In April 1897 - Moberly, Missouri, USA - Crashed airship.
In early April 1897 - Bethany, Missouri, USA - Farmer wrote letter to Missouri newspaper, claimed he saw airship crash into flagpole in town. Bodies of two occupants mangled beyond recognition.
17 Apr 1897 - Aurora, Texas, USA - Judge had no such windmill. Newspaper hoax. Explanation: Hoax.0600
In 1931 - Jasper, Tennessee, USA - Rumors of vehicle that crashed into trees in back woods, biological remains allegedly transported by US Army personnel. Explanation: Rumor.
In 1933 - Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Two fisherman witnessed flying disc explode just off beach of small fishing village in 1933 or 1934. Pieces showered down, passed to Sued and Fontes in 1957. Explanation: Prank.1200
In Spring 1941 - Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA - Baptist minister called to crash site, thinking it was plane crash. Seamless metallic disc, three dead 4' tall beings, very long fingers. Military retrieval.2115
In 1942 - Federal Base, California , USA - Captured Disc incident.
22 Jun 1944 - Oahu, Nr Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA - Object allegedly shot down by military as it departed, one female occupant captured, flown in custody to Washington, DC
3 Jul 1947 - Magdelena, New Mexico, USA - Barney Barnett finds crashed disc in arroyo.0900
4 Jul 1947 - Roswell, New Mexico, USA - Crash/retrieval of UFO wreckage and bodies, taken later to Roswell AFB. Body features: bald head, small sunken eyes, small nose, no ears, only four long slender fingers, long forearms. Explanation: Hoax.1600
4 Jul 1947 - Datil, New Mexico, USA - Silver disc crashed in arroyo, three alien bodies recovered. Explanation: Hoax.2330
7 Jul 1947 - Brazel Ranch, New Mexico, USA - Major Jesse Marcel, Cav Calvert and enlisted man gather two carloads of strange material at Brazel ranch crash site.0700
8 Jul 1947 - Capitan Mtns, New Mexico, USA - Army finds crashed disc and four humanoid bodies. Several civilians got there first.1200
4 Oct 1947 - Paradise Valley, Arizona , USA - Hoax. Alleged crashed saucer and dead Grey aliens. Explanation: Hoax.
In Spring 1948 - Aztec, New Mexico, USA - Scully was told first of three captured discs landed 12miles east of Aztec. Could not get inside it through drilling, but pole inserted in pencil-sized hole opened door. 16 men, 40" tall, found dead, charred. Explanation: Hoax.
In Mid- 1948 - Paradise Valley, Arizona , USA - Second flying saucer landed near a proving ground in Arizona, measured 72' diameter. Door was open. 16 dead little men were found inside, all with fair complexion, no beards. Explanation: Hoax.
In 1949 - Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA - An object was observed. Metallic traces found. A crashed disc was reported by a male witness near a nuclear test site (Von Poppen).
In late December 1948 - Mojave Desert, California , USA - Crashed Disc incident. Explanation: Debris.
In the 1950's - Chicago, Illinois, USA - An object was observed. Traces found. A crashed disc was reported.
In December 1949 - Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico - Rumor by explosives salesman that flying saucer had crashed on mountainside, killing its pilot, being 23" tall with large head. Explanation: Hoax.
16 Apr 1950 - Laredo, Texas, USA - Far fetched story of crashed disc, 6' wide, little man 2' tall, revived, fought with National Guardsman, finally dies. Explanation: Hoax.
10 May 1950 - Bernasconi, Argentina - Dead aliens discovered aboard landed 33' diameter domed disc. Dead pilot 4' tall, round eyes, brown skin, wore lead-gray uniform. two more lay dead on couches. Console described. Pile of ashes at site. Explanation: Hoax.1300
6 Dec 1950 - El Indio, Mexico - Possible UFO crash, metal fragments recovered. Highly questionnable whether event occurred. Explanation: Rumor.
6 Dec 1950 - Laredo AFB, Texas, USA - Possible UFO crash/retrieval.
In 1952 - Edwards AFB, California , USA - Crashed Disc incident.
In 1952 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - Trace remnants
In July 1952 - Spitsbergen, Norway - Crashed disc recovery Norweigan and US governments.
28 Jul 1952 - Spitsbergen, Norway - Crashed Ufo incident. Explanation: Hoax.
In 1953 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Crashed Ufo incident.
In April 1953 - Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, USA - Top secret military film allegedly taken at this time.
21 May 1953 - Kingman, Arizona , USA - 16 AEC engineers taken by USAF on window-blackened bus to spot to see crashed disc. Oval shaped, 30 feet diameter, brushed metal. In tent dead body, 4' tall, silver metallic suit, brown skin, small mouth.2100
In Fall 1953 - Dutton, Montana, USA - An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Men in black later interviewed witnesses. One object was observed by one male 53-year-old witness for eight minutes.1900
In Winter 1954 - Mattydale, New York, USA - Report of crashed UFO near Hancock Field.
In July 1955 - Vestra, Sweden - Big flash, no sound as cigar UFO crashed into clearing near river. Found small man surrounded by white light, seemed injured. One witness touched, got shocked. Wore tight red metallic suit.0600
In 1957 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - An object was observed. Metallic traces found. A crashed disc was reported at an airfield.
In 1957 - Southwestern, USA - NAL incident. 2300
27 Dec 1956 - Conselve, Veneto, Italy - An object falls to the ground. Perhaps a missile. Involvement of the Aeronautics0945
In 1959 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - Crashed Disc incident.
21 Jan 1959 - Gdansk, Gdynia Harbor, Poland - Alleged crash, post-mortem on alien. Abnormal number of fingers, odd arrangement of internal organs, circulatory system spiralling around body. Body taken to Moscow. Explanation: Hoax.
In late February 1959 - Gdynia, Pomorskie, Poland - After crash of luminous object in harbor divers sent in, brought back metal pieces. Several days later a strange being dragging himself along beach, hair and face burnt. Died in hospital, body sent USSR
In 1962 - Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA - Crashed Disc incident.
15 Apr 1962 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - Six USAF men jog into hangar, see 15' diameter disc up on jacks. Men ordered silent.0800
10 Dec 1964 - Fort Riley, Kansas, USA - Supposed soldier guards downed saucer. Hoax by Aaron David Kabak. Explanation: Hoax.0200
9 Dec 1965 - Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Major military operation to recover bullet shaped object, 12' long, 10 feet diam, that came down in woods near Kecksburg. Explanation: ReEntry.1650
4 Oct 1967 - Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada - Police incident. 2310
19 Apr 1969 - Great Sand Dunes Natl Monument, Colorado , USA - Two archaeologists watch jets force down disc-like craft into dunes where it crashes. Recovery by unknown branch of military the next day. Needed "seven half-tracks to pul;l craft out of dune field.
In 1973 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - An object was observed. Metallic traces found. A crashed disc was reported by military witnesses at an airfield.
17 May 1974 - Chilili, New Mexico, USA - Crashed Disc incident. 2210
11 Nov 1975 - Nauta, Loreto, Peru - Crashed Ufo incident. 2300
In March 1977 - Lumberton, Ohio, USA - Crashed UFO.
21 Aug 1978 - Port Dauphin, Madagascar - Crashed Ufo incident. 2300
10 Dec 1979 - Elk River, Washington, USA - Fireball comes in from sea, executes 180 degree turn, heads rapidly to the west but crashes in forest, south side of Grays Harbor. Many rumors of military roadblocks, military trucks, Navy SEALs. Cruise missile? Explanation: Manmade.2000
In early January 1980 - Santa Terezinha de Goias, Goias, Brazil - Clocklike device left by UFO, emitted a humming sound like bees. Object flown by plane to Brazilia.
2 Jun 1980 - Lima, Callao, Peru - Peru Air Force incident.
19 Feb 1984 - El Yunque Mountain, Puerto Rico, USA - Many separate witnesses. White glowing disc turns and crashes into mountain, big investigation and coverup.
In early August 1987 - Vyborg, Leningrad, Russia - Crash retrieval of object of unknown origin, 14m long x 4m wide x 2.5m high. No doors or hatches. All attempts to open object failed, did manage to extract rods from stern. Object gone late Sept.
In 1989 - Nida, Russia - Crash retrieval of UFO that crashed near port of Nida, engulfed in flames. UFO and alien bodies recovered by Soviets, according to western sources.
In April 1989 - Santa Rosalia, Mexico - Possible crash retrieval. Gray sphere crashed. two short blue beings recovered, gave off stench. Mexican Army cordoned off area.
7 May 1989 - Kalahari Desert, Botswana - South African AF jet shot down UFO that flew in from ocean, tracked by radar by frigate SA Trafalberg, naval HQ in Cape Town. Silver disc, two Grey aliens captured alive. three fingers/toes, no sex organs. Explanation: Hoax.1345
28 Sep 1989 - Moriches Bay, New York, USA - Crash retrieval. Report of an attempted recovery of a landed or disabled UFO.2045
24 Nov 1992 - Long Island, New York, USA - Crash retrieval at South Haven park, possible hoax. Explanation: Hoax.1912
19 Apr 1993 - Black Heath, Salisbury Plains, UK - Radar visual confirmation. Multiple radar of UFO to the south. Dark charcoal cylindrical object on ground, 60 feet long with four legs (2 damaged). two 3.5' tall beings on flight deck, slant eyes. USAF took craft with copter.2045
In June 1994 - Kiev, Ukraine - Ukrainian military reportedly shot down, recovered UFO. Object taken to Kherson military base where alien bodies were supposedly found inside object.
5 Apr 1995 - Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, USA - alien body photographed0000
17 Aug 1995 - Metan, Argentina - Argentine FAO UFO group denied any knowledge of crash retrieval attributed to them as source. Cyber hoax. Explanation: Hoax.
15 Sep 1995 - Leribe, Lesotho - Farmer finds crashed disc on his farm near Madibamatso River. There had been a severe fire after crash. Allegedly three occupants were on board. No further details.2220
In May 1996 - Boyle N, Curlieu Mntns, Ireland - Disc-shaped object allegedly crash-landed on mountain just north of Boyle, slicing treetops, touching down on lake. Several occupants taken into custody. Site sealed off by military. No further details.2300
8 Mar 2007 - Taganrog, Rostov, Russia - A huge flat bed truck was seen apparently transporting a UFO that had crashed the night before into the Sea of Azov.0300
19 Mar 2007 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - Air Force fired projectiles of some sort at alien craft and hit them directly, causing all of the craft fired upon to hit the ground.1122
21 Jan 2008 - Norrtalje, Sweden - The next day, "Miguel" (involved in the previous encounter on January 20) returns to the agreed 1500
14 May 2008 - Needles, California , USA - On the Colorado River near Topock Arizona a long time houseboat resident was stunned to see a large, bright "fiery object" hurtling from the sky toward him.0300
27 May 2008 - Phu Quoc, Vietnam - An unidentified flying object crashed on Phu Quoc Island Tuesday.1100
1 Jul 2008 - Apple Valley, California , USA - Three witnesses looked up at the sky and watched an abnormally large oval or round shaped flying object.2215
4 Oct 2008 - Elk County, Pennsylvania , USA - Two hunters had entered the woods at about 0445am.0445
7 Jan 2009 - Al Qasim, Saudi Arabia - Arabic language forums are abuzz with Saudi citizens claiming to have witnessed what is even being described by some in the normally conservative Saudi Arabian press as a possible UFO either crashing to earth or simply executing maneuvers designed to scar2000
23 Jan 2009 - Clevedon, England , UK - A UFO has crashed at a local primary school---giving the clearest sign yet that aliens do exist.1130
16 May 2009 - Findlay, Ohio, USA - Earlier the witness had been viewing different UFOs in the sky.0300
5 Jul 2009 - Gmunden, Oberoesterreich, Austria - A witness reported seeing a hovering disc-shaped object at about 20 meters from his 0130
5 Jul 2009 - Easton, Pennsylvania , USA - On this evening the witness was sleeping in his bedroom when he woke up to a humming sound.2000
27 Jul 2009 - Sylvan Lake, Minnesota , USA - A report was made by an eyewitness of an object which fell out of the sky and caused a wave of 30 ft when it hit a lake, near Forest Lake.1400
9 Aug 2009 - Akureyri, Norourland eystra, Iceland - A green light was seen above a mountain across a fjord in this town.0000
20 Oct 2009 - La Pampa, Argentina - The 65 year old female witness (involved in a previous encounter) had briefly stepped into her house to say goodbye to her nephew when she saw a strange creature standing in her living room.2000
21 Aug 2010 - Sanger, California , USA - A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on a mountainside in Sanger, California (just outside Fresno) on the night of August 21 2010.2200