8 Nov 1517 - Moldavia, Moldova - An unidentified but otherwise conventional object was sighted. One blue object was observed.
8 Aug 1849 - Gais, Appenzell-Ausser Rhoden, Switzerland - Procession of objects.1500
11 Feb 1905 - Llywyon, UK - Miner incident. Explanation: Meteor.1148
1 Jun 1945 - Jasper, Florida, USA - I belived it would be to our best Intrest to check this out .1330
12 May 1950 - Fort Lewis, Washington, USA - the triangular shaped craft chased each other, turning at sharp angles and then left in a straight line at incredible speed1400
15 Oct 1950 - Sandy Hook, New Jersey, USA - Triangles over New York Harbor 19501500
22 Dec 1951 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Aircraft without a tail rolling on its longitudinal axis. Explanation: Reflection.1030
30 Apr 1952 - Ceuta, Morocco - Procession of objects.1200
30 Jun 1952 - Miami, Florida, USA - Frozen stiff by light watching me 0900
15 Apr 1953 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Green fireball traveling north at a low altitude over Los Angeles1200
1 Aug 1953 - Berkeley, Missouri, USA - Early 50's sighting in Berkley, Missouri1200
15 Jun 1954 - Palm Beach, California , USA - The objects were high in the sky and brightly lit resembling light bulbs.1100
30 Jun 1954 - Hawthorne, California , USA - Stationary light for several minutes (far away), takiing off suddenly at great speed.1200
15 Jul 1957 - Temple City, California , USA - Lights over Mt Baldy California 1957 as seen by ten honest men1200
19 May 1958 - Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela - Procession of objects.1330
15 Jun 1958 - Yonkers, New York, USA - venus' dark side...1500
27 Jun 1958 - Chaux.Fonds, Switzerland - Procession of objects.1340
10 Jan 1959 - Grimsby, England, UK - Ghost lights. Explanation: Reflection.1135
22 Jul 1959 - Allendale, Kentucky, USA - 07/22/1958 1430
6 Jun 1960 - Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA - It was as if a huge ball of light zoomed down from the sky and just disappeared before my eyes.1200
15 Jun 1961 - Huntsville, Alabama, USA - The craft just sat over us, no sound, no lights.1200
15 Jun 1961 - Richardson, Texas, USA - bright light doing manuvers then chased by jets1500
26 Nov 1961 - Leesville, South Carolina, USA - It was an overcast day. It was around 10 am. My passenger and I left Summit, SC, heading toward Leesville, SC. 1000
10 Jul 1962 - Tannersville, New York, USA - 1962 shiny object flying over New York Catskills south to north at approx 10,000 feet with two USAF jets chasing it.1000
1 Sep 1962 - Hopewell, Virginia , USA - Fast high altitude sunlit object made sharp 90 degree turn before going out of sight.1500
22 Mar 1963 - Richardson, Texas, USA - Procession of objects. two dull-white ovoids fly rapidly to the east fast. two more fly rapidly to the west, one turns, goes rapidly to the north.1540
1 Jun 1963 - Kirksey, Kentucky, USA - Triangle shaped UFO seen in daytime in 1963 in rural West Kentucky community1300
17 Jul 1963 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA - It was a nice warm night to hang on the back porch. I saw a bright triangular light in the sky, very high up. It was doing loops and turns a plane could not. I called my mother out to watch with me...0900
1 Jun 1964 - Sallisaw, Oklahoma, USA - ''ON ICE PROJECT'' - UNDERGROUND CITY, 3 ET's - 2 were KIA in CRASH and 1 ALIVE POW DIED LATER, MILITARY INSTALLATION,1500
1 Jun 1965 - Scottsville, Kentucky, USA - Blinding Light Hovered And Flew Over Us1300
15 Jul 1965 - Sistersville, West Virginia, USA - circular ball of fire, dripping flames but not consumed.1400
27 Jul 1965 - Norwalk, Ohio, USA - In late July,1965, my sister age 15 and myself age 18 were sitting on the front porch of our home. I was waiting for my boyfriend to stop by the house on his way home from work. To the north we saw 3 white lights about the size of a pencil lead...1230
7 Aug 1965 - South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA - on aug 07 1965 ,i was 16 . playing baseball with approx 16 others .looking to the east i observed three spots of intense light at approx 3,000 ft. the three spots were equal distances apart, in the shape of a perfect triangle...1300
20 Oct 1965 - Joppatown, Maryland, USA - controled fireball1500
15 Sep 1966 - Clifton, Texas, USA - I think I was Taken and accidently put in a different space time and then it was corrected.I have no memery of anything else.0900
30 Jun 1967 - Pine River, Minnesota, USA - Grays i seen when a small child1300
1 Jun 1968 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - A vivid orb of light in a completely clear blue, mid-day 1960s Las Vegas sky moved irratically within a small radius above our house.1300
30 Jun 1968 - Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA - Fast moving red 'dot' in the night sky, suddenly made a sharp right angle turn and flew into space.1100
1 Jun 1969 - Sarasota, Florida, USA - 3 gold balls gather, split to 5 and disappear!1200
1 Jun 1969 - Oahu, Hawaii, USA - My UFO report, Serving as lookout on a Navy Radar Picket ship (DE) USS Durant, I spotted a pinhead of very bright light overhead. I notified the Officer of the Deck. He called other higher ranking officers and chiefs to the upper bridge to observe.1400
30 Jun 1969 - Detroit, Michigan, USA - We were under brilliant illumination that was much brighter than the 2:30 pm afternoon clear day sunlight.1500
5 Jul 1969 - March AFB, California , USA - me and my brother and a buddy were camping out side at march air base and it came over the top of us it was biger then 2 ...1030
29 Sep 1969 - Raceland, Louisiana, USA - U.F.O SEEN THE DAY AFTER HURRICAN CAMILLE.1115
23 Dec 1969 - Middletown, Connecticut, USA - i was 9 or 10 years old and i was slideing down my driveway as i got up from my sled and started to walk back up the driveway a fireball the size of the house flew over heading north . i remember it well because of its size ...1500
15 Jan 1971 - Turin, Piemonte, Italy - At 1 P.M.in a clear sky, a grey triangle with a light in the middle hovered over city for about 2 min, then disappeared in1sec1300
15 Jul 1971 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - various coloured fireball emitting sparks and totally silent1100
1 Sep 1971 - Buffalo, New York, USA - Silent, unmarked arrowshaped aircraft flying low over the University at Buffalo. Was it an experiment?1500
10 Jul 1972 - Hartbeestpoort, South Africa - Huge green light hovering outside city, after 20 seconds disappeared.
20 Jul 1972 - Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA - fireball, ( meteor ? )1500
10 Aug 1972 - Lake Windermere Valley, British Columbia, Canada - An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by three witnesses at a lake (Weir).1500
1 May 1973 - Brownfield, Texas, USA - Silent ,bright hovering light, seemed to be teasing us, for miles of desolate highway.1400
20 Sep 1973 - Salina, Kansas, USA - Light object makes perfect square moving in the night Kansas sky.1030
6 Oct 1973 - El Centro, California , USA - orange nocturnal light0900
1 Jun 1974 - Niles, California , USA - ball of light flying over Central Valley and over SF Bay area1500
6 Jun 1974 - Derbyshire, UK - not sure entirely of year it was but it was a clear blue sky day and i was about 13 me and my playmate were sitting on a ...1200
15 Jun 1974 - Albany, New York, USA - Airport radar confirms what I saw. Please read my whole discription.1300
15 Jun 1974 - Live Oak, California , USA - The triangle the flew over the house.1500
21 Oct 1974 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Procession of objects.1315
1 Jun 1975 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - a large black triangular shaped craft that hovered with small birds circling all around it (maybe a Thunderbird sighting)1200
1 Jun 1975 - Leeds, England, UK - when i was 13 myself and my mother were looking at a car accident appox 200 yards from our address in seacroft leeds uk,we turned to come away and there was a massive purple ball of light that engulfed...1500
1 Jul 1975 - Sandy Springs, South Carolina, USA - someone practicing flying, learning, data logging.crazy moves from ufo.1320
14 Jul 1975 - Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan - Very large black triangular craft observed on Okinawa Japan traveling from very slow to out of sight in seconds.1400
1 Jul 1976 - Grand Chain, Illinois, USA - UFO near nuclear plant.1400
15 Jul 1976 - Winter Park, Florida, USA - A friend and I were walking to the back of Place 436 apts.which at that time were bordered by woods. 1000
5 Aug 1976 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA - Fire Lookout incident. 0915
25 Jan 1977 - Penrith, England, UK - Procession of objects. Explanation: Aircraft.0728
1 Jun 1977 - Malibu, California, USA - The first 2 ships to show were joined by 2 others within about 10 minutes. They seemed to oselate colors from the lighter colors to the darker colors of the color spectrum. The 2other people there seemed to be expecting the arrival...1300
15 Jun 1977 - Cedar City, Utah, USA - It was long getting larger from front to back, black, 50 feet up and made no noise.1300
1 Jul 1977 - Miami, Florida, USA - Over downtown Miami, 1 mile triangular - no fewer than 300,000 peope saw it.1500
14 Jul 1977 - Live Oak, California , USA - The Triangle over Live Oak1300
26 Nov 1977 - Canandaigua, New York, USA - Triangular craft watching Bristol Mountain Ski Resort1400
1 Mar 1978 - Sundsvall, Vaesternorrland, Sweden - Procession of objects.1503
1 Jul 1978 - Quincy, California , USA - A black object suspended about 150 feet from me, with 2 beings. They appeared to be watching me. I waved, and it zoomed off.1500
26 Jul 1978 - Eureka, Missouri, USA - In an incident similar to others around this date, a ball of light flashed down at our car then veered away.1500
15 Sep 1978 - Wells, Maine, USA - huge, diamond shape object flying low in southern Maine1000
11 Nov 1978 - Carlyss, Louisiana, USA - okay, im am sending this regarding the sighting in Carlyss, La. appr. 1978. the report said they were 16 years old and scared and you wanted to know if anyone else had witnessed what you saw . Yes someone did...1300
4 Apr 1979 - Portland, Oregon, USA - If you saw the triangle I have described. It would be very wise to search your memories.1300
16 Jul 1979 - Arnheim, Michigan, USA - Two thimble shaped U.F.O.s fly over head in broad daylight and make no sound. Bronze in color1200
1 Jun 1980 - Victorville, California , USA - I was riding my motor cycle east bound on highway 66,as I looked left in broad daylight I saw three bright lights traveling east bound as well.They looked like small suns spaced out about a mile or so apart at the same speed...1100
3 Jun 1980 - Lake Forest, Illinois, USA - June 19801500
10 Jul 1980 - Town of Preble, New York, USA - Brilliant object moving at right angles at high speed from the ground, instant acceleration!1500
1 Aug 1980 - Ormstown, Quebec, Canada - Though this happened many years ago, the incident left a lasting impression.1500
27 Dec 1980 - Hanover, Maryland, USA - frozen in time 1100
15 Jan 1981 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - Triangular black craft in broad daylight hovering high and then speeding off.1000
27 Feb 1981 - Azusa, California , USA - I! I found out!1000
7 May 1981 - Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile - el unico objeto era un punto de luz blanco en una noche despejada del tamaño de una estrella grande, luego de estar ...0900
12 Aug 1981 - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada - 5 bright lights seen in medicine hat, alta. in the mid afternoon in 1980-19811400
27 Nov 1981 - North Bergen, New Jersey, USA - It was early evening, while looking West, towards Hudson County Park, a ball of fire was seen moving east...0900
1 Jun 1982 - Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA - Two other friends and I (three of us ) were in a parked vehicle conversing after dusk. We all saw what I am about to describe- three lights in a triangular form, though we never saw the form of the vehicle. They floated, hovered and moved slowly. 1000
1 Jun 1982 - Tully, New York, USA - tringular shaped object hovering while making a droning type noise. disappeared very quickly.1200
1 Jun 1982 - Houston, Texas, USA - 2:00PM Green ball of light that was about the size of a softball 15 ft above highway that passed us at a couple hundred miles an hour.1400
2 Jun 1982 - Clovis, California , USA - Bright light or meteor lights up the sky in rural area outside fresno california1100
14 Jun 1982 - Highway 395, California , USA - The siting is parallels area 51 in Nevada, the elevation abpove sea leval is significantly greater alt. than Area 51.1000
3 Jan 1984 - Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA - I stood there watching as the sun finally started to show its face throughthe sky, a light blinded me. Then.... it was gone.1300
1 May 1985 - Harrisburg, North Carolina, USA - Ultraviolent,High velocity,silent light emitting no vapor trail or atmospheric turbulence related vapor.1300
1 Jun 1985 - Winslow, Arkansas, USA - triangle shape ,redlight allaround the edge. hull looked like a grown carbon , as it passed over sound and wind stopped till it finished passing

((NUFORC Note: Approximate date. PD))1200
1 Aug 1985 - Alexandria, Minnesota, USA - Blocked Memory 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1300
15 Mar 1986 - Midway, Georgia, USA - Blue light in clear sky with unbelievable speed1540
4 May 1986 - Fortuna, California , USA - It was a triangle three thrusters under it with lighting like going through the ship1230
1 Jun 1986 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Huge black triangular shaped object, makes itself invisable.1200
15 Jun 1986 - Chilton, Wisconsin, USA - It was exactly the shape of a boomerang with small towers at each end and one larger in the middle. It flew very slowly and rotated.1300
30 Jun 1986 - New Brunswick, Canada - enormous black triangular low and slow moving ufo over trans canada high way observed for 30 minutes and very close1530
26 Oct 1986 - Decatur, Iowa, USA - It continued on straight path about 100' in air for about 8 seconds. then went straight up for about 2 seconds and out of sight.1330
30 Oct 1986 - Decatur City, Iowa, USA - static electric shocks felt on the short hairs of my body1330
27 Dec 1986 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - It was trianbular in shape. It was in Plum Boro Pennsylvania. Not really a ufo hot spot. I hovered there until we left after 15 minutes1030
10 Apr 1987 - New York, New York, USA - Trianglar Dream sightings1300
25 Apr 1987 - Bacolod City, Philippines - Daylight "disc" ? Over Negros Island, Philippines, by amateur astronomer working on Observatory dome1430
20 Jun 1987 - Auburn, Massachusetts, USA - Fireball went down into the woods. Moments later we heard rustling through the leaves, twigs breaking0930
15 Jul 1987 - Longueuil, Canada - Yellow Sunny flash jumping in the sky.1500
18 Jul 1987 - Bierenbachtal, Germany - a friend of mine and me were driving in july 1987 to a beer festival in bierenbachtal,in germany.the next bigger town is waldbroel,the county is called oberbergischer kreis in west germany, 40 miles west of the city cologne.1230
22 Jul 1987 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Saw a triangular light formation on an aerial object with a light pulsing in the middle pass directly overhead on the Puget Sound1015
28 Jul 1987 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - I am apparently being watched, because my family is from Roswell NM.1500
1 Jul 1988 - Baker, California , USA - Ball of light (3' wide) paces car on right side of freeway, then bolts 90 degrees to horizon at unbelievable speed1300
1 Jul 1988 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - One extremely large, dark gray triangular shaped object with no lights or markings on it over Tucson, AZ. (1988)1300
22 Jul 1988 - Lousville, Kentucky, USA - That's no meteor, or satellite, or ANYTHING I've ever witnessed! =)1045
30 Oct 1988 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - One light was observed. A whistling sound was heard.1500
1 Aug 1989 - Clarksville, Indiana, USA - Small brightly defined light, changing colors, zig-zagging across sky for 5 mins, then disappearing.1100
20 Aug 1989 - North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA - Bright light, sunny afternoon sky, Aug. '89. Stationary for 2 hrs. plus, highly visible, eerie.1400
2 Sep 1989 - Pickering, Ontario, Canada - as i was reading a sighting from someboby in ohio on my first time here. it reminded me of acraft i seen in late 80s or early 90s in late summer it was the same year that the snowbirds crashed there plane at the t...1200
15 Oct 1989 - Morgantown, West Virginia, USA - I was working as a DJ at WCLG in Morgantown WV. I am sorry I dont know the date and am sorry that I am now reporting a 9 year old sighting. But I finally found your website. I started getting alot of calls about lights in the sky...1030
15 Jan 1990 - Hiawassee, Georgia, USA - Hovering Black Triangle1230
24 May 1990 - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - It was witnessed by one group, then as it was pointed out a seperate group acknowledged the situation.1251
20 Jun 1990 - Longueuil, Canada - En cette année je demeuré avec mon copain puis j'avais tracé un cercle de peace and love 2 jours avant avec un crayons feutre juste par hazard comme ça!il et toujours la a...1430
15 Jul 1990 - North Fork, California , USA - Greenish, glowing light in mid-day disappears to hillside without a sound1400
8 Aug 1990 - St. Marys, Australia - 1 light came from the south, hovered ,split into 2 new lights , series of maneuvers , remerged with the original light and sped off1030
In 1991 - Topanga Canyon, California , USA - Blue star-like light seen descending slowly over canyon for duration of three seconds.1500
12 Dec 1990 - Madison, Wisconsin, USA - Orange Light witnessed by friend and cat0900
7 Mar 1991 - Annapolis, Maryland, USA - I first looked out the window and saw 10 black triangular objects in an eye formation. near a radio tower, and I and the other 3 members of my family saw a bright flash of lightning coming from the front of the formation...0900
11 Apr 1991 - Hammond, Indiana, USA - UFO over Hammond.1300
15 May 1991 - Central Texas, Texas, USA - Mother relates story of helicopters observing circle of blue lights on ground.0941
30 May 1991 - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA - a hollow blue ball of lighting that turned to a fireball then took and umbrella shape and loomed for a second then disapeared.0910
1 Nov 1991 - Britton, Michigan, USA - A large, low-hovering (not moving) craft with colored strobing lights around the bottom and it made no noise.1000
20 Nov 1991 - Yeehaw Junction, Florida, USA - Silver triangular craft hovering over highway1500
10 May 1992 - Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - RE: Large Triangular object just outside Boston0945
10 May 1992 - Allston, Massachusetts, USA - Large Triangular object just outside Boston1030
31 May 1992 - Malibu, California , USA - Photos of hillside, neither witness saw anything, but photos show several objects hovering in sky.1300
5 Jun 1992 - New York, New York, USA - 1992 UFOs over Manhattan1300
1 Aug 1992 - Belgrade, Montana, USA - Unidentified flying bright orange triangle 20 miles north of Belgrade, Montana in late summer of 19921200
9 Oct 1992 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia - i saw three traingular ufos, the one in the middle was bigger than the other ones. they didn't stay for very long. me and me brother were the only ones who could see them. they each had lights on their verticies.1200
15 Oct 1992 - Gardnerville, Nevada, USA - Observed object bluish/white in color streaking toward the surface of earth; then change directions instantly heading back into the s.1015
1 Jul 1994 - Ben Lomond, California , USA - Multiple lights, very distant, moving and turning rapidly, playing and dancing together for 45 min+1200
15 Jul 1994 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - I told the 911 Operator that i was looking at a "huge black triangle".0900
15 Jul 1994 - Caldwell, Idaho, USA - Copper Triangular UFO hovers over field then disappears in 19941530
1 Oct 1994 - Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA - It was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle.1130
1 Jan 1995 - Cedar Key, Florida, USA - I could hear and see it, close encounter.1500
7 Mar 1995 - Geneva, Canada - brite white light moving real slow with no sound at 3am1500
21 Apr 1995 - Palatine, Illinois, USA - Bright red fireball in the sky. Seen two seperate occasions. Resembled a flare.0930
28 Apr 1995 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - Triangle Floatation0930
15 May 1995 - St. Bonifacious, Wisconsin, USA - Orbs over Minnetonka, MN1500
16 May 1995 - Lakewood, Washington, USA - I didn't know that there was a place to report such things. It took place back when I was 16, I am 34 now. Dont know if it matters much. 1100
20 May 1995 - San Diego, California , USA - Two balls of light approached a point 1/2 mile out, over the ocean, and just south of the O. B. pier. At this point, the two balls of light merged into one, and approached the cliffs.1130
20 May 1995 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Black, triangular object sighted during middle of day in large metro area.1330
1 Jun 1995 - Ravenna, Ohio, Canada - i work up bout 12 am and something told me to look out the window i did across there a house that sit beside a line of pine ...1200
22 Jun 1995 - Amarillo, Texas, USA - TRIANGLE UFO SIGHTING IN AMARILLO TX1500
12 Jul 1995 - Necedah, Wisconsin, USA - Green Lightts spotted dropping into river and leaving, returns every year1500
15 Jul 1995 - Illinois, Wisconsin, USA - 7/16/95 My grandaughter and I saw a triangular object with lights on each point cross the highway I90 about 150mi. n. of Ill. line at1200
25 Jul 1995 - Ocate, New Mexico, USA - 4 observers view 2 points of light above horizon moving erratically up and down. Darted off very rapidly. Within an hour and a half military aircraft buzzed the area flying very low - lasted all afternoon.0935
25 Aug 1995 - Olean, New York, USA - Low, slow moving Triangular shaped craft with lights on pionts of triangle and one in center on bottom sighted0915
1 Sep 1995 - Pahrump, Nevada, USA - 9;30a.m. six starlike objects following an airforce jet spotted in the northern sky. 11;30a.m. approximately 145 starlike objects sighted going north. various shapes, moving all directions. the sky was absolutely clear blue...0930
1 Sep 1995 - Eagle Butte, South Dakota, USA - The unexplained bright blue light.1030
10 Sep 1995 - Marion, Virginia , USA - The football field sized object was triangular and had a gondola - shaped structure underneath.0930
30 Dec 1995 - Livingston, Montana, USA - Close fireball flying at approx. 2000 mph flies over Interstate 90.0930
1 Feb 1996 - Doyline, Louisiana, USA - TRIANGLER CRAFT NEAR BARKSDALE1500
5 Apr 1996 - Burgess Hill, England, UK - My husband was in the garden when he came rushing inside and said he had to use the phone to report something he had seen. he has an interest in all aircraft and we live in the flight path of a major internatinal airport...1500
1 Jun 1996 - Lakebay, Washington, USA - Two contact incidents of Black, Shiny, Triangular Craft that hovered just above tree line emitting low hum.1400
12 Jun 1996 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Young man, located on the Phinney Ridge area of Seattle, while lunloading his van, looked to the southeast and sees what at first he thinks is a "shooting star...1215
4 Jul 1996 - South Amboy, New Jersey, USA - It was a ball of white light that changed to triangular red and blue lights and then again to a ball of red light.1200
5 Jul 1996 - London, England, UK - A simple pulsating light in an occean of blue1330
18 Jul 1996 - New Leake, UK - IT was Clearly A Spacecraft of somesort, It was completely black and it let off a green shockwave before every rapid burst of speed.1550
30 Jul 1996 - Gilroy, California , USA - Gilroy California1100
30 Jul 1996 - Crestview, Florida, USA - White, triangular object (shaped like a long, narrow paper airplane) observed moving silently in broad daylight.1400
1 Aug 1996 - Sandy, Utah, USA - Bright blue light against a blue cloudless sky, at high noon.1200
16 Aug 1996 - Fairfield, Ohio, USA - Triangle shape observed on bright sunny day1430
6 Oct 1996 - Duvall, Washington, USA - Secret Base in the Cascades1300
6 Oct 1996 - San Francisco, California , USA - Boomerang Shaped Objects w/ dark & light color scheme1300
6 Oct 1996 - New York, New York, USA - Boomerang-shape, "dividing"? objects.1500
15 Oct 1996 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - A large triangular ship with a large white light in the center and 3 smaller red lights that made a triangle outside the white light.1500
9 Nov 1996 - Plymouth, Indiana, USA - 3 Silent Black Triangles flying in a One Sided Formation with Dim Lights in the shape of a V on the bottom1200
15 Nov 1996 - Harker Heights, Texas, USA - This dot of light was moving quite fast and then it stopped and took off 90 degrees from the direction it was traveling1021
6 Feb 1997 - Coober Pedy, Australia - A stormy night on the Stuart Highway. Sighting of a UFO which appeared to land, a UFO chasing the car some 50m behind, and the sighting of a man which was extremely unusual looking.0941
1 Mar 1997 - Lockerley, UK - Bright white isoseles triangle shape seen darting about in the sky, twice.1300
10 Mar 1997 - Alpharetta, Georgia, USA - Boomerang UFO sits on barn1030
16 Mar 1997 - Yuma, Arizona , USA - ((NUFORC Note: This reported event is dated three days after the dramatic events over Arizona, generally referred to as the "Arizona Lights" case.1130
17 Mar 1997 - Lincoln City, Oregon, USA - Lights on horizon - object(s) approached, main craft opened/smaller craft "played" returned to original & hover above us0900
17 Mar 1997 - Aquaduct, California , USA - Flying Westward in a UAL plane over the desert near the aquaduct before entering CA, another UAL plane approached and passed beneath us...1000
20 Mar 1997 - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA - Was MACHINED by ME((name deleted)) at LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL labs. Triangle of BERYLIUM METAL.1300
1 Apr 1997 - Round Rock, Texas, USA - We never heard any aircraft noises.1000
15 Apr 1997 - Hawthorne, California , USA - A light flashed by a man at close range.1000
15 May 1997 - College Station, Texas, USA - following light1000
15 May 1997 - Bedford, England, UK - Triangular object over field in England on sunny day, 19971300
1 Jun 1997 - American Canyon, California , USA - I SAW A TRIANGULAR SHAPED CRAFT AND I SAW INSIDE OF IT.1000
1 Jun 1997 - Lashmeet, West Virginia, USA - I saw a gray hazy metallic triangle shaped object with 3 blue lights and an appearance of being transparent in form.1200
17 Jun 1997 - Beaumont, Missouri, USA - Looking notheast towards Vega 3 pinpoints of light flew in formation towards Vega...1030
21 Jun 1997 - Ticonderoga, New York, USA - There was a flash of blue light in the sky, and then it disappeared1128
23 Jun 1997 - Eunice, Louisiana, USA - Circular bright white light above house 0930
26 Jun 1997 - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa - White object W southwest rapidly to the east northeast at 500 metres altitude.1823
1 Jul 1997 - Langley, British Columbia, Canada - The object appeared to be a extemly radiant sphere yellow in color. It hovered then dissapeared suddenly.1030
22 Jul 1997 - Arabela, New Mexico, USA - I was on a ranch that I was living on at the base of the capitain mountains, and was sitting outside the house under a tree, when he told me to look above sunrise peak1300
28 Jul 1997 - Pete's Hole, Utah, USA - A triangle shaped craft moved in over the tree tops and stood motionless for approx. 1 minute. It then moved about in a jerky manner in a small cirlce for approx. 10-11 minutes. It was only about 100 feet up and it was of a dull gray color...1500
1 Aug 1997 - Chapeau, Quebec, Canada - Flashing lights seen around tent.1300
2 Aug 1997 - Sikeston, Missouri, USA - Green object appeared to three witnesses.1010
8 Aug 1997 - Dracut, Massachusetts, USA - A large black flying machine shaped like a triangle that made no sound.1500
14 Aug 1997 - Portland, Maine, USA - One circular object was observed.1930
20 Aug 1997 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Erratic movement not found in conventional aircraft.1930
15 Oct 1997 - Dallas, Texas, USA - One light was observed.1000
16 Oct 1997 - Roseville, Michigan, USA - One light was observed.0800
17 Dec 1997 - Colchester, Vermont, USA - Saw bright green light, about 11:45 pass over head going to northeast. No sound but radio was out for about ten to fifteen seconds. We where in parking lot of the Country Market, near old Fort Ethan Allen, Colchester...1145
1 Jan 1998 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - I was watching TV in my bedroom. It was about to doze off when out my window I saw a very large blue flash. The flash filled my room and I could see everything as clear as day. I remember looking at the clock just before it went out...1258
24 Mar 1998 - Ceasar's Creek and Dayton, Ohio, USA - UFOS - Dayton/Ceasar's Creek1130
11 Apr 1998 - Woodland Hills, California , USA - ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. Date is approximate. PD))1100
15 Apr 1998 - South Zanesville, Ohio, USA - two lights one cicled then quickly flew away.0900
1 Jun 1998 - Ellensburg, Washington, USA - 10/10/1998 Bright white light moving very fast1000
1 Jun 1998 - Kelseyville, California , USA - It was low alt. very close, slow, had a spotlight, and looked like a black triangular stealth aircraft1100
1 Jun 1998 - West Plains, Missouri, USA - December 09,2008 1400
4 Jul 1998 - Waikiki, Hawaii, USA - an object in the sky was making weird formations this ment it couldn't be plane1023
18 Jul 1998 - Longmont, Colorado , USA - Traingle craft about 60+ feet in diameter was sighted flying west of Longmont CO.1007
20 Aug 1998 - Oxnard, California , USA - 4 triangular objects hovering in clear sky, almost invisible to the eye.1500
28 Aug 1998 - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada - ...we looked up to see a small triangular shaped object traveling at very high speed.1500
23 Sep 1998 - Anson, Texas, USA - I saw a baseball sized fireball, green with yellow and red sparks trailing it, for about 2 seconds and then it disappeared.1030
2 Oct 1998 - Decator, Texas, USA - floated silently above our truck1240
11 Oct 1998 - Mount Carmel, Tennessee, USA - Bright shiny object splits in two and disappears above horizon.1430
16 Oct 1998 - Sacramento, California , USA - observed v shaped object with lights and no noise in the sky traveling slowly at night 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1140
10 Jan 1999 - Hednesford, UK - Like a bright star, with red, green and blue lights flashing in it. Hovering silently.1007
24 Feb 1999 - Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA - An incrediably bright fireball streaked towards the southern horizon and disappeared quickly1128
3 Mar 1999 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - i was the third witness on the scene.i saw 1 craft only .5 craft were seen by the other witnesses. it started almost directly overhead, it hovered and changed colors from white to red to invisable, it then just desended over the horizon at a high rate.1210
10 Mar 1999 - Bangor, UK - Flashing lights that were various colors. Shape unknown. Moving West.1030
16 Mar 1999 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - 3 star, triangle formation, moved overhead, created spark, moved back out in direction it came from.1300
23 Mar 1999 - Palm Spring, California , USA - Gold triangle over Palm Springs1415
6 Apr 1999 - Faversham, England, UK - Lots of swirly white lights. 40-50 ft wide. Circular and very bright. Transparent like a jellyfish. Lights were coming and going.1445
10 Apr 1999 - Withernsea, England, UK - Irregular pattern of lights - colored white, blue, yellow and red.1030
17 Apr 1999 - Vashon Island, Washington, USA - We were watching two very bright "headlights" approaching us (we were on slope) and they were coming through btwn 2 tree tops. Then it was over us & a wee bit to our left...1403
10 May 1999 - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA - Stealth Black Triangular Platform with bronze plasma looking lights on the corners1130
11 May 1999 - Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada - UFO SEEN OVER COLD LAKE0900
22 May 1999 - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA - 3 witnesses saw orange/white flashing light in easterly portion of sky as seen from Wycomb and Plumstead Aves in Lansdowne, PA Object remained stationary faded alittle and then vanished at same point in sky1209
1 Jun 1999 - Manchester, England, UK - Triangle and jet 'stuck' behind cloud meet behind cloud and only jet emerges1130
15 Jun 1999 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - I am 15 years old I think I was around 9 at the time of the sighting. 1200
17 Jun 1999 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Greyish black, long, narrow , triangular shaped ufo changed direction at a 45 degree angle.1430
1 Jul 1999 - Junction City, Arkansas, USA - a bright star looking object that glowed brighter then dissapeared1530
18 Jul 1999 - Chino Hills, California , USA - i walk out on my dads deck and then my little brother and i pointed out an object to him that was flashinng quickly and then it disapeared.1145
13 Aug 1999 - Casa Grande, Arizona , USA - Triangle object that moved with incredible speed1100
19 Aug 1999 - Wilmington, North Carolina, USA - Rolling triangle seen moving in front of storm system.1545
24 Aug 1999 - Sandy, Utah, USA - sighting took place to the east of sandy city (suburb of slc) above the little cottonwood canyon. object seemed to float occasionally making right angle movements rapidly. size about a half dollar. triangle in shape, looked almost holographic...0905
1 Sep 1999 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Distinct, isolated grouping of seven white orbs during the day several miles straight up (12 o'clock) that hovered then faded.1245
6 Sep 1999 - Kingman, Arizona , USA - At first the size o a pee, comming from the north. It stoped about a maile away ( size )Now of basketball. Then it went to the East.Moved very slow comming at us , left in the snap of a finger...0940
8 Sep 1999 - French Village, Missouri, USA - Looked like a metor storm. 3 falling objects about 15 minutes apart in the east/southeast sky. They were bright, white streaks of light. Two of which seemed larger than the Halebopp comet.1200
8 Sep 1999 - Prairie View, Illinois, USA - Light in sky moving rapidly, then disappearing1200
13 Sep 1999 - Mt Rainier, Washington, USA - At aprox. 11am this morning I observed a comet like object ( a round glowing ball of light with a tail)desending rapidly towards the cascade mts near Mt. Rainier1100
15 Sep 1999 - Bath, Maine, USA - Orange lights that changed to bright white0900
18 Sep 1999 - East Machias, Maine, USA - Flare Lights0915
12 Oct 1999 - Breezewood, Pennsylvania, USA - 3 balls of light were in the sky. They were in a triangle formation, I heard that it might have been one ship with three lights.1207
8 Nov 1999 - Hurst, Texas, USA - I WAS AT HOME ON THE DRIVE WAY AWAKE .


10 Nov 1999 - Henderson, Kentucky, USA - One lighted object that was tracked by aircraft at two different times, th aircraft altered their prior flight pattern.1035
20 Nov 1999 - Toledo, Ohio, USA - 3 balls of light, rapidly changing color, zipping off at, what seemed to be, the speed of light.1400
24 Nov 1999 - Anaheim, California , USA - Ufo shooting smaller crafts from bigger Ufo1000
4 Dec 1999 - New York City, New York, USA - I was looking up at the sky and saw what appeared to be a very very fast moving star like object moving very fast from west to east1100
17 Dec 1999 - Dundee, Scotland, UK - Three bright piercing lights. Extremely bright. Three then became four.1000
31 Dec 1999 - Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia - One very big metallic UFO and 17 lights near noon seen on the sunny sky on Cali-Colombia -12-31-990900
27 Jan 2000 - San Gabriel Valley, California , USA - Craft was more or less in a holding pattern where it's path was none directional... and apered to rotate 180 degrees on its axis..or too much art bell.... which ever comes first...1200
29 Jan 2000 - Seatac, Washington, USA - Fireball streaking in southeast direction, looked at first like a gigantic meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.1000
1 Feb 2000 - Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA - black silent triangle flighs over dorena lake ruinning my fishing trip0900
14 Feb 2000 - Todmorden, England, UK - a small ball of light or a highly reflective surface was following an aircraft, i looked up and saw a plane with a smoke trail flying high1534
19 Feb 2000 - Miami, Florida, USA - While observing the western sky thru binoculars, saw dim light for about 5 secs (near Epsilon Leo) light changed directions twice.1418
16 Mar 2000 - Anza Valley, California , USA - Object moving rapidly to the and traversing from horizon to horizon, no trail or tail.1715
30 Mar 2000 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Looking east from approximately Campbell Ave and 12th street:the whole sky flashed bright white and a split second later a loud boom sounded.1225
12 Apr 2000 - Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA - Object like satellite seen, then it changed direction.1930
17 Apr 2000 - Sultan, Washington, USA - Very bright meteor in broad daylight. It changed color and was followed by a low boom noise minutes later. Explanation: Meteor.1920
19 Apr 2000 - Arroyo Seco, California , USA - Blue glowing cloud shape.1330
27 Apr 2000 - Palm Springs, California , USA - Dull Black Triangle with unattached capsule hovering briefly, then took off at an unbelievable speed-no noise!0915
27 Apr 2000 - Coos Bay, Oregon, USA - Very bright object seen moving rapidly to the, moving like meteor, left fine contrail. Explanation: Meteor.1804
29 Apr 2000 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Witnesses with scientific background observed three unusual dark clouds. Noticed glow in two of the clouds.
24 May 2000 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Object like star seen moving.1115
1 Jun 2000 - Powhatan, Virginia , USA - Every night around 12:00pm, over the skys in Flintrock Powhatan Virginia, there have been about 100 or so objects.1200
1 Jun 2000 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - On a clear cloudless summer afternoon in the summer of 2000, I was hiking alone in the Sandia Mountains just east of Albuquerque, NM. I had just climbed a steep hill, and decided to rest on my back on top of a large flat rock...1500
10 Jun 2000 - Avoco, Pennsylvania, USA - Triangle object passed close to parachutists jump aircraft at Air Show.1200
10 Jun 2000 - Sheffield, England, UK - Four friens see strange triangles in the sky at night1230
16 Jun 2000 - Cannonsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - hovering ufo.1323
1 Jul 2000 - Ponca, Oklahoma, USA - mid day above water appearing to land and then submerge in the water no noise aproximate 3 ft in size1400
22 Jul 2000 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Star-like light in the daytime sky, then just disappeared.1830
23 Jul 2000 - West Seneca, New York, USA - Small objects, about the same apparent size of Jupiter or Saturn, 3-12 in number, hovering.1830
31 Jul 2000 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Spectacular day-time meteor or satellite re-entry0923
31 Jul 2000 - Snohomish, Washington, USA - Bright fireball trailing a little black smoke, headed straight down just SW of Snohomish, WA then vanishes at a few hundred feet.0935
4 Aug 2000 - Santa Monica, California , USA - daytime sighting over Santa Monica Mountains by two 11 year olds at Summer Camp0930
11 Aug 2000 - Arlington, Washington, USA - I am a pastor at my church. Today we held a special serman for a couple to be married. After we were through we stepted onto the porch for some lemonaid. Thats when we noticed them circleing over head...1200
13 Aug 2000 - Calistoga, California , USA - four triangular shaped crafts moved slowly over our heads...joining others accross the valley...1015
23 Aug 2000 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - flashes of light, quickly dissapeared afterwards1134
30 Aug 2000 - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - White bright round light - hovering for a few minutes then disappearing.1400
2 Sep 2000 - Hebron, Ohio, USA - erratic star-like light changes speed/direction1400
15 Sep 2000 - Wythenshawe, UK - my walls look nice1320
3 Oct 2000 - Buckley, Washington, USA - 11 triangle shaped space crafts seen flying over buckley wa on oct. 3,20001215
6 Oct 2000 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - Triangle shapes exhibit unusual movements.1345
8 Oct 2000 - Pismo Beach, California , USA - Triangle shaped craft flew over the ocean.0900
16 Oct 2000 - Woodstock, Connecticut, USA - ((NUFORC Note: Witness reports fireball. No details in this report. PD))1222
3 Nov 2000 - Ashland City, Tennessee, USA - I saw two huge triangular airships leaving thick contrails.1300
4 Nov 2000 - Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA - On saturday 11/4/00 at 13:45 I took my children to the new england air museum in Conn. I was filming the days events with my cam corder .We all went out side of the building ,it was a beatifull day blue skys and warm...1345
12 Nov 2000 - Jackson, Tennessee, USA - Sitting on my back porch smoking I saw this thing floating across the sky going north to south with no sound. It had 5 large lights that made up the UFO . It only lasted for about 30 se before I lost it behind the trees. 0900
14 Nov 2000 - Ilford, UK - Vey fast ufo seen at 2 locations. 80 miles distant. within minutes of each other1545
22 Nov 2000 - Jackson, Michigan, USA - I just Filmed a Moving and Glowing "Orb" of energy on videotape1200
4 Dec 2000 - Monticello, New York, USA - Triangular formation of lights1400
6 Dec 2000 - Milton, West Virginia, USA - Two lights collided and made one. They shot off like in star trek.1058
10 Dec 2000 - Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA - Flashing lights in Wood County, WI1500
11 Dec 2000 - Grantham, England, UK - A string of lights just below cloud level.

We saw a long string of lights on the horizon, 4 or 5 in a row. They suddenly turned upwards to an almost vertical position before disappearing into the clouds.1520
12 Dec 2000 - Kittery, Maine, USA - Craft being chased west south west by 4 military aircraft on the Maine New Hamphire border on 12/12/2000 at 3:45 pm.1545
18 Dec 2000 - London, England, UK - i was amazed and i stared and fixed on the image. just like other members in the hall1230
27 Dec 2000 - Santa Paula, California , USA - I observed a light move across the sky traveling northeast, at a very high rate of speed1000
28 Dec 2000 - Mansfield, Texas, USA - Quick Flash

I saw a light object flash across the sky quickly and my whole house lit up very briefly. Then it left and all was normal.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1200
28 Dec 2000 - Murphreesboro, Tennessee, USA - Shiny speck of metal or something.1215
5 Jan 2001 - Munising, Michigan, USA - triangular UFO seen in munising, mi1000
7 Jan 2001 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Ravena St and I5 two men were looking at the sky and pointing up, i believed they were bird watching,but i realized they were pointing to a light (appear like star) goingNE aprox 46degrees.i took my binoculares...1526
23 Jan 2001 - Tallahassee, Florida, USA - UFO sighted in downtown Tallahassee, Fl, boomerang shaped, scalloped, made of light...1515
29 Jan 2001 - Aliso Viejo, California , USA - ..1235
4 Feb 2001 - Los Angeles area, California , USA - standing still round white high up object.1310
5 Feb 2001 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Small triangular objects seen near i-595 in fort lauderdale floating.1100
7 Feb 2001 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - Light seen, Laramie, WY looking North1000
7 Feb 2001 - Morecambe Bay, UK - Lights in the sky. Like three triangles.1000
8 Feb 2001 - Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA - Was driving south on my road when I noticed a spark of light, thought it was a power line broke cause there was a south wind blowing about 30 miles an hr.So I stopped looked over the top of my truck then i was like that not a powerline...1100
9 Feb 2001 - Kingston Springs, Tennessee, USA - A LOUD NOISE AND BLINDING LIGHT AND THEN A ACTUAL ENCOUNTER.1300
13 Feb 2001 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Jet's Chasing Lights in Sky Over Boston1325
20 Feb 2001 - Kearny, Arizona , USA - Stationary, then oddly drifting white, nearly glowing object, mid-day, with military jets in area1345
6 Mar 2001 - Webster, Texas, USA - On March the 3rd (sic) of this year I was taking a drive with my wife just recovering from a Gall Bladder operation1030
15 Mar 2001 - Wellpinit, Washington, USA - There was a red colorer object that flew through the air slow then accelerated fast and disappeared.

((NUFORC Note: Source is anonymous. PD))1030
15 Mar 2001 - Gilbert, Arizona , USA - just a Bright white light not a normal airplane light1545
17 Mar 2001 - San Jose, California , USA - White triangular craft over San Jose CA in broad daylight.1400
2 Apr 2001 - Green River, Utah, USA - Aurora contrail,with 2 triangular objects in the sky,where found in the picture by a friend0900
11 Apr 2001 - Los Angeles, California , USA - It was like a bright light,hovering left to right,and after a couple of seconds it streaked across the sky and dissapeared.1215
13 Apr 2001 - Capitola, California , USA - Small Black Triangle flying over surfers in Capitola, CA midday at about 750 ft. altitude perfectly quiet and flying level1300
15 Apr 2001 - Soap Lake, Washington, USA - Several white, noiseless, triangular objects, no lights, sighted in North Central Washington State1030
15 Apr 2001 - Dalaman, Mugla, Turkey - a bright light source moving towards car1100
15 Apr 2001 - Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA - unexplained beams coming from the hoizon.1400
20 Apr 2001 - Moses Lake, Washington, USA - I wasn't a believer... but obviously the gov't hides this stuff with a bunch of media, otherwise: public panic!1200
28 Apr 2001 - Cairo, West Virginia, USA - I just saw a bright green light moving across the sky from east to west, south of town then it exploded into orange sparks. It was probably just some space junk comeing back, but I thought I should report it any way.1148
28 Apr 2001 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Immediately following a very loud, sharp explosion there was a large burst of flame in the sky, followed by dark smoke. of1400
28 Apr 2001 - Portland, Oregon, USA - ((NUFORC Note: Report received over telephone just prior to post reports to website. We include it here. PD))1401
29 Apr 2001 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Slow moving lights in the sky over Nashville.1400
30 Apr 2001 - Marietta, Georgia, USA - Triangle shaped craft hovered over trees and then disappeared into nothing1547
3 Jun 2001 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA - strange flash of something shiny over Rutherford County, TN.1547
4 Jun 2001 - Cockermouth, England, UK - A large triangular craft hovered over a field. Was very colorful with white and red lights.1400
7 Jun 2001 - Newland, North Carolina, USA - While photographing flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway I was startled by the sound of a rocket engine...1530
14 Jun 2001 - Gordon Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada - On June 14, 2001 about 11am we were fishing on Gordon Lake, Northwest Territories. It was a calm sunny day and we could hear this strange sound...1100
24 Jun 2001 - Highland, Michigan, USA - Me and a friend saw a ufo1000
24 Jun 2001 - Playa del Rey, California , USA - Triangular Craft Seen Passing over LAX.1330
3 Jul 2001 - Auckland, New Zealand - It was very eery the way it moved and kept coming back and only going so slow.1130
9 Jul 2001 - Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA - Floating RED light1400
13 Jul 2001 - Port Huron, Michigan, USA - Triangle shape in the sky moving fast with rows of dim lights.1332
15 Jul 2001 - El Centro, California , USA - Lots of light in Imperial Valley1030
15 Jul 2001 - Hugo, Minnesota, USA - hovering lights that seemed to follow us around1300
15 Jul 2001 - Turku, Varsinais-Suomi, Finland - Blinking light moving very fast in an airplane contrail.1500
20 Jul 2001 - OK Falls, British Columbia, Canada - three orange/pink lights in a triangle hovering in the sky, then it "sqiggled out" , kind of like fire works and disappeared.1220
25 Jul 2001 - Folkstone, UK - One circular object with flashing bright lights. Was at a high altitude.1410
26 Jul 2001 - Elkport, Iowa, USA - Vivid Orange Lites In the West1058
27 Jul 2001 - Rubicon, California , USA - A bright object very high in the sky which moved too fast to be a manmade craft, zig zaged like a bug and was bigger than a planet appe1220
1 Aug 2001 - Fleetville, Pennsylvania, USA - Light, circled around something, spun like the bar on a radar.

Round light continuly turned, passed a tree every 9 seconds outside my window. continued watching for around 15 minutes. looked almost like radar.1200
5 Aug 2001 - Costa Mesa, California , USA - Two flying objects that were acting very strangely.0915
12 Aug 2001 - Arvada, Colorado , USA - HUGE Triangle UFO spotted over Denver0920
20 Aug 2001 - Denver, Colorado , USA - Two different color orbs playing chase over denver & shortly after military aircraft shows up.1300
25 Aug 2001 - Port Angeles, Washington, USA - Photo of UFO taken.1130
4 Sep 2001 - Hawk Springs, Wyoming, USA - The shape in the C.R.P.Field is a shape of a iron,and the press grass and the squares are of a heavy object that was burn in the field1230
7 Sep 2001 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Big triangle of stars crosses sky.1000
11 Sep 2001 - New York, New York, USA - UFO spotted on 9/11 video link0900
11 Sep 2001 - New York, New York, USA - This is related to UFO activity or it's technology PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK IT UP THANK YOU0905
12 Sep 2001 - Big Sur, California , USA - Stars in the sky dancing in the middle of a clear day.1200
19 Sep 2001 - Woodward, Oklahoma, USA - Silvery triangle in Oklahoma skies..changes directions instantly0938
21 Sep 2001 - Valdosta, Georgia, USA - A small dark triagle object traveling at a high rate of speed1200
25 Sep 2001 - Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA - Possible Central Pennsylvania Sighting ~09.25.011400
3 Oct 2001 - Mission, British Columbia, Canada - a bright baby blue light about twice the size of a normal bulb.0900
7 Oct 2001 - Northford, Connecticut, USA - I was taking a picture of the sky to use for my desktop. When I downloaded the image I noticed a small black dot on the upper left corner of my screen. I zoomed in and that's when I noticed a black/triangle shape aircraft heading east.1128
12 Oct 2001 - Dublin, Ireland - it was just threefashhes of ight in the sky1234
15 Oct 2001 - New York, New York, USA - It looked kinda like a triangle, but it had flat edges around the edge's.1400
16 Oct 2001 - Plymouth, Wisconsin, USA - A large quiet moving object that has dim star like lights that formed a triangle like shape.1115
20 Oct 2001 - Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA - The triangle shaped object seemed just a few yards above us, it made no sound, no wind and no lights.1300
28 Oct 2001 - Rolla, Missouri, USA - Pink anomali and the red pulsing light1007
28 Oct 2001 - Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Star-like object moves slowly and hovers at high altitude over Memphis at mid-day.1300
29 Oct 2001 - Martinez, Georgia, USA - Light spotted over Martinez, GA in middle of day.1230
31 Oct 2001 - Denver, Colorado , USA - taking pictures of blue moon. of 5 pictures it was it was there long enough for only 1. the 3rd pic. i took1058
2 Nov 2001 - London, England, UK - Foreign Newsman sees wierd objects1058
2 Nov 2001 - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA - My friends, and I were out for lunch when we saw three triangle shaped lights beaming at a very low altitude1300
5 Nov 2001 - Richardson, Texas, USA - there was a row of lights that was changing formation and seemed to be hovering on the right side of the moon.1058
17 Nov 2001 - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand - Travelling from south to north off the east coast, it was definitely in space, what appeared at first to just be a satalite, until it made a movement like a hump and back to the same line of travel when...1229
20 Nov 2001 - Chilhowie, Virginia , USA - yellow triangle1400
30 Nov 2001 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - Strange lights in the sky, moving very erratically - quick dart like movements - moves then stops before moving off again.1540
2 Dec 2001 - Peoria, Arizona , USA - A flying object appeared to be on fire, South of the West Phoenix Valley.1052
8 Dec 2001 - Bemidji, Minnesota, USA - Black, triangle, split into 4 smaller triangles, speed/shape of normal aeroplane.1432
1 Jan 2002 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - solid black pyramid-like object seen in NE philadelphia sky.1410
6 Jan 2002 - Mumbai, India - Kite shaped probe in the sky over Bombay, India1200
2 Feb 2002 - Frost Proof, Florida, USA - bright yellow lights appearing disappearing and changing locations0930
9 Feb 2002 - Barrington, Rhode Island, USA - My wife and I were on the East Bay Bike Path near Barrrington RI where we had just stopped riding for a moment1330
9 Feb 2002 - Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - Fireball seen by dozens of eyewitnesses1400
14 Feb 2002 - London, Ontario, Canada - i was outside, when i looked out into the sky an a bright white light was up in the sky. I said "look its a UFO" for a joke then it stoped then went flashing red the took off. it was about 10 seconds long.1130
22 Feb 2002 - Devon, UK - i was baby sitting and the floor rumbed 4 lights were in the sky1525
1 Apr 2002 - Flora Vista, New Mexico, USA - Black Triangular Craft Emits Buzzing Sounds.1200
8 Apr 2002 - Tampa, Florida, USA - Firefly type light seen in Tampa knight skies.0945
8 Apr 2002 - Oldham, England, UK - oval light1150
11 Apr 2002 - Midland, Texas, USA - White light establishes message to two witnesses in Texas1400
1 May 2002 - Glendale, Arizona , USA - Mid-morning 11:30, clear skies, I watched three lights with erratic movement for 30 minutes before disappearing.1130
6 May 2002 - Lake Elsinore, California , USA - I saw lights in the sky, after a while they disapeared into the dark stary sky.0900
15 May 2002 - Capitola, California , USA - Small triangle with two props 3 feet from each wing tip and perfectly quiet at a low altitude.1400
16 May 2002 - Rowan, North Carolina, USA - It was a ball of light it jumped star to star verey fast almost every night around 9:00 or 10:00.0918
22 May 2002 - Ventura, California , USA - It was like 2 fire balls circling the sky1050
25 May 2002 - Clearfield, Utah, USA - Dot of light, varing in intensity, moving from West ot East1330
30 May 2002 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Large triangular strobe-like craft1220
4 Jun 2002 - Moapa, Nevada, USA - Daytime shooting star?1130
7 Jul 2002 - Eagle Butte, South Dakota, USA - Red and blue lights, turning real bright.0945
15 Jul 2002 - Fowlerville, Michigan, USA - The shape is what cought our attention1500
15 Jul 2002 - New York, New York, USA - It was broad daylight, and 7 bright lights appered in the sky. I didnt noticed untill someone had said "look at those lights in the sky". Then i look up and i see 7 bright lights in the sky...1500
31 Jul 2002 - Corpus Christi, Texas, USA - small but very bright light0945
10 Aug 2002 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - Michigan Fireball 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1115
17 Aug 2002 - Burlington, Massachusetts, USA - Very bright red light in the day time.1000
30 Aug 2002 - Dover, Delaware, USA - triangle with white lights0945
27 Sep 2002 - Lake Havasu City, Arizona , USA - Have you seen this?1200
12 Oct 2002 - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA - I was looking at what was, only an hour earlier, CLEAR BLUE SKIES, being filled up by what might be referred to as chemtrails. As I was watching them form in the sky, I was watching one particular plane go by when something caught my eye...1549
17 Oct 2002 - El Cajon, California , USA - at around 1:55 pm me ad my friend were standing at the front door of our other friends house when we notice a red light ...1355
21 Oct 2002 - Aurora, Colorado , USA - As i was walking facing west, i began to notice a star like flash0915
24 Oct 2002 - Manchester, Connecticut, USA - White triangular craft flying low and slow over Manchester CT.1515
15 Nov 2002 - Eyam, UK - Large flying object, witness had never seen anything like it before. No lights whatsoever.1215
21 Nov 2002 - George, Western Cape, South Africa - Sharp fast moving bright objects seen in daylight1300
27 Nov 2002 - San Francisco, California , USA - Triangle craft over ocean beach in san francisco1230
7 Dec 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Two white lights in the daytime sky1010
8 Dec 2002 - Noblesville, Indiana, USA - Dull red flashes seen in daytime in various parts of sky.1530
14 Dec 2002 - Irvington, Alabama, USA - High speed rotating lights flas across the sky.1545
15 Dec 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - I didnt even notice the craft until I got home, Must have been crusing extremely fast.1400
18 Dec 2002 - Laguna Lachua National Park, Guatemala - big blue light ufo sightning over NATIONAL PARK LACHUA, GUATEMALA C.A.1033
21 Dec 2002 - Albury, New South Wales, Australia - fast orange light almost like strobe light moving at great speed1000
27 Dec 2002 - Roby, Missouri, USA - Interviewed NUFORC case witness by UFOMIG.com investigator Brian Adams for Missouri sighting on Dec. 27, 2002 near Roby, MO.0937
29 Dec 2002 - Miami, Florida, USA - three pinpoint dots very high in the sky above Coconut Grove in Miami, FL1345
29 Dec 2002 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - A comet shaped object, with a bright tail vanishing to a spot1400
6 Jan 2003 - Montclair, California , USA - burning or bright object not falling to earth but moving back to space moving from east horizon to west horizon less 10 sec.1010
8 Jan 2003 - Daedanelle, Arkansas, USA - triangle shape, one light on each end, hoovered, made no noise,looks like a picture thats on this web-site.1021
10 Jan 2003 - Richfield, Utah, USA - bright blue light that turned night into day1000
12 Jan 2003 - Pleasant Hill, California , USA - Big orangish-Reddish ball that just dissapeared!!!1016
20 Jan 2003 - Fort Hood, Texas, USA - airplanes cant do what i saw that night...1030
23 Jan 2003 - Burbank, California , USA - Amber colored lights over burbank i saw 6 new years day and have been seeing more since then.1053
24 Jan 2003 - New York City, New York, USA - Possible explanation for beams of light....1200
15 Feb 2003 - Lake City, Florida, USA - it was dark and i was standing outside in front of my house and all of a sudden i saw a bright light coming towards me i ...1300
11 Mar 2003 - Shabaqua, Ontario, Canada - A orange fireball.1500
21 May 2003 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - ..1200
20 Jun 2003 - Coldwater, Michigan, USA - The craft emitted a low intensity green light, in broad daylight, no sound, very low, and easily covered an entire golf course in size1500
30 Jun 2003 - Leigh, England, UK - hi what i would like to report is i was out side my flat one day sweeping up, when i was suddanly starteled be someone who ...1330
13 Jul 2003 - Karthaus, Pennsylvania, USA - My x wife and I were driving along Quehanna Highway in the afternoon when we noticed what seemend to be a very bright white ...1400
15 Jul 2003 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Bright ball of fire1400
25 Jul 2003 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - looking eastward which would be facing NJ flashing over NJ I saw a flashing light in the sky, at first I thought it was a very high flying airplane but it was not moving like an airplane would. The brightness was like a camera flash...1430
10 Aug 2003 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - gloing ball, no sound1400
17 Aug 2003 - Mission Viejo, California , USA - Three bright lights in the morning on a bright and sunny day.1000
24 Aug 2003 - Monroe, Washington, USA - Oval fireball, bright white and blue-green, with trailing tail, comes down swiftly at steep angle.1550
29 Aug 2003 - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada - 9 --11 rusty red bands of light materialize and then dematerialize in stages above work roof 1315
18 Sep 2003 - Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA - Rocky Mount, North Carolina car enveloped by an intense, transient green flash during Hurricane Isabel.1445
21 Sep 2003 - Elkin, North Carolina, USA - While siting on my front porch which I do nearly every night. I was watching Commercial Jet Liners pass back and forth. I know they must use I77 as a guide to navigate. I was also looking at the Big Dimmer...1000
22 Sep 2003 - Gilberts, Illinois, USA - Triangle shaped object flying across the sky VERY FAST.0915
10 Oct 2003 - New Buffulo, Michigan, USA - A craft that suddenly vanishes and another one that shows up and does strange things at high speeds0900
20 Oct 2003 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Green streak of light sighted in Atlanta, Ga. around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, October 200945
28 Oct 2003 - Atkins, Texas, USA - This is in reference to an entry you posted on 2/01/03. The informant wrote about a green light he and his grandson saw as they watched the space shuttle Columbia disintegrate above them in skies of Texas...1135
13 Nov 2003 - New York, New York, USA - I was sitting in my backyard And i saw a Big red fireball across the sky, my wife marge, and my dad, George were with me i was worried cuz i saw a lot of um my sister counted but she cant count well and she said 891334
15 Nov 2003 - Coachella Valley, California , USA - Group of fuzzy, oval illuminations in the desert night sky1130
16 Nov 2003 - Woodland Hills, California , USA - Intense, White Light Streaks Across The 101 Freeway Towards Simi Valley!!1135
22 Nov 2003 - Florence, Alabama, USA - A fast triangular-shape without any noise which disapeared seconds after sighting.0920
16 Dec 2003 - Glen Rose, Texas, USA - Triangular shaped object spotted in Texas night sky1050
28 Dec 2003 - Hyas, Saskatchewan, Canada - It was a clear night just after christmas time when I was walking home from my cuzins who lives about a block down from where I live. I seen two lights hovering in the sky just above me...1000
1 Jan 2004 - Tampa, Florida, USA - prior to the football game between Iowa&Florida several aircraft flew over the stadium. four military jets, four doublewinger aircraft, and one single commerical small jet...1045
2 Jan 2004 - El Segundo, California , USA - Bright shiny triangular object droped from the sky then vanished1145
2 Jan 2004 - Long Beach, California , USA - I also seen the shiny bright triangle!1145
9 Jan 2004 - Market Harborough, England, UK - One large black triangular aircraft with three bright lights in a triangle formation. There was a rumbling sound.1400
11 Jan 2004 - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA - Living up North (Indiana) I enjoy a web page that has a live web cam of the smoky mountains http://www2.nature.nps.gov/air/webcams/parks/grsmcam/grsmcam.htm I have it on my desktop at work and it is...1100
2 Mar 2004 - Augusta, Georgia, USA - whole city witnesses falling light (not meteor, nor plane distress flare)0900
5 Apr 2004 - South Plainfield?, New Jersey, USA - More light balls, orbs or something over NJ1145
5 Apr 2004 - I-5 North in Federal Way, Washington, USA - orange fiery ball surrounded by a bright blue aura1230
19 Apr 2004 - Grand Canyon, Arizona , USA - Bright object with shadow visible, filmed for 25 sec. in the grand canyon, during the afternoon.1500
5 May 2004 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Unidentified object in night skies over Indianapolis0900
7 May 2004 - Pompano Beach, Florida, USA - Pompano/Ft .Lauderdale Beach Triangle craft disappears!1535
8 May 2004 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - a fast light that stoped in the sky ,a shooting star could not do that said my husband1145
13 May 2004 - Gerrardstown, West Virginia, USA - In the paper "The Journal" It stated that this month would be the month to see space satalites that would be visible in the night sky by reflecting light off of the sun. This satalites were to be traveling from horizion to horizon...0950
14 May 2004 - Valley City, Ohio, USA - A self-employed contractor working in Medina, Ohio area reported that he could not account for an hour of time after powering washing a client's deck...1039
5 Jun 2004 - Russia, Russia - Bright light shaped like a circal flew up up then down, left then right, then shoot up.1430
12 Jun 2004 - New York, New York, USA - blue shiney sparkle ball.Far away clear and slow moving.1130
15 Jun 2004 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Color-Changing Light Appears in Sky1300
15 Jun 2004 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Object avoids jets contrail, stops and changes direction1400
26 Jun 2004 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - The same two objects of light reappeared twice, morning and evening in the same day.1100
16 Jul 2004 - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA - LARGE TRIANGLE FLYING EXTREMELY LOW WITH SOUND1000
18 Jul 2004 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Blue flash on a sunny day??1200
1 Aug 2004 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Fireballs dance in the sky over Sydney Australia1245
15 Aug 2004 - West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA - My freind ((name deleted)) and I took nightly walks this summer almost every night. We walked the same paths each time through the grave yard and past the school and back around to our appartment...1100
18 Aug 2004 - Whitesboro, New York, USA - A little glowing moving dot in the middle of the day1400
19 Aug 2004 - Yakima, Washington, USA - Strange Yellow White Light in the sky1029
20 Aug 2004 - Tukwila, Washington, USA - i saw four balls of light moving slowly. i turned my head to tell my friend and they were gone.same thin a few days later1100
22 Aug 2004 - Houston area, Texas, USA - This was aired on KHOU channel 11 news in Houston, TX. at 11:30pm with clear, stable footage.1130
27 Aug 2004 - Celoron, New York, USA - Sky Blue Manta1500
29 Aug 2004 - Corinth, Kentucky, USA - Triangular object with lights on each tip that switch patterns and hover ; seen on I 75 near Corinth, KY1035
29 Aug 2004 - New York City, New York, USA - 8/29/04 1:30pm Eastern -Triangle over Empire State Building with protests below.1330
4 Sep 2004 - Murrieta, California , USA - Dim Luminous Large Triangle / Grouped Lights1100
4 Sep 2004 - Leicester, North Carolina, USA - the object looked like a bright star and immediately disappeared.1400
15 Sep 2004 - Desert, California , USA - Object in the Arizona/California desert was probably a government test.1500
22 Sep 2004 - Eastlake, Ohio, USA - Neon Blue Flashes of light around Perry Ohio Nuclear Power PLant light up night sky and cause power disturbances1230
27 Sep 2004 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - 4 bright objects taking turns going back and fourth as if playing a game.1050
11 Oct 2004 - Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico - While I was driving I stopped at a traffic light and when I turned to wait for the green light, I saw 11 bright lights in the sky1000
24 Oct 2004 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA - Triangular craft over tinley park illinois1045
25 Oct 2004 - Brewster, Washington, USA - Very Large Red Flash Object lasting 2 seconds1045
8 Nov 2004 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA - Something out of the ordinary..looked like a flying constellation to me..but not to him...0920
1 Dec 2004 - Springfield, Illinois, USA - Triangle seen hovering in the Sky

There was a triangle shape hovering in the sky. After about 10 minutes, it disappeared in a flash of light. It was amazing. The triangle was also rotating clockwise.

15 Dec 2004 - Paola, Kansas, USA - 3 traingle shaped objects, low to the gorund0900
17 Dec 2004 - Los Angeles, California , USA - I have seen the Stealth Bomber. This was the same shape but much larger. A 737 was taking off from Burbank as it flew over - this gave me a good sense of perspective...0900
28 Dec 2004 - Malibu, California , USA - I witnessed triangle craft being chased by military planes near NAS Pt.Mugu Dec.20041400
31 Dec 2004 - Friendswood, Texas, USA - Saw orange light appear and dissapear on different parts of the sky for alteast 10 minutes1300
5 Jan 2005 - Cullman, Alabama, USA - Me and a few friends were outside working on my fathers truck when we looked up and saw all saw a black triangular craft hover over us1415
16 Jan 2005 - West Dover, Vermont, USA - Very bright triangular object high in sky.1500
20 Jan 2005 - Henderson, Nevada, USA - The craft was high and large with a wind breaze as it just sits there.i was takeing out the trash and my hands were slippery and greacy from tacos and the trash slipped so i looked down to pick it up,i looked up and it was gone.1200
24 Jan 2005 - Maui, Hawaii, USA - Bright spherical object seen on north side of Maui1542
26 Jan 2005 - Piedmont, South Carolina, USA - Stationary light with increasing brightness - then dimming and moving away to the west.1510
2 Feb 2005 - Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA - FIREBALL TYPE CRAFT SAW FOR 10 MIN 3 SEC1323
2 Feb 2005 - New York, New York, USA - I'm a high school student around 16. I would like to say that I was witness to another sighting, that appeared on ABC News, the one that took place in New Jersey. I got home about an hour before. I was kind of bored, so I look out my window...1420
3 Feb 2005 - Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico - Photographic picture1400
21 Feb 2005 - Woodward, Oklahoma, USA - loud boom and big flash of light

I was on my way to lunch when i heard a loud boom and a big flash of light. it looked like a bomb exploded in the sky but then it soared off into space1120
23 Feb 2005 - Casper, Wyoming, USA - Bright object observed and photographed1400
5 Mar 2005 - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada - The time of the sighting was probably sometime after 11pm on friday march the 5th. 1115
10 Mar 2005 - Delray Beach, Florida, USA - Bright white light hovering high above the ground, suddenly dissappeared.1500
12 Mar 2005 - Basom, New York, USA - My girlfriend, her sister, and I were driving back from the supermarket1000
14 Mar 2005 - Matawan, New Jersey, USA - gigantic light over field1000
17 Mar 2005 - Souderton, Pennsylvania, USA - Strange Sighting over Souderton, PA.1430
21 Mar 2005 - Scottsdale, Arizona , USA - On 3/21/05 at approximately 12:20 p.m.,I observed three bright white lights arranged in a triangular pattern hovering low in the northeast sky. The sky was clear and there were no other aircraft observed near the sighting area...1220
21 Mar 2005 - Cook County, Minnesota, USA - three lights came out from behind a cloud and began following beside our car for 5- 10 minutes1221
12 Apr 2005 - Los Angeles, California , USA - A triangular - silent object glided through the skyscrapers in downtown LA, parallel to the 4th floor of these buildings.1300
12 Apr 2005 - Santa Monica, California , USA - Dark grey triangular object cruising slowly north over Santa Monica making loud engine noise1300
12 Apr 2005 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Gray Triangle no lights no sound no markings completly flat1315
13 Apr 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Flashing sphere changes to black disk1300
14 Apr 2005 - Iowa City, Iowa, USA - 11.56 AM 4/14/05 LOCATION: SE of Iowa City - Iowa City Airport.1156
16 Apr 2005 - Quetzaltenango, Quezaltenango, Guatemala - Triangular shape object near sun

A picture to the sun at noon despicted a triangular shape object near the sun

((NUFORC Note: Looks like lens flares to us, but just a guess. PD))1200
29 Apr 2005 - Chester, England, UK - Black and silver objects high up in sky over Chester, England1530
10 May 2005 - Beth-Shemesh, Israel - 3 Triangular shaped objects. One above a moving car, the two others 500m ahead high in the sky.1120
10 May 2005 - Willmington, California , USA - bright white round light,moving little,over Long Beach,Ca.as seen from Willmington,Ca.1415
11 May 2005 - Petaluma, California , USA - 2 Flashes of light in the Petaluma Country1130
15 May 2005 - Hounslow, UK - spotted 3 very bright, shiny, distant lights moving about in the sky1300
16 May 2005 - Montague, Massachusetts, USA - A bright light hovering silent over a field 150 yards out, it moved over th tracks and was gone.1038
23 May 2005 - Orange Beach, Alabama, USA - Bright and huge star-like object in the sky during mid-day hours.1200
8 Jun 2005 - Wayland, Michigan, USA - Bright orange bobbing light1025
8 Jun 2005 - Hopewell Junction, New York, USA - single point of light grew and traveled slowly then disappeared1040
10 Jun 2005 - Gainesville, Florida, USA - Short sighting of UFO1400
11 Jun 2005 - Surprise, Arizona , USA - just a black triangle flying fast and silent1500
12 Jun 2005 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - three triangular black objects hovering in a trianglular formation1300
13 Jun 2005 - Elk Park, Montana, USA - At 13:55 on June 13, 2005, I was driving northbound on Interstate 15 at mile marker 134 in Elk Park, Montana. As I rounded the mountainside I saw approximately 15 – 20 silver triangle shaped crafts hovering in a formation to the east...1355
19 Jun 2005 - Mesa, Arizona , USA - it was a triange moving south0950
23 Jun 2005 - Edison, New Jersey, USA - flash of light...then disapeared~1200
26 Jun 2005 - Hardin, Texas, USA - large flashes of light spotted 06/26/05 in southeast texas skies over 1 hour duration0945
26 Jun 2005 - Silverlake, California , USA - A bright dot over LA, and in my photos, many other dark dots with red centers....1000
26 Jun 2005 - Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain - a light following another then turning away and disapearing.1202
30 Jun 2005 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - I was flying at 45 thousand feet in a Lear Jet when I sat back in the seat and looked up into the sky and saw a bright star like object. It was motionless and I considered it some type of stationary satelite...1400
4 Jul 2005 - Fort Walton, Florida, USA - It looked like a slow-moving fireball.0900
4 Jul 2005 - Sanford, Florida, USA - Triangle shaped Craft.

object had 3 lights spaced at 120 degress apart in the form of triangle and was moving from the south to north at a slow speed. It moved out of the path of large air plane flying north. Took approx 2 min 8 mm video.

13 Jul 2005 - Aurora, Colorado , USA - we saw a flying something in the sky it was flying southeast it looked like a star or shooting star but it wasn't1050
18 Jul 2005 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Expanding and Disappearing Light1220
20 Jul 2005 - Rock Island, Illinois, USA - The object appeared out of nowhere, flew in a straight line, got real bright, and faded away four nights in a row.1000
21 Jul 2005 - St. Joseph, Michigan, USA - Rolling light in sky puzzling1103
22 Jul 2005 - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada - saw obect at extemly high altiude going extremly fast an in blink of an eye changed direction an dissapered.I was in a car and compass went crazy.1530
28 Jul 2005 - Mt. Prospect, Illinois, USA - Did anyone else witness the bright strobe light triangular objects in the sky over Mt. Prospect, Illinois 7-28-051415
3 Aug 2005 - Bulls Gap, Tennessee, USA - Triangle grey orb spotted above our trees in Bulls Gap, Tennessee1200
4 Aug 2005 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Was it posible for a planet to be viewed by the naked eye to the west on this date?1100
6 Aug 2005 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Fast moving bright object seen from the Discovery Space Shuttle does a 180 degree turn1230
7 Aug 2005 - Elmsford, New York, USA - Sunday, August 7 2005, aprox time: 10:05pm.1005
12 Aug 2005 - Lebanon, Oregon, USA - Mom & boys watch slow silent triangleformed by 3lites move south at 11:11PM FOR 5min. then disappear1111
14 Aug 2005 - Claremont, California , USA - Three moving lights of planetary brightness.1300
15 Aug 2005 - Bakersfield, California , USA - Three lights in the sky above Bakersfield, CA

Saw 3 lights moving in the sky and the colors were like a brownish orange. The three lights merged into one light and then became smaller untill it disappeared.1210
17 Aug 2005 - Fort Payne, Alabama, USA - Silver, triangular craft seen. Around 100 ft. long and 50-75 ft. wide.1200
27 Aug 2005 - Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - A half hour ago, I and others have seen a very bright "star" moving from northest to southwest altmost on the cenit (70 to 90°) with a very cleare sky and a very bright sunshine.1000
3 Sep 2005 - Brighton, Ontario, Canada - An unknow object shown up in a fotograph

Did not notice object at the time, but after when lookin at fotos taken on that day1300
5 Sep 2005 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Video on infrared records something1330
12 Sep 2005 - Roanoke, Virginia , USA - bottem was covered with lights. and it was a big black triangle like shape.0956
17 Sep 2005 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - triangle stoped on the air I have the movie on my camera1040
19 Sep 2005 - Patras, Greece - A circle with many lights over Panahaikon mountain in Patras Greece1047
19 Sep 2005 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - I was outside when these big fireballs came neer my house i took out my shot gun and shot at them they came back and shot theyr guns at me they missed and i got away.

19 Sep 2005 - Dragoon, Arizona , USA - Seeing a Group of shiny UFO's while a Military plane "flies low"1500
26 Sep 2005 - Holland, Michigan, USA - 4 Objecst Flow over us and the hot tub we wactched then all the objects disapeared.0924
30 Sep 2005 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Three bright orbs of light over San Antonio suburb.0930
10 Oct 2005 - Edgewater, Florida, USA - orange ball in sky video taped over edgewater florida1130
12 Oct 2005 - Republic, Ohio, USA - flashes,porthole,and very fast!1200
15 Oct 2005 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Bright blue light, very fast, defied physics.1000
15 Oct 2005 - Joliet, Illinois, USA - A large flash in the sky, only for a short time.

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. PD))1100
20 Oct 2005 - Austin, Texas, USA - 3 lights forming a triangle in Austin, TX0925
20 Oct 2005 - Quincy, Massachusetts, USA - 3 UFOs seen in broad daylight1200
21 Oct 2005 - Bristol, England, UK - it was changing colour , zig zag pattern, rapid upward travel.1300
22 Oct 2005 - Silver City, New Mexico, USA - Daytime sighting of white "star-like" objects that moved in formations and also had the ability to suspend themselves motionless.1500
26 Oct 2005 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - Light near Witchita, KS1339
31 Oct 2005 - Shalimar, Florida, USA - There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity, or aircraft chasing the object .1129
15 Nov 2005 - Merritt Island, Florida, USA - There was a full moon out and i decided it would be a good picture so I started filming the moon with my cell phone. What I notice later when I am reviewing the video clip is that there is a light moving all around the moon...1112
17 Nov 2005 - Chandler, Arizona , USA - big light moving fast

three big lights moving very fast1038
21 Nov 2005 - Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - a cool night in November 2005 a couple of my friends and I were having a few drinks in my backyard. Suddenly this flash of light comes out of nowhere and disappears...1201
27 Nov 2005 - Paso Robles, California , USA - anouther light like object hoovers over paso robles ca1300
27 Nov 2005 - Paso Robles, California , USA - star like light propelled over paso robles ca1300
28 Nov 2005 - Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico - I was driving South on the road,Forme Hermosillo to Guaymas , the sky was blue, There was no clouds Somethinhg bright on ...0910
4 Dec 2005 - West Los Angeles, California , USA - 3 pts of Lights, later just 1 hiding in the Sun's Coronoa1145
6 Dec 2005 - Palmdale, California , USA - Giant triangle stealth like craft hovering over California dessert1100
8 Dec 2005 - Media, Pennsylvania, USA - Meteor like object falling to earth very slowly in midaftenoon.1300
11 Dec 2005 - West Dundee, Illinois, USA - hovering, flashing object in night sky0945
18 Dec 2005 - Van Nuys, California , USA - First one oval bright light was flashing at a steady rate and rose to a hight of about 20,000 ft when it turned into two bright lights1310
18 Dec 2005 - Knox, Indiana, USA - 3:00am humming and craft for 5 minutes1500
20 Dec 2005 - Haysville, Kansas, USA - They were both very big I think the 2 witneses thought the same thing as me it was the most awsome and frightening night of my LIFE!!1300
25 Dec 2005 - Conover, North Carolina, USA - Stealth-like transparent triangular object makes incredible maneuver and disappears1200
1 Jan 2006 - Castle Rock, Colorado , USA - Bright light in early sunday afternoon sky, looking west nothing else in sky but the sun.

2 Jan 2006 - Fredericksburg, Virginia , USA - clear sky looked like a star 10:00 am in the morning. west in the sky went left the right then it was still and then disapeared.

5 Jan 2006 - Chestnut Hill, Tennessee, USA - Two bright red lights above English Mountain1310
10 Jan 2006 - Elmira, New York, USA - My wife noticed it first at 12:30 AM on the porch. She called me out and I saw it too. We decided to walk down near the Chemung river to get a better view. We were next to the river at 1:00 AM...1230
15 Jan 2006 - Moberly, Missouri, USA - Slow moving black triangle. No sounds no lights.1015
18 Jan 2006 - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA - White lights, slowly moving. Distinctly different from stars, meteors, and comets due to appearance and movement. To ensure that it wasn't an illusion due to the movement of the clouds, a reference point was used and tested for dozens of the objects...0949
19 Jan 2006 - Byron, Illinois, USA - One triangular craft observed over the Rock River during night time. Near a local saloon between Rockford and Byron. Object was seen by three observers, who were traveling south on Rt. 2 towards Byron...1131
30 Jan 2006 - Burnet, Texas, USA - many green,blue and red light. no sound just + just hovering. location 786111040
31 Jan 2006 - Changchun, Jilin, China - I've took this pic from the 16th floor of a hospital. and maded the shut at 14:29 pm.1429
7 Feb 2006 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Orange orb in clear sky, moved in strait line and stopped1120
7 Feb 2006 - Colchester, England, UK - Four lights in the sky, a bit like fluorescent light strips, with a yellow tinge and very bright, were floating and then disappeared.1408
13 Feb 2006 - Houston, Texas, USA - Luminous Point Lights Spiral in the Texas Sky0940
14 Feb 2006 - Cairo, New York, USA - caught craft on digital camara that i use to scan the skys every day.after months of nothing .isaw this craft on playback..enlarging the photos it appears to be triangle shaped.photos of two chase planes?..came...1202
20 Feb 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - While walking south on the east side of 2'nd street between Ogden and Fremont street in Downtown las Vegas.1500
25 Feb 2006 - Saginaw, Michigan, USA - More than one sighting in saginaw!0900
25 Feb 2006 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - bright u.f.o. seen floating across the sun and disappeared behind a cloud1300
26 Feb 2006 - Friendsville, Tennessee, USA - Yellow-White fireball viewed over southeast Tennessee - Possible Space Debris?0940
11 Mar 2006 - Whittier, California , USA - Amazing sighting in Whittier. (Frequent sighting)0900
12 Mar 2006 - Putney, UK - UFO Spotted over Putney,London1130
12 Mar 2006 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Glowing U F O1240
15 Mar 2006 - Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA - At 10:15 on a clear night a triangular craft with white lights in the corners and a red light in the center flew through the sky.1015
15 Mar 2006 - Portland, Oregon, USA - 3-5-06, over portland daytime- huge triangle shape craft- defied gravity ,changed shape ,lightning fast.1300
15 Mar 2006 - Redding, California , USA - while driving I saw a ball of fire in the sky like a flash and noticed whittnesses.1400
30 Mar 2006 - Tallahassee, Florida, USA - Glowing Greenish Firball on Power Lines in Daytime0926
3 Apr 2006 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA - Great big orange reddish ball1300
9 Apr 2006 - Mira Loma, California , USA - Plasma rocket or alien spacecrafts?0900
10 Apr 2006 - Wauseon, Ohio, USA - Something over Northwest Ohio1045
13 Apr 2006 - Orlando, Florida, USA - UFO over orlando Florida spotted from my aircraft0930
13 Apr 2006 - Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA - Lights That Came Through My Bedroom Window1400
18 Apr 2006 - Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA - Black Triange Shape Object watches two US Military Planes as they fly by in Boyertown, PA1436
20 Apr 2006 - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA - Organge light that split into 3 then disappeare1000
25 Apr 2006 - Biglake, Minnesota, USA - SO WEIRD YOU WILL HAVE TO READ MY STORY1030
25 Apr 2006 - Morgantown, West Virginia, USA - Red/orange/blue bolt across the sky..1200
29 Apr 2006 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - April 29, 2006: 3 black trangles observed flying slowly east over Vancouver, WA. Time 13:55-14:05.1355
12 May 2006 - Colchester, England, UK - image in sky0930
13 May 2006 - Los Alamitos, California , USA - Two lights came from one then all three ascened out of sight!

One light ascending seperated in to three then ascended slowly out of sight. Up and out into outer space it seemed. The whole event lasted about 5 min.

14 May 2006 - La Mirada, California , USA - star in the sky during the day?1430
16 May 2006 - West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - "Meteor" rapidly decelerates and changes direction, procedes to fly off as if it were a normal aircraft.1020
20 May 2006 - Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - Meteorite in Greenwich, CT1020
20 May 2006 - Bucharest, Romania - Flash over Bucharest, mid day - very strange1330
28 May 2006 - Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, USA - the objects were too high to be considered planes and they were not flying in a straight line.1100
28 May 2006 - New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA - A very fast moving triange with four red lights going straight as can be, and silent.1135
1 Jun 2006 - College Station, Texas, USA - triangular shaped craft; rapid flight then stationary, then rotate (not turn) short rapid flight, stop, rotate, etc., silent;1300
2 Jun 2006 - Harlingen, Texas, USA - Triangular shaped object with orange aura spotted in Harlingen, TX. on 6/2/20061500
5 Jun 2006 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - Moving and shifting star-like object seen over Vancouver WA in conjunction with strange cloud formations.1145
6 Jun 2006 - Clark, New Jersey, USA - clark new jersey 10:14 06/06/06 garden state parkway flash of light1000
6 Jun 2006 - Beaver Lake, Alberta, Canada - there was a fire ball flew over us

((NUFORC Note: Witness provides a paucity of detail about the event. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))1200
17 Jun 2006 - Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA - A white Ord light that keeps passing over1002
18 Jun 2006 - San Jose, California , USA - 2nd sighting; Metallic object rotating in the morning sky.0925
18 Jun 2006 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - Metallic, triangular object spotted hovering in broad daylight near NORAD.1350
29 Jun 2006 - Mountlake Terrace, Washington, USA - White, still object several miles up, disappeared & reappeared 10 degrees east, disappeared again.1030
6 Jul 2006 - Anza Valley, California , USA - It wasn't like anything else in the sky.1300
7 Jul 2006 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Flashing beam of light,lasted five minutes.1100
10 Jul 2006 - Los Angels, California , USA - Silver triangular shaped object flying over downtown Los Angeles.1230
13 Jul 2006 - Avon, Colorado , USA - Two solid white lights flying in formation over the Colorado Rockies1100
15 Jul 2006 - Ottumwa, Iowa, USA - Unexplained object floating across the night sky1100
15 Jul 2006 - Yosemite National Park, California , USA - It was a brillliant white diamond or cube like 3 deminsional shape that then suddenly changed into a yellow sharply defined circle like an iris of an eye or the appiture of a camera...1130
15 Jul 2006 - Lake Villa, Illinois, USA - Past midnight I spotted a fast, triangular shaped craft with 3 lights(white and red) shoot over the horizon.1230
17 Jul 2006 - Canton, Georgia, USA - I was talking to my wife on the cell phone and it kept on disconecting, I had full signal. 0940
21 Jul 2006 - Medford, Oregon, USA - small and bright

It was small and was bright for a couple of seconds it floated. i look away then i looked back up it was blinking then it fashed then it was gone.

22 Jul 2006 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Large black fast moving triangular shaped aircraft rumbling across the sky.1500
27 Jul 2006 - Gamaliel, Kentucky, USA - 2 light blue spears of light flying low 20 ft. from the ground stoped for around 10 sec. and disapeard1052
28 Jul 2006 - Harrington, Quebec, Canada - Many transparent triangles going different direction very fast, as if I had they were taking off because i was looking1500
31 Jul 2006 - Valley City, Ohio, USA - Luminous green flash quickly travels the sky in straight line and abruptly dissapears.1020
2 Aug 2006 - Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA - Bright flashes, high pitched sound.1100
3 Aug 2006 - Franklin, Tennessee, USA - star sized object moving at jetliner speed, does a J-turn and doubles in speed before fading1000
5 Aug 2006 - Louisville, Kentucky, USA - baseball size bright blue flying glow, approached me made a noise and left quickly (KY)1400
9 Aug 2006 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - ..0945
9 Aug 2006 - Corpus Christi, Texas, USA - triangle shape object fell very slowly into the sea1200
10 Aug 2006 - Sacramento, California , USA - Commercial Flight from Chicago to Sacramento, Ca0900
14 Aug 2006 - Fitzgerald, Georgia, USA - Saw a light in the sky. thought it was a star, but me and another witness notice the obeject moving forward , zig zag , and it would get brighter, this continued for almost two hours. The strange object was still there when I went to bed.1115
15 Aug 2006 - Lapeer, Michigan, USA - red light, moved slowly to the right, stopped then moved left about 5 times, then went behind trees.1130
15 Aug 2006 - Trout Lake, Washington, USA - Bright strobe passes between viewers and Mt Adams then streaks skyward1400
16 Aug 2006 - Austin, Texas, USA - This object hovered, moved up/down/left/right changed into four different colors, and we heard a faint noise1030
16 Aug 2006 - Lapeer, Michigan, USA - triangle w/3 lights (red, green, and white) on the underside. flew south towards peppermill rd. caused electrical problems.1245
24 Aug 2006 - D'lberville, Mississippi, USA - it was huge light we thought it was a plane or something so we just keep on parting then it got bigger or closer it didn't look like a plane it was 3 lights and they were very bright my friend took several pictures some people ran away and like 30 mins1427
25 Aug 2006 - Richland, Washington, USA - A small silvery object seen go 0-5000 mph in a blink of an eye, in Richland, Washington.1200
13 Sep 2006 - Escondido, California , USA - orange light floating!!1505
16 Sep 2006 - Napa, California , USA - Fireball across the napa sky around 9pm, looked like an airliner on fire but afdter checking nothing reported0900
22 Sep 2006 - Brick, New Jersey, USA - Very Unusual White Lighted Triangle Zig-zaging Over Barnegat Bay around Midnight 9.22.061210
23 Sep 2006 - West Los Angeles, California , USA - Metallic Object, Gunships Arrive1430
26 Sep 2006 - Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, Canada - Triangle shaped object over the HRM, Nova Scotia.1030
4 Oct 2006 - New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA - I saw a strange site tonight so I went to my computer to google to see if there was a "star shower" or something going on tonight...1050
9 Oct 2006 - Tampa, Florida, USA - 3 sets of two lights move fast over tampa

i looked up and saw 3 sets of two lights and as they moved, the two on the left crisscrossed and the one on the right veared off and then they all came back together as one and were gone wihtin 3-4 seconds1243
19 Oct 2006 - London, England, UK - 19/10/06 - Wood Green, London, United Kingdom - Brilliant White pulsating object in the clouds1150
26 Oct 2006 - Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA - Bright light speeds by0945
26 Oct 2006 - Strawberry, California , USA - Black Traingler UFO floating in mountain sky, later very odd flickering like morris code close by.1500
31 Oct 2006 - Eureka, Montana, USA - falling fireball super slow 100 feet from ground1100
8 Nov 2006 - Red Bluff, California , USA - AS i was going to work i saw a slow moviing triangular shaped object in the sky.1300
10 Nov 2006 - Toms RIver, New Jersey, USA - driving home in the corner of our eye we both seen a bright flourescent green looking ball of light falling from the sky like a shooting star...it was about 3 seconds and it was gone leaving a smoke looking trail in the night sky.

12 Nov 2006 - New York, New York, USA - it was cloudy and i didn't see this triangle, but when i look on my pictures i saw this; i am not sure that this is UFO because on ather pictures there are no triangles, maybe it gone?1300
18 Nov 2006 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Two of my friends and myself, were walking in westwood village, it was still daylight outside, we were walking on Broxton ...1200
21 Nov 2006 - Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota, USA - BRIGHT light low in the sky- middle of the day.1225
24 Nov 2006 - Mills River, North Carolina, USA - Large, glowing, yellow sphere in Blue Ridge Mountains.1000
24 Nov 2006 - Katy, Texas, USA - My son and I watched a triangular shaped craft several thousand feet in the air that remained stationary but rotated or gyrated.1330
24 Nov 2006 - Townsend, Massachusetts, USA - Large fireball heading towards sun 5 fighters in percuit1330
30 Nov 2006 - Ajo, Arizona , USA - ((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to the individual who submitted the translation of the report, in Spanish, for the sighting in Ajo, AZ, on November 30, 2006. PD))1217
7 Dec 2006 - Pomona, Illinois, USA - Triangel shaped object with planes0900
8 Dec 2006 - Emerton, Australia - Sighting in australia1535
9 Dec 2006 - Tallahassee, Florida, USA - triangular ufo spotted on I10 on dec 9, 2006.0900
24 Dec 2006 - Drummond Island, Michigan, USA - As me and my two friends were looking at the stars we see a triangular shaped craft fly above our heads fast, and silent. 1000
31 Dec 2006 - Santa Rsoa, California , USA - 17 objects in the sky moving in a side to side and up and down pattern. All 17 objects moved away and slowly faded away as if they were leaving orbit. 1159
1 Jan 2007 - Hainault, UK - In clear daylight three white lights in triangular formation very high in sky moving eastwards.1340
1 Jan 2007 - Lake Station, Indiana, USA - light shot toward woods army helicoptor quit persuit1500
2 Jan 2007 - East Windsor, New Jersey, USA - unexplained diamond shape multi light moves extremely fast then disapears1015
2 Jan 2007 - Carpendale, West Virginia, USA - I was especially surprised at how fast it was moving1400
13 Jan 2007 - Dunnellon, Florida, USA - Four spinning light beams moving in a circle traveling southeast.1010
18 Jan 2007 - Hebron, Connecticut, USA - A distant light moving straight up toward the sky.1200
20 Jan 2007 - Eureka, California , USA - Single silent V-shaped ufo seen in southern sky over Eureka, Ca. at about 8pm on Jan. 20, 2007.1000
23 Jan 2007 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Silver dots in triangle shape at noon on Saturday1200
24 Jan 2007 - Tacoma, Washington, USA - ((NUFORC Note: Witness determines that object in fog was, in fact, an object seen floating on the surface of Puget Sound. See addendum below. PD))1146
24 Jan 2007 - Cudahy, California , USA - APPEARING LIKE A DAY TIME STAR MOVING VERY SLOWLY1200
25 Jan 2007 - Ashford, Washington, USA - white/clear triangle Mt. Rainier hovered over my cabin burned the needles/cones off a fir tree 70' off ground missing time 5001330
25 Jan 2007 - Aurora, Colorado , USA - 2 balls of light "chasing" each other at high rate of speed1530
26 Jan 2007 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Star like object moving across the sky very slowly and stops moving.1540
27 Jan 2007 - Spotsylvania, Virginia , USA - Bright, Green ball of light flying at high speed at mid day.

I was driving west on a clear day when I suddenly saw a bright, green ball of light fly at high speed across the sky from I believe North to South, then disappear.

27 Jan 2007 - Washington, D.C., District Of Columbia, USA - Fireball Over Capitol Hill- Very Long Deep Blue Tail- During Anti- War Rally1230
31 Jan 2007 - Miami, Florida, USA - Miami Florida Jan 31/2006 On Wednesday January 31, 2006 at around 2:00 pm Eastern Standard time, while I was eating lunch ...1400
8 Feb 2007 - San Francisco, California , USA - I saw one big bright light in the sky. The color of the light bright object was - light cream.1330
21 Feb 2007 - Chico, California , USA - Clear day in Febuary,6 lights edge of the atmosphere drifting north to south , watched for several minutes.1530
23 Feb 2007 - Arroyo Grande, California , USA - Mysterious light observed near Vandenberg AFB0930
24 Feb 2007 - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia - ((NUFORC Note: Date of the sighting is February 25, 2007, west of the International Dateline. We have had to change the date for one day, to satisfy our database program. The program will not allow us to post a date which is in its future...1030
26 Feb 2007 - in flight, Arizona , USA - Orange triangle viewed by passenger from flight over Arizona desert1500
1 Mar 2007 - St. Charles, Missouri, USA - Saint Charles sighting on highway 941200
8 Mar 2007 - Austin, Texas, USA - First one, then two white lights in the sky, visible in midafternoon1100
8 Mar 2007 - Modesto, California , USA - Couldn't believe what I was seeing!1300
11 Mar 2007 - Portchester, New York, USA - NO SOUND JUST A RED TRIAGLE OBJECT

11 Mar 2007 - Kamas, Utah, USA - red light that was on the grond that went fast in kamas ut1330
15 Mar 2007 - St. Bernardin, Ontario, Canada - Light appearing in our skyline , changes colors and decends down , hovers then disappears away.0900
16 Mar 2007 - Yakima, Washington, USA - triangle shape craft going up and down above house and tree's, about 60mph.1330
17 Mar 2007 - Valrico, Florida, USA - Do Satellites Stop then Change Directions?0930
17 Mar 2007 - Port Charlotte, Florida, USA - bright lights catch my attention1200
17 Mar 2007 - Edgewood, New Mexico, USA - Triagular object1445
19 Mar 2007 - Matteson, Illinois, USA - Very bright red light!0922
21 Mar 2007 - Broadview Heights, Ohio, USA - Large black triangle observed close up flying away then reaapearing soon after.0945
23 Mar 2007 - Hanson, Kentucky, USA - exploding ball of light flooded kitchen1130
25 Mar 2007 - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA - Triangular UFO with tentacles.1510
6 Apr 2007 - Kennewick, Washington, USA - bright moving light suddenly disappeared into night sky.0950
7 Apr 2007 - Spokane, Washington, USA - Strang orange glow in Eastern Washington1224
14 Apr 2007 - Big Stone Gap, Virginia , USA - i was just standing there, mindin my own business when all of the sudden i heard this sound in the sky..it was like doo doo doo duh nuh bing deling deling ding ding.. it was horrible HORRIBLE! but the music was good tho...1545
19 Apr 2007 - Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA - Many brightly lit objects emitting multi-colored lights, two military planes approached directly and flew around several times.1000
22 Apr 2007 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - I thought it was a firework at first...then I realized it was too big and way too fast. We live about 15 miles from airport....this was 20 times faster than anyplane I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot).0955
22 Apr 2007 - New York, New York, USA - star like object above Central park1400
27 Apr 2007 - Cranbury, New Jersey, USA - ..1036
3 May 2007 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Strange vapor trail

Driving to lunch on Sancus Drive in Columbus, we looked east and saw this rainbow colored streak above the clouds as if the craft had already passed by. I quickly pulled out my phone and got the attached photo.

4 May 2007 - Derbyshire, UK - Hello The reason for any delay in sending this is what you covered on coast to coast 20/6/2012.1000
21 May 2007 - Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA - Multiple objects sighted at different altitudes over Grove City PA1240
29 May 2007 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - massive black triagle flew 200' over my house!1000
31 May 2007 - Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA - 3 possible ufos over ocean?1024
3 Jun 2007 - Hollywood, Florida, USA - Triangular, bright flashing purple and green lights, moving much faster than any plane.1505
8 Jun 2007 - Deerfield, Illinois, USA - Black Triangle over Chicago Suburbs spotted twice.1300
9 Jun 2007 - Tompkinsville, Kentucky, USA - a white orb in the sky moving in the sky and then dissappearing.1106
9 Jun 2007 - Woodridge, Illinois, USA - Fours UFO's seen in Woodridge, IL, 6/9/071500
15 Jun 2007 - Monroe, Michigan, USA - Blue-ish fireballs in sky.1030
19 Jun 2007 - Glenwood Spring, Colorado , USA - two bright non-blinking lights travelling relatively close to one another just vanishing over the mountain.1030
19 Jun 2007 - Greenville, Mississippi, USA - the dark triangle with strait edges remained steady height and speed while two other similar objects hovering very near it1500
22 Jun 2007 - Torrance, California , USA - Los Angeles - Bright lights seen by 4 witnesses during shuttle reentry. 12-15 bright lights moved around the sky for 20 minutes.1230
24 Jun 2007 - Frankfort, Kentucky, USA - It was my first sighting, and it scared me to death.1234
24 Jun 2007 - Frankfort, Kentucky, USA - 2nd time in one night, please read this and the end...1256
30 Jun 2007 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Glowing orbs in the sky over seattle0945
30 Jun 2007 - Marshfield, Missouri, USA - triangle shaped object in webster co mo at pine grove rd and kk1000
2 Jul 2007 - Winchester, Kentucky, USA - semi transparent triangular sighting1025
3 Jul 2007 - Grandview, Ohio, USA - Two lights in the Columbus, Ohio sky - middle of the day.1130
3 Jul 2007 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - I have seen a great many different aircraft from different angles and at different altitudes but have never seen anything even remotely1140
4 Jul 2007 - Markham, Illinois, USA - I think one satalite moving right than one moving left 15 minutes later1100
9 Jul 2007 - State College, Pennsylvania, USA - 3 lights formed in a pyramid shape, blinking with harmony as if it was a beacon of some sort.1020
14 Jul 2007 - Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA - 4 slow lights across sky than one really fast one 5 minutes apart1100
14 Jul 2007 - Dolton, Illinois, USA - A pyramid shaped craft, not upright but triangle side. flew over my house and car. Startled my wife and daughter.1300
15 Jul 2007 - The Villages, Florida, USA - unusual vision1145
15 Jul 2007 - Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA - Strange Very Slow Moving Red/White V Shape Vertical Triangle Balloon Spheres1430
19 Jul 2007 - Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA - A black triangular craft with white lights at the vertices flew across the Northern Minnesota sky headead southwest.1300
21 Jul 2007 - Whitby, Ontario, Canada - july 21/2007,11:00pm-whitish,triangular image shoots across sky in toronto area....1100
21 Jul 2007 - Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA - Four crafts, flashing red, green and brilliant white lights, hovering overhead, one making zigzag movements.1230
23 Jul 2007 - Pomona, California , USA - Flashing lights over the Hills in Claremont.1145
24 Jul 2007 - Demotte, Indiana, USA - White ball of light with tail0945
27 Jul 2007 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Aurora/U.F.O. sighting in San Antonio1200
28 Jul 2007 - Berkeley, California , USA - Two bright dots traveling silently in sunny blue sky, bay area California1100
5 Aug 2007 - Los Angeles, California , USA - We saw 2 firey orange orbs, like 2 small suns near each other, west of the Los Angeles skyline for 5-9 seconds at 1:22 in the afternoon1322
11 Aug 2007 - Clarklake, Michigan, USA - Power interrruption, glinting in the blue sky and several odd photographs taken of round, metallic object.(s)1505
12 Aug 2007 - Richmond, Virginia , USA - Red, green, white stationary light1121
12 Aug 2007 - Eagan, Minnesota, USA - plains with huge lights on the bottem and goign really fast close to ground.1230
14 Aug 2007 - Alpharetta, Georgia, USA - Three strange lights moving irregularly close together and at high speed.1010
19 Aug 2007 - Eustis, Nebraska, USA - dancing lights in the sky1015
20 Aug 2007 - Ocala, Florida, USA - light was white round...it faded in and out about 6-8 times in 15min period..i signaled back with my 2 green neons on roof1015
25 Aug 2007 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - green line of light seen over halifax for hours1000
27 Aug 2007 - , UK - I was sleeping in my room when I saw it.A bright light outside of my neighbors house roof top.1120
2 Sep 2007 - Loveland, Colorado , USA - 4 Synchronized Lights Flying above Loveland1100
8 Sep 2007 - Grover Beach, California , USA - Small Triangular object seen while flying at 9,000 feet over Grover Beach, California1400
12 Sep 2007 - Chandler, Arizona , USA - Silver Metalic object with strong pulsating light.0920
12 Sep 2007 - Colordo Springs, Colorado , USA - In flight over Colorado Springs I saw a very bright light surrounded by many smaller lights on 9/12/07 9:35am0935
15 Sep 2007 - Seabeck, Washington, USA - colored lights rotate around in a orb, way brighter then a star1130
27 Sep 2007 - Carrollton, Texas, USA - Bright pin point light moving extremely slow at High Altitude1430
29 Sep 2007 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Light Orb in clouds over Toronto at 2:12pm Sept 29 20071412
1 Oct 2007 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - 4 DOTS OF LIGHT AROUND MOON MID MORNING TODAY0950
2 Oct 2007 - Cottonwood, Arizona , USA - Triangle or three-light formation seen in daylight1000
3 Oct 2007 - Mora, Minnesota, USA - Flaming object seen over Minnesota Sky1400
3 Oct 2007 - Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA - While I was driving north towards Plattsmouth, NE, between 2:30 and 3:30PM, I looked up to about 1:00 in the sky and saw a big, bright streak of flaming ball. It looked as if it were heading from the SSE moving NNW towards Omaha.1430
5 Oct 2007 - St. Helier, UK - Bright white light seen in daylight over Channel Islands moving on East to West course0936
10 Oct 2007 - Owego, New York, USA - triangle with 3 llights blinking.1300
13 Oct 2007 - Ashland, Oregon, USA - very bright greenish blue light the size of a large star moving slowly NW to SE and back again gaining altitude for 1/2 hour at 3:301530
14 Oct 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Star-like light in the daytime sky over Las Vegas.1500
16 Oct 2007 - Kingston, New York, USA - Ball of light moves slowly behind a tree & disappears.1500
20 Oct 2007 - Buckhead, Georgia, USA - Bright blinking light that just disappeared into thin air0920
23 Oct 2007 - Williamsville, New York, USA - It hovered right above my house for 20 seconds, it looked like it was searching for something.1130
23 Oct 2007 - Merritt Island, Florida, USA - Some thing go from West to East durning the shuttle launch.1139
10 Nov 2007 - Canyon Lake, Texas, USA - Rendlesham Forest look alikes. 2 were spotted by Canyon Lake Tx. from about 60 yards away.0930
10 Nov 2007 - Springfield, Virginia , USA - A light kept getting bigger then dissapeared without a trace.1230
11 Nov 2007 - Springfield, Virginia , USA - Bright light in Cardinal Plaza1334
15 Nov 2007 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - light in sky - disappears

A day time star-like light (slight orange tint) over the Sandia Mountains, remained motionless for about 5 minutes, I looked away for less than a minute and the light source disappeared. (Perfectly clear sky)1315
21 Nov 2007 - Enon, Ohio, USA - i was driving back fromdayton ohio and i saw something it didnt make sound it had alot of lights on it0947
27 Nov 2007 - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA - Huge ball with tail, coming down at north angle but moving east at a fast pace.1000
28 Nov 2007 - Mount Vernon, Missouri, USA - Alien Aircraft apparently watching me0945
30 Nov 2007 - Heath, Ohio, USA - bright light being followed by jets, till it out flew them, and they left.1530
13 Dec 2007 - Jacksonville, Oregon, USA - We watched for 40 min.and there was a stationary ship with 2 red light docking ships. I tried to take pics but I haven't put them into my computer to review. 1000
29 Dec 2007 - North Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Triangle shaped object seen near North Kansas City Missouri.1500
1 Jan 2008 - San Diego, California , USA - Orange brightly glowing balls of light in north eastern sky traveling North West towards Del Mar. A friend called me who lives 3 miles away and they were just appearing in our night view of the sky...1230
8 Jan 2008 - Italy, Italy - Italian UFO1400
8 Jan 2008 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Large fireball across the sky

We saw a bright fireball going from north to south at a high altitude. The fireball was moving southwest visible for a long period. We took several pictures.

14 Jan 2008 - Goleta, California , USA - Object left Earths atmosphere within 5 seconds1225
20 Jan 2008 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - the light streaked across and then another light appeared behind the car a was just hovering above1045
20 Jan 2008 - North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 1 triangle shaped grey object flew in landing gear first with very large landing gear on either wing. Moving on a small axis in complex maneuvers. Low to the ground, close to me, maybe 500 feet away and one storey above the water...1100
29 Jan 2008 - Northridge, California , USA - it was a triangle of lights, big judging from the mountains. it just hovered over the mountains it was silver0900
1 Feb 2008 - Apache Junction, Arizona , USA - Object was spotted at the southern tip of Superstition Mountain as I was driving East on U.S. 60. Object appeared metallic in nature. It could only be seen as it turned, otherwise it was not visible to the naked eye...1500
9 Feb 2008 - Rome, Georgia, USA - 4 flahsing lights hovering in night sky1115
12 Feb 2008 - Luton, England, UK - small bright star like object hovering in the sky1120
12 Feb 2008 - El Paso, Texas, USA - Bright sphere, flashing light, changes in intensity and patterns. Not consistent with weather balloon.1330
13 Feb 2008 - Winlock, Washington, USA - Bright oval shape moving faster than any plane, making erratic right angle turns in the clear morning sky.1030
14 Feb 2008 - Ashby, Massachusetts, USA - Bright oblong object dissapears in the morning sky1111
15 Feb 2008 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Bright Light that move like a canon shot, then like a yo-yo..transforming from light to bright red.1130
16 Feb 2008 - Seattle, Washington, USA - bright flickering light like a star moving left to right and heading west1254
19 Feb 2008 - Niantic, Connecticut, USA - Two strange lights hovered above the surface of a lake, broke the surface, and disappeared.1100
20 Feb 2008 - Ste-Justine de Newton, Canada - present in sky during lunar eclipse1015
20 Feb 2008 - Claxton, Georgia, USA - Simular wing lines to the "War of the Worlds" movie.1330
23 Feb 2008 - El Paso, Texas, USA - There was a flash and it vanished...1300
25 Feb 2008 - Sayville, New York, USA - Lights in the Sky.

I was looking in my yard when I saw a white light.I saw a little black disk in it.It was gone in a 10 seconds.Then a bright red light followed it.it was not a plane because it had no wings.

25 Feb 2008 - Benicia, California , USA - Midday sighting of UFO with apparent intercept attempt1150
27 Feb 2008 - College Station, Texas, USA - college station V shaped lights.0900
29 Feb 2008 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Star Light resembling craft in formations of 3 and huge megaship over Standing Bear.1200
1 Mar 2008 - Chico, California , USA - Witnessed unexplained multiple lights/orbs traveling east to west in clear daylight. First impression was that they might be balloons. However, a smaller group of two broke off from the others and traveled in the opposite direction at a rapid speed.1400
7 Mar 2008 - Fontana, California , USA - Glowing light1200
9 Mar 2008 - Casa Grande, Arizona , USA - Strange lights in the sky during the day1500
10 Mar 2008 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Green stream of light that was moving in a manner that made it seem alive and not a craft Flying through the sky at a very slow rate of0920
10 Mar 2008 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - UFO's practicing with the Thunderbirds?1330
11 Mar 2008 - Annandale, New Jersey, USA - A red fireball with a white tail traveling low in the sky early morning.0940
11 Mar 2008 - Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA - Just left rest area exit 172 GSP heading south, very sunny bright morning- witnessed a bright light streak down from the sky towards the ground about 200 yards in front of me and all the other cars on the gsp heading south( saw a lot of brake lights). 1000
15 Mar 2008 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA - red white and blue lights rippling black on the bottom huge!! 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1400
23 Mar 2008 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Small flashing white light & large fast white oval......1255
4 Apr 2008 - Maui, Hawaii, USA - I was in Maui Hawaii for a vacation. I was on the deck of our condo around 9:30 at night looking at the stars and i saw i oddly bright star. I was looking at it, it didnt move. 0930
11 Apr 2008 - Shafter, California , USA - dont no what to say i was amazed it was just like my dream

it came from the n.east right below the moon where i was standing noticed 2 bright lights falling from the sky aprox. 13:00 hrs.

13 Apr 2008 - Salt Lake, Utah, USA - Bright stationary/slow moving star in daylight1500
16 Apr 2008 - Kokomo, Indiana, USA - Lights circling the skies of Kokomo Indiana1030
16 Apr 2008 - Lafayette, Indiana, USA - this aint no hoax, it for real, i saw what i saw!1030
16 Apr 2008 - Augusta, Georgia, USA - Flasing triangular lights in rural Georgia1245
16 Apr 2008 - State College, Pennsylvania, USA - Silver lines/flashes in the sky.1300
17 Apr 2008 - San Francisco, California , USA - 2 luminous triangular shaped objects pulsating white and blue lights in sky for 3 to 4 minutes.1300
19 Apr 2008 - Lake Park, Florida, USA - A bright light in sky appeared to be a morning star or was it a UFO?1100
20 Apr 2008 - Byron Center, Washington, USA - Strange lights that were hovering over the woods and moved very fast.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1000
20 Apr 2008 - Heath, Ohio, USA - red strobing star looking object ,disappeared & reappearing in different spots in the sky1030
20 Apr 2008 - Moriarty, New Mexico, USA - the ufo was moving fast and erraticly it was moving in immposible ways1500
23 Apr 2008 - Jamestown, Kentucky, USA - Ufo over lake cumberland.1109
24 Apr 2008 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - Star in broad daylight1430
25 Apr 2008 - Tallahassee, Florida, USA - 2 balls of light making unusual turns1000
26 Apr 2008 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Bright red orbish light hovering over Seattle bay area!1155
13 May 2008 - Gainesville, Virginia , USA - Greenlight falling from sky over Haymarket, Virginia area.1128
17 May 2008 - Westlake Village, California , USA - White fireball over city of Westlake Village0900
21 May 2008 - Comer, Georgia, USA - Object chasing jet1300
24 May 2008 - Thulba, Germany - I have found the Khoom Fay (Japanes) lanterns which are simular looking to what I/we saw, however, I do not beleive they were Balloons.1130
28 May 2008 - Little Rock, Arkansas, USA - unknown craft in Ak as seen on weather camera1200
29 May 2008 - Uniondale, New York, USA - High Altitude Flying Abnormally blinking object1100
31 May 2008 - Fort Collins, Colorado , USA - LARGE DARK-GREY TRIANGULAR OBJECT W/ SINGLE WHITE STROBE seen south of Fort Collins1030
2 Jun 2008 - Cold Spring, New York, USA - Bright silent light moving slowly in a curve that disappeared.1030
2 Jun 2008 - Millville, New Jersey, USA - Triangular,3 red lights on each point.Flew straight across sky very fast than it was gone.Made a loud sound .

2 Jun 2008 - Rodanthe, North Carolina, USA - Black unexplained trangle rodanth NC1200
8 Jun 2008 - Dowagiac, Michigan, USA - 3 lights at the leading edge of an approaching storm1500
9 Jun 2008 - Honey Grove, Texas, USA - Well to begin with, my two brothers and I were out in our field by our redneck clubhouse just talking about different stuff, and all of a sudden I looked up to see a mars colored, star looking object come right from the East going toward the West...0910
12 Jun 2008 - Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA - An eerie glowing aircraft with no sound over Kenosha Wisconsin1150
14 Jun 2008 - New Braunfels, Texas, USA - At about 11:00pm a triangle craft with lights at all three corners and center flew by slowly.it made no sound heading southwest.

14 Jun 2008 - New Braunfels, Texas, USA - Triangle shape craft with 4 lights

A white light at top,bottom left and right and center. No sound.heading south to san antonio1100
14 Jun 2008 - Sedona, Arizona , USA - A light warping over Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona ufo.1400
15 Jun 2008 - Williamstown, New Jersey, USA - A large, fiery white ball of light shot quickly across the sky towards the ground.1030
17 Jun 2008 - Calexico, California , USA - i was outside and i waslooking at the sky when i see the lights in shaped of a triangle and it hovered slowly from south to the north.1230
19 Jun 2008 - Rineyville, Kentucky, USA - Triangle in shape,spotted at about 10:30,lights were blue,object moved at moderate speed1030
20 Jun 2008 - Parlier, California , USA - Lost UFO Firing Up as it ascends for dissapearing in an instant1240
21 Jun 2008 - Liberty, Indiana, USA - Liberty, Indiana 11:00 p.m. Orange fireball, low, heading south to north then turning to the west and disappearing from sight.1100
22 Jun 2008 - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - A real bright flash of light.1030
22 Jun 2008 - Santa Clara, California , USA - two lights moving very fast high in the night sky on June 22,20081100
23 Jun 2008 - Simi Valley, California , USA - I got off of work looked to southern sky saw a red bright light no blinking.I thought wow mars is really red. I drove home looked up in was still there...1203
30 Jun 2008 - Youngstown, Ohio, USA - 12+ fireball-like objects were video taped in Youngstown Ohio1245
2 Jul 2008 - Faliraki, Dodekanisos, Greece - Me, my Mum and Dad was coming back from a bar on the Beach, when we saw a light go across the sky. Another man saw it too. It went very slow, and when we started walking to it, it shot off.1130
2 Jul 2008 - Greenville, Michigan, USA - Triangular object over Greenville, Michigan on July 2, 2008.1501
4 Jul 2008 - Athens, Georgia, USA - Reddish-orange glowing object, multiple witnesses, athens, GA, July 4th, possible UFO.1000
4 Jul 2008 - Athens, Georgia, USA - Red orb drops white orbs at night1030
4 Jul 2008 - Elmwood Park, Illinois, USA - On the morning of july 4 2008, I went outside to the front lawn of my apartment to watch the 4th of july parade in Elmwood Park IL. I had just brought a new camera and wanted to try it out. I had taken about 15 or 20 shots...1200
5 Jul 2008 - Lakeside, Ohio, USA - It was one object triangular in shape, with three circular tubes of flame, moving slowly.1015
5 Jul 2008 - Rothbury, Michigan, USA - Large flame in sky, turns and dissapears upwards into darkness during Rothbury Festival.1530
9 Jul 2008 - Coaltownship, Pennsylvania, USA - Lighted object seen over Ferndale Pa,1215
10 Jul 2008 - Green Island, New York, USA - Four Lights In Upper Atmosphere Moving At 25,000 MPH Could Be Faster Depending On Height1155
14 Jul 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Me and my wife witness. Three lights in a triangluar shaped formation floating over horizon for a good two hours.1200
15 Jul 2008 - Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada - the first time I ever saw anything like this1500
18 Jul 2008 - Oxford, North Carolina, USA - Bright lights 100 ft off the ground1035
21 Jul 2008 - Duluth, Minnesota, USA - Fire-like glow... NOT FIRE EMBER!1149
23 Jul 2008 - Naperville, Illinois, USA - Large flying triange with Squared off tips made humming noise in the clear early morning sky.0920
24 Jul 2008 - Spokane Valley, Washington, USA - Two UFO's flying togeather, one red the other white in Washington state1010
25 Jul 2008 - Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA - 3 orange balls of light blinking in unison over the ocean in Surfside beach S.C.1030
26 Jul 2008 - Seneca Falls, New York, USA - 6 of us witnessed alow flying, slow moving orange fireball. It was almost like a low flying plane on fire, however there was no sound.0930
30 Jul 2008 - Odd, West Virginia, USA - black triangular shaped aircraft photographed during the day0906
30 Jul 2008 - Loveland, Colorado , USA - I saw orange lights moving in formation, going from north to south.

They made no sound, and formed a triangle. It only lasted 5 seconds, then went past a tree, and out of sight.

It was 11:15, on 7/30/08.1115
1 Aug 2008 - Denver International Airport, Colorado , USA - Objects of light seen below clouds1500
2 Aug 2008 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Bright light circles north star and then strangley moves away0930
5 Aug 2008 - Balto City, Maryland, USA - triangle object flying from north to southeast0900
5 Aug 2008 - Bedford, Virginia , USA - Silent, slow moving triangle shaped craft.1015
8 Aug 2008 - Newberg, Oregon, USA - object over newberg oregon, 2 witnessed, white light with three red lights attached.0900
11 Aug 2008 - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - white light traveling horizontally, sped up very fast and then disappeared.0930
12 Aug 2008 - Conway, UK - I was in the car with my mum and dad and we were coming home from visiting my grandmas house. It was quite dark but the moon was very very bright...1000
15 Aug 2008 - Portland, Maine, USA - Three white lights in a triangular pateren about 200 feet wide1140
15 Aug 2008 - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - 5-6 floating lights over new orleans1145
16 Aug 2008 - North Highlands, California , USA - A BRIGHT LIGHT DANCING IN THE SKY FOR 35 TO 40 MINUTES ZIG-ZAGGING FAST AND SLOW1040
23 Aug 2008 - Gaylord, Michigan, USA - Bright moving object in the night sky in Otsego County, Michigan1100
28 Aug 2008 - Beverly Hills, California , USA - I was at a birthday bash of my friend, in the beverly hills area and there in the sky suddently were two flashing lights from the sky. me and a few others looked up and were terrified. they were most defently NOT airplanes, helicopters, etc...1200
2 Sep 2008 - Buffalo, New York, USA - Green and red Lights spotted over Buffalo making a 90 degree turn before travelling at a high rate of speed over my car1119
4 Sep 2008 - Maury, Languedoc-Roussillon, France - triangle shaped craft exceeding 10000 miles an hour speed1400
14 Sep 2008 - Brownsville, Texas, USA - triangle in backyard,, i have knowledge and they know,, i know.1400
15 Sep 2008 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - San Antonio, Tx. September 2008 - 3 Witnesses - Triangular Formation in the sky.1200
19 Sep 2008 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Two fireballs shot across the sky towards downtown los angeles1115
24 Sep 2008 - Pewee Valley, Kentucky, USA - 3 fireballs one following a VERY low jet airliner less than a minute after i saw the first 2.1200
27 Sep 2008 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA - 2 Flashing Lights In Tinley Park1300
27 Sep 2008 - Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA - At approximately 15:15 on Saturday September 27th 2008, I was wading on the shore of Jacksonville Beach in about 5 feet of water observing a peculiar object in the Eastern sky. This object seemed to maintain its position due East and was flashing...1515
28 Sep 2008 - Austin, Texas, USA - Triangle shaped UFO in the sky over city park in Austin, Tx.1100
29 Sep 2008 - Longmont, Colorado , USA - UFO might have been invisible to the naked eye but my digital camera got it!!!1041
1 Oct 2008 - Lanagan, Missouri, USA - I reported this same object last week ,so far three times i have seen this blinking object which moves horizontially and does tight circles .0900
3 Oct 2008 - Chawton, UK - Circular bright orange light in the night sky that glowed twice(on/off)before disappearing1030
3 Oct 2008 - Denver, North Carolina, USA - I saw 2 rapid moving dimly glowing lights moving jaggedly vertically across the sky.1158
6 Oct 2008 - Lanagan, Missouri, USA - red,white,blue light seen in northwest sky 4 times in last two weeks ,moves horizontially,and remains stationary also0910
10 Oct 2008 - Amarillo, Texas, USA - we saw flashing lights

we saw blue and amber flashing lights0930
10 Oct 2008 - Fremont, California , USA - I saw a brightly lightes v shaped ufo while driving through fremont,ca.

12 Oct 2008 - Grand Junction, Colorado , USA - UFO's seen over a mesa0900
24 Oct 2008 - De Soto, Missouri, USA - small yellow-white light seen in De Soto , MO1012
2 Nov 2008 - Marysville, California , USA - 13 different flashing lights surrounding my house for the past month1045
3 Nov 2008 - Golden, Colorado , USA - Flashing metallic objects not exhibiting typical flight charactaristics of any known aircraft I or anyone else there has ever seen.1310
12 Nov 2008 - Long Beach, California , USA - Fireball moves slowly across the sky, puses, then changes directions - Long Beach, CA0915
15 Nov 2008 - Madison, Ohio, USA - Fireball seen by power plant1420
17 Nov 2008 - Vista, California , USA - Unidentified light flashing and reappearing throughout the valley1030
20 Nov 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - 3 strangely colored (bronze, copper, orange red) very bright, began very small, and grew to very large, disapeared, and then reappeared

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1015
22 Nov 2008 - Canton, Michigan, USA - Twelve to eighteen white, wing shaped craft flying northwest through Canton, MI.1400
23 Nov 2008 - Duvall, Washington, USA - My family and I saw three bright lights in the sky, possibly above the Novelty Hill area of Redmond, Washington, which is approximately twenty miles east of Seattle. We noticed these lights during our drive home, on Sunday night at 9:20 p...0920
26 Nov 2008 - I-355 and 159th st, Illinois, USA - Bright flash of light seen traveling southbnd on I-355 in Illinois during sunny day.1530
27 Nov 2008 - Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA - Family sees strange light moving across night sky that flickers, dims, and brightens.1030
30 Nov 2008 - Pounding Mill, Virginia , USA - My boyfriend and i did see an unusual object in the sky and now ever since I saw it everytime it crosses my mind it freaks ...1300
30 Nov 2008 - Hollywood, California , USA - bright lights over hollywood

they were six lights in the sky we thought they were stars but then they started to move and stop they kept doing this in one spot for about 20 min1500
3 Dec 2008 - Lake Tapps, Washington, USA - Black triangle with light red lights over pasture and trees1403
22 Dec 2008 - Marquette, Michigan, USA - Green Fireball-Upper Peninsula of Michigan1300
23 Dec 2008 - Arvada, Colorado , USA - silent v shape craft , no light's, moving west to east, circles on bottom from center and two down the "wings"1200
24 Dec 2008 - Edinburgh, Indiana, USA - 4 lights that seperated and spun around.1200
6 Jan 2009 - Rancho Cucamonga, California , USA - Two star like bright lights moving in oppostie directions and one changing directions in the clear morning skies of Rancho Cucamonga1015
7 Jan 2009 - Rancho Cucamonga, California , USA - Second sighting of a bright light moving from left to right high up in the clear blue sky early morning in Rancho Cucamonga, ca1015
8 Jan 2009 - Rancho Cucamonga, California , USA - Third sighting of a bright star like light changing colors blue and white moving across the morning sky in Rancho cucamonga0930
9 Jan 2009 - Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Sliver of light in the sky

Walking near the beach and in the sky I saw a sliver of light approximately 20 miles away and then it came toward me quickly in a jagged pattern and then came over me. I was too scared to look, so I ran.

10 Jan 2009 - Rancho Cucamonga, California , USA - Fourth sighting of bright star like light moving in clear morning skies of Rancho Cucamonga, ca1019
12 Jan 2009 - Arden, North Carolina, USA - Bright star-shaped light with red center through binos appeared to have yellow and blue trails or bursts coming out of it.1000
17 Jan 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Meteor like fireball witnessed on a clear sunny midafternoon.1532
18 Jan 2009 - Newbury Park, California , USA - Triangle UFO moving low across the sky a little before mid-day.1100
23 Jan 2009 - Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - Bright green light above the mass pike. Fell to ground then disappeared.0900
23 Jan 2009 - Hightstown, New Jersey, USA - Sighting in Hightstown UFO!1138
26 Jan 2009 - Santa Ana, California , USA - several objects seen over Central Orange County (Santa Ana College Area)1215
28 Jan 2009 - Silsbee, Texas, USA - orange-yellowish bright light that just disappeared0930
31 Jan 2009 - Elko, Nevada, USA - Two stationary red lights spotted by multiple persons flashing over Elko Nevada.1015
6 Feb 2009 - New York, New York, USA - Possibility of it being a meteor.1203
8 Feb 2009 - Duluth, Minnesota, USA - black triangle, three white lights on bottom, 1 pilot human, windy sound, slow, near woods or airport, see in craft,1000
8 Feb 2009 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - Silent triangle craft flies in straight line east to west quicly.1215
11 Feb 2009 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Bright white object doing unatural manouvres1420
15 Feb 2009 - Johnson City, Texas, USA - Small, brilliant white ball of light Feb 15, 2009 in central Texas - same day as the big sighting but farther away1045
18 Feb 2009 - Tampa, Florida, USA - White Triangle0900
25 Feb 2009 - Seattle, Washington, USA - bright erratically moving light over south seattle.1109
3 Mar 2009 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - It was a yellow triangular craft that came over my home. They flew over for about five minutes and then vanished. There was a loud screech that came from it. I dont know how close it was but the noise real loud. My friend was with me.1000
5 Mar 2009 - Winsted, Connecticut, USA - Multiple unidentifiable triangular flying objects0900
10 Mar 2009 - Claremont, California , USA - Bright white/red changing light moving calmly across sky, possible round/oval shape to it1120
14 Mar 2009 - Montecito, California , USA - My boyfriend and I saw a large light moving quickly downwards in the night sky, and then it turned upwards and disappeared.1030
14 Mar 2009 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Light or small object, drifting slowly E-W on a clear afternoon. No sudden maneuvers, flew v. slowly.1415
17 Mar 2009 - Simi Valley, California , USA - Discovered UFOs in my Photos1100
19 Mar 2009 - Rapid City, South Dakota, USA - Seemingly shooting star spilt into 4 objects, then joins back up into one object in the Black Hills.1222
21 Mar 2009 - Carnsville, Georgia, USA - me and my son were driveing home, and we seen what looked like a ball of fire moving at a fast rate of speed,and it disapered behind some trees. i was trying to find a way to report this, but this is the only site my son found.1029
21 Mar 2009 - Newark, Ohio, USA - 3 star like objects in a row,3 separate lights giving off red or orange light1200
22 Mar 2009 - Copperas Cove, Texas, USA - I have seen alot of aircrafts fly by my house because i live near Fort Hood, and never did my radio go out.1130
28 Mar 2009 - Columbia, South Carolina, USA - Red fireball UFOs over South Carolina in controlled flight to a northerly direction seen south of Columbia1145
29 Mar 2009 - Sheridan, Indiana, USA - two extremely bright pulses of white light followed by brief sound of a loud charge like you use to hear in the old frankenstein movies...0930
3 Apr 2009 - Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA - lights in my home that seemed intelligent and not a ghost1345
6 Apr 2009 - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - I went to get a pack of cigaretts, only a 2 min walk... but I drove because I felt lazy. got my cigarettes... walking back to my apartment and halfway up I notice a light in the sky, no big deal...it look sort of like a search light...0915
10 Apr 2009 - Orlando, Florida, USA - Black Triangle, Three lights in the shape of a triangle.1134
10 Apr 2009 - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA - single white light high above Louisiana swamps1300
17 Apr 2009 - Wilhoit, Arizona , USA - Last night my neighbors were over visiting.. We were out back looking at the sky enjoying all the stars.. There are no city lights where we live so the sky just explodes with stars...1100
18 Apr 2009 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - triangle with green lights and black outer shell over wichita.1523
19 Apr 2009 - Manhasset, New York, USA - Shimmering triangle of dim white lights change direction quickly and are gone - with no jet noise.0935
21 Apr 2009 - Dunedin, Florida, USA - I saw a strange black triangle with a silver circle in the middle, it flew by my house, maybe two of them.1120
24 Apr 2009 - Fox River Grove, Illinois, USA - 3 large lights in a large triangle pattern1030
1 May 2009 - Greenfield, Illinois, USA - UFO's in Greenfield, IL0900
2 May 2009 - Heidenheimer, Texas, USA - Triangle shaped, slowly moving object1300
5 May 2009 - Miami, Florida, USA - Brilliant lighted Triangular Ufo over Miami1000
7 May 2009 - Englewood, Florida, USA - Star like objects that change direction flash light,and speed up,and slow down.Almost every night.0920
8 May 2009 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - UFO orbs appear during intense MCV thunderstorm0948
15 May 2009 - Orangeburg, New York, USA - Triangular shape emerging from cloud spotted in NY.1500
17 May 2009 - Oakland, California , USA - Clear blue sky on Sunday morning. Very bright light at high altitude, probably about 6x brighter than Venus, but not larger than a very bright star, moving slightly faster than satellite pace...0957
18 May 2009 - Pahrump, Nevada, USA - 05/18/09 9:00 pm There was this large bright flashing light that moved rapidly across the southern sky.0900
18 May 2009 - Alhambra, California , USA - bright light lit up Alhambra, CA 12:45am, so bright that all street lights turn off1245
18 May 2009 - New Cumberland, West Virginia, USA - High Altitude Bright Light during mid-day1423
22 May 2009 - Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia - This was a flame coloured moving object in the night sky.1250
23 May 2009 - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - triangle shaped 3 orange globes 1118
25 May 2009 - Byram, Mississippi, USA - Triangle ufo in mississippi shoots out laser0915
25 May 2009 - Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA - Round white light speeding over us then just disappearing.0945
2 Jun 2009 - Tempe, Arizona , USA - Three "star-looking" crafts flying in random directions in the middle of the day.1300
3 Jun 2009 - Bagdad, Arizona , USA - was a bright yellow light growing and dissapearing.1100
5 Jun 2009 - Demarest, New Jersey, USA - First craft I have seen, posted a report back a few years ago about an oval type portal that appeared at my old home in Englewood NJ.0920
5 Jun 2009 - Victoria, Texas, USA - Unexplained objects in broad daylight over Victoria, TX.1410
6 Jun 2009 - Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA - Airplane looking orange fireball, like a plane going down.0915
8 Jun 2009 - West Bend, Wisconsin, USA - saw a bright white light all of a sudden appear and just zooming thru the sky, i have never seen something fly that fast in the sky before, no flashing light, saw the first one headed north, then ten...1000
10 Jun 2009 - Soquel, California , USA - Triangle w/three lights flying very low, very fast and silent. Nothing similar that I've ever seen. I'm not crazy.1103
18 Jun 2009 - Medford, Oregon, USA - reflective flashes from the sun on an unmoving object1230
19 Jun 2009 - Hutchinson, Kansas, USA - 3 red lights in northern sky1100
21 Jun 2009 - Wakefield, England, UK - Orange pulsing fireball1110
25 Jun 2009 - Missoula, Montana, USA - Bright white orb hovers for over 4 hours.1000
26 Jun 2009 - San Francisco, California , USA - A flying ball of light faster than a comet near Mt. Tamalpais.1130
27 Jun 2009 - Carlsbad, California , USA - I live in Carlsbad Ca.,in the last three weeks I see super bright egg shaped floating objects they move slow just floating, they get real bright then they get dim kind of floating along, the get super bright again then they just vanish1000
28 Jun 2009 - Tiburon, California , USA - Blue/green transparent triangle shaped object appearing over Blackies Pasture in Tiburon, CA.1500
29 Jun 2009 - Surprise, Arizona , USA - 20 or more silver/white/light flat objects near Phoenix, AZ spotted noon June 29, 20091200
1 Jul 2009 - Fulton, New York, USA - the triangle shaped air craft hoverd above me and then disappeared in the trees1200
1 Jul 2009 - Medford, Oregon, USA - I saw a triangle shaped object in the sky above my back yard in Oregon.1530
4 Jul 2009 - Louisville, Colorado , USA - I was at a park at about 1 PM. I was on the swings. I looked up and saw three bright lights. They were slowly moving up and down. They were not planes or helicopters because they kept moving up and down...1300
5 Jul 2009 - Lenexa, Kansas, USA - this object looked like a star but orbiting and then it disappeared in thin air.1000
6 Jul 2009 - Boca Raton, Florida, USA - oversized jelly bean looking thing0900
7 Jul 2009 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - moving light.0940
7 Jul 2009 - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA - Looked like a star moving very rapidly across the sky, too fast for a satellite.1010
10 Jul 2009 - Humble, Texas, USA - A UFO that consisted of a pulsating orange and yellow light and it flew over making no sound. It pulsated and slowly disappeared1035
13 Jul 2009 - Corona, California , USA - Triangular shaped object flying erratically yet fluid in the sky.1110
15 Jul 2009 - Monkton, Ontario, Canada - I saw an unidentified flying object in the sky that looked like a star with a ring around it and it moved too quickly to be from earth.1423
16 Jul 2009 - Kent, Washington, USA - fast moving ball of light variable speed and brillant light that faded away before the horizon1022
16 Jul 2009 - Oakwood, Texas, USA - Bright red object drifts slowly an then fades out1100
17 Jul 2009 - Waterloo, Iowa, USA - 4 Fireball-like UFO Seen in Waterloo, Iowa, July 20091000
20 Jul 2009 - Auburn, Alabama, USA - Two bright, non-moving lights in the sky, brighter than the stars.0930
21 Jul 2009 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Odd pulsing lights west of Chicago1230
23 Jul 2009 - Escondido, California , USA - non-flashing high altitude light over north county San Diego1044
23 Jul 2009 - Lakewood, Colorado , USA - bright starlike lights in midday in colorado1100
25 Jul 2009 - Carrie, Kentucky, USA - Moving light stopping over us and turning bright1120
25 Jul 2009 - Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, USA - Observed triangular object in sky change direction from north and south. I then alerted my brother. We watched object change direction quickly from one spot to the next, and then shoot to the northeast. Then it vanished.1156
26 Jul 2009 - Norwood -Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Bright Light traveling towards the East then quickly fading out. No Sound at all.0938
26 Jul 2009 - Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, USA - I dont believe what i just saw

fast moving object southwest to northest made sharp left turn cut back at a 45 and shot forward then disappeared triangle shaped brother saw same thing lightning storm rolling in very quick moving clouds1156
26 Jul 2009 - Columbia, Missouri, USA - Green and pink aircraft disappears in Columbia, MO1230
26 Jul 2009 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA - One, spherical light orb that is slow moving then rapidly accelerating up into clouds.1500
5 Aug 2009 - Yelm, Washington, USA - silver triangle shape sighting in Yelm WA1405
10 Aug 2009 - Houston, Texas, USA - light over houston texas1230
11 Aug 2009 - Brigantine, Pennsylvania, USA - Large crafts traveling very fast. The first one was going really fast and it seemed like the second was chasing it and it had really bright lights on it. FIve minutes later another plane comes in and it seemed like it was military however it was huge!1030
13 Aug 2009 - Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA - Triangle shaped UFO with 3 dots in each corner no lights, sphere and worm like object in sky1156
13 Aug 2009 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Light and object in the sky1223
15 Aug 2009 - New York, New York, USA - ..0932
16 Aug 2009 - Saginaw, Texas, USA - I was in the backyard with my girlfriend when we saw bright green glowing ball which seemed to fall at a 60 degree angle. It disappeared behind some houses, but it was an illuminating green color that emitted radiance like a green glow stick. 1045
16 Aug 2009 - Auberry, California , USA - Silver triangle shape - Silent1400
19 Aug 2009 - Wheeling, Illinois, USA - Strange flashing motionless object suddenly speeds away.1228
19 Aug 2009 - Gentry, Arkansas, USA - 3 people witness a strange bright flash of light near the ground in my backyard.1422
23 Aug 2009 - Garden Prairie, Illinois, USA - My husband and I were in the back part of the property by a lake checking nursery trees. When we were finished we went down to the lake and sat for a while. We were facing north. It was around 2:00 p...1400
24 Aug 2009 - Medford, Oregon, USA - Strange flashing whitish light that moved like a plane but then stopped and stood still for five minutes.1430
30 Aug 2009 - Little Braxted, UK - Orange circular objects in Britian in triangle formation that move simultaniously together0952
2 Sep 2009 - Healdsburg, California , USA - I was at Lake Sonoma pig hunting, somethig caught my eye in the western sky1100
4 Sep 2009 - Maysville, Oklahoma, USA - unidentified white light object with two windows in it appeared to be burning or crashing towards earth1115
11 Sep 2009 - Paysayten Wilderness, Washington, USA - Daylight Large Bright Light in Paysayten Wilderness1223
11 Sep 2009 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - two orbes, traveling SW to E, not a plane, sattelite, nor shoot star, disappeared into the sky.1500
12 Sep 2009 - Miamisburg, Ohio, USA - Miamisburg UFO Triangular White light hovering air craft spotted on Soldiers Home Miamisburg Rd.1100
12 Sep 2009 - Auburn, California , USA - Black craft 600 ft above home, seen by two girls in suburban Auburn.1146
17 Sep 2009 - Everett, Washington, USA - I saw a triangle ufo with four white lights moving quickly with no sound in Everett Wa.0950
17 Sep 2009 - Auburn, California , USA - A large, black triangle ship flying low at mid-day with no sound1150
19 Sep 2009 - Gurnee, Illinois, USA - Two spherical bright orange objects flew slowly across the sky, slowed down and kept going in a straight line and then disappeared.

26 Sep 2009 - San Jose, California , USA - It was Saturday 09/26/2009, apprx 1:05 pm , I saw a bright light in the sky, at first I thought it was a balloon, but then it began to spin ,emitted a bright blinking light. A few minutes later, two more appeared...1305
1 Oct 2009 - Canton, Michigan, USA - Triangular shaped UFO with lights at corners hovering at cloud height over home0900
1 Oct 2009 - Whitefield, Oklahoma, USA - Looked like a light that appeared to be moving upwards.1538
2 Oct 2009 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Object moving above cloud line in Jacksonville, FL Oct 2, 2009 at 10:30 am1030
5 Oct 2009 - Loveland, Ohio, USA - Bright white lights. Unusually low on horizon. Maneuvered like a jet/airplane cannot, hovered in air very close to my location.1030
7 Oct 2009 - East Dublin, Georgia, USA - I just seen something that was magical1042
11 Oct 2009 - Plymouth, Michigan, USA - i was standing on a sidewalk near salem high school where i saw a triangular shaped craft slowly gliding right over my head. 0945
13 Oct 2009 - Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Hi I decided to get out of Auckland City for a while,so me and my girlfriend went for a drive,so we decided to go to Whatatane,its a small town out side of Auckland City in New Zealand.But when we got...1400
16 Oct 2009 - Garden Grove, California , USA - Triangle shape, broken into three discoid or round objects, shinny like polished stainless1300
16 Oct 2009 - San Jose, California , USA - BRIGHT LIGHTS IN SKY OVER SAN JOSE CALIF.1550
17 Oct 2009 - St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA - 10/17/09 st.cloud mn light 5-10mins and orange light over down town st.cloud1250
20 Oct 2009 - Falls Village, Connecticut, USA - Triangular UFO with flashing lights and light beam.1300
11 Nov 2009 - Manchester, England, UK - bright light and turned red1111
3 Dec 2009 - North Port, Florida, USA - Follow-up To Initial Report1322
13 Dec 2009 - Aventura, Florida, USA - 12/13/09 Aventura florida 2 hours light 3 objects (12 to start)1400
15 Dec 2009 - Richland Hills, Texas, USA - Black triangular craft seen from below and side views with an array of lights1223
21 Dec 2009 - Bucksport, Maine, USA - Triangular shaped craft over rt 461530
1 Jan 2010 - San Diego, California , USA - It happen nEw years eve 2010

Triangle red lights. All three stayed together for 2.5 minutes. All three approched really fast towards us. With a second of s stop. Two went west and one went east.1202
1 Jan 2010 - Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA - Haverhill Massachusetts triangle object sighting1300
2 Jan 2010 - Orange, California , USA - Point of light in daytime sky over Orange, CA1220
4 Jan 2010 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - lights above my building1245
10 Jan 2010 - Norton, Massachusetts, USA - strange craft with amazing speed.1030
14 Jan 2010 - Lexington, Kentucky, USA - HAVE PICTURES1209
15 Jan 2010 - Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada - I saw a strange light at our local Girl Guide unit.1300
18 Jan 2010 - Oldwick, New Jersey, USA - Triangular object with 40+ lights hovering over Oldwick, New Jersey.1500
23 Jan 2010 - Pacific Grove, California , USA - Observed 17 small light moving below the moon at 15:20 PST on Saturday 1/23/10.1520
31 Jan 2010 - Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA - Triangular object hovers, darts away, then disappears over Stone Mountain1300
4 Feb 2010 - Nicolosi, Sizilien, Italy - Posess surprise daytime image of huge triangle1500
17 Feb 2010 - East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Missiles?1320
18 Feb 2010 - Ellerslie, Georgia, USA - Red lights in the sky0900
19 Feb 2010 - Silverton, Oregon, USA - 3 orange orbs flying over silverton oregon0900
24 Feb 2010 - Interstate 8, Arizona , USA - Bright light north of Interstate -8 east of Yuma lasting over 2 hours1330
1 Mar 2010 - Hernando, Florida, USA - White Light (Solid) slowly moving about 5-10 mph, just above tree line 200-300' dia. no sound1100
8 Mar 2010 - Dyersburg, Tennessee, USA - Fireball over Dyersburg TN1545
11 Mar 2010 - Poth, Texas, USA - My husband noticed something outside in the sky, He called for me and I went outside we noticed something in the sky kinda ...1000
18 Mar 2010 - Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA - 2 very bright objects spotted on sunny ,cloudless day1000
18 Mar 2010 - Jonesboro, Indiana, USA - Bright light /Object moving Across sky1000
19 Mar 2010 - Florence, New Jersey, USA - fast green downward

i was driving in my car, i saw a fast moving object in the sky, i thought it was a shooting star until i saw that it was green and falling fast.

20 Mar 2010 - Key Largo, Florida, USA - 7 orange orbs in key largo FL night sky moving slowly then breaking out of our atmosphere at incredible speeds.0910
23 Mar 2010 - Winter Haven, Florida, USA - i was driving down the road and seen a round cirular object flying really fast in the sky. i just played it off as a plane but it shot around the sky way too fast to be a plane...0949
26 Mar 2010 - Elk Grove, California , USA - I had two sightings. i saw a star looking object in the sky it moved tree to five incehes in numerouse directions. Second sighting i saw was a green flash while driving home from a business meeting...1200
27 Mar 2010 - Bakersfield, California , USA - UFO FLYING OVER RACEWAY IN CA1300
30 Mar 2010 - Port Charlotte, Florida, USA - bright light spotted in port charlotte FL0900
2 Apr 2010 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - a dark, silent, triangular aircraft crossing the Columbia River disappeared after watchhing it for 30 seconds1555
3 Apr 2010 - Punta Gorda, Florida, USA - Pulsating light traveling steady with abrupt change of course, and accelerating outward suddenly1200
7 Apr 2010 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - red orange flying blob0915
14 Apr 2010 - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA - We saw flying fireballs in the sky.1345
18 Apr 2010 - Truman, Minnesota, USA - we were having a fire and then we were messing with a lazar in the smoke to see the bean and then the UFO came and it scared the crap out of me and my friends bother is in flight school and she said it...0941
19 Apr 2010 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - Honolulu Hawaii - Strange Triangle aircraft preforming maneuvers with short contrails Intersecting each other1500
24 Apr 2010 - Austin, Texas, USA - I saw four orange lights in a triangular formation gliding above me about 300 ft. they did not make any noise and glided over the neighborhood until they "blinked" out I saw an airplane afterwards that seemed to be looking for the lights.1015
27 Apr 2010 - Waverly, Tennessee, USA - Solid white, triangular object seen in day light0940
3 May 2010 - Whitman, Massachusetts, USA - Three red light in the shape of a triangle moving fast to the north0915
11 May 2010 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Sighted 5 circular lights1300
12 May 2010 - St. Joseph, Missouri, USA - Triangular craft with white light and blinking red lights hovering over field in thunderstorm.1007
12 May 2010 - Livermore, California , USA - Bright star-like object, roaming back and forth over Livermore, Ca. hills. noon1230
24 May 2010 - Green Lake, Wisconsin, USA - At present, there has been a light in the southwest sky, about half way between the moon and Venus, it has been moving in all patterns, into retrograde, cganging direction. Very high, not a shape, just a very faint star...0915
31 May 2010 - Gravette, Arkansas, USA - Big bright light over arkansas watched from gravette.0940
3 Jun 2010 - Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA - Triangle UFO chased by osprees1130
4 Jun 2010 - El Paso, Texas, USA - Yellow/orange light floating back and forth in el paso's westside0930
12 Jun 2010 - Wenatchee, Washington, USA - Wenatchee, WA, June 12, 2010, 3:30 white lights hovering in sky, total of 6.1530
18 Jun 2010 - Mansfield, Ontario, Canada - In approximately June 2010, I observed in clear cloudless conditions a white luminous ball move about airliner.1200
20 Jun 2010 - Torrance, Colorado , USA - Glowing/reflective object clears coastline and makes odd movements around airport in Torrance CA1340
24 Jun 2010 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Looked like a star but it rotated and signaled other white beams of light and just hanged there1500
25 Jun 2010 - Elk, Alaska, USA - Odd brightly lit object object observed silently flying in a wavering flight path.west to east in eastern Washington state.1022
25 Jun 2010 - Palmdale, California , USA - white lights moving towards Mojave, Northern direction. No marker lights visiable with binoculars.1028
25 Jun 2010 - New Albany, Indiana, USA - 5 red lights moving across the sky

((NUFORC Note: Date may be flawed. Witness does not indicate year of sighting. PD))1030
26 Jun 2010 - Republic, Missouri, USA - Light in sky moving in different directions changing colors.1045
3 Jul 2010 - Crown Point, Indiana, USA - ball of fire moving slowly overhead....0930
3 Jul 2010 - Federal Way, Washington, USA - Two lights following each other with a faster then normal speed.1050
4 Jul 2010 - McDonald, Pennsylvania, USA - Glowing object seen in sky over SW Pennsylvania on July 4, 20100930
4 Jul 2010 - Rootstown, Ohio, USA - Orange/Red Pulsating Orb appeared to be viewing neighborhood fireworks display in Porage Co. Ohio1000
4 Jul 2010 - Sharps Chapel, Tennessee, USA - I along with others saw four red fireball looking things,one closely.they were indescrible!1000
7 Jul 2010 - Sonora, Texas, USA - Vivid lights in daytime sky1500
12 Jul 2010 - Azwell, Washington, USA - Bright pulsing light,1300
15 Jul 2010 - Davis, California , USA - WIERD AS HECK1000
15 Jul 2010 - West Linn, Oregon, USA - I will submit a picture & report to the image link.1130
15 Jul 2010 - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Triangular UFO seen in daylight, with U.S. jet chasing1400
17 Jul 2010 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Fireballs over nightsky in Seattle1120
20 Jul 2010 - Appleton, New York, USA - mysterious green light in sky cited in Appleton, NY

Green orb surrounded by white corona-like light. Descended from low cloud, turned and disappeared.1235
21 Jul 2010 - Brantley, Alabama, USA - large triangle shaped craft chased by a helicopter1046
21 Jul 2010 - Bishop, California , USA - i was taking a picture of a thunder head cloud in bishop california when i noticed a black object triangluar object in the phot1500
24 Jul 2010 - Temecula, California , USA - Red bright light flighs across the dim sky!!0940
24 Jul 2010 - Davis, California , USA - Light that moved.1120
25 Jul 2010 - Washington, D.C., District Of Columbia, USA - I saw a silver metallic ball fly over my house in Wash., D.C. in broad daylight!1000
28 Jul 2010 - Rochester, New Hampshire, USA - i believe what my family saw was a ufo0940
28 Jul 2010 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Orange lighted fireballs over north side of Chicago.1030
28 Jul 2010 - Cumming, Georgia, USA - Triangular craft with lighted sphere bottom hoovering near home in cumming, ga 7-28-101500
2 Aug 2010 - Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, USA - I was driving from Vermilion Hills section of Levittown to Fairless Hills (right around the corner) and through the trees noticed lights...0950
5 Aug 2010 - San Jose, California , USA - Small white dot high in sky similar to 7/2009 case over San Jose.1500
10 Aug 2010 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - I saw a light trail flash in in the sky.0955
12 Aug 2010 - Boise, Idaho, USA - There are reoccuring crafts hovering and flying over boise that are not of this world.1230
13 Aug 2010 - Winnetka, California , USA - Two halo balls of light hovering over an eagle in daylight1040
14 Aug 2010 - Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, USA - triangle craft near kecksburgh with a possible crash1104
19 Aug 2010 - Saugerties, New York, USA - The object the sky was very bright and only remained there for a few short seconds1154
21 Aug 2010 - , Washington, USA - Reddish Light above the trees in Snoqualmie Pass.1400
24 Aug 2010 - Visalia, California , USA - white object passed overhead moving southeast disappeared, within 10 minutes saw oddshaped white object traveling northward trajectory1000
26 Aug 2010 - Sanford, Florida, USA - Cloud forms out of nowhere: 3 objects fly out of it!1520
27 Aug 2010 - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - Five orange orbs ascend quickly into the sky over Chattanooga1030
27 Aug 2010 - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, USA - Craft hovering over PA turnpike1200
28 Aug 2010 - Westford, Massachusetts, USA - 3 Orange Fireballs in triangle formation0915
28 Aug 2010 - Des Moines, Iowa, USA - Solid and silent red light flying over Des Moines, Iowa.1145
29 Aug 2010 - Bellevue, Washington, USA - Bright flashing light travels erratically in both pulsing pattern and trajectory for extended period1235
30 Aug 2010 - Swartz Creek, Michigan, USA - Orange fireballs resolving into something solid after slowing down.0940
2 Sep 2010 - Pierre, South Dakota, USA - Three objects with blue and red blinking lights were spotted traveling at massive speeds in zig zag patterns across the nite sky.1230
2 Sep 2010 - Pierre, South Dakota, USA - Sighted: Three quickly and silently moving unidentified objects with sporadically blinking red and blue lights were sighted flying thr1230
3 Sep 2010 - Hayden Lake, Idaho, USA - Boomerand shaped lights in the sky and where moving fast in circles.1020
3 Sep 2010 - Hayden, Idaho, USA - three dim lights in the sky.1045
4 Sep 2010 - Edmonton, Kentucky, USA - Several lights on the bottom of the craft that were white, flashed about every second, and were in the form of a triangle.0935
4 Sep 2010 - Crete, Illinois, USA - On 09/04/10 at 11:40 am i saw a ufo in Crete,Illinois.1140
11 Sep 2010 - Saint Charles, Illinois, USA - Red Star like light moving NW to SE1023
11 Sep 2010 - Granton, Ontario, Canada - somthing in the sky then vanishes lots of witness's granton ontario must read very serious1030
13 Sep 2010 - Utica, New York, USA - every night i sit in my porch and look to the sky n i always see a light moving slowly i dont know if its a satelite ...1200
18 Sep 2010 - Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada - Bright light grew largher and brighter.1100
25 Sep 2010 - Tehachapi, California , USA - While driving from Anteloe Valley to Tehachapi California, at approx. 10pm, I observed what appeared to be a bright orange light leaving behind a light trail and what appeared to be a circular ring of smoke. 1000
25 Sep 2010 - New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA - Witnessed 12-15 larger-than-stars orbs hover over New Castle, Pa, then slowly dim a few at a time.1010
26 Sep 2010 - Seal Beach, California , USA - I saw, in broad daylight, up to 18 white, round dots that disappeard, reappeared, and multiplied several times.1400
28 Sep 2010 - Knifley, Kentucky, USA - As I was letting my dogs outside for the last time before going to bed, I looked up and saw a pulsing, strobe-like light in the sky. The object seemed to twinkle with red, green and white light...1020
28 Sep 2010 - Salem, Oregon, USA - Sept. 28th 2010 13-15 or more bright objects seen in NE Salem Oregon, at 2:27 PM PDT1447
30 Sep 2010 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA - Flying object in the background of our video in video class flies 100 yards in less than 1/2 a second1305
2 Oct 2010 - Galena, Illinois, USA - 10/02/10 - Galena, Illinois a triangular shaped object flying low, straight, silent with constant lights on each corner. Lasting 20 SEC0900
6 Oct 2010 - Appleton, Wisconsin, USA - I was walking with my friend as we were taking the dog out0930
9 Oct 2010 - Dunedin, Florida, USA - UFO's over Dunedin, FL nightly.0900
9 Oct 2010 - Trenton, Ohio, USA - Two small lights moving towards each other in the sky.0945
9 Oct 2010 - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - three dim lights in triangle shape and no noise.

triangle with three dim lights moving east to west and no noise.

10 Oct 2010 - Leominster, Massachusetts, USA - we were in the car and i looked out the window and i seen a unually big ball of a deep yellow color (way bigger than a shooting ...1045
10 Oct 2010 - Greenwich, Connecticut, USA - " Star " like objects during clear day light in formation.1200
10 Oct 2010 - North Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Object(s) visible 3 times at same place in the sky at during day in Chas, SC1300
12 Oct 2010 - Littleton, Colorado , USA - blck triangle craft over littleton hospital,Colorado very large and quiet also hovering1400
13 Oct 2010 - Green, Ohio, USA - I captured an unknown metallic flying object on my digital camera photo.1547
20 Oct 2010 - Hazard, Kentucky, USA - Bright ball of light visible for 5 seconds, slowly faded away1530
23 Oct 2010 - Bloomignton, Minnesota, USA - 7 flashing lights and about 2 car alarms going off.0900
23 Oct 2010 - Eureka, California , USA - A big circular object with a bunch of little blinking lights was hovering in the sky1030
27 Oct 2010 - Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA - I saw a red light flying through the sky at a very high speed. My first thought was it can't be a plane because it was not blinking, and traveling way way too fast...1000
1 Nov 2010 - Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA - Numerous sightings day after day right over my house.1200
5 Nov 2010 - Acojeja, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain - Sharp picture of UFO above Tenerife nov 5th 20101108
10 Nov 2010 - Atwater, California , USA - I been doing UFO hunting on my own when i was a teen.0900
12 Nov 2010 - Spokane, Washington, USA - Slow moving triangular object in night sky disapeares into cloud.1048
13 Nov 2010 - Magalia, California , USA - the real deal were not alone

A green fire/electris ballslash dimond was seen in the back of are canyon shot across the sky cut back then vanished later jets were in the general area that we had seen the UFO1000
14 Nov 2010 - Brimfield, Illinois, USA - small bright sphere with red gas cloud in cornfield1532
15 Nov 2010 - Bakersfield, California , USA - I was in my backyard and I'd looked up and saw an object flying east bound silently.

15 Nov 2010 - Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA - bright white lights splitting symetrically into 4 to 5 light spheres0945
15 Nov 2010 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA - light, triangle, airport1034
17 Nov 2010 - Great Falls, Montana, USA - flew low really low over the hotel i was walking my dog and heard a low click noise im an airfraft mechanic so i know its ...1100
1 Dec 2010 - Carterville, Illinois, USA - this did NOT fly like a plane as the speed was to fast and stopped to suddenly then seemed to go stait up out to space it was clear0930
2 Dec 2010 - Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka - When i was out a triangle shaped lights just flew over.

It was midnight i was messaging my girl friend outside my house i heard a sound then i saw a triangle shaped flew over with a very different jet sound.

2 Dec 2010 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Flash over desert turing green and red in color flying supersonicly.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1332
6 Dec 2010 - Condon, Montana, USA - Unexplained bright light traverses back in tree line along a logging trail1300
6 Dec 2010 - Vancouver, Washington, USA - Triangular Space Craft by Stapleton Rd. Vancouver1430
7 Dec 2010 - Portland, Oregon, USA - 2 sightings of a ufo in a 3 month time frame in PDX1040
9 Dec 2010 - Costa Mesa, California , USA - the Object flashed me 2 times1313
10 Dec 2010 - Clearwater, Florida, USA - Multi colored orbs with contrail...changed form and color often.1500
18 Dec 2010 - San Francisco, California , USA - I was walking east up Steiner st. in the Lower Haight district of San Francisco at about 11:59, when something to my left caught my eye. It moved very slowly and smoothly in the sky and made no sound...1205
15 Jan 2011 - Valley Village, California , USA - Triangular Shaped Object With three lights on the bottom in Valley Village, CA1448
19 Jan 2011 - Citrus Heights, California , USA - saw 3 red lights going threw the sky in sacramento Ca.

geting my daughter out of my truck and saw three red lights in the shape of a triangle going threw the sky , from one side of the horizon to the other in about 4 sec1450
20 Jan 2011 - Sanford, Michigan, USA - the greenish object ?steaked down from the sky moving slower than a falling star looked like a injured aircraft but firey or glowing

greenish blue in the front of the object orangish sparks and or flames coming from behind .

22 Jan 2011 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - It started off with 1 light standing very still, afterwards it went to the west direction and came back with another light now it is 2 of them...0900
22 Jan 2011 - Bel Air, Maryland, USA - two lights beside eachother shooting upward str8 into the sky at various speeds 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1240
11 Feb 2011 - Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA - bright white light flashed across sky for quick second, possibly meteor, or military affiliated1030
11 Feb 2011 - Brea, California , USA - Star-like abject moving randomly across the sky.1500
17 Feb 2011 - Houma, Louisiana, USA - Fireball racing to earth.1015
18 Feb 2011 - Barboursville, West Virginia, USA - There was a wierd sound and blue flashing light.1000
19 Feb 2011 - Chawton, UK - Particually bright White light/s in the night sky1357
1 Mar 2011 - Cohoes, New York, USA - 2 Ufo's on Google Moon (incredible detail)1300
3 Mar 2011 - Gloucester, Virginia , USA - Triangle shaped craft seen.1200
11 Mar 2011 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Saw many lights streaking from west to east1330
13 Mar 2011 - Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan - UFO Swarm, Minato Mirai, Yokohama, Japan, 13 MARCH 2011 @ 15:37 (JST)1537
14 Mar 2011 - Alhambra, California , USA - It was round and highlighted green with an outer light green layer. Weasel it up close then disappear n within 2 seconds it appeard in the fists nve in the mountain around 5 this morning. I should have taken a picture /:1200
15 Mar 2011 - Boardman, Ohio, USA - Orange fireballs were traveling slowly 30 feet off the ground.1500
22 Mar 2011 - Shaver Lake, California , USA - triangle black military craft.1500
27 Mar 2011 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - Triangular UFO Seen Over Downtown Ann Arbor1115
28 Mar 2011 - Huntley, Illinois, USA - A triangular craft flying low, slow and silent1100
21 Apr 2011 - Fort Bragg, California , USA - A red dot a little bigger than a star appeared in the southern sky moved in a strange way, then changed directions a few times. after one minute it disappeared, then reappeared 2 minutes later. 1000
30 Apr 2011 - Pennellville, New York, USA - A small orange yellow light was spotted over the fast track store on 264 wile we were heading southbound seen for 1 minute ...0900
5 May 2011 - Lewiston, Idaho, USA - 3 fireballs around lewiston idaho0915
5 May 2011 - Amery, Wisconsin, USA - They are still here! Two days!1141
6 May 2011 - Lexington, Massachusetts, USA - Triangular tumbling object with red grey shimmering light flying over highway 95 Lexington Mass morning May 6th 20110915
6 May 2011 - Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania, USA - Triangular shaped object viewed during daytime hours in Northeastern PA1400
7 May 2011 - Douglaston, New York, USA - Black Triangle object with a Round top or head photographed in the Little Neck area of New York.1244
9 May 2011 - Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Bright lights on a sunny day, manouevering both horizontally and vertically over Barrie, Ontario1200
14 May 2011 - Elkins, West Virginia, USA - I just got home last night0900
14 May 2011 - Plainview, Texas, USA - Small black triangular object hovering slowly over my roof while star gazing1230
15 May 2011 - Janesville, Wisconsin, USA - Waiting at a bus stop, a lot of strange stuff happened only a minute before witnessing an object I will NEVER forget!0900
15 May 2011 - Buena Park, California , USA - 3 very bright lights in triangle formation move across sky1020
19 May 2011 - Florence, South Carolina, USA - Two fireballs just looking at me1230
29 May 2011 - Rättvik, Sweden - Alien Face/Ball of light

3 Jun 2011 - Montgomery, New York, USA - the rainbow light ship seen in hudson valley is my invention0901
4 Jun 2011 - Powell, Ohio, USA - Four orange lights over Powell, Ohio0945
7 Jun 2011 - Mount Pulaski, Illinois, USA - Stationary, shining, reddish/orange light that suddenly disappeared.1005
9 Jun 2011 - I-95, North Carolina, USA - White Fireball followed by two fighter jets.1100
15 Jun 2011 - Buxton, North Carolina, USA - Bright oblong objects hovering in the sky0900
17 Jun 2011 - Goshen, Indiana, USA - Startling white light traveling with incredible speed1430
22 Jun 2011 - Hudson Falls, New York, USA - strange green/blue fireballs1436
24 Jun 2011 - Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA - 12- 15 orange colored lights moving across the sky, in elizabethton,tn, numerous unrelated witnessess1030
25 Jun 2011 - Yakima, Washington, USA - Bright starlike object that moved position in a small area of sky seen north of Yakima during middle of day1230
29 Jun 2011 - Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway - 6/24/2011-Light1425
1 Jul 2011 - Seaside, California , USA - Two flying triangle shape objects1110
4 Jul 2011 - Natick, Massachusetts, USA - I thought it was a plane on fire headed towards Logan Airport...0930
9 Jul 2011 - Owasso, Oklahoma, USA - Triangular shaped UFO passes over my house in broad daylight.1035
10 Jul 2011 - Bettendorf, Iowa, USA - Saw 8 fireballs floating over Bettendorf high school in a group. 1006
13 Jul 2011 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA - Very bright stationary object observed during broad daylight.1330
15 Jul 2011 - Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA - Was turning left out of our subdivision and looked up into the sky. Saw several bright lights "playing" thru the cloud. Full moon tonight, stars are visible with puffy white clouds in the sky...1030
15 Jul 2011 - Denver, Colorado , USA - White Triangle in Denver Colorado1500
16 Jul 2011 - Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, USA - Bright flashing object visible in clear blue sky.1200
17 Jul 2011 - Lewiston, Idaho, USA - Three delta, possibly "bat-shaped" objects observed flying due west between 10,000 and 25,000 feet at very high rate of speed.1300
18 Jul 2011 - Los Banos, California , USA - 3 Bright lights along highway 152 east of Los Banos, very close to the ground1145
23 Jul 2011 - Fort Pierce, Florida, USA - Three light in the sky red and whites lights no tail standing still in the sky0900
23 Jul 2011 - Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA - object over council bluffs ia1530
27 Jul 2011 - Edmond, Oklahoma, USA - Stars foating off and shooting away1145
28 Jul 2011 - Beatty, Nevada, USA - Intense bright flashing light cluster possible diamond or triangle giant craft over Nye county Nevada1030
30 Jul 2011 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Orange size Fire-like Glowing Sphere in Pennsylvania July 30, 2011.0900
3 Aug 2011 - Fredericksburg, Virginia , USA - small ball of light in western sky

small ball of light (not lightning) in western sky shot from south to north

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1518
7 Aug 2011 - Joppa, Maryland, USA - bright ball of light moving fast right to left then slow up and down then gained speed and disappeared1015
11 Aug 2011 - Bend, Oregon, USA - Very bright point of blue-white light moving downward in the vicinity of the Big Dipper constellation.1000
11 Aug 2011 - Beatrice, Nebraska, USA - Light seen in Beatrice, NE changing colors, moving rapidly and producing two others.1130
12 Aug 2011 - Bel Air, Maryland, USA - 25 Unknown objects counted 30 human aircraft0930
14 Aug 2011 - Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada - Light over house1000
15 Aug 2011 - Clifton Forge, Virginia , USA - Neon Green light moving fast threw low hanging clouds.0900
23 Aug 2011 - Lancaster, South Carolina, USA - What started out as fun and exciting has turned into frightening.0900
23 Aug 2011 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Started looking like a shooting star but then shot into triangle and went "dot dot dot into bigger ones and shot into the sky" and then disappeared.1106
25 Aug 2011 - Saint Joseph, Illinois, USA - zig zag patterned light0950
25 Aug 2011 - War Eagle, Arkansas, USA - Three sky blue triangles make two turns in formation1240
26 Aug 2011 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Two Yellow/Orange Lights Ontario1100
26 Aug 2011 - Fairport, New York, USA - SHOCKING1156
29 Aug 2011 - Chula Vista, California , USA - Object Hovering Followed Bicyclist1230
30 Aug 2011 - Bastrop, Louisiana, USA - White/Orange Light Ball in sky at night over louisiana1120
31 Aug 2011 - Trenton, Michigan, USA - 2 orange orbs.Thought they were flying Chinese lanterns at first but definitely not.1030
3 Sep 2011 - Round Rock, Texas, USA - A ball of light larger than a commercial airliner.0900
4 Sep 2011 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA - Two U.F.O's were over the airshow and commerial flight path, like they were watching at high altitude.1500
5 Sep 2011 - Eugene, Oregon, USA - Bright fast moving light

Object was going north at an extremely high velocity, made a very sharp hook west and down in elevation, and then disappeared. Very quickly, maybe 2 seconds. was a VERY weird trajectory and curve to be a meteor.1218
7 Sep 2011 - Sacramento, California , USA - Triangel shaped object weeving through the high rise of sacramento california makeing accute angel turns abruptly...0900
10 Sep 2011 - Hartland, Michigan, USA - Large Glowing Orange flying objects in sky flying in pairs, purposeful movement, very bright0945
11 Sep 2011 - Wasilla, Alaska, USA - a tiangle shaped craft with yellow lights below flew over.0900
13 Sep 2011 - Springer, Oklahoma, USA - It was bright aqua blue almost turqouis.1045
16 Sep 2011 - Potsdam, New York, USA - Orange fireball in sky.0900
16 Sep 2011 - Sisters, Oregon, USA - Orange Dart-like craft passes our aircraft at close proximity in flight1116
17 Sep 2011 - Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - Fire ball suddenly shoots up right angle and amazing speeds.1000
22 Sep 2011 - Russell Springs, Kentucky, USA - Strange 5 to 6 second pulse of Light streaked across Kentucky's view towards the north-east.1315
23 Sep 2011 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA - A series of red lights moving south to north.0945
24 Sep 2011 - Maryville, Tennessee, USA - green and red lights from a bright object moving1115
28 Sep 2011 - Tarrytown, New York, USA - Ufo seen over Tappan Z Bridge Westchester County NY0952
3 Oct 2011 - Plains, Georgia, USA - I live in Plains,Georgia and for the past 4 weeks I have seen 4 lights hoover and move like nothing i have ever seen!I don't know if they are weather ballons or the police or some kind of agency watching someone, I don't know...0900
7 Oct 2011 - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - UFO object in the southwest sky as I was at Silverside rd and Concord POike at 13:00 on Friday October 7, 20111300
11 Oct 2011 - Cedar City, Utah, USA - Bright, white, star-like UFO over Cedar City at 1500 on sunny day.1500
14 Oct 2011 - Elmer, New Jersey, USA - It was hovering for about 10 minutes, then it lifted straight up. Then started flying with green and red flashing lights, in a weird formation. It made a weird deep sound. Then it disappeared.0942
14 Oct 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - Two silver triangular craft performing extreme nautical maneuvers in unison high in the air in a blue cloudless sky.1000
15 Oct 2011 - Valley, Nebraska, USA - hanging star comes back every few nights0930
16 Oct 2011 - North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA - before the face disappeared the circle and the smile shifted the face was real close to the smile1300
17 Oct 2011 - Big Sky, Montana, USA - Naked eye it is a triangle with colors of red, blue and green.1500
21 Oct 2011 - Burnsville, North Carolina, USA - UPDATE Burnsville, NC SITING

UPDATE- our reporting of light in the sky on this date in Burnsville, NC may have been the star Arcturus?1000
22 Oct 2011 - Ventura County, California , USA - 10-30 Red/Blue Lights Covering Half the Sky: VIDEO (caught on video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMz0U0OVzlY1415
23 Oct 2011 - El Paso, Texas, USA - Objects in the El Paso Sky1300
25 Oct 2011 - Kennewick, Washington, USA - White Fluorescent object movig extremely fast in multiple 90 deg turns due East of Kennewick WA.0952
28 Oct 2011 - Delray Beach, Florida, USA - very large, slow moving triangle1100
30 Oct 2011 - Denver, Colorado , USA - 5 Orange balls of light in triagle formation followed by dim white light.1000
7 Nov 2011 - Alpine, Texas, USA - 5 Triangle shaped with red and bright white lights.1030
7 Nov 2011 - Savannah, Georgia, USA - it was silent and traveled much faster than any aircraft.1110
9 Nov 2011 - Kiev, Ukraine - Blue flash lights over the top of the Kiev planetarium building 1200
14 Nov 2011 - Wautoma, Wisconsin, USA - Four orange fireballs seen over Wautoma, WI1508
19 Nov 2011 - Chester, Connecticut, USA - orange fieball moving in a steady line. Stopped and dissapeared with no trace/tail.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1050
21 Nov 2011 - Visalia, California , USA - A fireball with a tail that seemed to me maybe a comet? But as I kept looking it slowed down, and turned a direction, then disappeared. Four or five jets were seen in the same location moments later.1300
25 Nov 2011 - Tualatin, Oregon, USA - Light sphere above odd shaped clouds1500
28 Nov 2011 - Troy, New Hampshire, USA - 6 Exceptionally Bright White Lights with no sound 8 yards into the woods during broad daylight.1550
29 Nov 2011 - Canby, Oregon, USA - in the east of skys0930
7 Dec 2011 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - I was sitting in my kitchen and I saw a bronze-ish, gold looking, see thru craft come thru my window and vanish. It sort of resembled a golden dorito. It made a weird buzzing sound after it left my sight. No damage was done to my home.1119
10 Dec 2011 - Perryville, Missouri, USA - 2 triangle shape objects hovering very high above missouri bootheel perfectly clear fall day 2 observers.1300
16 Dec 2011 - Pelham, Georgia, USA - A green fire ball falling to the ground!!!1250
24 Dec 2011 - Tooele, Utah, USA - 3 red non- blinking lights seen from Tooele over Salt Lake Valley1330
27 Dec 2011 - Imperial, Missouri, USA - Saw two reddish orange orbs or objects come down from the clouds in Imperial, MO while driving north on I-551550
1 Jan 2012 - Winder, Georgia, USA - Unmanned, rear engine, gas powered drone, New Years Day, Winder Georgia.1100
1 Jan 2012 - Yuba City, California , USA - reddish orange lights on New Year's morning1208
1 Jan 2012 - Lynchburg, Virginia , USA - About 10 minutes into the New Year a slow moving orange ball of light was observed with no sound nor was there any flashing lights1210
1 Jan 2012 - South San Francisco, California , USA - A circular light in the sky moved horizontally then vanished1500
5 Jan 2012 - Wytheville, Virginia , USA - low flying object with alot of lights.0955
6 Jan 2012 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - In Tucson Az I saw a point of light moving over the Catalina Mountains. It appeared to be rotating or tumbling. It was about 9:05 Am,0905
6 Jan 2012 - Taylor, Michigan, USA - Red fiery object witnessed by 3 adults.0915
8 Jan 2012 - Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands - Bright lights near Rotterdam Airport0900
9 Jan 2012 - Brookfield, Connecticut, USA - Small craft taking off and shooting off very fast!!1200
10 Jan 2012 - Pawling, New York, USA - it was the biggest craft i have evet seen.1246
14 Jan 2012 - Quebeck, Tennessee, USA - Clear sky daytime sighting of black triangle moving at extreme speed with loud sound and no contrail.1150
17 Jan 2012 - San Diego, California , USA - 3 bright(star-like), orange fireballs with white swirly tails.1320
25 Jan 2012 - Boardman, Ohio, USA - Fame in the Sky over Boardman ohio0910
26 Jan 2012 - Lone Pine, California , USA - Silent Matt black triangle craft seen alongside my car then disapears across dry lake at speeds in excess of 10,000 mph1130
1 Feb 2012 - Arnold, Missouri, USA - My neighbors and I spotted 3 small orange lights that were formed into a triangle to the northwest.1100
4 Feb 2012 - Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA - Not one, but TWO UFO's spotted in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on Feb. 4, 20121510
10 Feb 2012 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Brown triangle ufo WPB fl1200
12 Feb 2012 - White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA - I saw 2 lights low on the horizon that disappeared 30 minutes later.1030
17 Feb 2012 - Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA - 3 black triangles flying very quickly northwest over Arlington Heights1130
18 Feb 2012 - Auburn, Washington, USA - Anyone else report a slow moving ball of yellow/orange light over T-town around 10:50?..1055
23 Feb 2012 - Scapoose, Oregon, USA - While on a drive out in the farm land of Scapoose around 2 pm today Feb1400
25 Feb 2012 - Williamsburg, Virginia , USA - Flashing red lights that made no noise, that just stood still, some moved slowly and then dissapeared1530
26 Feb 2012 - Springdale, Arkansas, USA - Sitting outside on my lunch break when I noticed a black dot in the sky. It got higher in they sky on the horizon. 1550
27 Feb 2012 - Coventry, Rhode Island, USA - Flash was so bright it hurt my eyes like a camera flash to close, it lasted seconds and it was gone, looked like a fire ...0925
4 Mar 2012 - Los Angeles, California , USA - triangular shaped ufo in los angeles1330
5 Mar 2012 - Nogales, Arizona , USA - there is a triangular large craft on top of downtown nogales flashing 4 to 6 lights not moving at all. its pretty large so i know i wont b the only one who is seeing this.wow i wanna knw wat it is1000
7 Mar 2012 - Margate, Florida, USA - Orb in Margate Florida1043
9 Mar 2012 - Caledonia, Wisconsin, USA - White glowing object flying in sky.1300
10 Mar 2012 - Selma, California , USA - wierd flashing light not moving comes n goes has been doing that a few nights now i cannot identify it niether can my family....cant get clear picture1100
16 Mar 2012 - Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - march 16, 2012 ufo fireball sighting!0900
16 Mar 2012 - Thib., Louisiana, USA - Upside down triangle 9 lights 1 very bright light in the middle I heard kind of a moaning sound that made it grab my attention1235
26 Mar 2012 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - A light in the sky, go figure.1257
3 Apr 2012 - Anacortes, Washington, USA - Fireball streaking across the sky.

I stepped outside on my deck I looked up into the sky. In between two clouds a large explosion occurred. It lit up the sky. Then an orange fire streaked across the sky for about 2 seconds.1030
5 Apr 2012 - Sharon, Connecticut, USA - Pulsing variable colored lights, large, near communication towers1120
9 Apr 2012 - Arbutus, Maryland, USA - I was walking my friend to the bus stop when i noticed four bright lights in the sky0900
11 Apr 2012 - Haughton, Louisiana, USA - Lights over Haughton/Bossiers Southwest and Northwest skys.1110
18 Apr 2012 - Escondido, California , USA - white star like object, eastern sky zig,zag,ing. ultra high speed/western sky same/jets from mira mar air base in presute1200
19 Apr 2012 - Prince George, British Columbia, Canada - Small refective object heading towards a sphere like object.1300
20 Apr 2012 - Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA - Points of light, slowly moving, fade out.0934
21 Apr 2012 - colorado springs, Colorado , USA - Bright blinking Light, and a strange jet. also, a helicopter following another intense light.1500
22 Apr 2012 - Yakima, Washington, USA - big loud flare sound then flash of light as a fireball shooting across the sky sound of a fading flare.

23 Apr 2012 - Greer, South Carolina, USA - 2 Flashing red lights fly slow and silent over my home. i have video1143
25 Apr 2012 - Okeechobee, Florida, USA - Bright objects in sky.1200
26 Apr 2012 - Collinsville, Illinois, USA - Bright orange non-blinking sphere that made no audible sound heading from southwest to northeast.1157
2 May 2012 - Brownfield, Texas, USA - Dual traingle craft spotted1110
6 May 2012 - Vinton, Iowa, USA - transparent triangular shaped object1530
10 May 2012 - Miami, Florida, USA - Just a small flickering ball of orange-red traveling slowly through the sky.1051
13 May 2012 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Triangular object with white cloudy fixed line triangular formation and bright shining prism light.1500
15 May 2012 - Siesta Key, Florida, USA - fireball flying low over canal waters went then flew higher slowly into space0950
18 May 2012 - Newton, Massachusetts, USA - Dull orange lights flying in a line over Newton Mass1015
20 May 2012 - Holden beach, North Carolina, USA - It seemed like just a red light coming at us at 100mph, once over us it seemed to slow down A LOT, it was triangle and had 4 lights that started off as red1042
20 May 2012 - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA - Sighting of huge yellowish triangular slow moving craft1400
23 May 2012 - Exeter, Nebraska, USA - Tiny white light darts in the Great Plains evening sky!1100
25 May 2012 - London, England, UK - Triangle Shaped UFO captured over Victoria Park, London UK - 25/05/20121330
28 May 2012 - Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA - star-like lights zipp across the sky out of Aries.1000
31 May 2012 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Flash of light seen in the south Calgary sky.1230
1 Jun 2012 - Cherry, Minnesota, USA - Saw a Silver, Triangle shaped craft above my car, that sparkled from the rear and then disappeared.1300
2 Jun 2012 - Twin Falls, Idaho, USA - erratic fast moving star like object with bright flash every few seconds1500
7 Jun 2012 - Elsmere, Delaware, USA - Small triangular shaped craft, which made zig zag movement in the sky.1200
20 Jun 2012 - Goldendale, Washington, USA - Why was it necessary that a jet come from nowhere and deposited this contrail to dissapate the rainbow object?1200
20 Jun 2012 - Bill, Wyoming, USA - Bright Green Light With A Trail (Shaped like a Meteor) Descending Very Rapidly, then abruptly turning1242
20 Jun 2012 - North Judson, Indiana, USA - Nearly Transparent Triangular Object Moved Very Slowly Across Sky Flew into Cloud and Did Not Reappear1500
21 Jun 2012 - San Pedro, California , USA - red lights in san pedro, ca1022
22 Jun 2012 - Cross Lanes, West Virginia, USA - It was triangular and had lights on all corners with a glow coming from the center0900
22 Jun 2012 - Schaumburg, Illinois, USA - unusual light in sky slow moving almost comes to a stop and slowly moves on0945
22 Jun 2012 - Broomfield, Colorado , USA - Bright light moving steadily over Broomfield disappears1030
22 Jun 2012 - Hartland, Wisconsin, USA - Brief, briliant, orange light to the NE.1050
23 Jun 2012 - Woodhaven, Michigan, USA - Red fireball staying in place in Woodhaven Sky seen by 4 people1000
24 Jun 2012 - Hoquiam, Washington, USA - UFO Fireballs seen in Hoquiam Washington by local and Police department1024
24 Jun 2012 - Gordo, Alabama, USA - the object i saw was very high altitude and silent and it was a constant light going across the sky.1500
25 Jun 2012 - Rising Sun, Indiana, USA - UFO by Antares1030
26 Jun 2012 - Mabank, Texas, USA - Large, bright ultra white light traveling across the sky0932
26 Jun 2012 - West Des Moines, Iowa, USA - orange glowing object in clear black sky amazing speed1000
26 Jun 2012 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - bright orange light a luminating northwest from my home1204
28 Jun 2012 - Redding, California , USA - Hovering/slow moving shiny object.1200
29 Jun 2012 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - UFO streaks past helicopter during Colorado wildfires0900
30 Jun 2012 - Eureka, California , USA - Gigantic Red Ball of light at a very high altitude that vanished.0900
30 Jun 2012 - Turnersville, New Jersey, USA - Fireball like objects seen flying over south Jersey.1000
1 Jul 2012 - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Strange lights seen over st. catharines ontario1100
5 Jul 2012 - Sellersburg, Indiana, USA - No sound was lager light like fire got my kid went back and it took off fast and then gone

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1030
6 Jul 2012 - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA - Orange triangle lights seen spinning slowly across the sky.1045
7 Jul 2012 - Port Sanilac, Michigan, USA - red lights in triangle shape in horizon.1100
8 Jul 2012 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - A Silent orange light flew over me and my family1032
10 Jul 2012 - Powder Springs, Georgia, USA - Fireball looking object during lighting storm1002
12 Jul 2012 - Los Banos, California , USA - A triangle shaped object turning different colors and shapes zig zagging at a high speed1030
15 Jul 2012 - Florence, Montana, USA - I'm an artist, critical of the visual; height, color, etc1500
18 Jul 2012 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA - At first one orange/reddish light was on 2 sec. later another light came on than both went out for 2 sec. and both came on at the same time and stayed for 2 sec. The lights were not moving but on level horizontal line...0930
18 Jul 2012 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA - Me and brothers saw 2 orange lights in the sky 2 times1200
18 Jul 2012 - Hartselle, Alabama, USA - Orange fireball seen in the middle of the afernoon in Morgan County, Alabama.1400
20 Jul 2012 - Diamond Bar, California , USA - My girlfriend and I saw a two story pyramid with bright lights rolling up hill on Grand Ave in Diamond Bar California1200
21 Jul 2012 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Interesting yewllow, red and orange lights seen from S.E. Portland, Oregon.1030
23 Jul 2012 - Metamora, Michigan, USA - Orange glowing orb around 3 minutes just above western horizon around 11:00 in the thumb area of Michigan.1100
24 Jul 2012 - Corinth, Mississippi, USA - silent triangled ufo with three white lights and a red blinking light in the middle.1224
25 Jul 2012 - Bedford, Indiana, USA - bright orange sphere, pulsated a pink and blue light,several apeared and orbited it then vanished1130
27 Jul 2012 - Corinth, Mississippi, USA - triangled ufo with three white lights on each corner it had a red blinking light in the center1239
29 Jul 2012 - Winterset, Iowa, USA - Sighting was seen by several witnesess. Appeared to be just dots in the sky bit as I drove closer to them they appeared to be like balls of firing shooting around in every direction. Then they would stop and then the objects just shot away1100
6 Aug 2012 - Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - Bright White Light in the Sky.1016
8 Aug 2012 - Canton, Connecticut, USA - Single, unblinking, and inaudible orange point of light progressed across clear night sky of Canton CT.1020
8 Aug 2012 - Middletown, Maryland, USA - Burst of flame and shot away.1058
8 Aug 2012 - Poughkeepsie, New York, USA - As soon as i left my house i saw a white lighted triangle craft which i lost track of then found and then dissapeared.1100
9 Aug 2012 - Salem, Oregon, USA - I noticed the Light Craft in the sky at 3:30 am and has been recording since . It's swaying green light but staying in one area of sky.1500
11 Aug 2012 - Albany, Oregon, USA - White Light Moving Fast1000
17 Aug 2012 - Canton, Kansas, USA - I was outside smoking when I seen two lights following each other. They went on for about 25 sec. until the first one disappeared then about 3-4 sec. later the second one disappeared. Looked like a satellite which I have seen before...1000
19 Aug 2012 - Hollister, Missouri, USA - V-Shaped formation, hovering for 45 minutes to 1 hours, red and white flashing lights0930
21 Aug 2012 - Prince George, British Columbia, Canada - UFO SIGHTING OVER 1.5 HOURS OF WATCHING THIS IN THE CLEAR SKY, CHANGING COLOUR!1130
22 Aug 2012 - Madison, Alabama, USA - Triangular light drifting high over Madison, AL in full daylight.1310
23 Aug 2012 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - 5 orange objects over Charlotte, two mins apart1130
23 Aug 2012 - Longwood, Florida, USA - 2 different flashing lights above longwood fl seen by 3 people .1130
25 Aug 2012 - Cobb, California , USA - Giant Triangle sighting in northern california1100
26 Aug 2012 - Union Grove, Wisconsin, USA - Orange ball in sky floating but moving slow.

Saw a fireball had three like engines and floating no flames just orange red

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1015
28 Aug 2012 - Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 2 bright lights over Anchorage0900
29 Aug 2012 - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada - Near Stationary White Light Fading In and Out0957
1 Sep 2012 - Dexter, New York, USA - I was at home where I have kind of a country setting0900
1 Sep 2012 - Fairview, Pennsylvania, USA - It looked like a bright amber colored star flying at plane speed and altitude.0915
1 Sep 2012 - Oyster Bay, New York, USA - bright red light across the bay1028
1 Sep 2012 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - red white and blue lights over phoenix 1035
2 Sep 2012 - Houston, Texas, USA - Green ball of fire falling from sky.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1005
6 Sep 2012 - Bozeman, Montana, USA - There was a blue flash south of Bozeman, MT that ended with a blue light dropping downward. I took notice of the time (11:38 Mountain Time)

Nothing apparent afterwards.1138
8 Sep 2012 - Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA - ..1130
9 Sep 2012 - Hayward, California , USA - Bright White Circular light object high in the sky.1300
10 Sep 2012 - North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA - 3 orange lights at Myrtle Beach, triangle shape1030
10 Sep 2012 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA - A friend and I were in a boat going down the river towards the lake when we noticed 4 rapidly flashing white lights over Lake Winnebago moving in different directions...1040
10 Sep 2012 - LaOtto, Indiana, USA - Bright, shiny silver sphere object, no emission trails spotted near LaOtto.1515
11 Sep 2012 - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada - A slow moving bright flashing light which appeared to be triangular in shape of sorts1015
12 Sep 2012 - Northfield, Minnesota, USA - A large light that turned white, green, and pink.1115
13 Sep 2012 - Logan, Utah, USA - I think it was a pair of large military jets similar to a c-17 but I am only guessing by the load sound of the jet engine...0900
14 Sep 2012 - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - Two very high altitude craft bright white color, glowing or reflecting sunlight.1100
17 Sep 2012 - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - 2 glowing red/orange oval shaped orbs observed coming from the ground on Como Golf Course1430
20 Sep 2012 - Anola, Canada - yellow/orange ball shaped object moving fast1300
23 Sep 2012 - Flint, Michigan, USA - Large, glowing object (fireball?) invisible to naked eye1400
24 Sep 2012 - Carmarthen, Wales, UK - I seen a Triangle Object in the sky with Red lights on Each side It Moved Forward could have been back or It just moved Then It stopped and for about 5 minuits It dident move I could see 3 Red lights one on each side and then after about 5 minuits 1100
28 Sep 2012 - st cloud, Florida, USA - went outside to look at moon. suddenly two orange spheres appeared in front of me right underneath the moon, next to each other. no noise. just as i told me sister to look, they dimmed out and disappeard.0930
29 Sep 2012 - Westland, Michigan, USA - Thirty-two noiseless orange lit triangles flying through the night sky.0910
1 Oct 2012 - Welland, Ontario, Canada - Groups of 2 Orange/yellow balls shot through the sky in a set path and disappeared over and over1120
2 Oct 2012 - Sanford, North Carolina, USA - Light formation

Three white lights in triangle formation in night sky... Hovering for a few minutes, moved side to side slowly. Then disappeared trailing a red light1015
2 Oct 2012 - Klang, Selangor, Malaysia - mysterious bright spot in pictures of solar hola from different persons, cameras, locations and nearly same timing1300
3 Oct 2012 - Missoula, Montana, USA - Green object flew across the night sky with green trail behind it1130
6 Oct 2012 - Emerald, Queensland, Australia - 12 to 14 orange lights travelling from west to south.1045
6 Oct 2012 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Possible Stealth Plane Near Space Needle1517
13 Oct 2012 - Columbia, Maryland, USA - Driving down Broken Land Parkway heading south, my fiancée, his cousin who was visiting from out of town and I noticed a formation of about 8-10 orangish-red triangular shaped crafts hovering in the air1000
16 Oct 2012 - Burlington, Iowa, USA - 10-23-2012 Burlington Iowa multiple traingular and saucer shape ufos seen over Mississippi river on 10-16-2012 at 15:301530
20 Oct 2012 - Brecksville, Ohio, USA - As I was heading north on interstate 71 my daughter noticed a amber colored light in the sky... at first it was heading straight in our direction which would have been traveling south. The it turned in a south easterly direction...1130
22 Oct 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Light flashing and moving in circular montion and up and down. Close tho a star.0917
25 Oct 2012 - East Fishkill, New York, USA - it was just an orange light staying there for hours

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))0930
27 Oct 2012 - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Several (15-25), bright, fiery looking objects moving in straight line across the sky.1130
27 Oct 2012 - Bradenton, Florida, USA - 3-6am, was a red-orange-sunlike round sphere go by, then up, then into field. I was scared to go in field?1500
28 Oct 2012 - Beverly Hills, California , USA - At least 20 round w/ sparkle of lights on them1000
29 Oct 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - UFO lights

There are two lights directly over the house now as I stand outside. Flickering red and blue.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1055
30 Oct 2012 - Brunswick, Ohio, USA - Teal Green & Red Lights over the clouds in Brunswick Ohio1200
4 Nov 2012 - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - 2 quick bright green flashes of light, one right after another.

2 quick bright flashes of light in the southwest. Light was bright green. No lightning in area.1045
4 Nov 2012 - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa - Fast moving lights across the South African sky1430
7 Nov 2012 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - A star, a planet? Can't possibly be.1400
12 Nov 2012 - Raymore, Missouri, USA - 3 lights in triangle shape moving very fast from north to south.1215
16 Nov 2012 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - no hablo muy bien el ingles, pero frente de mi casa cuando estaba guardando el carro, noto esa luz diferente a las demás en el cielo y veo que se va acercando en dirección a mi, yo inmediatamente...1140
19 Nov 2012 - Etob, Ontario, Canada - TR3B over Canada.1200
28 Nov 2012 - Saco, Maine, USA - Bright looking star in cloud cover and disappeared then later reappeared.1000
29 Nov 2012 - San Mateo, California , USA - Yellow stationary light in the sky low on the horizon that was stationary for at least 10 seconds and then disappeared suddenly1500
5 Dec 2012 - Buffalo, New York, USA - Tiny flying dot doing loops in the air and flashing colors.1037
5 Dec 2012 - Newark, Delaware, USA - Green glowing silent orb moving S at 30 & #730; down from the horizon looking east near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd in Newark1230
6 Dec 2012 - Pico Rivera, California , USA - Propeller shaped object rights itself and then vanishes in broad daylight1330
9 Dec 2012 - Gardendale, Alabama, USA - My wife and oldest son were out on our porch,approx. 9:55pm.0955
9 Dec 2012 - Lowell, Massachusetts, USA - triangular cloud maker during daylight1300
11 Dec 2012 - Arroyo Grande, California , USA - On Dec. 11 and 12 i witnessed a craft flying over my house around 10:30at night . I called my friend told her what i had seen and she was amazed of my story . The very next evening same time it came back and she took three pictures...1030
11 Dec 2012 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - We saw the flash and we expected a loud explotion but there was nothing.1030
13 Dec 2012 - Richmond, Kentucky, USA - Bright light1218
13 Dec 2012 - Carlton, Oregon, USA - Triangle shaped craft with no noise. Very low.1550
15 Dec 2012 - Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA - 14-15 orange lights traveling in w western direction, no noise, lights satggered over about one mile1030
15 Dec 2012 - Bonita, California , USA - three red light in the sky hovering in triangle form then slowly disappeared one by one

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))1034
17 Dec 2012 - Polk City, Florida, USA - Red glowing round object flew across the sky at a slow pace1005
18 Dec 2012 - Arapahoe, North Carolina, USA - two fire balls floating in the sky

Two giant fire balls in the sky. Orange red color look like they where burning. This makes the second time I've see it1030
18 Dec 2012 - Brisbane, , Australia - Fleuroscent Colour splash lingering in the sky1330
18 Dec 2012 - Attalla, Alabama, USA - Light in daytime sky that faded away.1535
21 Dec 2012 - Geneva, Georgia, USA - Triangular shaped, possibly bright white, flashing lights was seen over west central Georgia, USA1300
23 Dec 2012 - Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - We believe it was a UFO as it was a very bright circle of fire flying and hovering like no man made machine does.1420
23 Dec 2012 - Opp, Alabama, USA - brief star like light to the left of sun1500
25 Dec 2012 - Hollywood, Florida, USA - Misterious ball of fire and smoke over Hollywood FL on 12-25-2012 @ 13:331333
1 Jan 2013 - Sacramento, California , USA - On the right side of the moon, two red objects (lights) appeared. 1310
6 Jan 2013 - Canyon Lake, Texas, USA - First a triangle bright no sound then transformed into a circular object. No movement then progressed quietly.1028
10 Jan 2013 - McGregor, Minnesota, USA - We seen an Explosion over Ft Ripply MN at 13:00 on Jan 10 2012 along with lots of UFO Activity.1300
15 Jan 2013 - Loris, South Carolina, USA - 2 more pairs of light sightings over Myrtle Beach0935
16 Jan 2013 - St. Augustine, Florida, USA - Trail of strange orange lights moving over St Augustine.0950
21 Feb 2013 - Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica - Captured image from government owned, fixed base volcano observation camera - Costa Rica1528
26 Feb 2013 - Augusta, Georgia, USA - Bright white star like light and smaller red light alternated fading and blinking out and on under ceiling of solid cloud cover1230