know what i was seeing1900
17 Aug 2003 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - Cigar shaped ufo1630
22 Aug 2003 - Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada - Just noticed it when we looked at photos taken on our fishing trip.1622
25 Aug 2003 - Coventry, England, UK - Square object tumbling under cloud level in the Warwickshire, UK skies1300
30 Aug 2003 - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA - My friend and I had just finished cutting the lawn when the sun blinked out (that's how it seemed) THEN WE SAW three CRAFT to the south1230
30 Aug 2003 - Heber, Arizona , USA - Bright large cigar shaped UFO in plain view for several minutes.1900
31 Aug 2003 - Basingstoke, England, UK - Shiny black cylindrical object close to gliders.1600
3 Sep 2003 - Slavonski Brod, Slavonski Brod-Posavina, Croatia - It moved very slowly, it didn't have any lights and there was no trail. It was cigar shaped and it was grey.1535
10 Sep 2003 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Triangular Formation UFO Sighting0900
13 Sep 2003 - Yelm, Washington, USA - I saw a dark triangular shape, slowly moving at treetop level,without any sound, There were white and red lights on the bottom that fa1230
13 Sep 2003 - Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA - U.f.o. seen over mountain home1706
14 Sep 2003 - Montgomery, Texas, USA - I saw what looked like a bright star then it just dimmed out.0815
15 Sep 2003 - Hugo, Oklahoma, USA - Sighting of large bright silver orb-like craft followed by sighting of two cylinder silent craft.1500
18 Sep 2003 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - A cigar shaped craft seen while on A1A north and then at Lake Worth pier 5-6 miles offshore. at around 3000 feet.1330
19 Sep 2003 - California City, California , USA - Tiny flying cylinder (not a drone, Predator, cruise missile, etc. ) no wings/rudder/no exhaust/no prop0830
20 Sep 2003 - Sedona, Arizona , USA - Silver cylinder in vertical configuration moving rapidly westward faster than an airplane for 5 seconds before it disappeared.1815
24 Sep 2003 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - Large object, slow moving, very large near Packard Street in Ypsilanti Michigan.1130
26 Sep 2003 - Logan, West Virginia, USA - Flying silver cylinder object1845
28 Sep 2003 - Houston, Texas, USA - Object had no wings or tail and made no sound. It appeared cylindrical and at times disc like. We saw it in daylight in a clear sky1730
29 Sep 2003 - Glens Falls, New York, USA - Bright cigar shaped witnessed by three people through binoculars.1700
1 Oct 2003 - Kennesaw, Georgia, USA - Hovering lights1800
1 Oct 2003 - Perry, Ohio, USA - An object appeared to get larger then smaller till it disappeared1815
4 Oct 2003 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - White daylight object appeared to be making circles around the moon. silver-metallic in color, parachute shaped, viewed through binoculars.1610
5 Oct 2003 - Carpentersville, Illinois, USA - We witnessed a Pyramid shaped object just above the tree line about 500 feet up moving west southwest at a rapid rate0800
5 Oct 2003 - Rio Grande City, Texas, USA - Large cigar object floats and disappears over texas brushland, all in 5 seconds1500
6 Oct 2003 - Lebanon Church, Virginia , USA - Unexplained Objects in a very clear sky, cigar shaped with a possible split tail configuration, both shiny bright1830
7 Oct 2003 - Carbondale, Illinois, USA - I saw a metallic triangle with semicircles at the points traveling above the tree line north to northwest at 3:35 PM. It picked up speed and left.1535
8 Oct 2003 - Ringgold, Virginia , USA - Object was huge triangle that moved silently and could see it's 3-D shape.1700
9 Oct 2003 - Everett, Washington, USA - Polished metallic cylinder stationary in daytime sky slowly rotates then disappears instantly1648
14 Oct 2003 - Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada - I've seen a big cylinder maybe 30-40 feet long in the sky in low altitude don't know what it is but it was really fast . like a flying c1315
15 Oct 2003 - Chiefland, Florida, USA - Two cigar shaped UFOs meet near a small plane in the afternoon Florida sky.1700
18 Oct 2003 - Watersmeet, Michigan, USA - Daylight cigar shaped craft1545
22 Oct 2003 - Winfield, British Columbia, Canada - I have a picture of what can only be a UFO.0800
22 Oct 2003 - New River, Arizona , USA - I looked out of the bus window and saw a horseshoe-shaped thing flying away like it had just taken off.0806
22 Oct 2003 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - Cross Shape UFO Seen Wichita, Kansas and then vanished.1020
29 Oct 2003 - Lynnwood, Washington, USA - Large V shape. No sound. Large white lights 5 on each side. One small light moving forward and back to larger craft. Moving at steady1200
31 Oct 2003 - Milton, Florida, USA - Black cloud vortex appears, and I lose tens minutes of time that I cannot account for.1505
31 Oct 2003 - Stanwood, Washington, USA - Triangular shape with lights on bottom hovered, then vanished in night1810
1 Nov 2003 - Palm Coast, Florida, USA - Metallic cylinder object1200
3 Nov 2003 - Mobile, Alabama, USA - A triangular bright white object seen out of store window in Mobile, Alabama with erratic motion..1145
7 Nov 2003 - Oxford, Alabama, USA - Crystalline Object appears briefly near Mount Cheaha in the Talladega National Forest.1600
12 Nov 2003 - Tomball, Texas, USA - V shaped almost triangles moving across the sky0930
18 Nov 2003 - Queens, New York, USA - Cigar shaped object fling fast near jfk airport1355
19 Nov 2003 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Earlier during the day on the 19th of November at about 2:05 pm, I saw a gray cylinder that resembled a fuselage without any wings goin1445
28 Nov 2003 - Walnut Creek, California , USA - I and 7 freinds and family saw a dull, gray triangular shaped object hover over a hill, fly toward us and the speed away. There was a v1240
1 Dec 2003 - Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA - Cylinder shaped object moving east appearing behind jet contrails, reflecting daylight inconsistently.1207
5 Dec 2003 - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada - Eight lights on each wing, flying low in north, no noise, overcast0700
17 Dec 2003 - Hallandale, Florida, USA - Saw a triangular shaped object that sounded like a loud whale that was smaller then a blimp.1145
19 Dec 2003 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA - Wingless airplane, only small protrusions. All black with no light reflected. No sound.1430
21 Dec 2003 - Baker, Edwards AFB, California , USA - I started joking to watch out for ufo's. just then out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver ice cream cone shaped object1400
27 Dec 2003 - Highland, California , USA - I had just gotten home from Home Depot and was pulling stuff out of my truck when something cought my eye. At first I thought it was ba1544
28 Dec 2003 - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA - Triangler lights spotted 15 miles south of Little Rock0900
29 Dec 2003 - Bainbridge, Georgia, USA - I went out to check my mail box. Something caught my eye and I looked up and I saw a craft moving no more than 10 miles per hour.1236
30 Dec 2003 - San Bruno, California , USA - It was very very black1040
30 Dec 2003 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - On the day I made this observation, there was not a single cloud to be seen in the entire sky - a typically beautiful Colorado day!1524
31 Dec 2003 - San Bruno, California , USA - Please don`t think I am paranoid. I just yesterday left report about UFO, and today a strange thing happened again. From the same1350
31 Dec 2003 - Mattituck, New York, USA - A white triangular object flying through the sky during the day on new years eve.1435
1 Jan 2004 - St-Louis, New Brunswick, Canada - Three dots making circles around each other, low in sky1130
2 Jan 2004 - El Segundo, California , USA - Bright shiny triangular object droped from the sky then vanished1145
2 Jan 2004 - Long Beach, California , USA - I also saw the shiny bright triangle!1145
4 Jan 2004 - Hayward, California , USA - White egg-shaped object floating in sky, 5' diameter. at thin point. then saw two more objects about 3/4th size, egg shaped, gray, but not metallic. White object changed shape slightly to smooth diamond 200 feet up.1040
7 Jan 2004 - El Segundo, California , USA - High speed ball follows jet, and becomes two smaller objects.1650
13 Jan 2004 - North Dakota (In-Flight), North Dakota, USA - Short markings in sky. Looked like black line segments.1500
17 Jan 2004 - Hesperia, California , USA - Fire like light moved like if gravity had no effect on it. Then it became a dot to hide but it acted the same way.1000
17 Jan 2004 - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - Imagine the space shuttle on steroids, with stubby X-15 like wings. Object flew overhead, fast and low, then rose quicly, at one point i1035
18 Jan 2004 - Deltona, Florida, USA - Bright White, Shaped like a boomarang, just disappeared !1200
19 Jan 2004 - Moody, Texas, USA - Blimp-shaped object moving slowly over a rural area on a clear day in mid-morning0930
21 Jan 2004 - Columbia, Connecticut, USA - Missile rapidly to the southouth, over Connecticut, on a clear bright day. 8:35 am.0835
23 Jan 2004 - White Plains, New York, USA - Strange flying triangle shaped object1130
24 Jan 2004 - London, England, UK - There or not? Explanation: Hoax.1400
25 Jan 2004 - Hayward, California , USA - I just read the other Hayward report on your site. Sound like the same thing I saw this weekend. It was along the Hayward Hills, near t1500
30 Jan 2004 - Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - Chevron shape on side and very shiny but not blinding.1600
31 Jan 2004 - St. Johns, Arizona , USA - Refractive mirror like Sphere observed in isolated northeast Arizona, via Jeff Rense0900
1 Feb 2004 - Gastonia, North Carolina, USA - Round metallic object flying high in sky with no sound and no vapor trial.1630
3 Feb 2004 - Suffolk, Virginia , USA - A sunny afternoon with blue sky, few white clouds, temp. upper 40s, white UFOs came out of a cloud.1525
4 Feb 2004 - San Marcos, Texas, USA - Saw huge object less than 500 feet from ground started to emerge from overcast clouds1620
5 Feb 2004 - Sun City, California , USA - Menifee, Ca: four Spheres seen by three people1130
7 Feb 2004 - Renton, Washington, USA - Whitish silver appears and disappears changes formations high.1540
11 Feb 2004 - Lyndhurst, Ohio, USA - Silver metallic wingless cigar rapidly moved rapidly to the north while presenting side on view, disappeared.0822
12 Feb 2004 - Port Angeles, Washington, USA - Ball/Cylinder shaped metallic object hovered over Port Angeles, Wa0915
16 Feb 2004 - Troy, Michigan, USA - Brite white clearly defined triangle1000
16 Feb 2004 - Lander, Wyoming, USA - Eight sided craft just appeared, or we just noticed it after it appeared. It hovered high above the mountain.1130
21 Feb 2004 - Houston, Texas, USA - I saw several high flying objects hovering in the clear blue sky and make a formation before disappearing.1230
21 Feb 2004 - Nyack, New York, USA - When crossing the Tappen Zee bridge my wife snapped photos of the area because she though it would be a nice place to buy a house. I do1500
23 Feb 2004 - Blackburn, UK - Cigar/Rod shaped object rotating silently in the sky1345
25 Feb 2004 - Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Weird light in the morning sky. Explanation: Meteor.0915
28 Feb 2004 - Danielson, Connecticut, USA - Two diamond shaped objects hovering above the telephone poles.0830
29 Feb 2004 - Miami Beach, Florida, USA - It was an orange ball of light just wobbling from side to side and up and down (it stayed in the same spot though). I went to go get my1100
29 Feb 2004 - Blackpool, England, UK - No lights, wings. Double balloon shape, rolling slowly across late afternoon sky.1600
29 Feb 2004 - Kingsport, Tennessee, USA - They were the brightest lights I ever saw in the sky during the day1730
1 Mar 2004 - Lowell, Massachusetts, USA - Parachute-like object drifting past window1130
4 Mar 2004 - Aurora, Colorado , USA - While driving to work me and my friends daughter saw a very black ovoid shaped object in the sky that came closer very quickly0645
5 Mar 2004 - Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico - C26A incident. 1700
6 Mar 2004 - Houston, Texas, USA - Triangle formation seen for about fifteen minutes hovering clear blue sky1530
8 Mar 2004 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - A triangle was looking at me and than went away very fast1600
9 Mar 2004 - Dover, New Hampshire, USA - Triangular shaped object floating or moving very slowly near Route 16 between exits 8 and 9 in Dover, NH1845
10 Mar 2004 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - V shaped slow moving star like. Explanation: Kite.0900
10 Mar 2004 - Marietta, Georgia, USA - I saw a silver cigar in a clear blue sky over Marietta, Georgia.1420
13 Mar 2004 - Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada - I was on a snowmobile traveling south down a cutline at 06:30. I stopped to wait for a couple friends coming about 5 minutes behind me.0648
13 Mar 2004 - Concord, California , USA - Bright light becoming really dim then suddenly disappeared0900
13 Mar 2004 - San Jose, California , USA - Unusual Green/Blue light dropping from the sky... Explanation: Meteor.0950
13 Mar 2004 - Orlando, Florida, USA - My daughter and I saw this triangular-shaped silvery object than was like nothing she or I have ever seen.1500
14 Mar 2004 - Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - I saw one or two silver, elongated objects moving across the sky and then they just darted away and vanished.1730
17 Mar 2004 - Milton, Delaware, USA - Boat/schooner shaped hull curved, rotating,color flat black.1630
17 Mar 2004 - Aurora, Colorado , USA - Low, hovering object that appeared to be an airplane, but was too low and slow in the sky, then disappeared.1800
18 Mar 2004 - Red Bluff, California , USA - Triangular, possible aura, definately morphed shape.1832
26 Mar 2004 - East Northport, New York, USA - Triangle object, blue red white lights, rotated 360 degrees without turning then made a U turn and dissappeared1000
30 Mar 2004 - Buffalo, New York, USA - A little nervous about this but here it goes, from leaning against the back of my house overlooking Kinsington expressway from my r1240
30 Mar 2004 - Aberdeen, North Carolina, USA - Triangular craft with large rounded tailfin1530
31 Mar 2004 - San Rafael, California , USA - Taking shots of contrails, I later noticed unknown objects in three of the pictures1431
1 Apr 2004 - Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA - Cigar shape white silvery object seen at Est Attiude of 15,000,traveling at a high rate of speed out of the west heading due east at 181840
4 Apr 2004 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Giant dark brown caterpillar-like object wiggles its way across the sky as it floats high above Las Vegas1545
8 Apr 2004 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - The craft appeared to be a black triangle very, very quiet in rather quick in speed. It had reddish blinking strobe like lights and wh1130
8 Apr 2004 - Rubery, UK - A long black shape which appeared to be changing shape as it drifted high in the direction of a slight breeze.1930
9 Apr 2004 - Bakersfield, California , USA - Light Blue "boomerang" shaped object hovered.0620
9 Apr 2004 - Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada - Looking north over riding mountain park in manitoba canada we saw two small triangles like birds but now wings moving kinda white underneat1100
15 Apr 2004 - Russellville, Arkansas, USA - Long Cylinder shaped with one end slightly larger than the other that also came to a point.1100
17 Apr 2004 - Auckland, New Zealand - White stick with wing like projections one foot long moving at high speed1300
18 Apr 2004 - Beavercreek, Ohio, USA - White balloon-like white ball travelling against heavy winds. Explanation: Balloon.1500
18 Apr 2004 - Cardiff, Wales, UK - Three spherical objects in triangle formation.1900
20 Apr 2004 - Litchfield Park, Arizona , USA - Too dark to see color.0845
22 Apr 2004 - Bardstown, Kentucky, USA - There is a cigar shaped silver object at a 45 degree angle in a photo that I took.1823
24 Apr 2004 - Desert Center, California , USA - Tube shaped object with flashing lights hanging in sky over middle of highway.1900
6 May 2004 - Greenwood, British Columbia, Canada - Object with no lights going east to west. Explanation: Manmade.2055
15 May 2004 - Canton, Illinois, USA - Dark colored cigar shaped object at high speed (no smoke trail)0615
19 May 2004 - Kent, UK - Black cigar shaped object1415
23 May 2004 - Peoria, Illinois, USA - Digital image.1914
29 May 2004 - Edgewater, Colorado , USA - Four bright stationary objects observed to be hovering near a rainbow in daylight sky over Denver, Co.1930
31 May 2004 - Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA - Right after the 5 US military jet planes passing by, Oval shaped, black, heavy-like, 70 degree tilted object was heading to north west1600
2 Jun 2004 - Orinda, California , USA - Cigar-shaped UFO, featureless silver object moving to the north northeast in East Bay Hills of Contra Costa County, CA1200
4 Jun 2004 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Rounded "A" moving irregularly in sky, then flew away1900
9 Jun 2004 - Brewer, Maine, USA - Watched 3D cube for two minutes out office window.1300
10 Jun 2004 - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada - One silver cigar shaped object with no contrail and made no sound. (NUFORC Note: Possible satellite. PD). Explanation: Satellite.0915
11 Jun 2004 - Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan - Hot night, me and my friend Ali were chatting and we heard sound like jet fighter(s), we thought it was2015
13 Jun 2004 - Parker, Colorado , USA - Triangular Craft1245
13 Jun 2004 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Two people observe pair of very bright comet-like objects over Los Angeles.2015
16 Jun 2004 - Willoughby Hills, Ohio, USA - Triangle object, multiple witnesses, 100 feet from ground. Hovering over wooded area
17 Jun 2004 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - High-speed, silent triangular formation of lights1815
18 Jun 2004 - Blountville, Tennessee, USA - Mufon/Tennessee Report: Tri-lobed object passed cars on interstate, picture taken1925
19 Jun 2004 - Tecate, California , USA - Long cylinder shape with no wings/rudder observed on a clear, cloudless day at noon.1200
23 Jun 2004 - McLean, Virginia , USA - I am a member of a 50 caliber rifle club in northern Virginia .1900
24 Jun 2004 - Norwalk, Connecticut, USA - As I was going up I-95 I saw a T shaped object peer through the clouds0530
24 Jun 2004 - Peaster, Texas, USA - Cigar-shaped object with fins left huge smoke trail1500
25 Jun 2004 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - White, cigar or cylinder shaped object against the bright blue northwest sky1230
26 Jun 2004 - Miami, Florida, USA - Cylindrical object, no visible wings, moving slightly upward despite nose pointed downward, vanished suddenly1345
27 Jun 2004 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Stationary daylight star with tail1530
27 Jun 2004 - Georgetown, Texas, USA - Black triangles, rushing air sound and high rate of speed in area north of Austin1910
In July 2004 - Ponton, Manitoba, Canada - Ball of light in trees rose, stopped, second one moved in front of Sun0515
1 Jul 2004 - Dryden, Ontario, Canada - Vertical tube with markings moving slowly west, no sound1204
1 Jul 2004 - Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA - VERY high altitude dumb-bell shaped UFO.1715
3 Jul 2004 - Lewisville, Texas, USA - Neon white cylinder moving slowly to the north over Lewisville Texas0845
3 Jul 2004 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Objects were not winged aircraft. They hovered and moved too slowly. The fighter jet was in the same area.1135
3 Jul 2004 - South Kingston, Rhode Island, USA - Cigar shaped object flashed twice.1230
4 Jul 2004 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - A near miss?1645
4 Jul 2004 - North Richland Hills, Texas, USA - My fiance and her mother and I saw a white light or ball decending in the western sky over the Watauga Kelle area.1911
4 Jul 2004 - Galt, California , USA - A silent, fast moving, translucent object was observed by 30 people.1930
5 Jul 2004 - Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands - Oval object moving like jet-airliner from north to south, location Netherlands, Arnhem0924
5 Jul 2004 - Tipton, Pennsylvania, USA - I observed a white dot in motion for one minute that was not an aircaft. Explanation: Satellite.1000
6 Jul 2004 - Kingsburg, California , USA - Triangle formation, Looked as of stars, equal movement. Blended in with stars1035
6 Jul 2004 - Cambridgeshire, UK - The conditions were excellent: blue skies, with a few sizable white clouds making an appearance. At around 11:1200
6 Jul 2004 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Brilliant beautiful orb over lake. Explanation: Meteor.1230
8 Jul 2004 - Trumbull, Connecticut, USA - Brown rolling cylinder without sound nor light that seemed to have paddle-wings or changed shape as it proceed.2000
9 Jul 2004 - College Park, Maryland, USA - Bizarre omega-shaped tube of vapor, four degrees high (4 moons), while blue and white helicopter circles0955
9 Jul 2004 - West Lancashire, UK - Witnessed a red metallic triangle cross the sky over Ormskirk, West Lancashire, UK.1710
10 Jul 2004 - Gurnee, Illinois, USA - Oval object brushed metallic, watched it for about 30 seconds and then it disappeared. Very low to ground...1000
11 Jul 2004 - Sunderland, England, UK - Three egg shaped crafts in a triangular formation1545
12 Jul 2004 - Dryden, Ontario, Canada - V shaped craft spotted in day, followed by three consecutive nights of low altitude bright lights tracking across the sky.0200
12 Jul 2004 - Quincy, California , USA - Shimmering egg shaped object heading north over California.1155
12 Jul 2004 - Huntington, West Virginia, USA - Cylinder shaped craft enters cloud bank and never reappears1740
12 Jul 2004 - St Cloud, Minnesota, USA - This time I saw what looked to be spherical, and in the broad daylight!!1830
13 Jul 2004 - Naperville, Illinois, USA - Bubbling clouds, black triangle ufo, possible cloud manipulation.1416
13 Jul 2004 - Orange, California , USA - Black sphere seen at 400 feet AGL moving slow at dusk2000
14 Jul 2004 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - It was spying on us. it flew away when we looked at it.1030
15 Jul 2004 - Holmes Beach, Florida, USA - I have emailed two pictures to you. The first is of an ordinary sunset sky taken from the street in front of my house. The second pic0813
15 Jul 2004 - Conroe, Texas, USA - High altitude steady lights passing from horizon to horizon not on sat paths. Explanation: Satellite.1015
16 Jul 2004 - Shafter, California , USA - Diamond shaped object hovered above refinery and was viewed by 5 other witnesses.0730
16 Jul 2004 - Stockport, England, UK - Large black spherical shape just above tree height. Changed shape firstly into two black semi circles then into large semi circ1e with ci0759
16 Jul 2004 - Hat Creek, California , USA - Three white hang glider shaped objects in clear blue sky flying in a circle, counter clockwise moving in and out of a tight formation.1130
16 Jul 2004 - St Cloud, Minnesota, USA - Two possible craft seen in the mid-afternoon sky following the Mississippi1245
16 Jul 2004 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Three big balls of light just sitting in the sky over by O'Hare Airport1630
17 Jul 2004 - Kernville, California , USA - Three green glowing vertical streamers seen north east of Kernville. One several hundred feet long.1030
18 Jul 2004 - Kirkland, Washington, USA - Three different colored round objects moving at different speeds and different directions mid afternoon.1500
19 Jul 2004 - Monterey Park, California , USA - A daylight sighting of a white object was seen by 30 witnesses over a 90 minute period.1130
22 Jul 2004 - Huntington Beach, California , USA - While videotaping a spider making a web, I captured a U.F.O. fly by in the sky behind the spider.1400
23 Jul 2004 - Kirkland, Washington, USA - Seeing the sphere again and again very high, red/orange this time1500
25 Jul 2004 - Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA - What appeared to be a start in the western sky moved at an impressive rate and then stopped.1100
25 Jul 2004 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Large object flying southwest, very high, no wings visible1400
25 Jul 2004 - Huntsville, Alabama, USA - Object flys slowly over Huntsville Alabama1450
25 Jul 2004 - La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA - This will be related to another report.... but we saw this cigar shaped object going slow and i thought it was going to stall..... it w1700
25 Jul 2004 - Houston, Texas, USA - Huge object in sky, larger than football field. White on top, light gray on bottom. Rectangular shaped but top was rounded. Completely motionless. We turned around to get better look but trees in way.1830
25 Jul 2004 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Black diamond shaped object zigzaging across the sky with glowing red tailflame.2000
26 Jul 2004 - Granite City, Illinois, USA - Cigar shaped (oblong) object seen hovering over eastern Illinois1300
26 Jul 2004 - Henderson, Nevada, USA - It was a partly cloudy sky when my brothers and cousin saw 8 white spheres flying crazy around one sphere, but when I called my mom out t1738
29 Jul 2004 - Ochos Rios, Jamaica - I would like for somebody to have a look at the picture in question to see if they can explain to me what is actually in the camer0915
29 Jul 2004 - South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA - Small black cone spotted floating over shopping center; upon return to area, cone had disappeared.1100
31 Jul 2004 - Hollingworth, UK - Black pipe like object, vertical position, hovering or floating as if being blown gently by wind. Viewed through binoculars.1730
31 Jul 2004 - Bristol, England, UK - Glowing object in clear blue sky1812
1 Aug 2004 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - I was driving home, and i saw this huge white light hovering in the sky, at first i thought it must of been a plane,i pulled over and g0500
1 Aug 2004 - Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA - Two photos captured a "starship enterprise" looking shape, possibly indicating a camouflaging of some sort.1500
1 Aug 2004 - Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada - The slow moving satellite-type craft travelled from the Southern skies to the west - in daylight and in low altitude.1745
5 Aug 2004 - Fargo, North Dakota, USA - Large, bright silvery object moving very rapidly inside chemtrail.1530
5 Aug 2004 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA - Two cylindrical objects, whitish or silvery gray colored, moving next to each other on or around August 5th around 5:30 PM.1745
6 Aug 2004 - Hampshire, UK - I was outside feeding goat's, when I looked up and saw a quite long thin white object passing slowly overhead, this object was at a heigh1313
8 Aug 2004 - Rochester, New York, USA - Cigar shaped object in sky1800
9 Aug 2004 - Squamish, British Columbia, Canada - Imagine a a 30 feet wide strand of silk in the shape of a perfect cheveron moving at a constant speed of 25mph from north to South.1100
11 Aug 2004 - Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - Black Crucible1135
11 Aug 2004 - Langley, British Columbia, Canada - Cigar shaped object moving very quickly in an almost fluid hovering type motion!1750
11 Aug 2004 - Jackson, Missouri, USA - I looked outside and saw a shape high in the sky(was still light out) and got video camera and filmed the object. It was a black disk t1930
12 Aug 2004 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Triangular craft1030
15 Aug 2004 - Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia - Silvery oblong object with no wings flew over coastal city of Cartagena. Seen by hundreds, photographed in clear blue sky. see www.epagos.com/contacto-ovni1300
15 Aug 2004 - Spring Valley, California , USA - Clear blue sky, light moon-shaped object appears twice into different places miles up in the sky.1930
16 Aug 2004 - Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA - Cross-shape with what appeared to look like neon lights starting in the center and radiating outward. ((Celestial body??)). Explanation: Star.0604
19 Aug 2004 - Abita Springs, Louisiana, USA - Triangle 'floating' in the sky and observed between tall pine trees1505
20 Aug 2004 - Soap Lake, Sun Lakes Park, Washington, USA - The craft was a large triangle.1015
20 Aug 2004 - Peekskill, New York, USA - A clear Sunday afternoon, Me and my girlfriend saw what looked like an amorphous color changing metallic//silver/red shaped object w1500
22 Aug 2004 - Falls City, Nebraska, USA - Huge!1055
23 Aug 2004 - Tega Cay, South Carolina, USA - Black Teardrop following tree line, moving slower than a plane, and keeping a very level line.1745
24 Aug 2004 - Denver, Colorado , USA - Extremely bright small cylinder almost stationary in clouds above Denver.1530
25 Aug 2004 - Topeka, Kansas, USA - Bright cylinder seen flying over Topeka during storm.1800
27 Aug 2004 - Kenner, Louisiana, USA - Object on film1930
29 Aug 2004 - Corinth, Kentucky, USA - Triangular object with lights on each tip that switch patterns and hover ; seen on I 75 near Corinth, KY1035
29 Aug 2004 - Omemee, Ontario, Canada - A low dark cloud that moved from west to east, changed direction, changed direction again to west to east until it was out of view.1935
31 Aug 2004 - Washington, District Of Columbia, USA - Cigar-shaped craft over Washington, D.C.1539
3 Sep 2004 - Pusan, South Korea - It had a dark brown color, an empennage-shaped wing above the body, but absolutely not aircraft as far as I know.1454
3 Sep 2004 - Greeley, Colorado , USA - Tube or sausage shaped objects, 10 feet long, floated over city, first from east to west, then west to east. Took a photo with digital camera.1500
4 Sep 2004 - Glendale, Arizona , USA - Silent black tear-drop shaped craft going above mach speed.0900
4 Sep 2004 - Sayreville, New Jersey, USA - White Rectangular Object sighted near Sayreville Water Tower1115
4 Sep 2004 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - While watching live football game aluminum cigar-shaped object appeared above the clouds, I took picture.1730
6 Sep 2004 - Austin, Texas, USA - Slow silent lighted silver triangle pre-dawn northwest Austin going south to north at steady rate of speed.0605
6 Sep 2004 - Corpus Christi, Texas, USA - My daughter (age 2) and I were sitting outside, when she pointed out what she thought were airplanes. We have made this a game and pla1140
6 Sep 2004 - Zelienople, Pennsylvania, USA - On Interstate 79, we spotted a Y shaped white/silver craft above the treeline. It was making unbelievable circular maneurvers1645
11 Sep 2004 - Little Rock, Lonoke, Arkansas, USA - Slow moving triangle over Little Rock, Arkansas.1645
13 Sep 2004 - Kingwood, Texas, USA - Two triangular metallic objects moving across the sky approaching dusk1915
15 Sep 2004 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - Large Rectangle UFO floating over north Charlotte, NC1705
15 Sep 2004 - Eureka, California , USA - The movement of the craft did not seem forced. Drifiting opposed to flying moving rapidly to the moving rapidly to the1745
17 Sep 2004 - Littleton, Colorado , USA - Cigar shaped flying object appears for 3-5 seconds in the southern sky1350
19 Sep 2004 - Canton, Ohio, USA - Bright silver cigar or blimp shape object moving very fast northeast to southwest.1635
20 Sep 2004 - San Francisco, California , USA - Dark oval object photographed over San Francisco0930
20 Sep 2004 - Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA - Unkown Craft Flying Over Coatesville.1900
22 Sep 2004 - Hollister, California , USA - These were four or 5 connected globs of white material floating down out of the sky, no sound, no aircraft seen.1000
28 Sep 2004 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Triangle UFO with red and white lights over Phoenix Arizona1815
29 Sep 2004 - Mojave, California , USA - White triangular shaped object appeared suddenly below an aircraft then hyperjumped into space0720
1 Oct 2004 - Fort St John, British Columbia, Canada - Worm-shaped object with "sparkles" at back, going southeast- northwest1730
3 Oct 2004 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Cigar shaped, white silver object with dark ports on side hovered briefly, then dissappeared.0915
3 Oct 2004 - Brooklyn, New York, USA - Prospect Park Brooklyn V shaped formation of lights in broad daylight!1600
12 Oct 2004 - Santa Ana, California , USA - Lighted object sighted in broad daylight over Santa Ana Calif.0820
12 Oct 2004 - Isafjorour, Iceland - Cylinder hiding from fighter jets in west Iceland1600
18 Oct 2004 - Fairfax, California , USA - Five black orbs,in formation, gather into one egg shape form and fly off at 20 miles an hour, at three thousand feet. (2 reports)0800
19 Oct 2004 - West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - Four friends of mine and I observed at different times and from separate locations triangular craft with three lights, flying through the sky1200
27 Oct 2004 - Casa Grande, Arizona , USA - Saw a UFO at 10,000 feet two Miles south of I-8 and I-10 near Casa Grande, Arizona.0630
27 Oct 2004 - Burlington, Vermont, USA - Three sightings, one time very close, second time boomerang shape very high up, third time triangle shape two witnesses, burlington vt0945
27 Oct 2004 - San Clemente, California , USA - Single black irregular shaped object rough red edges moving extremely slowly westward at about 1000 feet. Visible for about four minutes1430
28 Oct 2004 - Houston, Texas, USA - A strange glowing cloud that disappeared and reappeared.0704
31 Oct 2004 - Asheville, Tennessee, USA - Cigar shaped object moving from W rapidly to the east extremely fast.1000
1 Nov 2004 - Riverside, California , USA - White object seen flying north to south, reflecting sunlight.1140
4 Nov 2004 - College Station, Texas, USA - I saw a large possibly triangular shaped craft pass over me with two bright lights behind it.1000
5 Nov 2004 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Triangle UFO in Seattle U-district1615
7 Nov 2004 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Silver cylindrical object; no wings; no vapor trail; no sound passing southeast to northwest just before sundown.1630
8 Nov 2004 - Bois D'Arc, Missouri, USA - Object has some detail visible1247
12 Nov 2004 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - I saw a shiny slender object in the sky while driving north on 435 at about 7:30. There is a large Bayer factory next to the highway,0730
12 Nov 2004 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Silver metallic cylinder moving slowly on Highway 55 Minneapolis from east to west1315
18 Nov 2004 - Idalou, Texas, USA - There was two huge lights on one side of the triangular craft. There was a light on each corner, making the total 5. About the size0830
18 Nov 2004 - Aiken, South Carolina, USA - Silver cylindrical object; no wings; no vapor trail; no sound .1130
5 Dec 2004 - Tampa, Florida, USA - Revolving cylindrical object, with one end glowing.1445
24 Dec 2004 - Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada - Mysterious "orb" photographed over cemetery1400
28 Jan 2005 - Waianae, Hawaii, USA - Took photograph from my window in a clear early morning, I couldn't see anything unusual until film developed.0730
14 Feb 2005 - Grand Isle, Louisiana, USA - Triangular shaped craft seen on beach0930
15 Feb 2005 - Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA - Cigar shaped silver shining object seen in clear daytime sky.1445
21 Feb 2005 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - The object moved speedily throught the sky to disappear to the north1300
26 Feb 2005 - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA - Black object moving slowly in broad daylight suddenly disappears1755
27 Feb 2005 - Winchester, California , USA - Black distinct "v" shape hovering, changed to ball shape and crept across sky1650
2 Mar 2005 - Atascadero, California , USA - I also saw this same vehicle flying at a lower speed and lower elevation 5 days before. It is white, wing-less (from what I could tell1655
5 Mar 2005 - Niles, Ohio, USA - Object moved horizontally across the sky, seemed to change shape and then disappeared1430
6 Mar 2005 - Great Falls, Montana, USA - My son and I were driving down the road when I noticed a strange object in the sky. The sky was clear blue and the object was in the shape..1700
7 Mar 2005 - Lancaster, California , USA - Cylinder object flying low with three balls of light.0900
9 Mar 2005 - Paragon, Indiana, USA - Two very large cylinders side by side1700
10 Mar 2005 - Cardinal, Ontario, Canada - Black/grey cigar shaped craft travelling over US land by St Lawrence River - viewed from Canadian side0609
16 Mar 2005 - Somerville, New Jersey, USA - My dad and I were in the hottub. We were looking at the moon and we saw two objects: a grayish square and oval shape. It was going across the sky W rapidly to the east fast.0756
16 Mar 2005 - Grandview, Missouri, USA - I had a small craft fly directly in front of my car, in broad daylight, black, cigar shaped, only 4-6 feet in length.1600
21 Mar 2005 - Scottsdale, Arizona , USA - I observed three bright white lights arranged in a triangular pattern hovering low in the northeast sky1220
24 Mar 2005 - Blanco, Texas, USA - I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS?1300
26 Mar 2005 - Baldwin, Wisconsin, USA - Giant cigar flying at a very high rate of speed1434
2 Apr 2005 - Aviano AFB, Italy - Arrow or Diamond shaped object observed near Aviano AB, Italy1030
3 Apr 2005 - Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA - Black Chevron with no sound or lights1130
16 Apr 2005 - Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA - Small silver cigar shaped object over New Jersey1500
16 Apr 2005 - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA - Black Oval Object Observed Over City1700
17 Apr 2005 - Springfield, Illinois, USA - Objects seen during daytime, moving, hovering, and Polymorf color.1500
18 Apr 2005 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Triangle over Glendale Blvd in the afternoon1320
19 Apr 2005 - North Hills, California , USA - Looked towards north and saw two cylinder shaped objects, were traveling north at a slow speed, and suddenly disappeared. The objects w1200
1 May 2005 - Luray, Virginia , USA - Extremely Long Needle (over 2,000 ft) UFO observed one May traveling over 1500 MPH at over 70,000 ft1251
10 May 2005 - Sandpoint, Idaho, USA - A missle/cigar -shaped object "suspended" just below the body of a small jet landing in Sandpoint. Idaho.1700
4 Nov 2005 - Moscow, Pennsylvania, USA - Metallic, sphere-shaped object briefly visible from car on I-380 South1000
5 Nov 2005 - Somerset, Texas, USA - It has a blue-purple hue, the sun's reflection, and the depth can be seen1000
6 Nov 2005 - Valencia, California , USA - Flying aircraft being followed by small dark objects, behind the tail of the plane.1600
10 Nov 2005 - Johnson City, New York, USA - A twitchy light object1540
10 Nov 2005 - Port Orchard, Washington, USA - I went out to feed my chickens and looked up to see a triangle in the sky with three orange blinking lights, one at each angle. It went right.1600
16 Nov 2005 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Daytime sighting of three objects, in formation, moving across the sky, VERY VERY high compared to other aircraft. No noises at all.1750
19 Nov 2005 - Overland Park, Kansas, USA - A horse shoe shaped object with red pulsating lights appeared, hovered, and reversed its direction.1600
20 Nov 2005 - Hawthorne, California , USA - Bright Yellow-orange boomerang, with higher up white round object moving with it. Seen for 10 min, moving to the southwest .1221
21 Nov 2005 - North Bend, Washington, USA - Cigar shaped craft over observed over Cascade foothills. It was moving slowly but disappeared suddenly.0725
22 Nov 2005 - Elk Park, Montana, USA - Two triangle shaped craft spotted over Elk Park, Montana.1420
22 Nov 2005 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Three objects were about 100 yards off the ground, rotating around each other while changing color and shape1500
23 Nov 2005 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Daytime UFO streaks overhead1600
25 Nov 2005 - London, England, UK - A "true UFO" sighting, many people must be aware of it now.1340