UFO Sightings in 1982

2 January 1982 Evening - Nigde, Turkey -   An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One disc was observed.

6 January 1982 Evening - Olympia, Washington, USA -   Pair of silver objects with bright lights and no wings traveled parallel to ground, then took off straight up.

7 January 1982 - Aksaray, Turkey -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed.

7 January 1982 08:00 - Columbus, Indiana, USA -   Police incident.

8 January 1982 - Eceabat, Turkey -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. An object which flew in a straight line across the sky was reported.

9 January 1982 - Washington, North Carolina, USA -   Eight photos.

10 January 1982 21:00 - Aksaray Hwy E-5, Turkey -   Flashing object at 1000 feet altitude causes traffic jam, lights E-5 highway.

10 January 1982 21:30 - Havsa, Turkey -   Glowing ovoid at 500m altitude. Green and yellow beams and yellow smoke. Radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

15 January 1982 05:00 - Te Kuiti, New Zealand -   Oval shaped UFO on ground, tripod landing gear, spotted from passing train. Blood red in color, square windows.

15 January 1982 19:05 - Nigde, Turkey -   An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One rectangular object was observed.

15 January 1982 21:35 - Havsa, Turkey -   RF/television interference, ovoid object flying 120 kph in straight line, emitting green and yellow beams, yellow smoke.

15 January 1982 23:35 - Izmir, Turkey -   UFO held stationary over Buca forest 45 minutes, finally dimished and vanished.

18 January 1982 19:30 - Hessdalen Valley, Norway -   Luminous metallic ovoid over phone lines in mining area. Magnetic anomalies.

20 January 1982 20:00 - Petford, Queensland, Australia -   Silent Nocturnal light just over farm reservoir speed 60kph. Made 90 degree turn to the northwest.

22 January 1982 - Weaver, Iowa, USA -   Female abducted by several 5' tall beings with large heads, cat-like eyes, small mouths. Hairless, 4-digit hands, long arms. Telepathy, implant, exam.

23 January 1982 21:00 - Bellenden Ker Natl Park, Queensland, Australia -   Two boys watched Nocturnal light maneuver around during electrical storm. Beam of light arced around.

24 January 1982 07:00 - Ipoh, Malaysia -   Joggers incident.

24 January 1982 19:20 - Stockdale Hwy 123, Texas, USA -   Flashing light with irregular flashes of red and white traveled west to the east, acred slightly and appeared to hover in east 30 degrees above horizon.

26 January 1982 04:49 - Christchurch, New Zealand -   Saturn-shaped object flew to the west, maneuvered and zig-zagged, shot rapidly to the southeast, then straight up.

26 January 1982 22:00 - Lima Sw 5 M, Ohio, USA -   While snowmobiling in yard of church witnesses noticed red blinking light approach from west. Object hovered, then weaved back and forth across road, disappearing behind trees. Second blue light followed,

28 January 1982 07:00 - Harrod, Ohio, USA -   Bright star like object brighter over first magnitude in northern sky, first appeared stationary, then moved very rapidly to southwest .

29 January 1982 02:00 - Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia -   Student incident.

In February 1982 17:00 - Klang, Malaysia -   Saturn-shaped UFO, revolving rim.

In February 1982 Evening - Fort Worth, Texas, USA -   Abduction and sexual encounter.

31 January 1982 21:25 - Mechanicsville, Virginia , USA -   Two witnesses, married couple. Bicycle-seat delta, very low and slow, roar, vibration, no electromagnetic effect or smell.

In February 1982 Night - Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA -   Odd looking "Space Shuttle" like delta followed treeline at 100 feet altitude. Had Ummo "H" mark on underside.

2 February 1982 20:00 - Skovde, Sweden -   Jogger saw two blinking bright lights coming directly at her; felt it was hunting her, ran inside building. Couple walking dog also saw, dog frightened.

In early February 1982 03:30 - Yakima Indian Res, Toppenish, Washington, USA -   Landed remotely.

5 February 1982 Around 2200 - Wapakoneta N 1.5M Rte 25, Ohio, USA -   LITS seen by couple driving on Rte 25. Bright flash appeared in sky off to right through windshield, lasted 2-4 seconds.

8 February 1982 Around 0300 - Pernambuco, Brazil -   An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One multi-colored light was observed by nine male witnesses in-flight for 82 minutes (Maciel Britto).

8 February 1982 03:11 - Parnambuco, Brazil -   Vasp Flight 69 Crew/Pass incident.

8 February 1982 21:00 - Bakersfield, Vermont, USA -   Delta-shaped object followed car home, then flew overhead. Witness ran inside house to hide. No sound. Joe Nyman investigator.

9 February 1982 01:35 - Paulding S 7M Rte 613, Ohio, USA -   Two large bright lights approached witnesses' house and down near ground level. Lights seemed to try to come together, but didn't. Bounced along, hovered 5 minutes, moved to the west.

10 February 1982 After midnight - Willernie, Minnesota, USA -   Trace remnants, holes melted in snow. Object with lime green intense light hovered 6' above ground, 5 spots of fire fell to ground as object rose. Sent to CUFOS for analysis.

10 February 1982 02:30 - Black Sea, Ukraine -   Sailors incident.

10 February 1982 05:15 - Neillsville W12M, Wisconsin, USA -   Photo taken (poor quality). Bright light illuminated highway, followed police cruiser into town. At one point moved ahead of car.

10 February 1982 23:35 - Escanaba W1.5M Hwy C537, Michigan, USA -   Mist from rear of object looked like "lit up snowflakes". Rim around bottom with red windows all around, red light shone through windows.

12 February 1982 17:45 - Joliet E3M, Illinois, USA -   Square black object with four white and yellow lights arranged in corners with X shaped coal-black area connecting the four corners. Changed direction.

13 February 1982 - Los Angeles, California , USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by two witnesses.

13 February 1982 22:30 - Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA -   25m arrowhead hovered over field. Had spotlights. Odd silence noted. Followed car.

14 February 1982 - New York, New York, USA -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. An unidentified object at close range was observed by two witnesses in a city.

15 February 1982 20:00 - Galkayo, Somalia -   Police incident.

16 February 1982 18:40 - Kanker, India -   Hazy round objects hover and sway. Change colors independently. Silent.

18 February 1982 - Birchwood, Wisconsin, USA -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by two witnesses.

18 February 1982 01:30 - Las Animas, Colorado , USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by two witnesses on a highway.

19 February 1982 01:00 - Lago Lacar, Argentina -   Nautical UFO. Campers signal erratic nocturnal light, big glowing disc approaches, dives into lake. Lago Lacar is 641 meters above sea level, 52 sq. km in size.

19 February 1982 20:45 - Challaco, Argentina -   Car electromagnetic effects. Mushroom-disc overhead deep voice. Missing time. Man and car abducted, burns/skin.

20 February 1982 01:39 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA -   Four objects with red, blue, orange and green colored lights seen in succession. Third object larger than others, all picked up on radar, no aircraft in area at time. Dogs barking, came right at witnesses.

21 February 1982 05:00 - Pawnee W, Oklahoma, USA -   Huge bright light hovers over dump. Flew to the northeast, followed police car, photos (poor quality).

23 February 1982 - Tonasket, Washington, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by four witnesses.

24 February 1982 - Ridgely, Maryland, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by four witnesses.

24 February 1982 06:30 - Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, USA -   Electromagnetic effect: Radio frequency interference. Bright round, lighted object flew over car, its passage accompanied by radio effects. Explanation: Star.

25 February 1982 02:00 - Tunnelton, Pennsylvania, USA -   Domed disc, car sized, with light beam coming from dome, illuminated bottom rim of object and ground. At or near ground, after 5 minutes, rose vertically, hovered, then flew over roof of witness's house. Explanation: Star.

26 February 1982 20:20 - Montereau, France -   Objects were sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. Three objects, about 10 feet across, around 300 feet away, were observed in a swamp for two minutes.

26 February 1982 22:30 - Pembine, Wisconsin, USA -   Whine, then silence. Glowing pie-pan disc flew over swamp slowly. Ascends and away.

27 February 1982 - Le Center, Minnesota, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by two witnesses.

In March 1982 22:00 - Parker, Colorado , USA -   Greenish-white light moving at over 1400 mph at about 250ft altitude. Witness could not estimate size, but said it was BIG.

In March 1982 Night - Springfield, Missouri, USA -   Car pulled up into nearby clearing. Nearby sat silver metallic disc resting on three legs. Folding steps descend, light, chrome exam table. 6 6.1' tall men with long blond hair, blue eyes, emblem on uniform.

1 March 1982 - Richmond, Virginia , USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by two witnesses.

1 March 1982 22:10 - Holly Pond, Alabama, USA -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. An unidentified object at close range was observed by two witnesses.

2 March 1982 - Rosman, North Carolina, USA -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. An unidentified object at close range was observed by four witnesses.

2 March 1982 - Norwood, Massachusetts, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by one witness.

4 March 1982 22:30 - Hellifield A65, UK -   Car surrounded by blue lights, levitated. Sensation of cold, engine revving, 30 minutes of missing time. Under hypnosis recalled meeting entities, one called "Zeus."

6 March 1982 13:00 - Chicago, Illinois, USA -   One object was observed for over one minute.

8 March 1982 13:45 - Allendale Sw 60 Mi, South Carolina, USA -   Pilots incident.

8 March 1982 20:15 - Bethel, Connecticut, USA -   Photographer incident.

12 March 1982 18:45 - Glendora, California , USA -   Many witness red rectangular UFO near I-210 two children see humanoids 35min, missing time.

12 March 1982 21:10 - Messel, Germany -   Disco Attendees incident.

12 March 1982 21:50 - Maiden, North Carolina, USA -   One object was observed by four witnesses (McRee).

13 March 1982 05:40 - Jacksonville S 125M, Florida, USA -   Air Canada 087 incident.

14 March 1982 - Racine, Wisconsin, USA -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. An unidentified object at close range was observed by two witnesses.

14 March 1982 03:30 - Woodstock, Queensland, Australia -   Brilliant red ball of light flew at very low altitude, illuminated farm. Darted away and came back.

14 March 1982 20:17 - Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA -   Amateur astronomer and neighbor. four lights, about size of stars, changed positions, moved apart, then into Z formation, viewed through telescope. Headed to the SSE.

15 March 1982 21:40 - Darmstadt, Germany -   Military Police incident.

15 March 1982 23:30 - Gonnosfadiga, Italy -   Electromagnetic effect: car engine and lights died, battery ruined. Chemist had luminous pass overhead.

16 March 1982 20:00 - Eugene, Oregon, USA -   Many witnesses. 4-day wave started now of nocturnal lights. Polices called UFO Reporting Center.

18 March 1982 19:40 - Chikaltana Weather Observatory, India -   Thin blue cylinder few rapidly to the west fast, turned rapidly to the south. Silent.

18 March 1982 22:00 - Flatwoods, Kentucky, USA -   Baker incident.

19 March 1982 20:00 - Eugene, Oregon, USA -   Many witnesses. 4-day wave. nocturnal lights, cops call UFO CENTER in WASHINGTON DC

20 March 1982 19:30 - Simi Valley, California , USA -   An object was observed. Animal reactions to the object were reported. One object was observed by several female witnesses, typical age 15, in a city.

21 March 1982 Around 2100 - Toledo, Ohio Tpke, Ohio, USA -   UFO shaped like vertical football with three tube-like appendages banked to the north across interstate highway, came low over residential area at 200', to the south. three steady white lights, small blinking red light.

22 March 1982 03:30 - Slanesville, Virginia , USA -   Commotion among dogs and cats outside. two lights descend and land. Car stalls. Encounter 5.5' man, wore silver coverall with hood. Telepathy: humans should use atomic power. Slight burn from beam. Mental imag

22 March 1982 Around 2100 - Scottdale Hwy119, Pennsylvania, USA -   Motorist saw very large triangle-shaped object, no sound, hovered close to his car, followed him down the highway.

22 March 1982 Around 2100 - Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA -   Two "reliable" witnesses. "Flying cheese wedge" see ref drawing.

23 March 1982 02:00 - Escanaba W, Michigan, USA -   Cone with concave "bite" out of one side, shot red light rays in all directions over farm house and barn. Vertical coherent light beams on underside separate from object. Flew at low altitude.

23 March 1982 05:30 - Neshannock Twp, Pennsylvania, USA -   Cop spots UFO on his way home from work, 75 yards away. Woke his mother, they described it as oval or round, 2-3 car lengths long, cast white light. Police cruiser went down Rte 65, UFO hovered above.

25 March 1982 04:35 - Milton Keynes, Saxon Street, UK -   Yellow lozenge-shaped object seen in sky by two cops. They stopped to watch. Had red and blue flasing lights. MoD investigation(?) Reliability of witnesses rated good.

28 March 1982 03:00 - Munglinup E3Km, Western Australia, Australia -   Two women encounter large (size of helicopter) round object with red, white, yellow lights. Paced car, crossing highway 200m in front. When truck approach it spewed mist, sped away but came back. Over bay. Explanation: Planet.

29 March 1982 15:30 - Oakmont, Pennsylvania, USA -   Bright silver, metallic shiny disc-shaped object, hovered over area. Movements not consistent with balloon.

30 March 1982 23:15 - Charlottesville, Virginia , USA -   Ovoid or "submarine" object flew over car, hovered over road, made U-turn, paced car for 15 blocks, went north.

In April 1982 02:00 - Bacolod, Philippines -   First appeared like point of light, changed to diamond-shaped object as it approached. Object disappeared as if "turned off."

31 March 1982 10:13 - Silvercreek, Mayfield Dam, Washington, USA -   Viewed through binoculars. Round object with red, green, blue lights around entire circumference. No sound, no exhaust, size of small plane.

In April 1982 18:00 - Pecem, Brazil -   Orange ball of light chases two pregnant women 500m. One woman miscarries, second has disabled baby.

In April 1982 Dusk - Meridian, Mississippi, USA -   Pulsating orange ball of light passed overhead, halfway across sky it dimmed considerably.

In April 1982 Night - Sedona, Arizona , USA -   Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter abducted from camping tent aboard hovering disc. Telepathy with aliens. Message: we are rearranging your molecular structure.

1 April 1982 19:15 - North Washington, Pennsylvania, USA -   Triangular object with rounded apexes, a light in each corner, surrounded by a glittering mist, seemed to come from rear of object. two balls of light shot out, 1 rapidly to the north, 1 rapidly to the south.

1 April 1982 23:30 - Charlottesville, Virginia , USA -   Light hung few hundred feet above trees, flared up suddenly, zipped away at high speed. two nights after CE-1.

3 April 1982 - Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA -   Eight teenagers saw large object hovering over a house on John Street while they were playing in a field off Stevens Street

3 April 1982 03:00 - Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA -   Teacher incident.

4 April 1982 20:04 - Osceola, Wisconsin, USA -   Fog or smoke. Reddish pink ball at treetop level, smoke coming from top. No sound.

In early April 1982 - Mansfield, Connecticut, USA -   Police investigated sighting, no further details.

7 April 1982 20:30 - Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA -   Mushroom cap shaped disc paced two in car. Had hazy lights, made odd maneuvers, but always smoothly.

8 April 1982 23:45 - Escanaba W, Michigan, USA -   80 feet wide boomerang object, curved in rear, paces car with two teenage girls at 30 feet altitude. Girls feared capture.

10 April 1982 23:45 - County Tyrone, Ireland -   Sphere flashing red, white, yellow lights. Below was large faint red light, saw outline of two humanoids, one large, one small. UFO rotated, moved across sky in jerky path, vanished.

14 April 1982 03:30 - Maroa E3M, Illinois, USA -   6' wide, long thin disc, bright white, started in southwest horizon, approached, turned vertical at closest point, went back to horizontal position to the northwest. 4x went vertical and back.

14 April 1982 Around 2200 - West Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA -   Amateur Astronomer incident.

In mid-April 1982 04:30 - Broby, Denmark -   Silver ovoid on ground in field. two short humanoids, very thin, with long arms and elongated, egg-shaped heads, pointy ears, small round eyes. Wore tight silver suits with belts, carrying flashlights. UFO rapidly flies away.

17 April 1982 21:15 - Milton, West Virginia, USA -   Electromagnetic effect: television went off during sighting, all electric lights went dim for duration (7 seconds).

17 April 1982 23:20 - Wescott A25, UK -   Large object in sky 100 feet away, with two blazing lights. Odd silence.

18 April 1982 After 2100 - Monroe, North Carolina, USA -   More than one object was observed by 2,000 witnesses (Lowery).

20 April 1982 03:00 - County Tyrone, Ireland -   Bedroom visitation. two beings stood near bed, one short, one tall and lumpy. Looked inside his mouth, chatted in sound like ringing bells. Witness could not move.

20 April 1982 20:05 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA -   Amber light, followed 1-2 minutes later by two more amber lights, then about four seconds later 8 amber lights in a straight line moved overhead in the same direction, last seen in V-formation.

21 April 1982 Night - Derry, Pennsylvania, USA -   Two bright orange balls of light hovered over trees. After several minutes one to the south, while the other light went straight up vertically out of sight.

23 April 1982 05:15 - Ankara, Turkey -   Meteorologist incident.

23 April 1982 20:00 - Highlands, North Carolina, USA -   Silver round object with white, green, red spotlights, about 12-13' in diameter. Witness pursued it in his car, object paused over trees, then flew away.

23 April 1982 Night - Adelaide Ferryden Park, South Australia, Australia -   Two objects seen on same night. first was square, second like two eggs. Red, 5 seconds on,off,on again. Flew low over Cavan or Modbury.

25 April 1982 20:30 - Clare, South Australia, Australia -   Three people in a car noticed red glow in the sky.It approached, Followed car 3km. Ball of fire with white streaks through it.

29 April 1982 23:40 - Plattsburgh AFB, New York, USA -   Dome shaped object, turquoise blue light on top, portholes. Flew low, 400-500 feet altitude, near USAF base. Definitely entered restricted air space.

In May 1982 - Simla, Colorado , USA -   Horse mutilation: genitals and anus removed.

30 April 1982 18:55 - Johannesburg, South Africa -   The above date is a guess but it was reported to the Johannesburg Star who reported that there were other witnesses in rearby suburbs.

In May 1982 19:30 - Jet, Oklahoma, USA -   Blue glowing disc with fuzzy white aura around it buzzed car.Later seen as blue disc with white tapering tail three times length of object Seen crossing sky at high altitude.

In May 1982 21:00 - Carlton, Tasmania, Australia -   Witness coming home saw nearby ovoid object hovering close to ground. UFO 10 feet tall, white, inside was outline of tall being. Witness fled.

2 May 1982 21:00 - Ripley, Queensland, Australia -   Kangaroo hunters came upon large domed disc-shaped craft. Groups of 7' tall beings walked on glass rim. Looked human with long blond hair, tan skin, wore gray jumpsuits.

5 May 1982 20:00 - Youngstown Ridge, Pennsylvania, USA -   15' diameter top-shaped UFO with dome. Red pulsating light contained within dome. Size of piper cub, moved slowly to the east, altitude 1000, reversed direction towardsGreensburg.

5 May 1982 23:17 - Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, USA -   Many nocturnal lights. Police watch semi-transparent delta northwest moving rapidly to the southwest, mimics plane?

9 May 1982 - Asahikawa Ese, Japan -   Hat-like UFO photographed near Taisetsuzan National Park. Mountain backdrop.

10 May 1982 22:23 - Omerset, Kentucky, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by witnesses (as reported to the police) (Bray).

12 May 1982 - Turis, Spain -   Big disc-shaped UFO by roadside. Searched area with beams of light. Perimeter spinning. Rose, flew away.

14 May 1982 13:00 - Townsend, Wisconsin, USA -   Bright, metallic disc, 0.8m diameter, 1m altitude, rose to 20m altitude. Shot away suddenly.

19 May 1982 21:10 - Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA -   Copter crash leaves no traces, none missing. no rotor or tail seen.

20 May 1982 18:15 - Caboolture, Queensland, Australia -   Couple driving near golf course saw bright light descend. Noted saucer with portholes in lower part. Emitted blue beam of light at front of car. Missing time, recall 2m tall silver suited being.

20 May 1982 22:00 - Porto Alegre, Brazil -   Two disc-shaped objects fire four colored beams.

21 May 1982 22:40 - Sopelia Tower, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident.

22 May 1982 22:57 - Cleveland, Texas, USA -   Cop on stakeout for car thieves saw diamond shaped UFO with rounded corners pass by pipeline in forest, 500m away.

23 May 1982 03:30 - Bowna, Vic, New South Wales, Australia -   Nocturnal light paced car at 7m altitude, hovered when car stopped. Diamond-shaped object hovered over car's destination.

24 May 1982 - Mugla, Marmaris, Turkey -   Tourists incident.

24 May 1982 Night - Redwood City, California , USA -   One object was observed (Kazarian, J).

25 May 1982 23:15 - Sopelia Tower, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident.

26 May 1982 Night - Redwood City, California , USA -   Nocturnal lights were reported.

27 May 1982 21:50 - Elizabeth Ne, Colorado , USA -   An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One domed disc, about 80 feet across, was observed on a farm for over three minutes.

In June 1982 - Canton, Ohio, USA -   Nocturnal lights were reported.

In June 1982 10:00 - Pahang, Malaysia -   Girl went to river to wash clothes. Confronted by short female. Oz effect. Invited to come to beautiful place where time rushed by. Later found unconscious by relatives near river.

In June 1982 12:00 - Bella Vista, California , USA -   A daytime disc was reported in a yard.

1 June 1982 - Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. An unidentifiable object was observed at close range.

3 June 1982 Night - Demirkoy, Turkey -   Magistrate incident.

7 June 1982 - Antioch, Illinois, USA -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Nocturnal lights were reported (Heller, M). Explanation: Meteor.

9 June 1982 21:15 - Clapton, UK -   An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One red ball was observed by four experienced male witnesses (Matthews).

10 June 1982 04:00 - Volpago Di Montello, Italy -   Large dark mass beams light at farm, faint humming sound, henhouse abnormally cold.

10 June 1982 22:00 - Coronado, California , USA -   Two objects, high altitude, high speed, egg shaped, white aura, flew from edge of horizon to center vision then shot out into space.

10 June 1982 22:30 - Madbury, Bellamy Reservr, New Hampshire, USA -   Wedge-shaped object with body lights, bright "headlights" flew overhead, seen clearly by police in spotlight. Abnormal silence.

12 June 1982 - New Braunfels, Texas, USA -   White oval. object became dark green on one end, dark red on other. three vertical rectangular windows very dark in center. Red and green colors blended across center around windows.

15 June 1982 - Olympia, Washington, USA -   Two in car spot 747-size square object to the east, 1000'-2000 feet altitude, many lights flash and two large lights, looked like "lighted oil derrick".

15 June 1982 15:00 - Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA -   A daytime disc was observed by three witnesses at an electric plant (Brzuszek).

15 June 1982 21:30 - Romeoville Hwy 53, Illinois, USA -   UFO with honeycomb cylinder attached, red, green and white lights moved west, then towards to the east near powerplant, hovers, moving rapidly to the west again.

17 June 1982 22:00 - Beian County, China -   Luminous blue sphere, size of basketball, to the east, encircled by haze/vapor, hazy edges. Suddenly vanished, left ring of gas 3m diameter.

18 June 1982 Around midnight - Hokkaido E, Pacific -   JAL Airline Crews incident.

18 June 1982 20:30 - Lima, Ohio, USA -   An unidentified object was sighted by mutliple independent witnesses, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object was observed by two witnesses for five minutes.

18 June 1982 21:10 - Xinganling Mtns, China -   Two huge luminous objects in sky over twp. Bigger one green ball of light, stationary. Smaller one was ellipsoid, brighter, like luminous red turnip with tail, revolved. First vanished in 40 minutes,2nd,then both back

18 June 1982 21:57 - Shangdu, China -   Chinese Air Force Pilot incident.

18 June 1982 22:00 - Bishui Forestry Center, China -   Beam shot up from behind hill, 300m away, turned into a spiral, creamy-yellow. At top was white disc, 30-40cm diameter, dazzling, revolved counter-clockwise, made buzzing sound, shot up very rapidly

18 June 1982 22:05 - Great Xinganling Prefecture, China -   Mist. Viewed through 5x binoculars. Radiant object flew upward, spewing white glowing vapor. Periphery of UFO gave off bluish-green light, had portholes underneath. to the south, changed shape to bulb. No sound.

19 June 1982 05:00 - Urgihan Forest, China -   Huge luminous light green object in eastern sky, appeared in broad daylight. Extremely bright. When vanished, another was seen, also bright.

19 June 1982 22:30 - Muskegon, Michigan, USA -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation.

19 June 1982 23:30 - Confluence, Yough Dam, Pennsylvania, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by several witnesses at a dam.

20 June 1982 22:30 - Perry Twp, Ohio, USA -   Large, red luminous object, flew low, skimmed slowly over treetops, hovered 25 minutes.

21 June 1982 12:20 - Brindisi Se45Nm, Italy -   737 Crew of same UFO.

24 June 1982 02:30 - Libertyville, Illinois, USA -   Bright light made two right turns. to the north, stopped, dropped down, stopped, to the north, stopped.

25 June 1982 00:40 - Mount Genghis Khan, China -   A flying disc was observed. One yellow-white disc was observed by three witnesses in a residential area (Ouyang Qiu).

25 June 1982 00:41 - Karami City, China -   UFO going west to east, ring of white light, in center was flattened luminous mass, incandescent glow. Had spiral shaped ring around it. Bright center vanished, outer ring faded slowly.

26 June 1982 02:00 - Arlington, Texas, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by four witnesses in a residential area (Watson).

27 June 1982 16:30 - Launceston Nw, Tasmania, Australia -   Boeing-737 incident.

In Mid- 1982 - Lake Baikal, Trans-Baikal, Russia -   A witness later died. Abduction by aliens was reported at a lake.

In July 1982 Evening - Columbia Valley, British Columbia, Canada -   Thought saw several white horses in field on other side of wire fence. Became disoriented, missing time. Recall horses were really tall thin white humanoids, landed UFO. Implant.

In Mid- 1982 Night - Pleasanton, California , USA -   Pro baseball star hitter and wife watch 30 feet wide triangular UFO over their backyard, 100 yards away.

In July 1982 Night - Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia -   Two discs hover overhead, one directly over launch pad at Cosmodrome. Electromagnetic effects.

In July 1982 Night - Najares, Spain -   Cattle Rancher incident.

3 July 1982 - Lebanon, Connecticut, USA -   Two luminous triangle vanish, but silhouettes of the objects shadowed by the moon later.

6 July 1982 04:40 - Pittsburgh, Brookline, Pennsylvania, USA -   Nocturnal lights were reported.

6 July 1982 19:30 - Hampshire, Tasmania, Australia -   EM: car engine stalls. 30m object in blue haze. Hissing and sparks from wire fence.

6 July 1982 21:30 - Level Green, Pennsylvania, USA -   Nocturnal lights were reported in a yard.

7 July 1982 19:30 - Highclere, Tasmania, Australia -   Silent bladeless copter glows over railroad yard. Electromagnetic effect: car engine.

13 July 1982 21:50 - Eagle Pass, Texas, USA -   Four green lights ... attached to an object that bobbed around in the sky.

14 July 1982 04:30 - Easley, South Carolina, USA -   "Water tank" in field, flew away when car headlight hit it.

15 July 1982 21:00 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA -   Nine Years Old, Brothers and I Saw Disc/Craft Very Close.

15 July 1982 22:00 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident.

15 July 1982 22:00 - Linden, New Jersey, USA -   Police incident.

19 July 1982 23:00 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident.

21 July 1982 02:00 - Whitley City, Kentucky, USA -   Top shaped object lights garden with red beam directed downward. 30 lights around rim. Flew to the north, circled, vertical ascent.

22 July 1982 12:00 - Katy, Texas, USA -   Unnatural silence, then boomerang shaped object overhead. Hum only thing heard.

22 July 1982 21:30 - Houston, Texas, USA -   Huge silent stationary boomerang with two large orange lights and many smaller lights in middle of V, hovers, moves away past witnesses. Wind sound but no jets, lost in distance.

22 July 1982 23:00 - Wigan, UK -   Animal reaction: dog barked, ran inside. three women outside apartment building. Saw bright top-shaped light above empty lot. Croaking noise, normal height in one-piece suit, round helmet with visor. Women fled.

23 July 1982 02:00 - Ste-Dorothee, Nr Laval, Quebec, Canada -   Intense beam of white light from multi-colored UFO. Later heard beeping, spotlight showed being, 5-6' tall, large brown head, orange eyes. Intense stomach pain.

25 July 1982 - Jeannette E, Pennsylvania, USA -   Noise shakes house. Silver 2-deck "layer cake" with windows goes up and down.

25 July 1982 04:00 - Punta Umbria, Spain -   Bullfighter incident.

25 July 1982 Daytime - Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA -   Several independent witnesses. 300 feet gray blunt cigar with windows over trees and sewage plant rapidly to the west

26 July 1982 23:30 - Tainan, Taiwan -   White line in sky rushed south rapidly to the north. Made 15 degree turn rapidly to the NNW and away.

In August 1982 - Kinross, UK -   Bright beam of light descended from sky, witness also saw a bright object as the light source.

31 July 1982 12:00 - Moskva (Moscow), Red Square, Russia -   Six unidentified spheres fly over Soviet capital.

In August 1982 Evening - Des Moines, Iowa, USA -   Bright circular object, burn marks on ground at farm. Bringing home cattle herd saw dwarf with large round head, very large eyes. She waved, it seemed to wave back. Walked into cornfield, gone.

2 August 1982 20:00 - Springfield, Missouri, USA -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One dark object, about 80 feet across, was observed by ten witnesses for over one minute (McDonald). No sound was heard.

7 August 1982 05:00 - Mirassol, Brazil -   Man walking to work saw bright light, felt dizzy, passed out. Taken aboard craft by several humanoids, taught how to operate some controls.

7 August 1982 Around 2200 - Carnerillo, Argentina -   Light over fields, 80m away, reappeared in front of truck. Electromagnetic effects: total failure of electrical system. Flattened sphere, door, opening from top, level with road. 2m tall entity approached, unintelligible language.

7 August 1982 23:00 - Woodbury, Georgia, USA -   Two well lit discs at 300m altitude. Had lights around rim. Flew fast, shot straight up.

8 August 1982 22:00 - Townsen, Montana, USA -   Spotlights outlining two large cloud formations. Blinked on and off in sync. At least 30 of them

10 August 1982 03:30 - Hoyt, Montana, USA -   Huge fireball to the northeast, slowed down over Yellowstone River. Unnatural silence.

10 August 1982 22:30 - Lake Sawyer, Washington, USA -   100 feet long ovoid object sends beams up and down. Lights up car. High tension power lines spark. Noise.

11 August 1982 18:00 - Covington Hwy18, Washington, USA -   One on SR18 100 feet oval/disc at 150 feet altitude to the southwest near power station, controlled flight.

12 August 1982 01:45 - Lukachukai Nw10M, Arizona , USA -   Ordinary star, but moving. sparked and seemed to disintegrate. then a hazy cloud where it disappeared. light in canyon was brilliant green, which lit up whole area. Size of two cars.

12 August 1982 20:30 - Carpinteria, California , USA -   Nautical UFO. Round bronze object descends slowly. Hovers just over sea for three minutes.

13 August 1982 - Londres, Argentina -   50m round object flew to the east at 7m above ground. Lit area. Big fire and 150kph winds. News coverage.

13 August 1982 10:45 - Tacoma, Washington, USA -   Video. Professional videographer filming Tacoma Dome noticed something zip by. Tape shows dark domed disc (like McMinnville 1950 photo) moving fast, extends-contracts. Bruce Maccabee analyzed.

13 August 1982 21:30 - Abram, UK -   Cones maneuver and join large cigar with row of lights. Electromagnetic effects. Many witnesses.

16 August 1982 23:30 - Sarikei, Malaysia -   Big fireball descends from sky.

17 August 1982 23:15 - Frankfort, Kentucky, USA -   An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation.

21 August 1982 - Little Houghton, UK -   Close encounter with brilliant domed disc, witnessed by autistic son and others in the area at the time.

22 August 1982 12:00 - Sarikei, Malaysia -   CE3: several midgets with big heads seen near school. UFO as big as classroom landed in plantation two days later.

24 August 1982 Daytime - Sarikei, Malaysia -   Children encounter large UFO on ground in fruit plantation. Several small humanoids with large heads seen moving near object.

In late August 1982 After 1000 - Oxford, Connecticut, USA -   Rectangular object with rounded corners, passes low near creek in residential area. No noise, no vapor trail, no tail or wings.

25 August 1982 21:10 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookouts incident.

26 August 1982 06:00 - Cocalinho, Brazil -   Deer hunter in tree in jungle, waiting for deer, gets zapped by nocturnal light. Gets sick, lays down and dies.

30 August 1982 - Derry, Pennsylvania, USA -   200 feet disc goes over car three times. Deep "WHOOP-WHOOP" sound, black door on bottom.

30 August 1982 02:00 - El Paso County, Colorado , USA -   Traces. Ticking noise. 12' diameter orange glowing ball of light over pond. Up and away at 45 degree angle. Crushed reeds.

In September 1982 18:30 - Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada -   Missing time, memory of being onboard spacecraft. Heard voice explain how craft operated, saw control panel.

In September 1982 Evening - Redcar, UK -   Couple heard scream from daughter's bedroom. Blinding light from backyard. two short beings climbing up stairs in house, missing time. Oval object with three legs. two child-like beings, no hair or clothes, pale

In September 1982 Evening - Girard I-90, Pennsylvania, USA -   Man saw wedge-shaped craft, tapered to 12' tall. Silver globe device on bottom. Electromagnetic effect: car stalled, dash lights flashed. two beings wore silver seen inside.

In September 1982 Night - Corby, UK -   Vehicle engulfed in light. Electromagnetic effect used in capture. Missing time. Recall two Grey aliens, 3.5' tall with large black almond eyes, slit mouths, no ears. Exam, surgery removed ovaries! Skin samples, needle

1 September 1982 22:40 - Ridgecrest, California , USA -   Small white Nocturnal light dives at witnesses. Swoosh sound. Hovered in sky, rapidly to the west.

4 September 1982 23:30 - Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA -   Deep hum 150 feet cigar, low altitude, red light white beam searches ground.

6 September 1982 - Auberry, California, USA -   Dogs bark and lights dim as disc follows power line

8 September 1982 20:35 - Satus Peak, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident. Explanation: Meteor.

9 September 1982 22:00 - Satus Peak Se, Washington, USA -   Fire Lookout incident.

9 September 1982 Night - Elba, Michigan, USA -   Viewed through binoculars. Strange glowing object hovered low in sky in north northeast sky. Second witness reported to sheriff's office sighting similar object 15 minutes later.

12 September 1982 22:00 - Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA -   11 Approx. one witness Bright white disc stops when hit by light, hovers two minutes, rises straight up.

13 September 1982 19:40 - Lanesborough, Massachusetts, USA -   Two and one witness diamond-shaped object 1500 feet over road, lights trees, two sharp turns.

14 September 1982 22:30 - Ennis, Texas, USA -   House-sized object at 20 feet above ground, rose over water tower. Had ring of lights. No sound.

17 September 1982 21:00 - Cwmbran, UK -   Two witnesses. Sun-like orb 1/2 Moon size hovers/15min rapidly to the north Police and MOD Reports.

17 September 1982 21:03 - South Atlantic, Atlantic -   Mv Strathdee incident.

18 September 1982 00:45 - Mobile, Alabama, USA -   Three star-like objects accompanied by crescent-shaped reflected shapes, flew westward, made rhythmic wave-like motions. Pinkish-yellow in color.

22 September 1982 00:50 - Ravensthorpe, Western Australia, Australia -   Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by two female witnesses for 30 minutes (Yeend).

24 September 1982 04:30 - Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA -   Guard. Vertical "hot dog" beams down and from sides. nocturnal lights about change shape.

24 September 1982 18:00 - Braviken Bay, Sweden -   Rescue Boat incident.

25 September 1982 Evening - Stockholm Royal Palace, Sweden -   Guardsman incident.

In October 1982 03:00 - Des Moines, Iowa, USA -   Animal reaction: cattle bellow. Glowing green disc, short shadowy figures moving around in light. Felt calm, abducted. Wife had needle inserted in abdomen,man given green liquid to drink,semen sample.

In Fall 1982 Around 1800 - Columbus, Ohio, USA -   Photos. Internally glowing, swirling, rapidly rotating cloud, appeared and disappeared suddenly in otherwise featureless overcast sky. Lenticular-shaped UFO inside cloud(?) or a natural phenomenon?

In Fall 1982 22:00 - Lagoa Dentro, Brazil -   Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported (Manuel).

30 September 1982 22:15 - Exeter E, New Hampshire, USA -   Large metallic ovoid object with red lights seen at treetop level. Observers get out of car and attempt to get closer.

2 October 1982 17:00 - Springfield N18M Hwy13, Missouri, USA -   Arrowhead/pentagon shaped object with many multicolored lights: white, yellow, red; white beams of light. Glided over trees, hovered near van of college volleyball team, silently moved away.

2 October 1982 19:40 - Battle Mtn, Wyoming, USA -   Hunters incident.

4 October 1982 03:00 - Great Barr, Nr Birmingham, UK -   Truck-sized orange glowing ball solid inside over power lines.

4 October 1982 19:30 - Byelokoroviche, Ukraine -   Huge disc hovered, missile controls go haywire.

7 October 1982 23:00 - New Haven, Connecticut, USA -   I, and another individual, observed a triangular-shaped, multi-colored, silent object slowly traverse the night sky of New Haven, Conn.

10 October 1982 Around 0600 - San Carlos Sija, Guatemala -   Four flashing hat-shaped saucers, low and fast. Buzzing sound. Electromagnetic effects: radio died.

12 October 1982 20:30 - New Haven E, Indiana, USA -   Two insurance agents sight delta or wedge-shaped object, with two smaller steady white lights in front, four bright lights in rear, passed directly overhead.

14 October 1982 22:45 - Kulpmont, Pennsylvania, USA -   Woman noticed lot of lights in sky out of her hallway window. Lights in a small circular pattern, high in the sky, like Xmas wreath with flames behind the object. About 20 seconds elapsed then headed to the south.

15 October 1982 01:15 - Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA -   Couple startled by noise, increased from low pitch to high pitch intensity. Saw glowing yellow-orange oval object, maneuver 20 feet above neighbor's house. two dogs barked furiously, went west to east.

16 October 1982 16:30 - Boyd County, Kentucky, USA -   11 Approx. one witness. Dark 40 feet cube east to the west tumbles faces at regular intervals, jets pace.

16 October 1982 19:30 - Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA -   Three yellow-lighted object moved in sky in vicinity of Timken Company plant.

18 October 1982 07:30 - Catawba River, Hwy73, North Carolina, USA -   Fog. Driving to work two nuclear plant men saw silver oval UFO with four legs above fogbank they thought was a water tank, but driving back later no tank at site, power lines nearby. UFO was at 250 feet altitude.

18 October 1982 13:00 - Metamora, Michigan, USA -   Two silver discs sighting flying slowly, close to the ground. Then took off rapidly to the northwest and were out of sight within seconds.

20 October 1982 18:35 - Enfield, Connecticut, USA -   Car flooded by white light, grew hot, heat waves off hood, gray oval-shaped UFO with basketball-sized white lights, hovered 200 feet up for 30-40 seconds, took off. Health and car problems, due to radiation(?)

20 October 1982 21:10 - Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA -   Bright star-like object circled Timken plant before it dropped below or behind a group of nearby trees.

21 October 1982 12:40 - Nancy, France -   Biologist incident.

22 October 1982 20:00 - Westport, Indiana, USA -   Large dull gray triangle moved southeast to the northwest. Hovered over tree, went to the northeast. Had convex bottom.

24 October 1982 05:00 - Carleton Moor, UK -   Police incident.

24 October 1982 06:20 - Lowell Se, Indiana, USA -   Instructor incident.

In late October 1982 Night - Skamania County,Columbia River, Washington, USA -   Nocturnal lights were observed by one experienced male witness on a river.

27 October 1982 Evening - Summit Lake, Alaska, USA -   Father and daughter witness large silver sphere, 100 feet diameter, with pocks like golf ball, change color to orange to red, 100 yards away. No sound.

1 November 1982 23:15 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA -   Abduction. Recalls lying on exam table. four 4.5' tall slender beings with long thin arms, 6-digit hands. Large bulbous heads with slightly bulging eyes. Exam.

2 November 1982 10:50 - Maxial, Portugal -   Military Pilot incident.

4 November 1982 19:10 - Cairns, Queensland, Australia -   Bright white light follows treeline, makes 180 degree turn back, no sound. Several nocturnal lights maneuver.

6 November 1982 15:45 - Lombard, Illinois, USA -   Brilliant intense light in sky, round like Sun. There appeared to be very small planes circling this huge unmoving object. Witness called Adler Planetarium but got the "run around."

12 November 1982 18:00 - Victoria W, Texas, USA -   Brown ovoid to the south slowly, 5 km altitude. Possible balloon. Explanation: Balloon.

16 November 1982 22:00 - Warren, Ohio, USA -   Green fireball seen by many. Explained as meteor by UFO Reporting Center. Explanation: Meteor.

16 November 1982 22:40 - Barrie, Ontario, Canada -   Several call police. Blue-green glowing sphere crosses sky.

17 November 1982 07:15 - Bluffton, Ohio, USA -   Three bright daylight lights, seen in direction of powerlines, seen to ascend.

17 November 1982 18:30 - Vineland, New Jersey, USA -   Large white disc descended to about 300 feet above apartment building, appeared as large as rooftop, stopped, hovered few seconds, shot off rapidly to the southwest at high speed.

18 November 1982 01:20 - Vineland, New Jersey, USA -   Large bright disc hovered over tree one mile from sighting by husband over apartment building. Silver-white in color, no windows.

18 November 1982 Night - Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain -   Witness sighted maneuvering disc, lost consciousness. OBE, astral self taken into object. Several short beings with wrinkled skin, huge heads. Telepathy.

19 November 1982 23:10 - Temperanceville S, Virginia , USA -   Nurse incident.

20 November 1982 00:00 - Surfside, Florida, USA -   A tumbling football shaped UFO with triangle windows of equal size with a different soft pastel colored light glowing in each window.

27 November 1982 05:00 - Palatine, Illinois, USA -   Luminous object brightly illuminated police car, changed direction when pursued. Domed disc seen to east, light beam toward ground, descended behind tree line.

27 November 1982 06:00 - Castroville, Texas, USA -   Two hunters in deer blind. Saw object nearly overhead moving very slowly west. Could stop,drop suddenly several 1000 feet, move laterally very fast, turn without bank. Disappeared just at sunrise.

28 November 1982 18:50 - Oissel, France -   Viewed through binoculars. Silver disc with halo hovered for 30 minutes. Flashed, silent. Suddenly gone.

29 November 1982 01:50 - Botucatu, Brazil -   Unknown language. Da Silva abducted by 6' tall humanoids and tight coveralls, dark skinned female human. Marked his cheek, scratches chest/arm, watch stopped, more.

In 1983 - -   Alien asks "what's that" when asked "Am I in hell?"

In December 1982 After midnight - Carleton Moor, UK -   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft.

In 1983 Around 0200 - Telford, UK -   Abduction and exam.

In Winter 1982 Night - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA -   NAN incident.

In Winter 1982 After 2300 - Alsgarde, Denmark -   One white object was observed by three witnesses for a few minutes.

2 December 1982 Around 0800 - Bury St Edmonds, UK -   Silent object beams three lights down, folows car. RAF investigation.

3 December 1982 18:35 - Anaheim, California , USA -   Gold object with golden ambient glow hung suspended in sky. After 10 minute duration object blinked out. No sound or movement.

10 December 1982 20:20 - Mineral W Sr36, California , USA -   Paul Cerny, Chiles Whitted rocket cigar with windows sails by to southwest

10 December 1982 21:00 - Bacup, UK -   Two semicircles of white light connected by two bars of red light.

11 December 1982 17:30 - Chumstick, Washington, USA -   Two snowmobilers. Silent 100m diameter disc hovered at a tilt. Small objects orbit it. Watched for 40 minutes.

11 December 1982 22:30 - Nebraska City Nw 7Mi, Nebraska, USA -   Egg-shaped UFO hovered 10 feet above ground, possibly landed in pasture. Animal reaction: horses spooked, galloping and whinnying. After few seconds object rose vertically, then to the east over neighbor's house.

In mid-December 1982 Daytime - Mount Shasta, California , USA -   Disc-shaped object, "as long as a railroad car", seemed to be about 400 feet above valley floor, had "beautiful, iridescent, colored lights."

17 December 1982 17:00 - Malmby, Sweden -   Swedish army captain out jogging sees huge "flying bus" and two metal gray discs glide, settle into clearing, two other witnesses. Changed color.

21 December 1982 13:50 - Maddington, Western Australia, Australia -   Orange light follows car, hides when car slows down, comes back and paces car again.

21 December 1982 21:00 - Penthereaz, Switzerland -   0.12M glowing orb followed car, lit up interior of vehicle. Possible laser prank?

26 December 1982 20:30 - Sandy Hook, Connecticut, USA -   Bright object with row of white lights on bottom, red light on top, low over trees, witness drove to within 150 feet of UFO. Object made a U-turn, lost from sight behind trees.

27 December 1982 15:00 - Rusankova Nr Kiev, Ukraine -   Glowing mushroom over Kiev, two Radars, UFO Magazine V7 #4, p. 15.

30 December 1982 18:30 - Coushatta, Louisiana, USA -   Whirring and hissing sound. Double circle of lights hovers above trees. Shot away fast. Traces: broken tree limbs.

30 December 1982 Night - Mirassol, Brazil -   Green beam shone into house, heard noise from bedroom, saw three humanoid beings emerge. two wore white coveralls and helmets, third no helmet, red hair, dark skin. Asked if he was afraid, he said no.

In January 1983 02:00 - Bingham, Maine, USA -   Oval machine 30ft by 20ft with greenish-blue lights (6), perhaps windows, and what appeared to be a lighted doorway in the center.

In January 1983 18:30 - Pavia, Italy -   Disc hovers at 20m altitude, 30m away, vanishes but hissing sound remains.

31 December 1982 23:54 - Kent Cliffs, New York, USA -   Vallor incident.  

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