163 BC - Roman Empire, Concius, Italy - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving radiation effects. An abduction by aliens resulting in physical harm was reported..
1530's-1540's - Moscow, Russia - A stunning discovery was made by academician and anthropologist Dr. Rudolph Vanzhaev ...
In 1593 - Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines - Abduction
21 Jul 1810 - Shshabad, India - Death
September 1810 - Meklong, Thailand - Awoken by an unknown force one night, a local Siamese woman was surprised to hear ...2100
In 1821 - Robertson County, Tennessee, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness (Bell).
7 Apr 1875 - Oostacker, Belgium - Instantaneous healing of broken leg missing one inch of bone, injury 8 years old, at Lady of Lourdes shrine. Autopsy performed in 1899.1300
In Mid- 1878 - Yuma, California , USA - Prospectors incident.
8 May 1880 - Song-Zi Xian County, China - Mist. Farmer comes upon misty light in bushes. Tingling paralysis, humming/rushing noise. Levitated upward. Next recall, found in dazed state in Guizhou province, 300 miles away, two weeks later.
25 Dec 1890 - South Bend, Indiana, USA - Disappearance. Explanation: Hoax.2200
3 Dec 1896 - Indio, California , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a male witness (Godon). Explanation: Hoax.
4 Apr 1897 - St Louis, Park, Missouri, USA - Abduction1400
17 Apr 1897 - Astoria, Illinois, USA - Airship message.
19 Apr 1897 - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA - Abduction1200
29 Apr 1897 - Holton, Michigan, USA - Disappearance2330
In 1898 - Khyber Pass, Afghanistan - Disappearance
In 1898 - Sudan, Sudan - British Platoon incident.
20th Century - Borooloola, Northern Territory, Australia - Death. Explanation: Hoax.
20th Century - Eastern Part, Utah, USA - Missing time two hours. Hypnosis. Drove to field, UFO, 6 humanoid beings 4.5' tall, telepathy.
20th Century - Madrid, Spain - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness in a yard.
20th Century - Pinheiro, Maranhao, Brazil - Fisherman incident.
20th Century - Topcliffe, UK - Ardent incident. 0320
20th Century - Toledo, Ohio, USA - Abduction and exam. Woman in 1976 recalled abduction from orphanage as little girl. Grey beings with crablike claws for hands.1125
20th Century - Reading, Pennsylvania, USA - Dull blue object with brown-red middle with windows. Deep electric blue glow came in window, missing time. two encounters.2000
20th Century - Rio.Janeiro, Argentina - Abduction. Explanation: Hoax.2115
20th Century - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Abduction2300
20th Century - Bolling Field, District Of Columbia, USA - Jet Trainer incident. Explanation: Birds.2300
20th Century - Lindsay, Ontario, Canada - Lapse of time experienced by witness.. Explanation: Malfunct.2300
20th Century - Southern, Arizona , USA - Walton Letter incident. 2300
24 Dec 1903 - Szuhabaranka, Hungary - Disappearance. Priest saw glistening ball illuminate area. Object landed and shadowy figures returned to it. A man who had gone to a well was never seen again. Case closed 10 years later: unsolved.
24 Dec 1909 - Rhayader, Wales, UK - Disappearance. Explanation: Hoax.2300
21 Aug 1915 - Gallipoli, Turkey - Anzac incident. A peculiar cloud engulfed a British regiment, which was never seen again. Explanation: Natural.1300
In Early 1917 - Jyrinvaara, Finland - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.
1917 - Karkiyeki, Karelia , Russia - Enni Lettu observed a saucer shaped object that landed near her house. After a short ...
In 1920 - Beverly, New Jersey, USA - Contactee Albert Coe claims contact with people from planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Said original contact occurred in 1920, continued.1300
1921 - Marseilles, France - Undocumented report of an "abduction" by two beings.
In Mid- 1921 - Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - 8-yr-old at time, claimed two tall, thin men wearing pliable helmets dragged him into "oddly shaped tank". Opening appeared in ceiling, found self on ground, had to walk all afternoon to get back.1500
In July 1928 - Monsey, New York, USA - Abduction1200
In Mid- 1929 - Spring Valley, New York, USA - Dirigible-like craft, silvery-gray approached. Everything fell silent. Several small humanoids dressed in diving suits, helmets floated down. Paralysis. Missing time. Post-event trauma.1500
1931 - Arnhem Land, Northern Territories , Australia - A local aboriginal elder reported a UFO landing and aliens (undescribed) emerging ...2000
In 1933 - Discovery Well, Western Australia, Australia - Aborigine Woman incident. 2300
5 Apr 1941 - Charleston, Mississippi, USA - Farmer abducted into submarine on Mississippi
In June 1942 - Froson, Sweden - 12-yr-old boy goes to town for mystery package. Gives it to human-appearing alien.1300
In July 1942 - Kankanpaa, Finland - Abduction of boy and girl by tall woman with dark hair, two tall, slim men. Time travel alleged by occupants. Physiological effects: conjunctivitis, vomiting, one month hospital stay. Boy becomes mentally ill.1300
Mid- 1942 - Newbiggen-On-Sea, Radar Site, UK - Soldier on guard duty sees light surrounded by black cloud. Beam of light drew him to object. Several pygmy humanoids carried him aboard. two human-sized beings on board. Couch or table, loss of memory.2300
29 Aug 1942 - Columbus, Mississippi, USA - Soldiers incident. Explanation: Psych.1900
In September 1942 - Cresswell, Radar Base, UK - Guard on sentry duty at secret radar base struck by yellow beam, memory of being inside UFO. Recalls Oriental woman lying on bed, man in white suit.
In Mid- 1944 - Meriden, Connecticut, USA - Ball of light approach 5-year-old boy on swing in backyard. Inside halo was domed disc. Hovered, rocked, sound.Tingling, paralyzed. Saw short gray humanoids aboard, large heads no necks, large eyes.Telepathy1300
In August 1944 - Leominster, Massachusetts, USA - Small luminous ball circled 7-year-old girls' head, then stuck to her forehead, causing her to pass out. Voices spoke to her in chorus in her head. Post-event personality change.1300
In September 1944 - Bulach-"Langenzinggen", Switzerland - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.
In October 1944 - Rochester, Pennsylvania, USA - Family awoke to loud noise, flash of light. 4.5' tall being in brown robe, 5 more in luminous brown suits. Large heads, slit mouth, long thin fingers, took them to craft. Missing time. 25' wide circle2300
In 1945 - Delaware, Ohio, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.
In 1946 - Juanilla, Spain - Abduction and exam. During day young girl and sister met two beings and spoke to them. That night beings came, took her and her dog aboard craft. Medical, gyn exam. No memory recall until 1979.
5 Dec 1945 - Fort Lauderdale NAS, Florida, USA - Flight 19 incident. Explanation: EM.1625
5 Dec 1945 - Tbm Avengers, India - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving teleportation. An abduction by alien entities was reported by more than six witnesses on the ocean for three hours. Explanation: EM.1715
19 Jan 1946 - Flagstaff, Arizona , USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness, 10 hours. Under hypnosis: car had stopped in front of "Mexican hat" object. three beings glided, no feet, radiant glow, levitation.0000
In Mid- 1947 - Lubbock, Texas, USA - 5-yr-old playing in grandparent's peanut field; object descended to one feet above ground with "hum sound almost like musical tone." Entity called him telepathically by name. He rose up into doorway.2400
8 Aug 1947 - Modesto, California, USA - His grandmother awakened the 9-year old witness when...2200
22 Nov 1947 - London, England, UK - Out-of-body experience of UFO abduction obtained through trance state. Stigmata / physiological effect: mark on leg "H6AQ".1445
In 1948 - Miami Beach, Florida, USA - Contactee case. three attractive human men with golden skin and hair appeared to 5-year-old while in bed. They asked her to accompany them but she refused. Telepathy.2300
5 Feb 1948 - London, England, UK - Abduction1959
25 May 1948 - Wasserbillig, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg - Jumping from coal train on German border he received severe leg injuries, bleeding. Fainted, woke up inside UFO. German language used. Messages, loss of time. Awoke in Luxemborg, legs fully healed.2300
28 Mar 1949 - Pucusana, Peru - Oil company employee driving to Lima saw shiny disk ground level. three figures looked like mummies, had joined legs, one large foot, "slid" across ground. Covered with "towely" skin,asked where they were. Explanation: Hallucinat.1630
In Mid- 1949 - Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - Saw 2.5' being emerge from hole in ground. Large pear-shaped head, dark eyes, slit mouth, broad chest. Wore tight coveralls, brown and rough textured. Being pushed button on chest, small luminous ball.1300
In Mid- 1949 - Smokey Mountains, Tennessee, USA - Recall under hypnosis metallic disc with luminous dome. Object landed on vertical supports. Floated into ship, flesh sample caused scar. Scan by eye-like device.2300
In the 1950's - Salzburg, Austria - Soldier incident. 2330
4 Dec 1949 - Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Free will abduction. Put in tub of liquid during otherworld journey. Crew of ship possibly robots. After what seemed three days returned, elapsed time four months (return date: 4/14/50).0500
19 Mar 1950 - Sonderborg, Denmark - In Sonderborg, Denmark at 2:30 a.m., mechanic J. Matiszewski heard a whistling sound that drew him outside. He then watched a UFO land in a meadow.0230
14 Apr 1950 - Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Abduction
10 May 1950 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - A witness later died. Traces found. One object was observed by one male 35-year-old witness on a highway.
20 May 1950 - Cours-les-Barres, Centre, France - A woman walking home enveloped by blinding light. Hands gripped her head and pulled her back against a hard, cold chest. She was dragged backward by invisible abductor to pasture, dropped her. Marks.1600
In June 1950 - Barron, Wisconsin, USA - Abduction1500
In July 1950 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA - Abduction.Girl playing in garden went home with cut of unknown origin, left scar. Hypnosis recalled seeing 3-D star map transform to window, friendly telepathic voice.1500
In Mid- 1950 - Southern Part, Manitoba, Canada - Leg had cut 1" long under undamaged jeans. Carried inside round domed room. Grays with large heads, large eyes, no hair, long slender fingers. Thin 5'5". Wore gray tight suits, helmets. Exam.Telepathy.1500
1 Jul 1950 - White Sands, New Mexico, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one witness in a desert (Fry). Ten 4-foot-tall dwarves, each wearing a shiny suit and red cap, were seen.2300
In August 1950 - Brooklyn, New York, USA - Abduction1300
In Fall 1950 - Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 13-year-old witness for several hours (Andreasson).
1951 spring - Brugine, Veneto, Italy - One a contactee is kidnapped by a cigar via a light beam and reports missing time. Aboard the UFO a human being in coveralls meets the abductee. Not reliable.1900
15 May 1951 - Salzburg, Austria - Abduction, 5' Grey, paralysis, levitation floated to top of round craft landed in field, dark interior, otherworld journey, story revealed 12/1957 to newspaper.2320
In July 1951 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Lozenge shaped UFO collided with Piper Cub piloted by witness. Force pulled him upward inside UFO. 3' tall beings like metallic stalks of asparagus. Language communication. Medical exam, healed cancer. Explanation: Hoax.1300
15 Jul 1951 - Yuma, Arizona , USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving teleportation. An abduction by aliens, which resulted in permanent injury, was reported by a male witness (Martens).
24 Sep 1951 - Orlando Park, Illinois, USA - Under hypnosis 12 18" tall creatures walked toward him, 3-digit hands feet, prominent eyes, slit mouths, brown striped skin. Telepathy, exam, chronic ill health.0800
In 1952 - Mystery Satellites, LEO, in orbit - 15 reports of same UFO.
In 1952 - Siragusa, Italy - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving teleportation and radiation effects. One object was observed by one male 33-year-old witness in a city (Siragusa).0900
In July 1952 - Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - 11-yr-old girl abducted.2300
7 Jul 1952 - Evergreen, Colorado , USA - abducted, and a lifetime of ufo experiences1000
21 Aug 1952 - Bakersfield, California , USA - Saw two metallic-blue discs pass over, with portholes. Lapse of time experienced by witness: two hours, passed out in car with three others, car engine still running after missing time.0750
In Fall 1952 - Redding, California , USA - Bedroom abduction. Female gray, oval head, dark eyes, pointed chin. Floated up in beam of light. Dentist's chair device showed visions of future.
In 1953 - Cerro Del Valle, Argentina - Camper awoke, felt heat, malaise, saw beautiful woman approach, beckon. Wore tight-fitting green mesh garment, feet or shoes shaped like serpent's heads. He fled, but saw her lay down on his sheepskin0100
18 Feb 1953 - Quilmes, Argentina - First of two abductions. Claimed he was taken by aliens to Jupiter's moon Ganymede. No details provided.
18 Feb 1953 - Avellaneda, Quilmes, Argentina - According to the witness, Eustaqui Zagorski he was abducted by several human-like ...2100
22 Mar 1953 - Tujunga Canyon, California , USA - Isolated cabin, light oscillating, missing time, hypnosis, 7-8 beings. two average height but thin, all dressed in black one-piece suits. Examination. Levi-Druffel, Ann and Rogo, Scott: The Tujunga Canyon Contacts.0200
April 1953 - Bagley, Minnesota, USA - The 3-year old witness at the time was apparently abducted from his bedroom by several ...2100
2 Jul 1953 - Crater Lake, Oregon, USA - While looking for gas station wits stopped at what they remembered was a restaurant. Engine sputtered. Interior was round, well-lit, mirror walls. Blond people dressed in silvery uniforms,4.5 tall
In late July 1953 - London, England, UK - Brilliantly lighted object descended in clearing. two beings approached. Humanoids with small mouths and prominent eyes, whitish gray skin, 4.5' tall. Floated witness to ship, up ladder, medical exam.1330
23 Aug 1953 - St John'S, Newfoundland, Canada - Electromagnetic effeect: car stalled. Black 14m circular object hovered overhead, telepathy. two hours missing time.0030
24 Aug 1953 - Giant Rock, California , USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one witness in a desert (Van Tassel).0200
12 Sep 1953 - Brovst, Nordjylland, Denmark - Attempted abduction of a girl by two humanoids.2400
9 Oct 1953 - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - Ex-engineer farmer, farmhands saw round shiny object land on ranch. Free will four day other-world journey. Aliens spoke guttural language, understood Spanish.1500
11 Nov 1953 - Racine, Wisconsin, USA - Disappearance
22 Nov 1953 - Truax AFB, Wisconsin, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. One object was observed at an airfield.
In 1954 - Petare, Miranda, Venezuela - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An alien abduction was reported (Gonzales).
In 1954 - River Road, Missouri, USA - Death
6 Dec 1953 - Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA - 4 reports of same UFO.
13 May 1954 - Burmaston, UK - Bright light ahead, car crash. Felt car lifted from ground while bright light stayed above. In room with controls met several beings, male and female, with short hair, one-piece suits. Telepathy.Injected, memory loss2330
In mid-July 1954 - Wegierska Gorka, Poland - Recalled in 1986, while walking alone near cliff mushroom hunting, saw glowing, oval-shaped UFO. Felt drawn, 5 entities, human height, skin, hands. Wore tight fitting clothes, small mouthes, no noses.1000
In August 1954 - Mulberry, Florida, USA - Abduction1600
In September 1954 - Happy Valley Yorks, UK - Death. Explanation: Reflection.
In 1955 - Brooklyn, New York, USA - Disappearance of man. He was sucked up him into thin air along with clothesline pole, according to his wife.
In 1955 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Woman and 2 kids saw flash, remembered dark man. Hypnosis,recall being taken aboard a craft, exam she and children.1500
In 1955 - Chillicothe, Ohio, USA - Wit.floated out second flr bedroom window up into hovering disc. Inside several short Grey creatures with huge black eyes performed several very "unpleasant" procedures.2300
In 1955 - New Zealand, New Zealand - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
8 Dec 1954 - Gricignano di Aversa, Italy - Abduction
In January 1955 - Romsey, Broadlands, UK - Ex-army sergeant on Mountbatten estate saw disc-shaped UFO 40-60 feet diameter. Green light paralyzed. Next day met being in road, 5'6" tall, blue coverall. Telepathy. 10 minutes. tour to Giza, Egypt and back.1300
9 Feb 1955 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Abduction recall,hypnosis. Inside saucer three men lay on couches as craft approached a planet, entered hole in a mountain. Craft had three globes under it, the beings both male and female, black hair.Telepathy. Explanation: Fantasy.
13 Feb 1955 - Roma, Italy - Belgian Al incident.
24 Feb 1955 - Broadlands, UK - Cyclist incident. 0900
Mar 1955 - Branch Hill, Ohio, USA - Robert Hunnicutt, a businessman, saw three men kneeling on the side of the road.0400
In March 1955 - France, France - Painter incident. 2000
9 Mar 1955 - Paris, Illinois, USA - Jet shot across sky when a huge object "shaped like a call bell" descended over it. It swallowed up the fast moving jet "as easy as a hawk would a chicken," then ascended very rapidly. Explanation: Psych.1750
In Mid- 1955 - New York, New York, USA - Abduction, space journey.Very tall human stood by bed, piercing shafts of light came from eyes, hypnotic effect on the witness. He asked her to follow, they both entered dining room gray mist..0300
In July 1955 - Roseburg, Oregon, USA - College student with surveying team in mountains. Saw radiation detector give high reading. Saw object. Ramp opened; three dark entities emerged; compelled to go inside, remove clothes and lie down.1100
In July 1955 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Two teens in yard sucked up by "powerful energy" into enclosure where they could see stars out a window. Recall a very tall being with large black wraparound eyes.2200
In August 1955 - Chazy Landing, New York, USA - Robot and several short aliens with large hairless heads, completely black eyes, carried him outside to UFO,wore dark blue overall uniforms with silver boots. one human crewman.0300
31 Aug 1955 - Vienna, Wien, Austria - Abduction1430
15 Sep 1955 - Troy, New York, USA - Richard Price, age 8, first abduction. Implant.1300
In late September 1955 - Troy, New York, USA - Loud whistle, saw two short figures by tree.Tried to run but compelled to come. Wore clear plastic helmets with yellow rim,1-piece uniform, red top with blue pants,silver belt,stripe with "GAF".2000
In Fall 1955 - Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 18-year-old witness for several minutes (Andreasson).2000
7 Oct 1955 - Whirltoa Beach, Australia - Disappearance. Explanation: Hoax.
In 1956 - Paraibuna, Brazil - Metalworker fishing, approached by two beings, paralyzed. Beings very tall, nude, bald, no sex organs. two digits on hands, feet. Telephathy, invited on other world trip.1640
1 Jan 1956 - Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada - abduction and experimentation.0130
8 Jan 1956 - St Louis Heights, Hawaii, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by 15 military witnesses (Marvin).1400
23 Mar 1956 - Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA - Lab technician walking on river bank "felt presence of something" looked up, saw rapidly descending metal sphere,gave off orange glow, stopped 10 feet up, "lost all track of time" felt UFO tried contact.0300
In April 1956 - Happy Valley Yorks, UK - Death
9 Apr 1956 - Mooirivier, South Africa - Abduction0700
In May 1956 - Happy Valley Yorks, UK - Death
In June 1956 - Grapevine, California , USA - At pulloff from highway saw bright light, heard high pitch whining sound, felt paralyzed. Car swayed, telepathy. Under hypnosis tall humanoid in black clothes, two other beings intervened then left.2300
11 Jun 1956 - Detroit, Michigan, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a male witness (Martin).
11 Jun 1956 - Rio Grande River, Texas, USA - Contactee Dan Martin was taken aboard large spaceship where he spent 7 hours, attended a lecture by the master of the ship. Explanation: Hoax.
In July 1956 - Tripler Hospital, Hawaii, USA - Abduction2115
In August 1956 - Fresno, California , USA - Utah woman described memories of abduction and flight in space craft when living in California.2300
August 1956 - Nebit Dag, Turkmenistan - A young woman named Ludmila Vartanyants, of Armenian nationality and a student at ...2000
August 1956 - Balneario, Buenos Aires, Argentina - A young boy fishing in a desolate field by the River Platte, suddenly felt as if ...2330
24 Jan 1957 - Isle.Pines, Cuba - 2 reports of same UFO.
10 May 1957 - Lake Isabella, California , USA - Highway abduction. White bubble, slight oblong floated above trees, descended to 10 feet above ground. Thin, bony humanoids 7-8' tall, wearing transparent clothes. Telepathy.1800
In Mid- 1957 - Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness.
In Mid- 1957 - Sanford, Michigan, USA - Missing time. 8-year-old girl riding bike feels tingle along spine, cold feeling. Looks up, fell from bike, saw large craft tree-top level, blue beam engulfed her, unconscious.1300
7 Jul 1957 - Roma, Italy - Abduction1430
25 Jul 1957 - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil - A hat-shaped, luminous craft; two normal men with long, fair hair hanging to their shoulders.1910
In August 1957 - Sullivan, Indiana, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a male witness (Hawkins, P).
6 Aug 1957 - Mojave Desert, California , USA - Death. Explanation: Coincidenc.
7 Sep 1957 - Runcorn, England, UK - Free will abduction/journey. 120 feet saucer, telepathy, taken to larger craft, other world journey. Burned hand on stair rail on return.0215
16 Oct 1957 - Francisco de Sales, Brazil - A Villas-Boas Abduction0100
16 Oct 1957 - Sao Francisco De Sales, Brazil - Antonio Villas Boas abduction. Ovoid object with dome on top, three telescoping legs, spinning red light on top, lands in field. Tractor stalls 5 4' tall beings in tight-fitting suits.Sex with blond petite girl0130
25 Oct 1957 - Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - A girl suffering from cancer said to be cured by two 1.20 meters tall figures that emerged from an object.2000
8 Nov 1957 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - PAA incident. 0900
16 Nov 1957 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one witness (Sanmartin).
18 Nov 1957 - Aston, UK - A man appeared, looking for titanium and coming from a world of peace and harmony.1500
18 Nov 1957 - Aston, UK - Traces found. Several red cloud-like objects were observed by one female 27-year-old witness at a house. A whistling sound was heard. One nordic being, wearing a silver coverall, was seen.1800
In 1958 - Retrograde Satellite, LEO, in orbit - 590 reports of same UFO. 1600
In Winter 1957 - Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA - Married couple walking home hears grinding/roaring noise, see cigar with round windows, silhouettes of heads on necks in windows. Missing time.1900
2 Dec 1957 - Biggleswade, England, UK - Little man report, no UFO.2000
7 Jan 1958 - Aston, UK - Two figures again appeared to Mrs. Appleton and spoke to her in English.
7 Jan 1958 - Aston, UK - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one female 27-year-old witness at a house for ten minutes. Two apparitions were seen.1415
In February 1958 - Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA - Winter of '57-'58. Faced west on front walk of house, extremely bright "Light...appeared to be coming down alley." Below roof of nearby house and beyond trees. "My husband may not recall event."1900
17 Feb 1958 - Alcalde, New Mexico, USA - Blinding light lit entire canyon, domed disc to right of road, watch stopped at 2015. two hours missing time, physiological effects: skin red, blood count down, triangle burn mark in middle of back.2015
14 May 1958 - Sarandi, Brazil - An abduction by alien entities was reported by one witness on a road (Berlet).1900
In June 1958 - Denver, Colorado , USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one experienced male witness at a building (Schmidt).
In Mid- 1958 - Dalhart, Texas, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a male witness (Alter, J).
In August 1958 - Peekskill, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two male witnesses, typical age 34, for two days (Steiner). Explanation: Hoax.0330
14 Aug 1958 - Hollywood, California , USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one experienced male witness (Schmidt).
In November 1958 - Black Rock, Argentina - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness for over 15 minutes (Smallridge).0200
In 1959 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Businessman incident.
In 1959 - Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA - Abduction
In 1959 - Novato, California , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one witness in a field.
1 Dec 1958 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Abduction. Explanation: Hoax.1100
1959 - Wever, Iowa, USA - 8-year old Barbara Schutte (involved in other abductions) remembered being abducted ...
In February 1959 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Manufacturer incident.
28 Feb 1959 - Cedar City, Iowa, USA - A man investigated what he thought was a crashing plane. He suffered fainting, amnesia and later returned to the site in a trancelike state
28 Feb 1959 - Cedar City, Utah, USA - Missile Technician incident. 2000
5 Mar 1959 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA - Abduction0830
19 Mar 1959 - Colebrook, New Hampshire, USA - Witness and seminary roommate were outdoors when domed ovoid object landed. They were floated up ramp, undressed, exam by four entities of dif heights. Saw "mother ship" and other craft through window.2100
In Spring 1959 - Japan, Japan - An anomalous phonemon resulting in injury was reported..
15 Jun 1959 - Missoula, Montana, USA - Twenty nights of stalking, apparent abduction attempts by Grey "alien" creatures, 1959.0100
In August 1959 - Alamosa, Colorado , USA - Abduction2000
8 Nov 1959 - Austin, Texas, USA - Fog, mist, vapor. Cigar-shaped UFO follows gasoline truck for miles. Drops down and sprays highway with fog. Missing time.1000
In late November 1959 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Abduction2330
In December 1959 - Washington, District Of Columbia, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one experienced male witness at a building (Stranges).
In 1960 - Wever, Iowa, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female witness (Schutte).
In late December 1959 - Brocton, UK - Car stalled at cemetery,being 1m tall dressed in tight dark clothing, large head in fishbowl helmet. Asked if they needed assistance, pushed car up hill at fast pace, able to restart car, being gone.2300
In May 1960 - Edwards AFB, California , USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving teleportation. Abduction by aliens was reported at an airfield.
In June 1960 - Frankfurt.M, Germany - Abduction2000
In Mid- 1960 - Shifnal, England, UK - Lapse of time experienced by witness.1300
14 Jul 1960 - Durham, North Carolina, USA - Abduction0230
25 Aug 1960 - Halmstad, Halland, Sweden - Agriculture student sucked up into flying saucer, lost consciousness. Came to on bed in room with light-emitting walls. Man wearing coverall apologized (in Swedish). Taken to underground base.1500
3 Sep 1960 - Bunnell, Florida, USA - Driver noticed object, covered with tiles, as large as 3-story building in field, then hovered over road, 30-50 feet away. Car lights and engine died. Saw short people in tight uniforms, husband in trance.2230
In 1961 - Saratov, Russia - Parachutist incident. 1300
19 Feb 1961 - Austin, Texas, USA - Plane crash.1930
Early 1960's - Topanga Canyon, California , USA - Three metallic discs seen hovering over Topanga State Park. Missing time.1500
In August 1961 - Tobolsk, Tjumen, Russia - Aircraft and 7 lost. Plane found intact in small clearing, the 7 men gone.
In August 1961 - Rogers, Kentucky, USA - Occupants0130
In September 1961 - Rio Salada, Argentina - Abduction
In September 1961 - Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 24-year-old witness for 30 minutes (Andreasson).
19 Sep 1961 - Indian Head, New Hampshire, USA - Betty and Barney Hill abduction. The classic case that brought the concept of alien abduction to an international audience.2300
19 Sep 1961 - Lancaster, New Hampshire, USA - An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses, a married couple, on a highway.2300
In late November 1961 - Minot, North Dakota, USA - Hunters incident. 0200
In late November 1961 - Pinhal, Brazil - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2130
In 1962 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Truck Driver incident.
In 1962 - Morro.Cruzeiro, Brazil - Death
12 May 1962 - Jujuy Province, Argentina - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving radiation effects. An abduction by aliens resulting in physical harm was reported..
15 Jun 1962 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Mind /thought controlled abduction due to failure through maternal intervention on first attempt.0001
16 Sep 1962 - Vila Conceicao, Brazil - Rubber plantation worker saw round glowing object emitting sparks come down in clearing. three men jumped out, attacked a man (a soccer referee), abducted him, UFO shot straight up.2300
23 Sep 1962 - Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, USA - On Route 3, saw large, lighted craft,same as '59. Parked truck, went into blue beam; same four entities as '59. Shown controls; watched others being abducted and examined. Taken to mother ship and ret in two hours.2200
In October 1962 - Brown Mountain, North Carolina, USA - Abduction. Explanation: Coincidenc.
In 1963 - Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA - Abduction
In 1963 - Vina, California , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by two male witnesses, typical age 16, in a bedroom (Ron).
7 May 1963 - Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 05/07/1965; @3:00am lynn,ma essex county usa; two abductees, 8 witnesses; two sauces, 1 burnt field0300
In late May 1963 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2100
1 Jun 1963 - San Francisco, California , USA - San Francisco man, then 22, reported details of 1963 abduction to friend.
In late August 1963 - Syracuse, New York, USA - Abduction2300
In September 1963 - Kissimmee, Florida, USA - Abduction2000
In mid-October 1963 - Monte Maiz, Argentina - Truck Driver incident.
In November 1963 - Atafona, Brazil - Abduction1530
In 1964 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 20-year-old witness (Osborne).
In 1964 - Trancas, Argentina - A witness later died. One object, about 20 feet across, was observed by four witnesses.
In 1964 - Ural Mountains, Russia - Death
In May 1964 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction2300
In Mid- 1964 - St Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two male witnesses.
In Mid- 1964 - Little Lever, England, UK - Woman again saw low-flying orange sphere explode near house. three entities appeared in bedroom, thanked her for not being frightened, said they would depart soon.2300
In early July 1964 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Physiological effects were reported. Traces found. One object was observed by one female witness.
In August 1964 - Portogruaro, Veneto, Italy - Domed disc with transparent dome at 12m altitude. Figure behind instrument panel inside. Possible telepathy. A woman was abducted into the craft, and descibed a small scarred humanoid.1500
In September 1964 - Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0100
In 1965 - Barcelona, Spain - Ummo Mail incident.
In 1965 - Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain - Ummo Mail incident.
In 1965 - Valencia, Spain - Ummo Mail incident.
In 1965 - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - Under hypnosis recalled pulling over to roadside while UFO landed. She got out, oblivious to what she was doing. Lost consciousness, awoke being helped up by being. Touch left feeling of love.2000
In January 1965 - Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil - Abduction, otherworldly journey to cold planet. Put through series of rigorous physical exercises. Established that man was gone from his home/job for two weeks.
1965 - Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil - A man claimed he was abducted by a crew of Ufonauts and taken to their home planet, ...
1965 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - The witness, who was 18-years old at the time, remembers being abducted and taken ...
31 Jan 1965 - Torrent, Argentina - Group of people saw craft land and 5 tall cyclops beings emerge. Beings entered house, attempted abduction of man, but were driven off.2300
5 Mar 1965 - Red Rock, Benton AFS, Pennsylvania, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by military witnesses at a military facility for over 60 minutes.2300
In May 1965 - Monte Grande, Argentina - Visitation by and communication with two small beings. Witness transformed intellectually, psychic contact, two cases healing.0700
30 May 1965 - Lake Mason, Wisconsin, USA - Abduction, four humanoids 3-4' and 5'10", mouth slits, small noses, language, humans observed, amnesia, psychic effects, headaches/physiological reaction, repeater, hypnosis used. Unreliable.1400
15 Jun 1965 - West Corners, New York, USA - during the day a 5 year old boy sees alien looking in window, later that night they abduct his 4 yr. old sister0900
30 Jun 1965 - Tampa, Florida, USA - abducted as a child in Tampa, FL, in the 1960s0200
30 Jun 1965 - Ocala, Florida, USA - abductioin observed by Sheriff Deputy and myself 1500
22 Jul 1965 - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Traces found. One object was observed by one witness (Mootz).
In August 1965 - Hallandasen, Sweden - Birgitta incident.
9 Aug 1965 - Lima, Callao, Peru - Abduction2200
16 Aug 1965 - Sedalia, Missouri, USA - Woman abducted four hours. Humanoids gather grass and dirt. Exam, complex conversation.2300
21 Aug 1965 - Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico - Two groups of students had separate but identical meetings with aliens. Metallic disc 150 feet wide. Blond, blue-eyed humans 7' tall, metallic coveralls. three hour journey, telepathy, message.
In September 1965 - Litchfield, New Hampshire, USA - Fog, mist, vapor. 6 children awoke in fog, heard celler door, went to kitchen. 7-year old saw entity through window; all went outside. Object hovered several feet above ground.0145
September 1965 - Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, Mexico - At the same time that numerous locals were reporting low level encounters with UFOs ...2100
3 Sep 1965 - Des Plaines, Illinois, USA - Mrs. M. G. had retired but suddenly found herself awake and driving on a rural asphalt road when...2100
In October 1965 - Ermington, UK - Abduction2000
In early October 1965 - Klofta, Norway - Objects were observed. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by two witnesses in a city for a few minutes (Simonsen).2230
In 1966 - Holopaw, Florida, USA - Recall of abduction under hypnosis, exam, had haunted witness for 12 years before session.
In Winter 1965 - Storrey, Feather River, California , USA - Free will abduction by one brother, other taken. Scan, skin samples, star charts. Grays, one 5.5', rest 3-4' tall.2300
December 1965 - Birmingham, England, UK - One night Margery was told by her first husband to prepare for a shock and some ...2100
In Early 1966 - Various Locales, Spain - Trace remnants. Explanation: Prank.
In Spring 1966 - Hazel Crest, Illinois, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An object and its occupants were observed at close range by a female witness (Marlowe).
1 May 1966 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA - Possible abduction level 3 encounter 0300
15 Jun 1966 - Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA - Our family abducted by aliens near Stoughton, Wisconsin in Summer of 1966 500 Lights On Object0: Yes0400
23 Jun 1966 - West Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - Lapse of time or memory loss experienced by witness.0315
12 Jul 1966 - Merced, California , USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one witness (Campbell).
19 Jul 1966 - Charlottesville, Virginia , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness (Monroe).2215
In August 1966 - Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Traces found. An abduction by aliens, which resulted in permanent injury, was reported by one experienced male witness (Bittencourt).
11 Aug 1966 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Abduction and sexual encounter. Sound like airplane, 50 feet diameter disc land in field. Man dressed in green tight suit. Tried to run but couldn't. Telepathy, forced sex, tripped and burned ankle, fainted. Explanation: Hoax.2000
5 Sep 1966 - Columbus, Nebraska, USA - Circular craft, nighttime sighting, close range, red, green, yellow lights, probable abduction, missing time2100
In late September 1966 - Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - Abduction and exam. Pendulum motion, orange light. Witnesses unable to talk. 2.5hours missing time. Hypnosis: levitation, several beings, pain during exam, difficulty breathing.1945
28 Nov 1966 - Madrid, Spain - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness in a yard (Villagrassa).0010
In 1967 - Barcelona, Spain - UMMO mail.
In 1967 - Braxton County, West Virginia, USA - 20 reports/3 Yrs of same UFO.
In 1967 - Kern County, California , USA - Bedroom visitation. Witness awoke paralyzed, difficulty breathing. Saw grotesque faces with large, bald heads, dark slanted eyes. Slit lips, no nose, light skin, 3'. Floated in air, telepathic message.
In December 1966 - Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA - Psychiatrist incident.
In 1967 - Penge, UK - Fog, mist, vapor. While driving surrounded by fog drove to coast without knowing why. In field watched several UFOs in sky, then began to drive home. No memory of drive, arrived home three a.m.2215
1967 - Landry, Quebec, Canada - Rodrigue Harvey was at home at night when...0000
In early January 1967 - Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA - Occupants of the craft were seen. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by two witnesses at a building (Hyre).2000
25 Jan 1967 - South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA - Abduction. Pulsating red-orange light outside. Power failure. four entities passed through closed door. 3.5-5' tall, gray, large wrap-around eyes, small slits for nose, mouth. Telepathy, physical exam.1835
1 Feb 1967 - Martin, Tennessee, USA - I saw a daylight disk in the afternoon followed by missing time, and seeing a small white humanoid.1600
In March 1967 - Newbiggin Golf Club, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. Gravity and physiological effects were noted. Abduction by aliens was reported.2130
In Spring 1967 - Lappeenranta, Etelae-Karjala, Finland - Death
31 Mar 1967 - Wellington, Texas, USA - Free will abduction. 100 feet cigar on ground. Door opens, witness invited inside. Exam and spaceflight. Unidentified map on inside wall. Explanation: Hoax.2230
11 Apr 1967 - Loco, Texas, USA - Egg-shaped object stalled truck. four beings under 5' tall, wrap around eyes, slit mouths, white coveralls. Free will abduction. Exam by machine. Explanation: Hoax.2133
12 May 1967 - Galion, Ohio, USA - Disc 25' overhead beams circle of light down to ground around paperboy. Paralysis, missing time, possible abduction.2300
15 May 1967 - La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico - Giant 9' tall entity, blue eyes, red hair, very large ears; red tight fitting coverall, insignia, white metallic cap. Language, message.2300
In June 1967 - Rivesville, West Virginia, USA - Awoke in field, saw 300 feet UFO intensely white flashing red/blue lights. Later recall abduction, message. Floated into UFO, physical exam. Being tall 7-10', snow-white, no nose, pointed ears, large eyes0300
In June 1967 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach, Connecticut, USA - Abduction1015
In June 1967 - Sarandi, Brazil - Abduction, three hour flight. two little beings with round human-like faces, blue eyes, blond hair, high-neck gray suits. Unintelligible language.2100
In late June 1967 - Durham, Connecticut, USA - Abduction1030
In Mid- 1967 - Loughborough, England, UK - Husband and wife dreamed of seeing UFO land in nearby depression and give off humming sound. Sound persisted after waking. OBE 10 years later.
In Mid- 1967 - Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by five witnesses, typical age 20, in a rural area for four hours.2130
15 Jul 1967 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction0500
17 Jul 1967 - Millerton, New York, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2330
16 Aug 1967 - Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela - Man saw 4' tall being with oversized head and large eyes, abnormal teeth and mouth, 5 fingers/hand. Agile, lightweight, hoarse-voiced, wore shiny suit. Language. Message: want to save Earth.
26 Aug 1967 - Eagle Lake, Allagash Waterway, Maine, USA - Abduction.
26 Aug 1967 - Maiquetia Airport, Venezuela - Marine PFC confronted ugly 3' tall man in shower room, huge head, bulging eyes. Body cover wiry.It made deep whistling sound, prickling sensation. Spoke "Won't you come with me? We need one human being."0200
In September 1967 - Southwest Part, Colorado , USA - Painter incident.
3 Sep 1967 - Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela - A small man, with a large head and prominent eyes2100
October 1967 - Reseda, California, USA - The witness was abducted out of her home by several humanoids, described as having ...2100
6 Oct 1967 - Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK - Abduction and sexual encounter. Physiological effects, left in field after return. UFO retracts legs and flies away..2245
8 Oct 1967 - Great Sand Dunes Natl Monument, Colorado , USA - Dr. John Altshuler examines Lady, is abducted that night at Sand Dunes Alamosa County2300
9 Oct 1967 - Tujunga Canyon, California , USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by three witnesses, typical age 22, for several hours (Swanson).0000
November 1967 - Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA - The witness recalls being taken from her home late at night by a dark complexioned ...0100
9 Nov 1967 - Erin, Tennessee, USA - Nurses incident. 2340
17 Nov 1967 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Teen abducted by means of orange light beam, four beings with rough brown "crocodile" skin, utter voiced sounds "like a kazoo" Hands with four fingers, exam.1745
In 1968 - Brazil-Uruguay Frontier, Brazil - Abduction
In 1968 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - Hypnosis. College student recalled abduction, exam by aliens during missing time, while she and boyfriend were parked in wooded area near Laramie.
In 1968 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Abduction
In 1968 - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Abduction
In December 1967 - Scotia, New York, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by two experienced witnesses at a building.
In December 1967 - Ashland, Nebraska, USA - Abduction0230
In 1968 - Calvert, Mansfield Dam, Texas, USA - Oval-shaped UFO landed on four legs. four female, two male entities (6' tall). Forced to eat white powder, clothes removed, sponged with fluid. Taken to other place, white building, white sand. Developed pneumonia.2000
In 1968 - Mansfield Dam, Texas, USA - Abduction, journey,stripped.Lighted ovoid object lands on four legs 40 feet away. From an opening unlike a door emerged four women, two men. Women 6' tall, slender, light complexioned. Men silent, darker skinned.2000
In 1968 - Huelva, Spain - Bedroom visitation. 8-yr-old saw dark skinned woman in room, that was also luminous. Stood at the foot of her bed, wore white robe, smiled at her. She hid under covers, it touched her several times.2300
In 1968 - Kern County, California , USA - Bedroom visitation, telepathy, paralysis. 3' tall beings in shiny suits, had large, round baldheads, dark slant eyes, thin lips, no nose, pallid skin. Floated in the air.2300
In 1968 - Malaga, Spain - Bedroom visitation, implant. 8-yr-old awoke, three short humanoids with rough skin, very large heads standing in her bedroom. Taken to UFO, tiny implant inserted.2300
In 1968 - Scotia, New York, USA - Disappearance2300
5 Dec 1967 - New York, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by one male 30-year-old witness for several hours (Terr).
20 Dec 1967 - Pelham Manor, New York, USA - Abduction2300
In Early 1968 - Western Part, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings involving radiation effects. An abduction by aliens resulting in physical harm was reported..
In January 1968 - Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA - Abduction. Whirring sound, 3' disc of highly polished metal outside. Telepathy, drilling sound, 3' tall Greys with large ears entered room. Exam table, blood taken from incision in stomach. Wanted son.2300
1968 - Mansfield, Texas, USA - C W Hickman saw a lighted, oval shaped object land on 4 legs 40 ft away. From an ...2000
In early January 1968 - Washington, District Of Columbia, USA - Occupants of the craft were seen. Traces found. One object was observed by one male witness for five hours.
10 Jan 1968 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Lost three hours of time--and didn't think it strange.2300
27 Feb 1968 - Templeton, Massachusetts, USA - Lapse of time or memory loss experienced by witness.0430
28 Feb 1968 - Vienna, Virginia , USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentifiable object and its occupants were observed at close range. Explanation: Hoax.
In Spring 1968 - Chascomus, Argentina - Abduction
In Spring 1968 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Man suddenly found himself aboard UFO. Cresecent shaped with windows. two swivel seats in front of dashboard, video display. Memory of talking to several undescribed beings that were "engineers."
In Spring 1968 - Largo, Florida, USA - Abduction0100
2 May 1968 - Westmoreland, New York, USA - Abduction and sexual encounter. Cigar-shaped UFO came toward her, stopped, shot up turning red. Missing time, robe, slippers muddy. Hypnosis, disc, beam lifted, table, needle, rape, menstrual.0000
In early May 1968 - Chascomas, Argentina - Vidal and wife don't exist. Complete fiction credited to film director Anibel Uset. Explanation: Hoax.0000
1 Jun 1968 - Darmstadt, Germany - UFO seen with contact and near abduction0500
3 Jun 1968 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Artist confronted by fair skinned man with light eyes, unintelligible language. Went dizzy, recovered in craft, telepathic communication. Trip around Earth, returned him to street corner.0100
20 Jun 1968 - Avellaneda, Argentina - Drugged by man driving black car. Awoke in aerial city with beings over 2m tall. Released between towns of Brinkmann and Cotagaita, in Cordoba province. Driven home by mysterious man in black car.
30 Jun 1968 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - I've have seen a real alien up close.0100
In July 1968 - Grodner Pass, Italy - Abduction. 75m diameter saucer in meadow. Robot and human occupants. Long CVS. 2m landing traces.0100
30 Jun 1968 - Lujan De Cuyo, Argentina - Witness, a distiller, encountered two people on beach. They show him a sphere 30 cm with images of people. Message. Lapse of memory, found himself back in his lab.0115
In Mid- 1968 - Lompoc, California , USA - Musicians incident. 0245
In July 1968 - Modesto, California , USA - Abduction1500
3 Jul 1968 - Quilmes, Argentina - Abduction. Woman abducted from city street. two human-looking beings inside the craft, about 6' tall. Did not see outside of UFO.2330
9 Jul 1968 - La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Traces. two girls met "man from another world", tried to talk to them. 6' tall, red-hair, blue eyes, wore one-piece coverall and green visor that emitted flashes of light. Marks of 4-fingers found on door2330
In mid-July 1968 - Rivesville, West Virginia, USA - Hunter heard high-pitched jabbering message, maybe telepathic, "don't fear." Creature with slanted yellow eyes and pointed ears grabbed arm, body like the stalk of some huge ungainly plant. Explanation: Hoax.2000
17 Jul 1968 - Estrada.Bandeirantes, Brazil - Abduction by four little beings, 20" tall, wore headphones, greenish. Paralysis, telepathy, exam. UFO left luminous trail.2300
21 Jul 1968 - Sao Paulo Highway, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness (Dema).2300
25 Jul 1968 - Sydney, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia - Chalker, William, UFO Research Australia Newsletter, 1982, 3(1), 14.2300
In August 1968 - Ovid, Colorado , USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by one female witness (Updike).2300
5 Aug 1968 - Cordoba, Argentina - Abduction1530
6 Aug 1968 - Brooksville, Florida, USA - Unlikely story of trip to moon aboard UFO. 8 human aliens, including a beautiful young girl in a brown jumpsuit named Detzee. Explanation: Hoax.1500
7 Aug 1968 - Lake Champlain, Buff Ledge, Vermont, USA - Abduction. two teens on dock Lake Champlain. Domed disc exits cigar, two Grey humanoids seen in clear dome. Object moves over dock, missing time. No comparing experience after, hypnosis, very similar.2005
31 Aug 1968 - Mendoza, Argentina - Abduction and exam. Electromagnetic effect used in capture. Grey beings, large heads, 1.5m tall, coveralls. 4m wide oval craft with beam of light to ground. Exam, warning about nuclear war.0342
1 Sep 1968 - Mendoza, Argentina - Driving home in predawn. Engine and lights died, witnesses paralyzed. three 5' tall humanoids, no hair, large heads, approached from hovering oval craft, beam of light to ground. Blood samples, telepathy. Explanation: Hoax.0342
In October 1968 - Perry County, Illinois, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by aliens was reported by a female witness.
In October 1968 - Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Abduction0300
2 Oct 1968 - Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction
10 Oct 1968 - Villa Constitucion, Santa Fe, Argentina - Abduction2115
In 1969 - Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK - Abduction. Explanation: Psych.
30 Nov 1968 - Kent, Indiana, USA - Abduction. Explanation: Hoax.
In 1969 - St Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Bigfoot creature took boys aboard landed craft, where humanoids "reprogrammed" the bigfoot for other tasks. Jack saw Ken on operating table, humanoids dressed like doctors, bloody head. Implants.
15 Dec 1968 - Hollywood, California , USA - Abduction from bed in 1968.2300
1969 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - The eleven year old witness, Susan, was abducted from her bedroom by one tall entity, ...2100
15 Jan 1969 - Brazil, Brazil - Abduction
10 Feb 1969 - Green Cove Springs, Florida, USA - Abduction: three hours missing time. Headaches, depression, skin rashes. Hypnosis in 1977, recall in curved hallway, four short Grey beings with large eyes and ears, no hair, slit mouth, wore tight coverall.0300
10 Mar 1969 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - A witness reported being abducted onboard an object by three human-like aliens, ...2100
20 Mar 1969 - Barra De Tijuca, Brazil - Army General incident. 0250
In April 1969 - Balizac, Aquitaine, France - Witness woke up, saw humanoids inside house. Experienced missing time, possible abduction. Ankle wound, healing of finger.2200
5 Apr 1969 - West Nyack, New York, USA - Abduction and exam. Oval or disc object 50 feet diameter. Beam of light on witnesses. Pale Grey beings with large round heads, large black eyes.2210
20 Apr 1969 - Itaucu, Brazil - Death. Horseback rider; cold beam struck back, chest; unconscious until morning 250 km away; death occurred 19690612.1930
4 May 1969 - Bebedouro, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Soldier fishing, legs paralyzed, seized two 4' tall entities shining clothes, aluminum masks/helmets. Incomprehensible language, blindfolded, little man long red hair, big nose. Message. 400 m away.1500
15 May 1969 - Pedro Leopoldo, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Abduction
20 May 1969 - Nova Lima, Vila Operaria, Brazil - Abduction, awakened by noise, outside paralyzed, pulled into elevator, 6 entities 31" tall, big heads. Slanted eyes. Unintelligible language, amnesia, woke in bed, eye inflamation.Persistent neuralgia0100
21 May 1969 - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Previous abductee had impulse to go outside. In garden saw three of same entities who had abducted him. Ran inside, bolted door.0000
25 May 1969 - Itaucu, Brazil - Abduction
In June 1969 - Tjisaga Bandjar, Indonesia - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness for over 60 minutes (Machpud).
2 Jun 1969 - Segovia, Spain - Witness in car experience effect like strange curtain dropping, hears message "be calm," cube descends. 30 minutes of missing time.2130
10 Jun 1969 - Tjisaga Bandjar, Indonesia - Physiological effects.
15 Jun 1969 - Yellowstone Natl Park, Wyoming, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported on a highway.0030
In mid-June 1969 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Abduction and exam. Tingling sensation. Levitation. Short Greys (w white skin), large hairless heads, small mouths, no ears, tiny noses. Large green eyes. Buzzing/mumbling.0100
15 Jul 1969 - Geneseo, Illinois, USA - Questionable Abduction0100
25 Jul 1969 - North Augusta, Ontario, Canada - Huge delta-shaped object stops over car. Stars visible inside edges. one hour missing time.2000
In early August 1969 - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - Domed disc hovers over pond. 7 and white humanoids float over disabled car, attempt without success to abduct witnesses. One left marks on car roof.2100
In September 1969 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Disappearance0000
15 Oct 1969 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - A reported abduction took place on this date where the witness encountered short greenish skin humanoids, with duck like feet and long pointy ears resembling those of rats. These wore tight-fitting silvery suits. No other information.2100
In November 1969 - Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction from living room. Received message to stand, don't move. Suddenly floated up toward craft, then "everything blanked out" and she came to back on sofa. Out-of-body experience(?)0430
In the 1970's - Fort Jackson, South Carolina, USA - Electrical system of car failed. Car seemed to rise into air. Lost consciousness. Hypnosis revealed exam aboard UFO by small, gray-skinned beings.
In the 1970's - Winchester, England, UK - Abduction
In 1970 - Redondo Beach, California , USA - Bedroom visitation, paralysis. Humanoid 4' tall with intense glowing eyes, long thin hands, luminous. Experience ended suddenly. Under hypnosis2300
January 1970 - Allbrook AFB, Panama - Three young friends were walking home late one night when...2100
14 Jan 1970 - Puketutu, New Zealand - Trace handling effects.0430
In February 1970 - Sichote-Alin Mountains, Russia - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported.
24 Mar 1970 - San Francisco Bay, California , USA - Abduction
In April 1970 - Miyajima Island, Japan - Bizarre contact/apocalypse story. French man commanded to go to Hokkaido, wait on mountain. After week a vertical cigar lands, 6 stories high. three 9' tall blonds with irridescent skin, say he is next Messiah. Explanation: Hoax.1315
25 Apr 1970 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Abductee loses over an hour of time in mid-sentence. Dark. Others don't notice.1850
In June 1970 - Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction0100
In June 1970 - Mixtequilla, Oaxaca, Mexico - 6-yr-old nephew disappears, uncle charged with murder. 33 days later boy turns up healthy. "Living with little men. They gave me food and milk with honey in it. We played lots of games."1300
15 Jun 1970 - Geneseo, Illinois, USA - Early morning abduction 0200
15 Jun 1970 - Malibu Canyon, California , USA - POSSIBLE ABDUCTION 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2330
5 Aug 1970 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - A male 17-year-old left home at 7 pm to attend evening class. He woke up 12 hours later, 140 miles away. (Sivaraman).1900
In October 1970 - Freihung, Bayern, Germany - Disappearance
1 Nov 1970 - Rochester, New York, USA - A number of cases described a reddish clay residue that had been found at abduction sites.2030
7 Nov 1970 - Freihung, Bayern, Germany - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by four witnesses (Behr).
In 1971 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - Abduction
In December 1970 - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Disappearance2300
24 Dec 1970 - Colorado Springs, Colorado , USA - Growing-up with aliens
In late January 1971 - Canelinha, Brazil - Unreliable witness. Explanation: Hoax.0930
22 Feb 1971 - Turun Sanomat, Finland - Five residents saw UFO, another saw entity dressed "like a vagabond." Being told him to follow him, then had one hour of missing time. Found himself standing in same spot in intense cold, one hour later.2000
14 Mar 1971 - Apache Junction, Nr Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Draftsman incident. Explanation: Hoax.2106
In April 1971 - Puebla, Mexico - Being 6.5' tall, invited ride on craft. He refused, but found himself walking street without people noticing. Craft in vacant field. Telepathy, blood sample, amnesia. Renal, blood problems.1300
In early April 1971 - Charleston, Illinois, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness..
21 Jun 1971 - Pinehurst, Idaho, USA - 50 feet diameter disc overhead, beam of light shines down from it on two percipients. and 2 hours missing time, abduction. Marks on limbs. Source: Paranet.2300
28 Jun 1971 - Cisne, Illinois, USA - Apportation backward in time and space.
Summer 1971 - Edwards AFB, California, USA - A small mushroom-shaped craft crashed close to Edwards AFB. It was dull gray (gun-metal) ...
In August 1971 - Jacksonville, Florida, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two female witnesses, typical age 28 (Stalnaker).2100
1 Aug 1971 - Calliope River, Queensland, Australia - Possible abduction, time loss, amnesia, possible translocation/levitation, physical traces. Hypnotic regression failed due to violent shaking fear reaction.2335
17 Aug 1971 - Palos Verdes, California , USA - Abduction, healing. Warning about the danger of nuclear plants.0200
20 Sep 1971 - Ojebyn, Sweden - Fog, smoke, blackness. Vertical beams encircle car, car levitated, pressure felt. Fog, smoke, blackness. Translocation: car lands ahead of destination. UFO leaves to the south. No examination.2245
22 Sep 1971 - Natividade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Abduction. Black object on road turn red luminous shifting to blinding white, car engine died. three 20" tall stocky beings, fair complexions, slanted eyes. Wore helmets with spikes, sky-blue coveralls. Missing time.1930
25 Sep 1971 - Itaperuna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Car went out of control, slowed and stopped despite driver's efforts. Object on road, three beings levitated driver with yellow light beam, after 15 minutes he was lowered to ground.0200
16 Oct 1971 - Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada - Rock Band incident. 0130
23 Oct 1971 - Sunland, California , USA - Abduction0400
In November 1971 - Hillsboro, Kansas, USA - Abduction
In November 1971 - Smithville, New York, USA - Abduction2200
17 Nov 1971 - Bananeiras, Paraiba, Brazil - Abduction. two men driving, car malfunctioned, red beam focused on car, levitated, exam, blood sample, display of atomic explosion. Second witness "switched off."2130
In December 1971 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Abduction
In December 1971 - Rowsham, UK - Supermarket Manager incident. 0130
In 1972 - Largs Bay, South Australia, Australia - Entity outside bedroom. 1.2m tall, big head, pointed chin, huge yellow eyes, skinny glowing white body.No nose, mouth, ears.She floated up to UFO.Doorway amnesia, in room on table lying on her back.2300
In 1972 - Madison, Wisconsin, USA - Elderly Couple incident. 2300
5 Dec 1971 - Carangola River, Brazil - Abduction near bridge over Caranola R. Invited inside, occupants "jabbered" unintelligibly, but lips did not move. Message: peace, eventual contact.1900
6 Dec 1971 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Free will abduction, language communication. Psychic Uri Geller is reported to have entered a UFO, emerged with a pen that had dematerialized earlier. Details vague.2200
9 Dec 1971 - Sinai Desert, Israel - Uri Geller2259
In January 1972 - Bronx, New York, USA - Abduction1630
4 Jan 1972 - Sweden, Sweden - A male witness reported that his car levitated. Possible missing time case. Traces reported.
26 Jan 1972 - Blount Island, Nr Jacksonville, Florida, USA - While fishing in boat, domed disc approached, 75' diameter, lights on rim, boat ran aground. Humanoid 5' tall, pointed ears, large eyes, sharp chin, fired light, paralysis, missing time.0300
April or May 1972 - Saint Fregnant, Finistere, France - A man, Jean Paul Guillou reportedly encounters "extraterrestrials" (not described) ...
In May 1972 - Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Abduction0030
In Mid- 1972 - New York, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 25-year-old witness.
Summer 1972 - New York, New York, USA - The witness, in a dream like estate, found himself captive in a remote area when...2100
3 Jul 1972 - Frankston, Victoria, Australia - Blue disc hovering over road. Close encounter 7/25/72 with same object, levitated car, telepathic message, "psychic" abduction.2115
In August 1972 - Almonte, Ontario, Canada - Short humanoid in kitchen. Dreams of UFO and abduction later.2000
In August 1972 - Bronx, New York, USA - Abduction2300
16 Aug 1972 - Arroyito, Argentina - Odd light above car with two college professors. Car levitates, 40 minutes missing time. 80km of trip not accounted for.0240
26 Aug 1972 - Allagash Waterway, Maine, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by four male witnesses (Weiner).
September 1972 - Tucson, Arizona, USA - The witness was apparently abducted again. She woke up in an examining table surrounded ...
13 Sep 1972 - Balnearia, Argentina - Abduction
In October 1972 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Abduction2300
1 Oct 1972 - Potwin, Kansas, USA - Iwas abducted around age 7 or 8. They came will I WAS Asleep. they look into my room from the hall. They took me to a room. I think they placed an implant behind my left ear and brung me back home.0100
4 Oct 1972 - Burzaco, Argentina - Abduction and exam. Several 7' tall humanoids, medical exam, blood sample, bright light/beam, amnesia, new knowledge, physiological effects.0320
In late October 1972 - Sykesville, Maryland, USA - Abduction0200
26 Oct 1972 - Woodland, California , USA - Occupants of the craft were seen. An abduction of a witness was reported. One object, around 300 feet away, was observed by more than two witnesses.2300
28 Oct 1972 - San Cristobal, Puerto Rico, USA - Insurance Man incident. 0900
In Late 1972 - Belfast Anderstown, Northern Ireland, UK - Abduction
In Late 1972 - Medmenham, UK - Lapse of time experienced.vertical cone shaped UFO round bend while driving down highway. Object had flourescent strip lighting down the sides. Felt strong urge to get out of car, 1.5 hours missing.0400
late 1972 - Belfast, ntown Belfast Northern, Ireland - A Mrs Hamilton reported seeing a large ball of light and then being abducted by several human like beings, both male and female and wearing white uniforms. No other information.2100
4 Nov 1972 - Clyde, Alberta, Canada - Woman sees odd looking figure by remote cabin. Abduction to moon hours later. Possible vivid dream. Explanation: Dream.1645
19 Nov 1972 - Itaperuna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Abduction
25 Nov 1972 - Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Electromagnetic effect:television, refrigerator. 6.5' tall being wore blue-green metallic coverall, black belt with box, helmet, boots. Witness touched hand, felt cold, rubbery. Eyes glowed. Being went outside, vanished.1230
26 Nov 1972 - Bodega Bay, California , USA - Abduction and exam. Missing time, hypnosis. three kinds of beings: Greys with gray tight-fitting suits with masks, human woman with black hair, giant 6-7' tall, large head, huge gelatinous eyes, red slit pupils.1730
In 1973 - Akron, Ohio, USA - Abduction and exam. Sighted two UFOs, time lapse. Hypnosis. Beings connected her to electronic equipment, exam caused pain. Sat silently next to friend, returned to car.
In 1973 - Ubon, Thailand - Royal Thai AFB F-111 incident. Disappearance of F-4 Phantom jet fighter. Disappeared visually and on radar simultaneously. No debris recovered, no enemy fire.
In Winter 1972 - Henley-On-Thames, England, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by one male 30-year-old witness for 90 minutes (Walker).0100
In 1973 - Gravellona Toce, Piemonte, Italy - Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. A disc, about 40 feet across, was observed by one male witness for a few seconds (Larosa).1300
In 1973 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Abduction and exam. two lights descend and land. Grey (putty-like) beings with teardrop heads, large black eyes, slit mouth, no ears, skinny, under 50lbs.1900
In 1973 - Santa Ana, California , USA - Abduction. Explanation: Hoax.2300
In January 1973 - Medicine Bow, Wyoming, USA - Wyoming welder recalled strange face through truck windshield, under hypnosis recalled abduction, on board space craft, "sitting at the control panel."
11 Jan 1973 - Thorold, Ontario, Canada - Possible teleportation. Undescribed UFO allegedly landed in a field by a road, where it was observed by a sole witness who was possibly teleported.0200
In February 1973 - Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Second contact with two entities. Telepathic communication, shown medical book, cure for cancer. 1.8m tall, small round ears, slit eyes, small flat noses, short fine hair. Warned of coming sesmic disaster.2300
3 Feb 1973 - Vila Vehla, Brazil - Traces. Glowing ring hovered near ham radio mast. Cable to antenna burnt. Apparent aborted abduction.2350
22 Feb 1973 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Gold-foil sutied entity appears inside car, then disappears. With two UFO investigators present in car, witness experiences virtual "abduction", psychic experience.1300
11 Mar 1973 - Vila Vehla, Brazil - Abduction1815
21 Mar 1973 - Apache, Arizona , USA - When Brian Scott returned to the site of his 1971 abduction he reportedly had the ...2100
21 Mar 1973 - Apache Junction, Arizona , USA - Draftsman incident. 2107
In May 1973 - Balnearia, Argentina - Abduction
In May 1973 - Houston, Texas, USA - Missing time, hypnosis, abduction. Interior of craft and operation on calf recalled during hypnosis.2300
22 May 1973 - Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Blue beam. Electromagnetic effects: radio static, engine died. Blue beam, hot interior of car. Saw oval object 10-20m up. When witness attempted to run he lost consciousness.0300
22 May 1973 - Catanduva, Sao Paolo , Brazil - Onilson Patero, 40-year-old salesman, was driving to his home in Catanduva during ...0300
1 Jun 1973 - Bentonville, Arkansas, USA - Was I abducted in 1973????????????0000
In mid-June 1973 - Norwalk, Connecticut, USA - Abduction2100
23 Jun 1973 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Abduction, two humanoids, one big, one short, language communication and unknown language, telepathy, medical exam.0000
In July 1973 - Wickenburg, Arizona , USA - Abduction0130
1 Jul 1973 - Suonenjoki, Pohjois-Savo, Finland - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0200
In late July 1973 - Northern Sierras, California , USA - Abduction
27 Jul 1973 - Lake Isabella, California , USA - Electromagnetic effect: radio, lights. Dome shaped object at side of road, rose and crossed overhead.0210
27 Jul 1973 - Lago D'Idro, Italy - Abduction1300
16 Aug 1973 - Smalandsstenar, Sweden - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2215
In September 1973 - Little Houghton, UK - Memory of brilliant white light heading straight for windscreen, found self in Bromham Bridge 5 hours later. Car found in field, no tracks as to how it got there. Farmer had to tow car out with tractor.0200
2 Sep 1973 - Milroy, Indiana, USA - Abduction. Going to work saw object descend, approach in rearview mirror. object scooped up car like a forklift. Front and side windows blacked out, Could see only through rear window.1325
12 Sep 1973 - Kent, Connecticut, USA - Abduction, missing time2230
In October 1973 - Teton Mountains, Wyoming, USA - Missing time, hypnosis. Recall of encounters with aliens during hunting trip, "mission" to dig well that now produces 8000 gal/min, vivid impressions of 1973 Arab-Israeli war.
In Fall 1973 - Carmen De Areco, Argentina - Abduction1945
In October 1973 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Abduction2300
October 1973 - Mesa, Arizona, USA - Ernest Chesser was camping with his family near this city when...2100
7 Oct 1973 - Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA - Abduction
11 Oct 1973 - Tanner, Alabama, USA - A three-year old boy reported to his mother that he had been playing with "some old monster" in the backyard. He said it was gray with wrinkled skin and pointed ears. This occurred near the Pascagoula abduction in both time and location.1500
11 Oct 1973 - Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA - Stress Test incident. 2100
15 Oct 1973 - Omro, Wisconsin, USA - Bright, orange-red glow, humanoids materialize.0001
16 Oct 1973 - Langford Budville, UK - Abduction and sexual encounter. On country road, engine and lights fail. Robot, 6' tall, domed UFO, 18' wide, 36' high. Fainted. Taken aboard, naked, exam, rape by two human like men. Awoke in car.0200
16 Oct 1973 - Lehi, Utah, USA - Abduction, 5-6 humanoids 4.5' tall, slanted eyes, three digits/hand, small nose, language, stripped for medical exam, humans observed, bright light/beam, amnesia, hypnosis used.2300
17 Oct 1973 - Watauga, Tennessee, USA - Copper disc hovered just above ground, 6' tall entity reached out of doorway, tried to grad two children. Occupant had clawlike hands, eyes that blinked.1930
17 Oct 1973 - Midwestern State, USA - 7 reports of same UFO. 2300
17 Oct 1973 - Pensacola, Florida, USA - Occupants of the craft were seen. An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by one witness on a highway.2300
17 Oct 1973 - Loxley, Alabama, USA - Abduction and exam. UFO size of football field beamed light on truck, drew it aboard. 6 one-eyed humanoids, clawlike hands, no taller than man's waist.2345
19 Oct 1973 - Palos Verdes Estates, California , USA - 6 reports of same UFO. 0325
24 Oct 1973 - Millville, New Jersey, USA - Abduction1215
25 Oct 1973 - Buena Park, California , USA - Draftsman incident. Explanation: Hoax.1820
28 Oct 1973 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Truck driver abducted while changing tire. 4m diameter UFO, hovered 4m. three human-like beings, two blond men, one blond woman, silver suits. Levitation in light beam, body marks, instrument panel, language. Explanation: Hoax.0115
In November 1973 - Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada - Businessman driving automobile experiences missing time (7 hours), probable UFO abduction experience.1700
2 Nov 1973 - Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA - Lapse of time or memory loss experienced by witness. Explanation: Planet.0330
3 Nov 1973 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Radar/visual confirmation.
3 Nov 1973 - Bogota, Colombia - Abduction2025
8 Nov 1973 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Disc wobbled, flew above roadway behind car, pursued car 8-9 miles. Family may have been abducted, no recollection of seeing UFO leave.2230
11 Nov 1973 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA - 3' dwarf dressed in light brown coveralls got into a cab and told the driver to take him to Greasy Corners, a local intersection. The dwarf's head was featureless except for goggles or large eyes.0230
13 Nov 1973 - Poteet, Texas, USA - Abduction1845
14 Nov 1973 - Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one experienced male witness (Baez, Robert).
19 Nov 1973 - Eastern Part, Colombia - Abduction
In December 1973 - Kings Ranch, Texas, USA - Death
In 1974 - Redmond, Washington, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness..
In 1974 - Guatemala City, Guatemala - Lapse of time experienced by witness..0830
1 Jan 1974 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - AAF incident. Explanation: Hoax.
1974 - Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico - Alex Franz and his wife were on their way to Mexico City when...0100
In mid-January 1974 - Werrington, UK - Green light followed car. Feeling of being watched, stopped car, got out. Above them was black oval. two light beams, one green, one blue, converged on them. They drove off, felt bump, several hours gone.2130
In mid-January 1974 - Cheddleton, England, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One black oval object was observed by two witnesses, a married couple, on a highway for four hours.2145
16 Jan 1974 - Macclesfield, England, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by two witnesses on a road for 120 minutes.0330
24 Jan 1974 - Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA - Abduction; no way to certify that this report is either sincere, or accurate.
24 Jan 1974 - Shores Community, Tennessee, USA - Abduction2300
In February 1974 - Ipaucu, Brazil - Missing time, observer's car levitated, felt cold. Human-like occupants.2230
4 Feb 1974 - El Desemboque, Mexico - Abduction2300
9 Feb 1974 - Shores Community, Tennessee, USA - Free will abduction, two humanoids 4-5' tall, pointed chin, small nose, small ears,, tall forehead, language communication, repeater, message.
9 Feb 1974 - Evansville, Indiana, USA - Four in car levitated, lose consciousness, over two hours missing time. Human-appearing occupant of UFO knows names of percepients.2100
12 Mar 1974 - Grayslake, Illinois, USA - Abduction0100
20 Mar 1974 - Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA - Abduction
23 Mar 1974 - Vallentuna, Stockholm, Sweden - Blinded by brilliant light, threw himself in snow but levitated to 30-45' missing time, abduction, hypnosis, recall of four "transparent" beings, exam.0010
23 Mar 1974 - Lindholmen, Sweden - A middle-aged man named Vallentuna was on his way home when...0020
24 Mar 1974 - Lindholmen, Sweden - Radio frequency interference. Bell-shaped domed disc paces car. Phones and television out. Possible abduction.1900
In Spring 1974 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses in a desert.
4 Apr 1974 - Petaluma, California , USA - Life altering UFO abduction experiences 500 Lights On Object0: Yes0730
6 Apr 1974 - Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan - Abduction. Explanation: Hoax.0300
10 Apr 1974 - Whitehouse, Ohio, USA - Gravity effect0015
26 Apr 1974 - Guaranta, Brazil - Abduction/missing for 6 days, by several humanoids 5'8" tall, small nose, small ears, language communication, repeater, hypnosis used.2330
In May 1974 - Ibague, Tolima, Colombia - Occupants inside UFO
5 May 1974 - Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA - Abduction1900
9 May 1974 - Mount Vernon, Indiana, USA - The main witness and six other persons were returning home late at night on highway 57 when...0100
11 May 1974 - Chingford, UK - Two figures dressed in white, glided instead of running. Red-lighted UFO rose slowly over treetops, moved off after 5 minutes directly over witnesses. Throbbing sound heard, like ship sonar.2135
20 May 1974 - Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA - Fog. UFO landed on beach on test cores drilled for cooling tubes for to be constructed Seabrook Nuclear Plant. Witness considered dishonest by investigator, having likely stolen from his employer. Explanation: Hoax.0000
26 May 1974 - Mitchell Caverns, California , USA - Abduction by 8 humanoids, paralysis, medical exam, new knowledge, repeater, hypnosis used.0600
31 May 1974 - Fort Victoria, Zimbabwe - Abduction. Electromagnetic effects, levitation, steering loss, brilliant light, altered surroundings. Blueish light engulfed car, oval object with light beam0530
13 Jun 1974 - Calera, Oklahoma, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. One object, about 10 feet across, was observed by 17 witnesses (Jent).2300
16 Jun 1974 - Metcalf, Illinois, USA - Bedroom abduction. three humanoids in bedroom. Percepient led to UFO in field. Fourth being communicates via telepathy: "Cooperate." Samples taken.2350
23 Jun 1974 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Occupants. Explanation: Psych.0000
In July 1974 - Belem, Brazil - Disappearance1300
4 Jul 1974 - Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA - Abduction
In early July 1974 - Navagantes, Brazil - Abduction, no return.2300
25 Jul 1974 - Bogota, Colombia - Castillo Rincon incident. 0500
28 Jul 1974 - Somerset, UK - Huge flash seen by family, then man gone three days. Found at 8 am in a locked garden, one foot in pond. Memory of having been in nearby hospital, but hospital had no record of him. Parallel universe jump?1300
30 Jul 1974 - Windsor, Ontario, Canada - possible abduction case. Giant 3 foot high spides in my friends back yard1400
In early August 1974 - Iowa Hill, California , USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2030
6 Aug 1974 - Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela - Attempted abduction. two beings, 2m tall, leaden clothing, dark belts, blue goggles. two other UFOs took the first UFO and entities "in tow', then able to make escape.1800
22 Aug 1974 - Denver, Colorado , USA - Abduction and exam. Force pulled brother and sister witnesses in car forward. Beings approached from a field, made to touch black box, lost consciousness. Telepathy, curious about emotions, resistance resulted in pain.0130
26 Aug 1974 - Callahan, Florida, USA - Abduction2100
In September 1974 - Hobbs, New Mexico, USA - Abduction/disappearance. Huge disc levitated truck with man insideup and inside. Neither seen again.
31 Aug 1974 - Navegantes Beach, Brazil - Abduction, unintelligible language, paralysis, bright light/beam, no return.2200
3 Sep 1974 - Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - Red pulsating UFO treetop level, two light beams caused electromagnetic effect: engine and radio. Telepathy. 90 minutes missing time. four dwarfs, 4-5' tall, fishbowl helmets, uniform, belt buckle.0300
17 Sep 1974 - Dellrose, Tennessee, USA - Abduction
23 Sep 1974 - Spanaway, Washington, USA - On a Late september nite We were Abducted my Mom and I. in Spanaway ,WA. on 23 /09 1974 2130
27 Sep 1974 - Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia - Two young men, one 19, other 11, out hunting, encounter bright white light, deep humming noise. 9 years later abduction recalled by tall, thin, Grey entities, exam table, levitation.2100
25 Oct 1974 - Medicine Bow Forest, Wyoming, USA - Hunter fired bullet at elk, bullet went only 50', fell to ground. Next saw man standing in shadow. Human-like, 6.2' tall, no chin, hair stood straight out. Free will abduction, missing time, car moved1600
27 Oct 1974 - Aveley, England, UK - The Avis family loses three hours time, and later remembers being abducted into a spacecraft and being subjected to examinations by non-human beings.2210
17 Nov 1974 - Antigo, Wisconsin, USA - 4.5' tall little man with "mouthful of white teeth," dark complexion, black hair, jacket like burlap, entered bar with bouncing gait, talked in rapid English. "You saw a bright light on Friday night."1330
In 1975 - Gallup, New Mexico, USA - Abduction and exam. Beings with large heads, large eyes, small nose and mouth, unusual ears. 6' tall. Symbol on cloak like combine Star of David/nuclear symbol. Telepathy, test felt like she was torn apart
In 1975 - Hajmasker Proving Grounds, Hungary - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness at a military facility.
In 1975 - Menasha, Wisconsin, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a female witness (Meyer).
In 1975 - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia - Occupants2300
24 Dec 1974 - Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela - Castillo Rincon incident.
In January 1975 - Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2200
1975 - Milan, Lombardei, Italy - A woman meets two dwarves green with a flat face. One was young and the other old. They returned much later and abducted the woman for some hours, presumably taking her into space. Probable case of contact.
4 Jan 1975 - Sao Luis no Maranhao, Brazil - An object descended over the witness home and apparently hit the wall accidentally. ...0900
5 Jan 1975 - Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Abduction, three 6'2" humanoids, small nose, small ears, no communication, paralysis, bright light/beam, physiological effects. Explanation: Hoax.0330
5 Jan 1975 - Brownstown, Illinois, USA - Abduction, 5 photos (object out of focus), drawn upward, lost consciousness. In small 5' cubicle, blinking orange lights. Missing time one hour.1430
29 Jan 1975 - Bogota, Colombia - Castillo Rincon incident.
winter 1975 - Tyumen, Russia - Two men, Yuliy Vasilievich Russkih and his grandfather were hunting in the taiga ...1400
14 Feb 1975 - Petite Isle, Indian - Domed disc lands in field, small entities get out, fire white beam at witness, rendering him unconscious. Physiological effects: impaired vision, lack of speech, shock reactions. Witness very reliable1210
22 Feb 1975 - La Parguera, Puerto Rico, USA - Disappearance
1 Mar 1975 - Fall City, Washington, USA - Possible abduction experience. 2 witnesses remember glimpses of inside of craft.0800
In early March 1975 - Fall City, Washington, USA - Possible abduction experience. two witnesses remember glimpses of inside of craft.0800
In late March 1975 - Las Mareas Beach, Puerto Rico, USA - Disappearance. Explanation: Animals.
26 Mar 1975 - Grand Junction, Colorado , USA - Occupants. Explanation: Hoax.0400
In April 1975 - Ryan Mountain, Alabama, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness on a road (Womack).2000
6 Apr 1975 - Athens, Wisconsin, USA - Lapse of time or memory loss experienced by witness.0200
13 Apr 1975 - Lumberton, North Carolina, USA - Electromagnetic effects: lights.0700
22 Apr 1975 - Querataro, Mexico - An extraterrestrial woman named "Lya" meets professor Hernandez in a car and drive ...1400
6 May 1975 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness. two large silver discs bracket USAF jet aircraft testing equipment for one hour.
21 May 1975 - Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness (Navarrete).
1 Jun 1975 - Grand Island, New York, USA - five foot ball field size ufo's grand Island N.Y.1975+abduction!2130
2 Jun 1975 - Wallingford, Connecticut, USA - Police incident. 2105
15 Jun 1975 - Burna, Kentucky, USA - sister tells child hood story of abduction2200
In Mid- 1975 - Boise, Oregon, USA - Abduction
30 Jun 1975 - San Jose, California , USA - Please read these abductions going on with a 41yo male.
In Mid- 1975 - La Junta, Colorado , USA - Witness felt drawn to object, 6.5' Nordic occupants, blond hair, pale skin, blue suits. Telepathy.0800
In July 1975 - Rome, Oregon, USA - Abduction and exam. Shiny object, octagonal doorway. Beings 5'2", skin gray, wrinkled, hairless, slit eyes, mouth, nose, no ears. Language like bees buzzing, telepathy.1300
In July 1975 - Panorama City, California , USA - Abduction. Humanoids 3-4 with large egg-shaped heads, hairless and lipless, hole-like mouths. Leader taller than others. Eyes deep-set and lidless.2045
In Mid- 1975 - South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA - Missing time.2300
10 Jul 1975 - Manchester, Connecticut, USA - Nightime visitation in Connecticut-1973; this was a probable abduction.0100
21 Jul 1975 - Solnechnogorsk, Moskovskaja Oblast, Russia - Artist spoke telepathically to three UFO occupants, woman leader, told he had stable psychological system. Disk with three antennas. Taken to planet with three moons.1500
In August 1975 - Callahan, Florida, USA - Abduction
In August 1975 - Wallasey, England, UK - Abduction
In August 1975 - Wessenden Head, UK - Fog. Glowing white oval bears down on car, egg-shaped object, 25' across, drifts in front of car. Paralysis. Next memory standing in field with screwdriver in hand like a weapon, startled by two sheep.0150
31 Jul 1975 - Loxton, South Africa - Four beings 5' tall moved inside landed oval UFO. Small, thin, pale, fair hair, slant eyes, high cheekbones (similar to AVB abduction). Wore cream coveralls. Light beam hit face, eye trouble, nose bleed.0750
In August 1975 - Owyhee River, Oregon, USA - Silent "airplane", silver object on hill. Witnesses in trance, two abducted. Arm healed, telepathy.1200
13 Aug 1975 - Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - Abduction, electromagnetic effects: car wouldn't start. High-pitched sound. Time loss 1.5 hours, telepathy, Grey humanoids 4'8" tall, large eyes and heads, slit mouths, tight suits, medical exam on table, message.0120
16 Aug 1975 - Greendale, Wisconsin, USA - Abduction2300
In late August 1975 - Preble County, Ohio, USA - Dairy Farm Wife incident.
26 Aug 1975 - Buffalo, North Dakota, USA - Abduction, three 5'8" humanoids, small nose, small ears, no communication, stripped for medical exam, amnesia, headache/physiological effects, hypnosis used.0400
29 Aug 1975 - Noe, France - 3m diameter disc in field jumps to car, then stright up, two minutes of missing time, physiological effects.2245
In September 1975 - Central Sector, Missouri, USA - Mason incident. 1100
In September 1975 - Redding, California , USA - Abduction2300
12 Sep 1975 - Rockford, Illinois, USA - Abduction0100
14 Sep 1975 - Bonnieux, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France - Healing effects were reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported in a forest for over 60 minutes.2100
15 Sep 1975 - Vertova, Lombardei, Italy - Odd noise, round object at 1m altitude, spins slowly. Witness had memory lapse.1400
15 Sep 1975 - Gilroy, California, USA - In August 1975 about 20 people in and around Gilroy saw unexplained red and white ...2100
15 Sep 1975 - Industrial City, California , USA - Victor incident. 2300
22 Sep 1975 - Teba, Malaga, Spain - Abduction
In October 1975 - Ekalaka, Montana, USA - Geological Crew incident. 0230
In October 1975 - Santa Barbara, California , USA - 40 feet diameter disc on tripod landing gear. "Owl" on road, flew over percipient's car (screen memory), then 30 minutes of missing time.2140
October 1975 - Rockville, Maryland, USA - The 18-year old witness was sound asleep when...0300
15 Oct 1975 - Rockville, Maryland, USA - Floating abduction out of bed into a silver saucer; US military human beings on board, some kind of head surgery performed 0230
15 Oct 1975 - Rockville, Maryland, USA - Abduction middle of night encounter human atired in US Military Uniforms (Airforce) experience some type of Brain Surgery!0300
27 Oct 1975 - Oxford, Maine, USA - Abduction, one humanoid, slanted eyes, four digits/hand, small nose, language communication, electromagnetic effect in capture, stripped for medical exam,blood sample,bright light/beam, amnesia, physiological,hypnosis.0300
In November 1975 - Newport, Oregon, USA - Disappearance
31 Oct 1975 - Bokeelia, Florida, USA - Abduction0200
In November 1975 - Jianshui, China - Disc seen near military camp. Guard missing for hours. Found with 5-day growth of beard.0500
In November 1975 - Mansfield, Ohio, USA - Abduction and exam. four seemingly human men surrounded car, false sense of calm replaced fear. Telepathy, threatened would die of cancer if revealed a certain feature of the beings.0900
In November 1975 - De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa - Witness feels vibration, overcome by sleepiness. Pulls over, dreams of being abducted. Wakes with 6 marks on body.1200
In November 1975 - Marshfield, Vermont, USA - Bedroom visitation, abduction.2300
In November 1975 - Oakdale, California , USA - Two taken from car, abducted to some type of cave. Telepathic communication with three humanoids. Knee injury healed.2300
2 Nov 1975 - Happy Camp, California , USA - Group of local residents abducted. Incoherent quasi-religious message transmitted.2000
5 Nov 1975 - Heber, Arizona , USA - Travis Walton got out of truck, ran toward UFO. Object rocked 2-3 times, buzzing sound, blue beam came out bottom, knocked him down. Others fled in truck. When back, Walton gone (for four days). Headache. Explanation: Hoax.1810
8 Nov 1975 - Pepactin Rsvr, New York, USA - Abduction, missing time. Campers see luminous "sled" with hoops on top descend. "Rabbits" approach tent (screen memory?). 60 minutes missing time.0100
21 Nov 1975 - Garden Grove, California , USA - Draftsman incident. 0300
27 Nov 1975 - Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico - While driving to Culiacan from San Diego, California saw bright cone-shaped object approach high speed. Hovered silently ahead of car, which lost power. Bottom rotated like drill. Missing time 2.5 hours.0230
In 1976 - Elliott, Northern Territory, Australia - Abduction2000
2 Dec 1975 - Fargo, North Dakota, USA - Bedroom visitation. two beings stood beside bed when awoke. They levitated her through wall, took aboard UFO. Otherworld journey (desert-like), telepathy. Explanation: Psych.0400
17 Dec 1975 - Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Abduction while walking home, intense light beam, woke up next day in thicket, 28 km away. Marks on forehead and arms, headaches.2300
22 Dec 1975 - Garden Grove, California , USA - Draftsman incident. 0400
In Early 1976 - Northern Part, UK - Abduction
6 Jan 1976 - Liberty, Kansas, USA - Lapse of time or memory loss experienced by witness.
6 Jan 1976 - Ontario, New York, USA - Disappearance. Explanation: Hoax.1700
6 Jan 1976 - Hustonville, Kentucky, USA - Three women saw football "big as house", girdled by rotating red lights, with dome on top, passed car, came up behind on road. Brilliant blue light, headaches, missing time, abduction, burns, control of car2330
14 Jan 1976 - East Bethel, Minnesota, USA - Missing time one hour, under hypnosis abducted from car by tall figure dressed in white, two more in door of translucent bottom bubble of UFO. Face with big slanted eyes very close to face.0330
21 Jan 1976 - Matias Barbosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Abduction with car. Brilliant blue light beam. Levitation, car sucked upward "as if through chimney" into brightly lit circular area. two 2m tall beings, unintelligible language. Communication, exam.2330
23 Jan 1976 - Bolton, England, UK - Missing time, physiological effects. 25' UFO hovered, 17-yr-old girl paralyzed, exam table, female abductor, tall albino with white hair. Telepathy. Message:prophesy. Physio: rash,dental fillings crumble1715
In February 1976 - Pinole, California , USA - Missing time, probable abduction. 16-year-old female awoke in living room looking out window at departing silver hexagon. Lower half had hatch. At both ends were windows, in one she could see humans.1600
In February 1976 - Keighley, England, UK - Abduction2300
1 Feb 1976 - Happy Camp, California , USA - MIB ordered food but can't eat or drink jello. Leaves without paying bill.
4 Feb 1976 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - Woman allegedly abducted for fifth time. Implanted with "genetically purified child." Source Wendelle Stevens. Explanation: Hoax.
6 Feb 1976 - Lake Como, Pennsylvania, USA - Three hours missing time, sore stomach, inflamed navel, puncture mark on spine with four little marks around it. Hypnosis, four short humanoids in suits with helmets. Helmet shaped UFO, 30-40 feet diameter, lights on rim2330
7 Feb 1976 - Little Talbot Island, Florida, USA - Five hours missing time, hypnosis, abduction, table exam, screen image of inside of body. 7 humanoids different types, implant, communication to woman, she was "coming along real well."2200
3 Mar 1976 - Refrigerio, Brazil - Abduction and exam. 40 feet diameter shiny disc in clearing in woods upon metallic platform. two beings in shiny suits, under 5' tall making repairs. Blinded by intense flash, skin burned, telepathy, exam table..1600
5 Mar 1976 - Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - Abduction. 80 feet diameter domed disc with translucent dome descends in wetlands behind house. Watched for two hours, went to bed. Woke up 75min later exchanged positions, memory of abduction. three entity types.2330
10 Mar 1976 - Dagenham, UK - Abduction0050
16 Mar 1976 - Warwick, Rhode Island, USA - Missing time of 90 minutes. Under hypnosis, abduction from car to large UFO, exam on table, being with "human-like" face stared into one woman's eye from very close.2300
20 Mar 1976 - Bennington, Vermont, USA - While a student at a near by college, female from Hong Kong & myself went riding we were ((deleted)) unaware of. A strange sensation was report by female then I felt it too.This started the abduction scenario...2330
26 Mar 1976 - Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness..1950
30 Mar 1976 - Quixada, Ceara, Brazil - Light beam, blinded female student, sapped strength, hospitalized with burns and nervous exhaustion.
1 Apr 1976 - Angues, Spain - Car battery found discharged next morning. Diffuse yellow light from cuppola. Sparking in lower part of object. UFO moving along highway opposite direction. Abduction possible.2200
2 Apr 1976 - Chalus, Mazandaran, Iran - Abduction. Man walking in forest had UFO stop directly over him, paralysis, four beings with big noses, thin lips came out via ladder, took him inside, oval room, strange instrument passed light over him.
7 Apr 1976 - Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada - Abduction
12 Apr 1976 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Little man report, no UFO.2300
18 Apr 1976 - Fargo, North Dakota, USA - Abduction. Woman floated out of bedroom to UFO some distance away. Inside put on slab, hooked up to complex of wires, floated back at dawn. Saw small metal cube zig-zag, land on lawn.2300
22 Apr 1976 - Elmwood, Wisconsin, USA - Electromagnetic effect: car radio, headlights died, burnt out points and plugs. 250 feet diameter domed disc, silver with orange translucent dome, hovered 100 feet altitude, 500 feet away. 6 ports emit blue light. Hospitalized.2315
23 Apr 1976 - Quixada, Ceara, Brazil - Man abducted. Mental, physical health deteriorate, now mindless.0300
4 May 1976 - Salto Osorio, Brazil - As foretold in earlier contact, man abducted on this date, found 50km away with broken ankle. He said he had broken it jumping 13' from UFO. Mental problems (schizophrenia?), post event. Explanation: Psych.0700
5 May 1976 - Tamavua, Fiji - Occupants inside UFO1100
14 May 1976 - Tapalque, Argentina - Fog, mist over bridge. Oyster shaped UFO emitted blinding light. Abduction with truck. Luminous instrument panel 3-4m long. Device with many cables placed on his head, received messages he would not reveal.0300
21 May 1976 - Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - Abduction and exam. UFO shaped like coolie hat. three hairless beings with large heads, large dark almond-shaped eyes, small nose, slit mouth, thin body. Scraped skin, drew fluid from eye.2030
26 May 1976 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by seven witnesses, typical age 30. Explanation: Hoax.
11 Jun 1976 - Hotstun, France - Orange dome-shaped object hovered over bridge, memory loss, apparent abduction.
11 Jun 1976 - Pizancon, France - Abduction. Car engine, lights died. 75' ahead on bridge saw red-orange dome. two hours missing time. Under hypnosis recalled taken aboard UFO, two small beings with big eyes, wore black suits, exam table.0130
15 Jun 1976 - Steenvoorde, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France - Trucker incident. 2300
20 Jun 1976 - Colby, Kansas, USA - Missing time, hypnosis, abduction. 150 feet diameter UFO, 40 feet tall. three helmeted humanoids of medium height (5'), physical exams, telepathy, marks and rashes.0100
20 Jun 1976 - Colby, Kansas, USA - A young couple with a baby was driving near the western border of Kansas when...2100
23 Jun 1976 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Abduction. Nocturnal light approached, paralysis, stopped 20-25' away, went out. Short being with big head, large eyes, pointed ears, bald, no eyebrows, blue-gray coverall with emblem. Levitated to cigar UFO, telepathy.2330
26 Jun 1976 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Two aliens, a man and woman, take abductee into back room of the shop where he worked. Stripped, given physical exam, screen-like device that looked like brief case when folded up. Passed out.1530
In Mid- 1976 - Meigle, UK - All bird and animal noises stop. 10-yr-old frozen in place, four small beings, smaller than her, with blue skin. Missing time, exam on table, taller entities like stick insects.0945
1 Jul 1976 - Santa Cruz, California , USA - Organized human-alien abduction0000
8 Jul 1976 - Oakville, Ontario, Canada - Abduction. Orange egg-shaped object swooped down, came alongside car. 30 minutes missing time. Hypnosis tried, but hypnotist refused to continue sessions.0230
14 Jul 1976 - Oakenholt, Flint, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported (Sunderland).
In August 1976 - Mudbrook Campsite, Maine, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported at a campsite.0100
In August 1976 - Rockland County, New York, USA - Abduction and exam.2100
1 Aug 1976 - Georgetown, Texas, USA - ABDUCTED BY BRIGHT LIGHT 500 Lights On Object0: Yes0000
August 1976 - Propriano, Corsica , France - 30-year old Michel Ange encountered a large luminous sphere next to a road in a ...2000
13 Aug 1976 - Morristown, New Jersey, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0130
23 Aug 1976 - Stony Point, New York, USA - Abduction2300
25 Aug 1976 - Ogden Center, Michigan, USA - 10-yr-old had gone to bathroom, saw orange dome blinking on-off, slowly zig-zag in sky. Felt pulled, when closed eyes suddenly aboard, two creatures with pincers like crayfish sat, manipulating knobs.0230
26 Aug 1976 - East Lake, Maine, USA - Four men on camping trip abducted, levitated by beam of light from canoe, physical exam, bodily fluid samples taken, several humanoid entities.2100
In September 1976 - Jimani, Dominican Republic - Man out walking saw strange human-like being dressed in black emerge from underbrush. Said he was from another world, wanted witness to be his contact to pass message to. Witness fled.2300
3 Sep 1976 - Fencehouses, UK - Domed oval on ground in waste area, rested on sledge runners, 5' long. Masked sound, watches stopped. two small entities by craft with long white hair, claw-like fingers. Missing time, craft took off with hum2100
10 Sep 1976 - Cabot, Arkansas, USA - UFO approached witness while waiting in pickup at HS, surrounded by mist, rotating blade underneath, row 6 lights. Paralysis, heard voice "Not be harmed, going on journey." Awoke next day with headache.1500
11 Sep 1976 - Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA - MIB report, phone call to physician doing hypnosis research on abductee. Man came immediately after, wore new black suit, no eyebrows, bald, pale skin, slit mouth. Order to destroy tapes.2000
12 Sep 1976 - Kent, Connecticut, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0000
15 Sep 1976 - New London, Missouri, USA - Abduction, under 4' tall Greys, physiological effects. Medical exam on table in round room, telepathy, given predictions of future disasters.0000
15 Sep 1976 - Upton Scudamore, UK - Man in van wakes up, locked door open, humanoid seen, saucer flies away.0300
16 Sep 1976 - Ahar, Azarbayejan-e Sharqi, Iran - Dr. Simon Taylor and an Iranian friend, Reza, had gone for a hike in the mountains. When...0100
18 Sep 1976 - Lake Tabriz, Iran - Abduction. Historian and wife visited lake, saw round glittering object 9-12' in diameter land 100m away. two beings in shape of Eqyptian mummies took them inside UFO (no further details).1200
24 Sep 1976 - Biddeford, Maine, USA - MIB report. Son of hypnotist on abduction case met odd man and woman at his home at their request, strange habits, speech, way of walking. Made predictions, bizarre behavior.1930
In October 1976 - San Rafael, California , USA - Out-of-body astral projection to Alpha Centauri system, vivid experiences and telepathic communication. Followed 8 months later by CE2 experience. Explanation: Dream.2300
October 1976 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - The witness remembers being abducted along with his wife and year old daughter by ...
In early October 1976 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0300
In November 1976 - Southern Part, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness (Bertelet).
31 Oct 1976 - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA - Abduction2300
14 Nov 1976 - Winchester By-Pass, UK - Glowing orange cigar, 15' long, 12-18" from ground, 5 yards in front of car. 6' man passed through side of object (no door), slim build, wore silver boiler suit, long blond hair, beard, eyes albino pink. Explanation: Coincidenc.2100
18 Nov 1976 - Norman, Oklahoma, USA - Abduction2330
26 Nov 1976 - Houston, Texas, USA - Night patrolman rendered defenseless by ALIENS and ARMORED aliens. Interlect exam took place on roof top of building.0330
In 1977 - Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA - Female employee going home from shopping center saw details inside UFO that she could not have described from outside.
In December 1976 - El Banco, Magdalena, Colombia - Abduction and sexual encounter. Pale female with high cheekbones, protuberant eyes, made barking noise during sex. Ringing sensation in head when remembering incident.0030
December 1976 - Goodland, Kansas, USA - A man, woman and 4month old son were abducted from their car and taken aboard a ...2100
10 Dec 1976 - Limoges, Limousin, France - Antonia X incident. 1845
19 Dec 1976 - Bourke, New South Wales, Australia - Lasting physiological effects.0200
26 Dec 1976 - Lucma, Peru - Abduction1500
30 Dec 1976 - Chilcomb, UK - Abduction. Tall figure in silver suit.1830
31 Dec 1976 - Cajabamba, Cajamarca, Peru - Disappearance
In January 1977 - Huyton, UK - Very tall figure in silver suit floated in bushes. For couple of hours neighbors confronted being, one woman attacked it with a broom, a man with knife. Time lapse, police saw creature vanish.1200
In January 1977 - Clearwater, Colorado , USA - Rancher incident. 2300
1977 - Oporto, Portugal - E S H was returning home on foot late at night when...0130
1 Jan 1977 - New Canaan, Connecticut, USA - possible abductions when I was a kid living in Ct. in the middle of the night i would be forcibly floated out of house by short people0230
5 Jan 1977 - Bednesti, British Columbia, Canada - 30 feet diameter domed disc over power lines. Beam. two in cars moved, 20 minutes missing time. See FSR, v24,#3.0410
18 Jan 1977 - Bussieres-St-Georges, France - Observer thrown into bush, three glowing balls of light overhead. 75 minutes of missing time. Headaches.0100
21 Jan 1977 - Yscloskey Refinery, Louisiana, USA - Nutria Hunters incident. 2045
27 Jan 1977 - Prospect, Kentucky, USA - Abduction UFO hovered treetops 100-150 feet altitude, 100-220 feet distance. Driver felt compelled to look at. Doorway amnesia, 20 feet round room. Robots, non-humanoid. Electromagnetic effects, conjunctivitis, body welts.0105
2 Feb 1977 - Concord, California , USA - Abduction: missing time. Paralysis post-abduction for 15 minutes.0410
10 Feb 1977 - Southville, Nova Scotia, Canada - Car pulled backwards 250 feet by 60 feet diameter object. Memory loss, possible abduction.0045
22 Feb 1977 - Valencia, Spain - Oval paced 5 in car for over an hour. Electromagnetic effects and separate radio interference. Disc extends landing gear. Aborted abduction attempt?2130
24 Feb 1977 - Langenargen, Lake Constance, Germany - Missing time. two bright lights from SUI, at 500m hovered 5 minutes, swept area with intense beams of light, more powerful than 1000 halogen lamps. High pitched whistling, silent two min0300
24 Feb 1977 - Putre, Pampa Lluscuma, Chile - Fuzzy violet lights descended on mountain, headed toward soldiers. At 0415 corporal approached glow, swallowed up, both gone. Corportal back 15 min, with 5days growth beard. Physiological / psychological effects.0350
12 Mar 1977 - Gisborne, New Zealand - Three abductees levitated via blue beam to domed disc overhead. two hours missing time. Human-looking occupants. Telepathy.0100
16 Mar 1977 - Moonie, Queensland, Australia - Electromagnetic effects were noted. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by two witnesses, a married couple, on a highway (Hands).2030
4 Apr 1977 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - 50 feet oval UFO landed in front of witness. two tall beings, four short beings brought her aboard. Memory lapse. She next remembered walking home, shoes dirty.0100
In early April 1977 - Grass Valley, California , USA - 5.75 hours missing time during drive home, distance only 37 miles. Hypnosis, car electromagnetic effect, levitated, Grey aliens. Neuro treatment, car returned to driveway.2300
19 Apr 1977 - Rocha, Uruguay - Physiological effects: hair singed, no head wounds. Small object lands on dairy farm, witness faints. Possible missing time.0500
25 Apr 1977 - Putre, Chile - Landed remotely. Time dilation: Soldier loses 5 days in 15 minutes.0440
25 Apr 1977 - Crab Island, Brazil - Four in boat abducted, 5 hours missing time. one dead, two badly burned. No recall through hypnosis.2200
In late April 1977 - Sabana Grande, Venezuela - Man wore dark glasses, told two coeds he was extraterrestrial, predicted earthquake, said one girl would die soon from incurable disease. When removed glasses, had no eyes.2300
In May 1977 - Baldim, Brazil - Ovoid lands, three humanoids exit, missing time. Man and horse injured.2200
May 1977 - Plains, Georgia, USA - The witness, who was part of a specialized military unit at the time was told that ...2100
4 May 1977 - Atuba, Brazil - Man disappears in front of fellow employees, fulfilled prediction 5/4/76 UFOnauts would come back for him. Turned up next day, 40 miles away, said was in company of ETs, but feared revealing details.1000
10 May 1977 - Serra Branca, Paraiba, Brazil - 3-year-old disappears for 22 hours, found in family garden. She said she saw beautiful lady with white scarf on head, telepathy.1100
2 Jun 1977 - Rockland County, New York, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by one female 40-year-old witness for two hours.2130
16 Jun 1977 - Middelburg, South Africa - Possible abduction, amnesia, van engulfed by light, electromagnetic effects: engine and lights died, restarted, died again, buzzing sound, brilliant light. Fear, shaking like a leaf.0515
20 Jun 1977 - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA - Under hypnosis recalled abduction, exam, telepathy. four beings, two human like. Leader wore coveralls with "boomerang" emblem. Circular scar,1cm diameter, shape of wheel with spokes, on shoulder.2355
26 Jun 1977 - Trienta Y Tres, Uruguay - Lapse of time experienced by witness.2300
In July 1977 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Abduction
In Mid- 1977 - Rocha, Uruguay - Lapse of time experienced by witness..
In July 1977 - Cardeiros, Brazil - Attempted abduction with net-like beam, partial paralysis. Burns, illness.2030
15 Jul 1977 - Black Mesa, Oklahoma, USA - While hiking in the area R Selfried was reportedly abducted by several short gray humanoids. Apparently this is his second abduction. No other information.0900
23 Jul 1977 - Lindley, New York, USA - Abduction0045
23 Jul 1977 - Salmon National Forest, Idaho, USA - Abduction1700
In August 1977 - Wigan, England, UK - Miner incident. 0300
In August 1977 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - Abduction. Being with large eyes, telepathy. Coed under hypnosis recalled adbuction, exam on board alien craft, taken while meditating in her apartment.2000
3 Aug 1977 - Almonaster la Real, Spain - 20-yr-old female sees flash. two human looking beings appear. over 1 hour missing time. Identification card gone from her purse.1950
6 Aug 1977 - Pelham, Georgia, USA - Paralysis, 5 beings with sharp noses, pointed ears, no necks, pale white skin, removed his shirt and pants in pasture, placed skull cap on his head, heard voice in head, something about "Jimmy Hoffa". Explanation: Hoax.1030
10 Aug 1977 - Hazard, Kentucky, USA - Probable abduction 0100
10 Aug 1977 - Pinheiro, Maranhao, Brazil - Chased by delta-shaped object. Abduction. Shown strange city for hours. Translocated.0100
12 Aug 1977 - Pender, Nebraska, USA - Abduction1530
In September 1977 - Baia do Sol, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
In September 1977 - Colares, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
12 Sep 1977 - Pender, Nebraska, USA - Abduction1615
15 Sep 1977 - Paciencia, Brazil - Abduction. Blue beam zapped man, three robots abduct him. Unipedal creatures, stocky, 4' tall. Blood sample taken, shown images.0220
In October 1977 - Rio.Janeiro, Argentina - Truck Driver incident. Explanation: Hoax.
30 Sep 1977 - Paciencia, Brazil - Abduction0300
In Fall 1977 - Isfield, Nr Lewes, UK - Police incident. 1720
In October 1977 - Bradford, Low Moor, UK - A week after UFO sighting, husband finds wife gone from bed. Discovers her outside in trance, staring up at sky. Half hour unaccounted for time.1730
In Fall 1977 - Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses in a yard.1915
30 Oct 1977 - Sonora, California , USA - Fog. Abduction and exam. Blue smoke engulfed car, electromagnetic effect: engine and lights died. Beings with flat noses, no hair, "smoky" complexions, coverall suits over ears/head. Blanket kept over her. Telepathy.1900
14 Nov 1977 - Aztec, Arizona , USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0020
In 1978 - Los Angeles, California , USA - Three girlfriends driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, spot LITS, car levitated. two in front go limp, abductee in back sees hand come through window before going limp, taken out door.
In 1978 - Meigle, UK - Felt compelled to return to site of first abduction. Taken again by little beings, remembers lying on a table, experiencing pain centered on her forehead. four hours missing time.
In 1978 - Terre Haute, Indiana, USA - Abduction
In 1978 - Piuma, Malibu, California , USA - Bedroom paralysis, buzzing sound/vibration for two minutes. Missing time(?) Circular ring in backyard, top of pine tree snapped off.2000
In 1978 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 19-year-old witness in a bedroom. Two grey beings were seen.2300
18 Dec 1977 - Guadalajara, Spain - Electromagnetic effect: Driving pickup on highway when suddenly car lights and radio died. Man dressed in diver suit told him to come aboard hat-shaped UFO. Telepathy inside 14m wide room, small wound in arm.0100
20 Dec 1977 - Lake Mohegan, New York, USA - Lapse of time experienced by percipient.0355
In January 1978 - Orlando, Florida, USA - Abduction2300
January 1978 - Orlando, Florida, USA - Five witnesses were driving on a deserted stretch of road when...2100
10 Jan 1978 - Armidale, New South Wales, Australia - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0400
10 Jan 1978 - Pskov, Russia - Student Vladimir Sergeevich Kharitonov was vacationing in the city visiting his ...2200
20 Jan 1978 - Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil - Abduction2000
24 Jan 1978 - Pender, Nebraska, USA - Abduction2000
27 Jan 1978 - Clarksville, Tennessee, USA - Abduction: no recall of how taken aboard a solid white oval room 50 feet long. 5 small beings. Message: dire warnings about future catastrophes in near future.1400
31 Jan 1978 - Strasbourg, Alsace, France - Witness boards 25m saucer. four human looking occupants, one female. Similar to AVB case.0100
In February 1978 - Ermington, UK - Woman saw blue shining shape in daylight. Abducted by 5' tall beings.1300
5 Feb 1978 - Medinaceli, Soria, Spain - Out hunting, car electromagnetic effect, dog growls, road blocked by 2m tall beings. Telepathy, mushroom-shaped UFO, bald humans, wore green tunics, exams. Hard language with growls, monosyllables. Off-Earth journey.0330
5 Feb 1978 - Baladonia, Western Australia, Australia - Truck Driver incident. 0400
5 Feb 1978 - Medicaneli, Soria, Spain - 30-year old Julio Fernandez and his dog Mus an English Pointer were on their way ...0545
19 Feb 1978 - Holland, Michigan, USA - Abduction2300
23 Feb 1978 - Sesto Florentino, Italy - Cloud: violet colored. four vague figures seen. 20 minutes of missing time for one witness only.2345
3 Mar 1978 - Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Blue beam zaps man. Abduction and sexual encounter with human-appearing female. Telepathic images of violent events. Disc, two separate witnesses.2300
17 Mar 1978 - Risley, UK - Robot zaps observer, walks through fence at atomic research center. Missing time. Radio blown.2330
18 Mar 1978 - Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Abduction, levitated by tubular beam of blue-green light into 60 feet diameter disc. Exam by Grey aliens, 4.5' tall,wore rust-colored jumpsuits, spongy white skin, big heads and eyes. Left in field miles away2125
24 Mar 1978 - Penalva, Maranhao, Brazil - Boy abducted for 81 hours. Paralyzed. Disc with three helmeted humanoids. Otherworldly journey to strange land with no sky.1200
26 Mar 1978 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Abduction
29 Mar 1978 - Cambrai, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed in a residential area for 90 minutes.1220
In April 1978 - Madison, Wisconsin, USA - Abduction0130
In Spring 1978 - Lake Pyrogovskoye, Russia - Two humanoids interact with Army officer, abduction unclear. Telepathy, message: "we have policy of non-interference with human politics."1300
In April 1978 - Firenze (Florence), Italy - Abduction2300
12 Apr 1978 - Parkstone, UK - Occupants
29 Apr 1978 - Derry, New Hampshire, USA - Abduction1730
16 May 1978 - South Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Abduction
17 May 1978 - Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland - Farmer incident. Explanation: Aircraft.0800
14 Jun 1978 - Williamson, West Virginia, USA - 60 feet diameter disc directs beams at two boys. Paralysis and apparent abduction. Others hear odd noise.2240
16 Jun 1978 - Borisoglebsk, Voronezh, Russia - Domed disc with three humanoids in field. Missing time. Abduction revealed through regression hypnosis. Briefcase frayed.0020
19 Jun 1978 - Stanford-In-The-Vale, UK - Family in car abducted, one hour missing time. Phony scenery.2210
In Mid- 1978 - Syracuse, New York, USA - Bruce incident.
30 Jun 1978 - New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA - Fireball possible abductee tests done? took me 27 years to come to terms!!0100
6 Jul 1978 - Mendoza, Argentina - Father and son mechanics suddenly saw truck ahead of them disappear, then their pick-up truck was levitated. Teleportation along altered surroundings with red sky, electromagnetic effects: engine stopped, felt cold.2100
9 Jul 1978 - Watchung Reserve, New Jersey, USA - Abduction2300
15 Jul 1978 - Weston, Massachusetts, USA - daughter's abduction 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1600
29 Jul 1978 - Palm Springs, California , USA - Abduction2230
1 Aug 1978 - Clarksville, Tennessee, USA - A sighting of a craft and alien abduction experience2200
3 Aug 1978 - Civitanova Alta, Italy - Abduction2330
17 Aug 1978 - Carmen de Patagones, Argentina - Abduction
22 Aug 1978 - Coronel Dorrego, Argentina - Three hunters heard strange noises, smelled sulphur odor. 100m away circular UFO with black center, white edges, blue reflections. Jumped in car, suddenly found themselves 50m away, car faced other way.EM2130
30 Aug 1978 - Gobernador Dupuy, Argentina - Florist incident. 1630
30 Aug 1978 - San Luis, Argentina - Abduction: UFO neared, being within blue light approached, paralysis, taken aboard, gray substance smeared on mouth, needles stuck in arm. Given a box to take that he later abandoned. Explanation: Hoax.1630
30 Aug 1978 - Union County, Illinois, USA - Translocation, missing time. Orange ovoid low over intersection SR44 and Highway 4. Car illuminated by beam, missing time, driver recovers consciousness 5 miles down highway.2345
In September 1978 - Bom Fim Mine, Brazil - Disc seen ascending silently from ground. Man lost for 13 hours. When found, he can't talk or eat. Possible abduction.2000
1 Sep 1978 - South Amboy, New Jersey, USA - Drunk incident. Explanation: Psych.2138
6 Sep 1978 - Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina - Abduction0645
14 Sep 1978 - Belden, Nebraska, USA - Businessman incident. 2200
15 Sep 1978 - Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada - After witnessing a ufo, with my family, I beleive that my mother and myself were abducted the next night.2230
15 Sep 1978 - Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, USA - Abduction2300
17 Sep 1978 - Ispra, Lombardei, Italy - Electromagnetic effect: engine and lights died on Fiat 127. Driver paralyzed. Domed disc floated on ground. two beings, 3.5' tall, floated 4" above ground. Wore green coveralls, helmets with clear visors.2100
23 Sep 1978 - Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina - During road rally car approached from behind at high speed by bright yellow light, blinding witnesses. Levitation, steering loss, time loss, translocation, missing gasoline from reserve gas tank.0300
24 Sep 1978 - Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile - Car with father and son levitated into underside of UFO. Paralysis. 5-6 luminous beings, shape of humans, 1.8m tall, told them in metallic voice "get out of car". Many instrument panels with red/yellow lights1730
In October 1978 - Boulder, Colorado , USA - Abduction2300
3 Oct 1978 - Sayama City, Japan - Car on mountain top suddenly illuminated. Orange beam on 2-yr-old daughter's stomach. Short being (Grey?) with no obvious nose pressed metal against his forehead, telepathy, high-pitched noise, electromagnetic effect2137
21 Oct 1978 - Bass Strait, Victoria, Australia - Disappearance, electromagnetic effects, aerial encounter with maneuvering metallic object with green light. Scraping metal sound over open microphone last sound heard before disappearance.1906
21 Oct 1978 - Tasman Sea, Victoria, Australia - Disappearance1906
In November 1978 - Happy Camp, California , USA - Abduction
1 Nov 1978 - Indian Lake, New York, USA - Abduction1730
11 Nov 1978 - Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada - Four people in two cars see 150 feet disc hover. Over 30 minutes of missing time, possible abduction. Remember seeing human-looking occupant inside disc's window.2030
15 Nov 1978 - East Islip, New York, USA - Abduction and exam. Lost consciousness, memory, later recalled 5 beings came to his car, pushed down window. Taken to other environment. Clothes in disarray, shirt improperly buttoned, shoes untied.1800
22 Nov 1978 - Weedon Bec, Church Stowe, UK - Egg-timer shaped object with green and red lights paced car .5 miles, engine, headlights failed. Missing time 10 minutes, next conscious memory she was driving car in third gear but no memory restarting it1730
25 Nov 1978 - Trier, Germany - Wife of soldier, 5 months pregnant, levitated aboard UFO, no memory of abduction prior to hypnosis. Bald, huge heads, deepset eyes, green skin, rough like mummy wrapping, four fingered hands, 2x length.2200
28 Nov 1978 - Keddie, California , USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness..0900
In 1979 - Palmerdale, Florida, USA - A young man recalled encounter with UFO beings while parked in car in Palmerdale, FL
In 1979 - Tyler, Texas, USA - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. An anomalous phonemon resulting in injury was reported. (Greg).
In 1979 - Piuma, Malibu, California , USA - Witness sensed presence outside, tried to investigate but fell unconscious. Next day, another circular ring appeared in backyard.2000
1 Dec 1978 - Rockland County, New York, USA - Dream of alien attack with "stun" tripod0100
1 Dec 1978 - Edison, New Jersey, USA - was follow by object in edison, abducted for 4 hrs. returned to asbury pk saw craft on ground and in sky changed my life.0130
6 Dec 1978 - Torriglia, Ligurien, Italy - On foot, a witness clashed with a 3-m tall reptilian being and fled. He lost consciousness, awoke missing time. Ground trace marks were found, and the possible abductee had a persistent headache.2330
8 Dec 1978 - Milanere, Italy - Abduction. Nocturnal light vanishes. Pear shaped craft, occupants seen. one man abducted.2330
14 Dec 1978 - Aurora, Maine, USA - Abduction0200
16 Dec 1978 - Richmond, Indiana, USA - Five witnesses reported seeing an object resembling a missile nose hovering in front ...1940
27 Dec 1978 - Arroyito, Argentina - Employees of power company driving in company truck sight UFO hovering short distance away. As they started to cross bridge they suddenly found themselves 15 km away. Inside occupants, signals.0430
27 Dec 1978 - Torriglia, Bargagli, Italy - Headache, blinding mist, steering loss of car which moved at high speed, abruptly stopped, saw bright oval UFO. Physiological effects, brilliant light, felt heat, skin burns, abduction, missing time.2345
28 Dec 1978 - Arroyito, Argentina - Three electric company workers driving across bridge on Rio Segundo approached by intense light from hill, teleported 15 km to town of Transite. Memory loss. UFO flattened rhombus 25m diameter, revolved.0430
3 Jan 1979 - Mindalore, South Africa - Vertical ovoid on ground, rested on four legs, gray color. 5-6 human-looking beings, 1.3m tall. Leader wore white coveralls. Unintelligible language.0000
3 Jan 1979 - Hialeah, Florida, USA - Abduction. Electromagnetic effect, brilliant buzzing object approached car. one witness vanished, found 10 miles away.1900
13 Jan 1979 - Loreto, Argentina - Boy heard box fall, saw aluminum rectangular machine, 5' tall x2x3, hovering inches above floor. two 3' tall beings, shiny coveralls, helmets, four digits/hand. Grabbed boy, spoke Spanish, paralysis, odor.1150
17 Jan 1979 - Lindale, Texas, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness. Blue beam come through wall. Experiencer loses 25 pounds, symptoms of radiation sickness, memory loss.2215
24 Jan 1979 - Lindale, Texas, USA - Left car to relieve himself when light from sky struck him. Hair stood up like electric charge. two UFOs appeared. Memory lapse. Engine restarted when ringing noise sounded. Diamond shape burn on chest.2015
25 Jan 1979 - El Dean, Argentina - At siesta 10-yr-old girl saw UFO land under tree in yard. two small men, 1m tall, 5 smaller beings got out. Wore black suits, boots, caps, bright armbands covered with beads, light on chest blinded her.1500
30 Jan 1979 - Quitman, Texas, USA - Abduction/teleportation. Finds self in Gilmer, Texas, distance of 30miles in 5 minutes. Strange cut on arm.0729
In February 1979 - Shelby, Ohio, USA - Light, then two more merge into first. Light went out, saw oval object with red and green lights. Dog whined and cowered, soft whirring noise. Time distortion, persistent headache.
5 Feb 1979 - Lawitta, Tasmania, Australia - Electromagnetic effects: car radio, then engine and headlights died, physiological effects, brilliant white light enveloped car. Memory loss/amnesia, shock.2150
18 Feb 1979 - Lardit, France - Missing time. Electromagnetic effect: car electrical system, power brownout. Dark objects over reservoir. 1.5m diameter disc. Semi-paralysis.0230
21 Feb 1979 - Miami, Florida, USA - Filiberto Cardenas, this time accompanied by his wife felt compelled to return to ...1300
21 Feb 1979 - Hialeah, Florida, USA - Abduction2300
In March 1979 - Monroe, North Carolina, USA - Abduction and exam. Missing time three hours, eyes burning, itching skin, abduction revealed by hypnosis, 5' tall being, wore astronaut suit, dark visor, strapped in chair, exam, blood sample0300
13 Apr 1979 - Jardim Alvorada, Brazil - Abduction, exam, sexual encounter. Unknown language, telepathy, sperm sample, implant in head. "Woman entered room" and she and one of the brothers had sex. Reference to wars on earth. Paralysis on return2330
17 Apr 1979 - Kostino, Moscow, Russia - The witness, Anatoliy Malyshev, 22 years old (abducted in 1975) encountered the ...1400
21 Apr 1979 - North Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Two Grey aliens materialized briefly in abductee's home in a blue-green haze, left behind a metal bar with peculiar markings, said it was a gift of "understanding and respect"
24 Apr 1979 - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Abduction0032
17 May 1979 - Summerville, South Carolina, USA - Abductee received telepathic message to go to nearby industrial site. Abducted, dropped off in same field as first abduction experience.0025
In June 1979 - Valencia, Spain - Abduction
In June 1979 - Kennington, England, UK - Abduction. Electromagnetic used in capture. Graham abducted by three humanoids, left miles away. Recalled in 1987.1745
6 Jun 1979 - Dubois, Wyoming, USA - Abduction1500
17 Jun 1979 - Oxford, Oxford England, UK - Graham Allen was driving alone on the A34 road suddenly began experiencing trouble ...2100
18 Jun 1979 - Mirassol, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Abduction and sexual encounter. two being types: 1) green skinned, black hair, pointed ears, large eyes, thin lips/noses 2) brown with red kinky hair, 5' tall. Oil spread on body, forced sex with brown female.0300
24 Jun 1979 - Oakenholt, UK - Out-of-body experience (OBE) and journey.
6 Jul 1979 - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, USA - Maria was driving alone on the Carretera Guaynabo on a clear and sunny day when...1715
15 Jul 1979 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Three glowing balls descend. Humanoids exit, man gets gun, both witnesses become drowsy. Missing time and abduction.2200
25 Jul 1979 - Canoga Park, California , USA - Police incident. 0315
30 Jul 1979 - Torriglia, Ligurien, Italy - Abduction.
4 Aug 1979 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Drawn to a field, saw four shadowy figures emerge from arrowhead-shaped UFO. Blacked out. Hypnosis: taken on board, body probing, telepathy, space ride, otherworld journey, physiological effects, traces.2150
12 Aug 1979 - Rolla, Missouri, USA - Student incident. 2200
19 Aug 1979 - Didsbury, UK - 60 feet crescent-shaped object hovers 2' above riverbank, Missing time, hypnosis, 6 "Oriental" beings with olive skin, dark hair, slant eyes, gyn exam, miscarriage, later paranormal experiences.1930
21 Aug 1979 - Benidorm, Alacant, Spain - Jeweler sees light ascend and descend at dizzying speed, Oz effect, watches car plunges into sea from bridge when driver blinded by light. Unable to remember next 22 hours.0430
24 Aug 1979 - Lajes, Brazil - Odd shadow on ground, four hours missing time. Wounds and hearing loss, no recall of abduction.0720
28 Aug 1979 - Paris Mountain, Virginia , USA - Abduction: truck electromagnetic effect, levitated by 100 feet disc. DVC implant, tour of space.2317
29 Aug 1979 - Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA - Abduction2000
1 Sep 1979 - Carrollton, Missouri, USA - UFO Abduction ofr Four People Near Missouri River in 1979 2130
8 Sep 1979 - Winchester, Virginia , USA - Abduction2000
14 Sep 1979 - Oakenholt, UK - Out-of-body experience (OBE) and journey.
21 Sep 1979 - Sztum, Pomorskie, Poland - Fog. Confrontation, engulfing fog, abduction, perceptual anomalies, communication, squeaking or high frequency sound, brilliant illumination, telepathy.2100
6 Oct 1979 - Toms River, New Jersey, USA - Abduction2330
15 Oct 1979 - Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Nautical UFO: rose from ocean, electromagnetic effect. Repellent bipeds with rat-like faces. More interested in young man than older woman.2330
15 Oct 1979 - Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Luli Oswald and a 25-year old friend were driving on a coastal highway after apparently ...2330
In November 1979 - Oakenholt, UK - Abduction.
In November 1979 - Roslin Glen, UK - Black disc emitted two beams of light near castle. Witness signalled with his flashlight, next thing he remembers is seeing object moving sedately away over trees.2000
26 Nov 1979 - Pontoise, Île-de-France, France - Complex 5-day abduction. Admitted hoax. Explanation: Hoax.
26 Nov 1979 - Cergy-Pontoise, France - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 19-year-old witness in a street for seven days (Fontaine). Explanation: Hoax.0430
In 1980 - Ogden, Utah, USA - Two men walking in a field, clear sky, shadow of UFO 20 feet above them. Underside glowed bright white light. Started to run, missing time.
2 Dec 1979 - Torriglia, Ligurien, Italy - Abduction2130
3 Dec 1979 - Fairfield, Nebraska, USA - Two teenage girls driving in to town saw domed disc (sketch very similar to Buff Ledge, Vermont abduction domed craft). 400 yards away.2225
11 Dec 1979 - Bakersfield, California , USA - Abduction, 48 hours missing time. Hallucinations, bad burns, UFOs seen.1400
31 Dec 1979 - Baependi, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Abduction0900
21 Jan 1980 - Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA - Car stalled, lights, radio died. Bright orange light in cornfield 300 yards left. Lapse of time experienced by witnesscar now sideways on road. Redness and skin blotches, faded by morning.2340
11 Feb 1980 - Ingeniero Huergo, Argentina - Mailman incident. 2200
21 Feb 1980 - Stamford, Connecticut, USA - Dog barked incessantly. Grandmother and 12-year-old watched oval of light, four times size of moon, pendulum swing motion. Girl dreamt being abducted aboard spaceship.2315
In Spring 1980 - Cimarron, New Mexico, USA - Two beings in white suits emerged from UFO, mutilated cow, mother and son abducted, disrobed, exam, vaginal probe, otherworld visit, bright light.1800
Spring 1980 - Lake Constance, Germany - Lothar Schafler (involved in a previous UFO abduction) was walking along a street when...2000
2 Apr 1980 - Pudasjarvi, Finland - Fog.Abduction and exam. On bridge witness's car entered fog, headlights deflected upwards. Silver domed UFO with portholes.Time loss, humanoids, abduction, exam,physiological effects, altered surroundings.0115
7 May 1980 - Anderson, California , USA - Anderson incident. 2105
10 May 1980 - Milford, Connecticut, USA - strange craft over house, possible abduction 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1300
In June 1980 - Moscow, Russia - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. One object was observed by one single male witness (Paltsev).
June 1-2 1980 - Crestone, Colorado, USA - Aliens at the entrance to the Baca Ranch reportedly abducted hank Blair and Bob Dratch after seeing a pile of "mutilated cattle." They also claim to have been shown an antenna farm in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. No other information.
1 Jun 1980 - Cottonwood, Colorado , USA - Hank Blair / Bob Dratch abducted Cottonwood entrance of the Baca Ranch after seeing pile of "mutilated cattle."2300
16 Jun 1980 - Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina - Bedroom visitation. .5m humanoids in language. Unintelligible language. Possible abduction 12 days later of same witness.2200
In July 1980 - Laramie, Wyoming, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female witness at a ranch (McGuire, Wanda).
In late July 1980 - Polushino, Nr Moscow, Russia - Abductee reported that aliens had abducted him after placing a ring wired to a control panel on head. He was taken somewhere and questioned.
27 Jul 1980 - Wales Country, UK - Cylinder 5' x 6' with tripod landing gear, ladder, three gray-suited creatures emerge carrying bucket and spade,dig. Dog barks, witness knocked unconcious, wakes up in daylight.0400
4 Aug 1980 - Kent, Medway, UK - Mist. Walking in alley by shops. Electrified mist, futuristic copter appeared inside, had transparent bubble, camoflage green/tan markings. two human occupants, wore jump suits. Telepathy, missing time.1650
15 Aug 1980 - Oruro, Bolivia - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 23-year-old witness (Calizaya).2000
20 Aug 1980 - Mossy Head, Florida, USA - Student incident. 2230
22 Aug 1980 - Eastern Part, Texas, USA - Abduction, translocation, EM/Radio frequency effects, car levitated into brightly lit, circular room. Being with large head, no ears, oval eyes, slit mouth, physiological effects, altered surroundings, communication.0040
In September 1980 - Riga, Latvia - Image of witness as a baby and her mother appear by helmeted human looking entity and 10m diameter orb.1900
early September 1980 - Orsk, Orenburg region, Russia - Four witnesses, 3 metal workers, named Yurov, Szuszhulin, Kozlov and a traffic militia ...2200
7 Sep 1980 - Mcguire'S Ranch, Wyoming, USA - Abduction and exam. Couple out elk hunting awoke three hours late, wife with sore mouth. On way home saw mutilated cow. Hypnosis, three beings, 5'7"-6' tall, large heads and eyes, thin.0400
25 Sep 1980 - Conceicao, Paraiba, Brazil - Three men abducted. Exam. Blood, hair and sperm samples taken. Craft filmed (Low-quality).2228
In November 1980 - Duncan, British Columbia, Canada - Mysterious disappearance. Teenager disappears after leaving note behind that he is boarding "an alien ship..to explore the vast universe."
18 Nov 1980 - Cambridge, Ontario , Canada - The main witness and her son were traveling on Pinebush Road when...1930
19 Nov 1980 - Longmont, Colorado , USA - Art Teacher incident. 2345
28 Nov 1980 - Todmorden, England, UK - Dome shaped with 5 windows.Missing time 15 minutes, split in sole of boot, bruise on foot. Electromagnetic effect: failure of two different radio systems (UHF and VHF). three other cops saw bright light moving toward Todmorden.0505
29 Nov 1980 - Todmorden, England, UK - Drove to 20-50 feet of 20 feet wide polygon UFO. Electromagnetic effect, engine stalled, radio failed. Suddenly driving 100m further on, UFO gone. Missing 15-20 minutes. Tear in leather sole of boots, red mark on foot.0515
In 1981 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 14-year-old witness (Frantz).
In 1981 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - A professional woman became confused and disassociated while driving home. She could not account for one hour of time. She had a similar experience as a child, and bore a scar of unknown origin.
In December 1980 - Staten Island, New York, USA - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 67-year-old witness for two hours.
Early 1980's - Parnarama, Maranhao, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported (General; Vitorio).2300
12 Dec 1980 - Huffman, Texas, USA - Cash/Landrum case. Burns and radiation damage.
In January 1981 - Worsley, UK - Linda arrived home after UFO encounter feeling nauseous, coat missing. Hypnosis recalls big, clean room with tall blond man in white suit, asks her to touch dolphin in pool. Apocalptic visions.1930
10 Feb 1981 - Auburn, Washington, USA - Object 25' diameter 200 feet from car descends falling leaf motion. Missing time, hypnosis, three beings 4'8" tall, large heads and eyes, slit mouths, blue metallic coveralls, exam table, dome room, telepathy.2335
15 Feb 1981 - Franklin, Ohio, USA - Married woman abducted by humanoids for 75 minutes. UFO flew over flooded gravel pit.0200
24 Feb 1981 - Passa Tempo, Brazil - Large dark ovoid 2m away. Witness and donkey recover consciousness at farm. two hours of missing time.2300
20 Apr 1981 - Linhares, Espirito Santo, Brazil - Bright light, then driver recovers consciousness 5 days later, 1000km away to northwest, without car.1830
21 Apr 1981 - Budleigh Salterton, England, UK - Camper incident. 0430
1 Jul 1981 - Watsonville, California , USA - Possible abduction attempt from the unknown.2130
15 Jul 1981 - Uppington, UK - Missing time, abduction revealed through hypnosis. three women driving home from nightclub encounter domed disc with windows, no sound. 4' robot, 4' men with thin arms, strange looking noses, green cloaks. Female.0210
31 Jul 1981 - Lieksa, Vaaraniemi Cape, Finland - Fog. Black object with two lights, covered by "fog" flew over stern of boat. one man felt paralyzed, couldn't move head but could talk. 7 hours missing time. After effects: nightmares. Hypnosis unsuccessful.2040
1 Aug 1981 - Estes Park, Colorado , USA - I was abducted as a youth and am remembering peices more and more in dreams.2200
8 Aug 1981 - Chalupy, Poland - Disc hovered over witness on beach. two humanoids. Telepathy, posible missing time. Trace artifacts: odd tools.1830
11 Aug 1981 - Murray, Utah, USA - True account of abduction.1849
19 Aug 1981 - Franklin, Ohio, USA - Second abduction. Remembers electronic equipment, being given a drink of green fluid. two hours missing time.1400
30 Aug 1981 - El Cajon, California , USA - Computer Engineer incident. 2235
15 Sep 1981 - Lithia, Florida, USA - Newlyweds incident. 0300
In early October 1981 - Hastings, England, UK - UFO changes shape, hides in clouds. two witnesses, missing time. Possible abduction or MID2045
8 Oct 1981 - Isle Of Mull, Salen Forest, UK - Mist appears from nowhere, attaches to car. Heavy pressure, vibrating, thick fog, blurred silver shape. Contents of trunk found strewn about. Time dislocation: several hours missing time, "Oz" effect.1300
19 Oct 1981 - Matoes, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported (Souza).2300
24 Oct 1981 - Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia - Several hours of missing time in "endless white space." prior to "space" they had been watching light in the sky. Humanoid 1.2m tall.2210
In November 1981 - Caa Cati, Argentina - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness (Manzes).
In November 1981 - Bath, England, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by one male witness for three hours (Cave).1100
In 1982 - San Luis del Palmar, Argentina - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 41-year-old witness (Meneses).
In 1982 - Central Valley, California , USA - Multi-colored glob, blue, green, yellow, red, descended to 100 feet side of interstate, changed shape. Beam of light struck, blacked out, missing time.0200
In 1982 - Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador - Dizzy spell, nausea, large metallic silvery disc hovered low over ranch house. Witness felt pulled through window, floated into craft. three men one woman, tall blonds, blue slanted eyes, slightly pointed ears2000
15 Dec 1981 - Corrientes, Argentina - Physiological effects were reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.
1982 - Mercedes, Corrientes, Argentina - A woman named Irma Medina de Lopez claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials ...
22 Jan 1982 - Weaver, Iowa, USA - Female abducted by several 5' tall beings with large heads, cat-like eyes, small mouths. Hairless, 4-digit hands, long arms. Telepathy, implant, exam.
22 Jan 1982 - Wever, Iowa, USA - The witness, Barbara Schutte a repeat abductee was apparently abducted again by ...
In February 1982 - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Abduction and sexual encounter.2000
10 Feb 1982 - Black Sea, Ukraine - Sailors incident. 0230
19 Feb 1982 - Challaco, Argentina - Car electromagnetic effects. Mushroom-disc overhead deep voice. Missing time. Man and car abducted, burns/skin.2045
In March 1982 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - Car pulled up into nearby clearing. Nearby sat silver metallic disc resting on three legs. Folding steps descend, light, chrome exam table. 6 6.1' tall men with long blond hair, blue eyes, emblem on uniform.2300
4 Mar 1982 - Hellifield, UK - Car surrounded by blue lights, levitated. Sensation of cold, engine revving, 30 minutes of missing time. Under hypnosis recalled meeting entities, one called "Zeus."2230
12 Mar 1982 - Glendora, California , USA - Many witness red rectangular UFO near I-210 two children see humanoids 35min, missing time.1845
22 Mar 1982 - Slanesville, Virginia , USA - Commotion among dogs and cats outside. two lights descend and land. Car stalls. Encounter 5.5' man, wore silver coverall with hood. Telepathy: humans should use atomic power. Slight burn from beam. Mental imag0330
In April 1982 - Sedona, Arizona , USA - Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter abducted from camping tent aboard hovering disc. Telepathy with aliens. Message: we are rearranging your molecular structure.2300
April 1982 - Sedona, Arizona, USA - Nancy and her daughter were in a camping tent in Fey Canyon, her baby granddaughter ...2100
April 17-18 1982 - Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine - A local electrician named Yuriy Vasilievich Zbroy living on Ukrainskaya Street, ...2100
In May 1982 - Ojai, California , USA - Man, abductee from Allagash experience (Fowler) paralyzed and partly levitated at 45 degree angle.
1 May 1982 - Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile - Bicyclists struck by car, thrown great distance, out of body experience, rose into room with two beings, could see Earth below. Explanation: Hallucinat.1500
20 May 1982 - Caboolture, Queensland, Australia - Couple driving near golf course saw bright light descend. Noted saucer with portholes in lower part. Emitted blue beam of light at front of car. Missing time, recall 2m tall silver suited being.1815
In Mid- 1982 - Lake Baikal, Trans-Baikal, Russia - A witness later died. Abduction by aliens was reported at a lake.
30 Jun 1982 - Leicester, England, UK - Alien standing at the bottom of my bed.0300
In July 1982 - Columbia Valley, British Columbia, Canada - Thought saw several white horses in field on other side of wire fence. Became disoriented, missing time. Recall horses were really tall thin white humanoids, landed UFO. Implant.2000
Summer 1982 - Primorskiy Kray, Far East, Russia - A group of researchers had gone on an expedition to the taiga (pine forest) in order ...
7 Aug 1982 - Mirassol, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Man walking to work saw bright light, felt dizzy, passed out. Taken aboard craft by several humanoids, taught how to operate some controls.0500
In September 1982 - Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada - Missing time, memory of being onboard spacecraft. Heard voice explain how craft operated, saw control panel.1830
In September 1982 - Redcar, England, UK - Couple heard scream from daughter's bedroom. Blinding light from backyard. two short beings climbing up stairs in house, missing time. Oval object with three legs. two child-like beings, no hair or clothes, pale2000
In September 1982 - Corby, England, UK - Vehicle engulfed in light. Electromagnetic effect used in capture. Missing time. Recall two Grey aliens, 3.5' tall with large black almond eyes, slit mouths, no ears. Exam, surgery removed ovaries! Skin samples, needle2300
22 Sep 1982 - Ravensthorpe, Western Australia, Australia - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by two female witnesses for 30 minutes (Yeend).0050
In October 1982 - Des Moines, Iowa, USA - Animal reaction: cattle bellow. Glowing green disc, short shadowy figures moving around in light. Felt calm, abducted. Wife had needle inserted in abdomen,man given green liquid to drink,semen sample.0300
In Fall 1982 - Lagoa Dentro, Brazil - Reported encounter with inhuman beings. Abduction by aliens was reported (Manuel).2200
1 Nov 1982 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Abduction. Recalls lying on exam table. four 4.5' tall slender beings with long thin arms, 6-digit hands. Large bulbous heads with slightly bulging eyes. Exam.2315
18 Nov 1982 - Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain - Witness sighted maneuvering disc, lost consciousness. OBE, astral self taken into object. Several short beings with wrinkled skin, huge heads. Telepathy.2300
29 Nov 1982 - Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Unknown language. Da Silva abducted by 6' tall humanoids and tight coveralls, dark skinned female human. Marked his cheek, scratches chest/arm, watch stopped, more.0150
In 1983 - Telford, England, UK - Abduction and exam.0200
In February 1983 - Great Houghton, UK - Fog, mist. After motorcycle engine fails, man notices football of white light in field, swaying side to side and rotating. It shot straight up. Time was 8:30pm, 1.5 hours missing time.1845
3 Feb 1983 - Mobile, Alabama, USA - Abduction and exam. Dreams of UFO encounter, physical exam. Woman observes huge object with structure, close, 20-30 inside occupants through windows, pay no attention to her, feels euphoria .0110
24 Mar 1983 - Mount Storm, New York, USA - Abduction and exam.After UFO sighting man, 16-year-old youth, 13-year-old sister had recurrent dreams of UFO abduction by Grays, exam in chair with scan.2040
26 Mar 1983 - Careme, France - Fog, mist. Sudden fog, huge disc-shaped UFO, car turns onto unknown dirt road, possible missing time.
In April 1983 - Westchester, New York, USA - Bedroom visitation. Heard man's voice, saw flashes of multi colored lights on wall, mental message "no harm", missing time. Husband "switched off"0200
In June 1983 - Pasadena, California , USA - Fat disc with rounded bottom and dome of three cylinders of different sizes, topped by an appendage like an antenna or weather vane. Purple-Gray1830
15 Jun 1983 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - Sighting & Possible abduction1930
30 Jun 1983 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Mother and daughter separately witnessed large light appear over pool house. Under hypnosis, remembers egg-shaped object landed in yard, burned grass. Mental warning not to remember more. Nausea.2250
1 Jul 1983 - Sharps Creek, Oregon, USA - a incident with ufo in sharps creek oregon abduction!1500
17 Jul 1983 - Sommerecourt, Champagne-Ardenne, France - Luminous globe paralyzed witness and drew him into the air. He lost consciousness, in hospital after being found wandering like a robot, said he spoke to small beings with pointed ears.2200
7 Aug 1983 - Winifreda, Argentina - Abduction of farm worker, blinded by light at ranch. Telepathy, exam, table, three males, one female being, circular eyes, one-piece close fitting rubber suits, 1.65m tall, blood sample, beige dome room.0500
12 Aug 1983 - North Town, Aldershot, UK - Two humanoids 4' tall, dressed in pale green coveralls and visors. Invited on board craft landed on towpath. English language used. Fisherman told "too old and infirm for our purpose.0115
14 Aug 1983 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One domed disc was observed by two female witnesses, typical age 23, for over 60 minutes (Draugelis).0230
1 Sep 1983 - Weaverham, England, UK - Dark wedge-shaped UFO hovers directly above motorcyclist. Found when car headlights drew his attention that he was not in same place, two hours missing time.2345
3 Oct 1983 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Heard voice at two a.m. call her, saw small ball of light fly through hallway. Under hypnosis recalls being drowsy, touched by device clamped to neck, saw being, memory lapse, found herself outside.2200
14 Oct 1983 - Reading, England, UK - Secretary incident. 0615
In November 1983 - Spencer, Indiana, USA - Witness awoke before dawn, through window noticed silent, moving beam of light, then noticed two men standing outside cabin. Memory lapse.
27 Nov 1983 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Bedroom visitation, paralysis. Little man in room with big head, lights around his head, boy couldn't move. Spoke without moving mouth, "he told me he wanted to take Casey (brother)." Left through closet.0400
14 Dec 1983 - Chapaco, Brazil - Tasca abducted. Humanoids, odd burns and marks/body. Telepathy: "You'll never forget."2000
27 Jan 1984 - Seven Points, Texas, USA - Flashing red lights above force car to complete stop from 55 mph, mother and 7-year-old son lose track of time when lights enter car. Next memory speeding down highway 70 mph, stopped for speeding.2015
3 Feb 1984 - Tingsryd, Sweden - Man driving home saw object 80m across 5-10m above road ahead. Went home, got camera, went back, car wouldn't start, beings, attempted abduction, missing time, independent witness.0100
10 Apr 1984 - Southwest City, Missouri, USA - Man with shotgun drives truck to back of property to check out two very large "floodlights" 7-8' above ground. Missing time 12 minutes, truck wouldn't start 2-3 minutes2130
15 Apr 1984 - Lake Worth, Florida, USA - Saw obj out window appx 0100. Enter E-W slow bright. Outside stared obj <5m. Time on clock, >1h. Hypn 5 yr later. Abduct, exam, unsettling.0200
18 Jul 1984 - Esk, Queensland, Australia - Power fades out in mobile homes, Nocturnal light speeds by. (Possible abduction case.)1930
19 Jul 1984 - Stormville, New York, USA - Triangular UFO over Highway I-84, abduction, humanoids come from "an ugly world."
20 Aug 1984 - Kingston, New York, USA - More Hudson Valley type sightings of delta with lights, possible abductions.
8 Feb 1985 - Pwllheli, Wales, UK - Wit. Seized by arm, floated to craft, 25' diameter domed disc with antenna. Beings in gray suits, octagon helmets, off-world journey, exam, burns, telepathy, shock, message.0300
13 Apr 1985 - Northglenn, At&T Labs, Colorado , USA - 40 feet diameter disc directs beams of light at ATT labs. Shoots away rapidly to the northeast. Memory loss and missing time.2330
15 Jul 1985 - Cobbtown, Georgia, USA - Cad Draftsman incident. 0200
19 Jul 1985 - Copalis Beach, Washington, USA - I was visited by at least five alien men in 19852230
3 Oct 1985 - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Huge disc covers 5 houses. Witness fearless. Visions, later possible abduction.0415
5 Oct 1985 - Middletown, New York, USA - Fog, blue light, Whitley Strieber abducted, foggy, cloudy, half moon.
15 Nov 1985 - Vernon Valley, New Jersey, USA - An alien looking in at me from outside when I was 5.2030
1 Apr 1986 - Orange County, New York, USA - Humanoids in disc ask Strieber why British Empire failed? Seem to laugh.
April 1986 - Kitley Woods, Indiana, USA - Debbie Tomey was again abducted from her home at night. She was again shown her ...2100
2 Apr 1986 - Orange County, New York, USA - Whitley Strieber's son abducted. Huge black disc, becomes "philosophical".
9 May 1986 - Danville, Pennsylvania, USA - Power outage, missing time, injury healed. Suspected multiple abduction.2130
23 May 1986 - Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil - Truck Driver incident. 2300
In late May 1986 - White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA - Lapse of time experienced by witness..2000
31 May 1986 - Orange County, New York, USA - Humanoid tells Strieber "Metabolism changes, don't eat sweets or chocolate."
In June 1986 - New Jersey Shore, New Jersey, USA - Missing time. Man walked to beach but remembers no reason for taking walk.Silver disc emerges from ocean, moved toward witness, lost consciousness. Skin itched, buttocks and genitals "sunburned", red.1300
15 Aug 1986 - Calalzo di Cadore, Veneto, Italy - Abduction. Blue disc landed, witnesses had a two hour memory lapse. Strong physical traces at landing site. Memory later returned, two humanoids remembered, and views inside the craft.2300
20 Aug 1986 - Metcalf, Illinois, USA - Silver disc hovers over site where abduction had previously occurred, flies over to abductee's new home, ascends, shoots away.2300
27 Aug 1986 - Orange County, New York, USA - W Strieber hears knocks on cabin, possible abduction, three hours missing time.
2 Sep 1986 - Minas Gerais, Brazil - An abduction of a witness was reported. One rectangular object was observed on a farm.2200
30 Sep 1986 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Abduction2345
6 Oct 1986 - London, England, UK - Woman dying of cancer and diabetes, lifted to ceiling by humanoids, had visions, etc
24 Dec 1986 - Orange County, New York, USA - Strieber abduction:"Library", 1/4 human like entity in 1940's garb asks "What Do You Need?"
7 Mar 1987 - Ping Wu, Sichuan, China - A family of three, including a young child was awakened by a loud high-pitched hum ...0000
In June 1987 - Tingsryd, Sweden - Humanoids with onion-shaped heads abduct man. Second witness, a trucker, verifies sighting UFO.0100
1 Jun 1987 - San Francisco, California , USA - Abduction case, with 1 twist. Aliens left unearthly communications object as proof of contact! 0230
12 Jun 1987 - Pittsburg, Kansas, USA - NOT a ufo report. This is an abduction.0100
30 Jun 1987 - Canton, Ohio, USA - I was abducted and I lost time.1500
1 Jul 1987 - Marshville, North Carolina, USA - UFO in clear sight of entire town, egg shape(on its side)many colored lights,memory tampering,nose bleed,abduction.0100
27 Jul 1987 - Clio, Michigan, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one witness.0011
6 Aug 1987 - Barcis, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy - Red beam, car stalls. Spatial dislocation. three witnesses in car transported several miles to San Daniele.2300
8 Aug 1987 - Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy - UFO's pink beam illuminated and abducted a car, transporting it in ten minutes 90 km distance, to Udine, without the three motorists able to account for the time.2300
17 Aug 1987 - Jakes Corners, Arizona , USA - Two crafts and orb in Jakes Corner with possible abduction, 5 witnesses 1900
In November 1987 - Cape Coral, Florida, USA - Object white and circular (12' diameter). four floodlights on its bottom side, projecting straight down.2400
11 Nov 1987 - Delchamps, Florida, USA - Mother and 15-year-old son on Highway 98 west watch "crown-shaped" disc moving smoothly "to and fro like a feather" treetop level. She stopped car, two hours missing time.1730
25 Nov 1987 - Destin, Florida, USA - Highway US98, Okaloosa County. Woman reports apparent abduction of 5-year-old son.
In 1988 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Presence in bedroom, felt overwhelmed with fatigue, fell asleep.Next memory pushed down a long, shiny, metal corridor onto bed, brightly lit, sterile room. Arm paralysis.1345
1 Dec 1987 - Ilkley, West , UK - A retired police officer was walking through an isolated moor when...0800
17 Dec 1987 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Ed Walters. Several photos of disc, possible abduction, Ed's wife "on hold", missing time. MUFON Journal #239.0100
In January 1988 - Southern California, California , USA - Abduction2300
12 Jan 1988 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Ed Walter's clearest photos of disc. 5 humanoids beam down from disc (Not photo'd), MUFON Journal #2391710
13 Jan 1988 - Mount Vernon, Indiana, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses for over six minutes. No sound was heard.0630
8 Feb 1988 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Single Polaroid photo of small bright orange ring, two hours of missing time experienced by Ed Walters, no memory of taking photo.2000
13 Feb 1988 - Lancashire, UK - A woman was apparently abducted from her home by several short entities wearing ...0230
20 Mar 1988 - Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA - Father and son in car see disc, experience missing time, recover consciousness on road far off their intended route. Hypnosis reveals multiple abductions.1825
1 May 1988 - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA - Ed Walters abduction, lasts 75 minutes, fights with four humanoids in pie-shaped room. Hypnosis.0120
10 May 1988 - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA - Amaury Rivera was driving back home alone after work amidst a thick fog. He was going slowly when...0430
13 May 1988 - Hormigueros, Puerto Rico, USA - Missing time, abduction.0450
13 May 1988 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Painter Maria Adilia Germana Hohagen reported seeing numerous "extraterrestrial" ...2100
15 May 1988 - Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One domed disc was observed by a male witness for over 60 minutes. No sound was heard.2200
21 May 1988 - Townshend, Vermont, USA - Two abducted, husband for second time (Allagash River, ME). Lump discovered, "cyst" removed, winds up in Washington, DC USAF labs!0200
1 Jun 1988 - Walnut Creek, California , USA - I was a young child and had very scary nightmares and now I have realized they were the result of an abduction.2200
15 Jun 1988 - North Freedom, Wisconsin, USA - Dreams or recollections of UFO abduction?2300
19 Jul 1988 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - Abduction.0340
8 Aug 1988 - Tejon Ranch, California , USA - Summer: couple abduction, 2.5 hours missing time. Greys and USAF military types.2300
17 Aug 1988 - Long Island, New York, USA - 12-yr-old girl abduction. 20 minutes missing time. UFO Magazine Vol four No1.
22 Aug 1988 - Athens, Maine, USA - Two in tent, disc lands, red ball exits. Scouts around, missing time, change in philosophy.0100
5 Sep 1988 - Bayport, New York, USA - Woman and two daughters reported UFO paced their car.2030
In October 1988 - Palomar Mountain, California , USA - Large object hovered for brief period of time.2000
October 1988 - New York, New York, USA - The witness was abducted from a friend's apartment. His memory of the event was ...0100
Fall 1988 - Portland, Oregon, USA - The two witnesses were traveling north on 82 avenue between Powell and Division streets, when...1500
24 Oct 1988 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Woke to see a group of short human-like beings at foot of bed. 3-4 stood back, one approached--1m in height, with large head and big eyes, looking like a white glowing light.2300
In 1989 - Central Part, Texas, USA - Witness woke to see brilliant beam of light shining on his chest through open window. He is floated out through window, into cigar-shaped craft. Exam by 5' tall beings resembled large insects. Telepathy.0200
In December 1988 - Watsonville, California , USA - Fog occurs suddenly. two witnesses experience missing time as ovoid object landed on sand dune.1700
In 1989 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Woman confronted by several Grey beings with thin bodies, large hairless heads, slant deep-blue eyes. one was female, infant presented to woman, asked her to hold it, nurse it.2300
In January 1989 - Windham, New Hampshire, USA - Hwy Crew Supervisor incident. 0600
In January 1989 - Bellevue, Nebraska, USA - Couple felt compelled to go to movie, on way home had missing time event. Under hypnosis recalled seeing disc in church parking lot. Short Greys came to car, took wife inside UFO. Exam. Healing.2300
27 Jan 1989 - Dibich, Bulgaria - Young woman experience constant paranormal and poltergeist activity at home. Encountered several beings, both human like and some resembling birds without feathers, with long beaks. Telepathy.2300
6 Feb 1989 - Perm, Russia - Bright disc-shaped object hovered over the area. craft brightened suddenly and the witness became disoriented. She remembers that her own dog attacked her. Hypnosis: two tall humanoids, touch her wcold.2100
11 Feb 1989 - Levittown, New York, USA - Two men recording music heard noises, saw two black helicopters overhead, then two more with huge shiny craft. On highway copters left, object became ball of light. Missing time, recall of room with several2100
In mid-February 1989 - Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Abduction lasting 10 days. Excorted onboard huge craft by female humanoid. Later, one tall, two short Greys communicated, mostly with telepathy. Other-worldly journey.2300
2 Mar 1989 - Shrub Oak, New York, USA - 60-yr-old man saw huge boomerang, lights in front, and 50 feet above, missing time. Explanation: Meteor.2135
In April 1989 - Glendale, California , USA - Woman walking steps of her house when beam of light hit her. She found herself inside cabin of UFO. Inside a man in blue coveralls showed images of future: triangular craft blasting fleeing humans.
5 Apr 1989 - Plainfield, Indiana, USA - Two witnesses in separate households awoke to bright disc outside. Beams of light. Both have missing time.0230
1 May 1989 - Metcalf, Illinois, USA - Electical power goes out. Repeat abductee fires four shots at figures in window. Power comes back on.0230
15 May 1989 - Tyler, Texas, USA - The Abduction of a Little Girl0200
4 Jun 1989 - Palmdale, California , USA - Security guard and ATC at AF plant 42. Silver object and three orbs over B1-B bomber tests. Abduction rumor1950
13 Jun 1989 - Frankfort, Kentucky, USA - 36-yr-old female in car observed massive rectangle, pipes on bottom.2330
16 Jun 1989 - Yowah, Queensland, Australia - Lapse of time experienced by witness.0311
26 Jun 1989 - Anza Valley, California , USA - Woman saw saucer shaped craft on three different nights.2200
In July 1989 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Abduction of couple and son from home, humming, man found himself floating. Saw his son in arms of a human, 1.75m tall,greenish/white color. Egg-head beings, big black eyes, slit mouths.
30 Jun 1989 - Anza Valley, California , USA - Several cars stopped to watch cylinder move across sky, had black dome, and touched down.1455
4 Jul 1989 - Darnitsa, Kiev, Ukraine - Attempted abduction. three blond identical beings with big eyes, silver shirts no collars. Spoke ancient Russian. Barrel UFO.1800
15 Jul 1989 - Rochester, New York, USA - Man photos disc twice. two witness, third person doesn't see. Suddenly it is 1700 hours1300
27 Sep 1989 - Vologda, Russia - Woman in bathrobe walks outside, unaware of UFO entity. Witnesses scream. Both vanish on spot, she reappears in 30 minutes.
25 Oct 1989 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Abduction
27 Oct 1989 - Huntsville, Arkansas, USA - Two women took photos of red-orange object with columns of light, paced car at close range. At least 25 minutes of missing time, clock in pick-up truck was 6 hours off. Nightmares.0510
2 Nov 1989 - Eden Valley, South Australia, Australia - Nurse incident. 2300
6 Nov 1989 - Goodland, Kansas, USA - Abduction. Nocturnal light paces car: Clocks and gas show one hour but three hours elapsed, two women abducted, interviewed separately, identical details.0040
In 1990 - Vladivostok, Primorje, Russia - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 32-year-old witness (Victor).
30 Nov 1989 - New York, New York, USA - UN Secretary-General Perez de Cuellar allegedly witnesses abduction of Linda north, lower eastside New York City. Explanation: Hoax.0310
1990 - Slavyanka, Vladivostok, Russia - A man named Boldyrev a metal worker at a local ship-repair plant reported being ...0100
1990 - Reutovo, Moscow region, Russia - A local woman named Polina N. was on her way to the local railway station when...0800
1990 - Chita, East Siberia, Russia - After dinner, the family of a local woman named S.T. went to bed. Her husband fell ...2000
January 1990 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - An abductee six-year old son reported that one night five to six little men entered ...2100
6 Jan 1990 - Townshend, Vermont, USA - Witness awakened late at night by strange-cloaked humanoid that stood by bedside, communication. Message: do not tell anyone of visit.0000
12 Jan 1990 - Curitiba, Parana, Brazil - A young man named Vanderlei who lived in a local rural area stepped out of his home ...2100
In February 1990 - East Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA - Lights, door stuck, disc, fat 4' figure with big nose and mouth, missing time, memory loss, rash.0400
In March 1990 - Atravesada, Barrio Borinquen, Puerto Rico, USA - Witness meditating, suddenly transported to backyard. Silver disc hovers nearby. Tall blonde, fair white skin, shoulder length hair approached. She tried to run, grabbed. four needes from glove inserted.2200
March 1990 - Moscow, Russia - A 34-year old man named Victor Alexandrovich Zdorov, a supplier from the "Fiolent" ...2100
1 Mar 1990 - Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA - The witness ran into 11 inches of snow in her front yard to see a hovering disc ...2100
1 Mar 1990 - Otter Tail County, Minnesota, USA - Disc over yard, ascended into a larger hovering object that appeared suddenly. She then suffered a blackout, abducted by Nordics. Told catastrophe would befall Earth before 2011. Implant through nostril.2300
12 Mar 1990 - Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA - Woman confronted small humanoid floating outside window after finding overturned chair, open door, and hearing sounds under flooring. About 50 minutes missing time, confirmed by clock and husband. Prob abduct'n0130
13 Mar 1990 - Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA - Ms. D. MacPhee had previously heard strange sounds in her house in Marshfield, Massachusetts at around 11:30 p.m. (March 12th) and discovered some furniture that had been overturned.2330
24 Mar 1990 - Heist-op-den-Berg, Antwerpen, Belgium - Two deltas on roadside. 40 minutes missing time, possible abductions, altered memory.2120
29 Mar 1990 - Novonikolayevsk, Volgograd region, Russia - A woman named Anna and her small daughter Olya were sleeping in their bedroom when...0340
Spring 1990 - Mahachkala, Dagestan Republic, Russia - The witness, M, characterized as a sober minded and respected individual after returning ...0000
4 May 1990 - Chernobayevka, Izyumskiy area, Ukraine - A local tractor operator, Vladimir, was reportedly abducted onboard a UFO. After ...2000
7 May 1990 - North Delta, British Columbia, Canada - Delta shaped objects seen during meteor shower. Abduction occurs later.2200
30 May 1990 - Nalchik, Caucasus, Russia - A local man named Sergey Kovantsev suddenly awoke and felt unreasonable fear without ...0603
June 1990 - Mt. Ushkungyi, south of Katon-Karagai, Kazakhstan - A group of four tourists were hiking in the remotely populated area in East Kazakhstan ...2100
14 Jun 1990 - Prohladnyi, Kabardino-Balkariya Republic, Russia - Numerous witnesses located in the yard of house # 60 on Petrenko Street saw strange ...2105
17 Jun 1990 - Petrograd, Russia - Four tall beings, wore helmets, on street that was oddly deserted. Missing time. Percipient was given cover story/screen memory.0100
17 Jun 1990 - Saint Petersburg, Russia - The witness encountered in a strangely deserted street, four tall strange helmeted men. He apparently then suffered a missing time episode and was possibly abducted. Remembered only a cover story.0100
In July 1990 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - English professor who earlier that day photographed two daylight discs over Las Vegas encountered 6 dark shielded gray beings in his hotel bathroom. Blinded by light, blacks out. Musty smell.2300
summer 1990 - Demerdzhi, Crimea, Ukraine - A group of tourists consisting of several young men and women arrived at this location ...1400
Summer 1990 - Erzovka, Russia - 55-year old Valeriy Vasilevich Krasnov was returning from the city of Volgograd ...1500
Summer 1990 - Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine - Three local boys, Vasiliy, Maksim both 5 years of age, and 7-year old Victor were playing in an abandoned opencast mine on the outskirts of town. The time was near sunset when...2000 or 2100
Summer 1990 - Ekaternaburg, Urals, Russia - A 60-year old night watchman by the name of Sanin, who was also a carpenter at the ...2100
29 Jul 1990 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Bedroom visitation, no UFO reported. Witness awoke in middle of night, saw small being standing in bedroom. Could only recall tooth being drilled, possible implant.0200
August 1990 - Mahachkala, Dagestan, Russia - A 52-year old female local resident named A.K. was sleeping in her balcony on a hot August night when...0100
August 1990 - Kiev, Ukraine - Local resident and subway worker Nikolay Ivanovich Pronoza (involved in previous ...2100
13 Sep 1990 - Mahachkala, Dagestan, Russia - A local woman named Irina M. was returning home from work when...2012
October 1990 - Curitiba, Parana, Brazil - The witness, Vanderlei, (involved in a previous abduction) was sleeping in his room when...2100
21 Oct 1990 - Halifax, Massachusetts, USA - Hunter incident. 0550
In November 1990 - Leeds, England, UK - Woman abducted, medical exam. three human appearing occupants. Bad odor.
November 1990 - Sovetskiy, Crimea, Ukraine - A woman named Eleonora B. was visiting her ill one-year old son at the local regional ...2000
9 Nov 1990 - Ann, Michigan, USA - Undocumented report about a woman and her 2 children encountering humanoids in their bedroom. Possible abduction. No other information.0200
11 Nov 1990 - Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan Republic , Russia - At 1630 that day Mrs. Roza Gabdullovna Sengatullina received a telephone call from her son Ildar, an 8th grade student, who told her that he was going to shop for food with his father, leaving his 8-year old sister Elvira alone at home. At 1800 when...1630
In 1991 - Queens, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by a male witness (Sosa, E).2300
In 1991 - Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
2 Dec 1990 - Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine - English teacher A.I. Opelat and two of his colleagues, doctor Vasiliy Ksenofontovich ...1500
In early December 1990 - Melyvolgy, Hungary - Electromagnetic effect: car stalls. Humanoid on side of road. Missing time, possible abduction. Witness recovers consciousnes, car is facing in opposite direction to travel.2230
23 Dec 1990 - Mahachkala, Dagestan Republic, Russia - A female witness named Aishat, mother of many children, suddenly awoke at the stroke ...0000
In January 1991 - Topanga Canyon, Entrada, California , USA - Bedroom visitation, paralysis, unable to move, speak or see. Presence snipped off lock of hair, probed body with pencil-like instrument.0330
1991 - Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain - Researcher Joseph Guijarro was at the house of a local nurse, Judith, who had been ...0300
1991 - Kadima, Israel - According to sources an 11-year old boy of Yemenite origin disappeared for half a day while walking home from school. When...1500
1991 - Red Rock, Wigan, UK - Bill Eatock was driving along a country road when...2000
In February 1991 - Riga, Latvia - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed.2300
12 Feb 1991 - Westfield, Massachusetts, USA - Repeat adductee, huge dark boomerang blocks starry sky.0140
16 Feb 1991 - Tucson, Arizona , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed.0200
29 Mar 1991 - Leningrad, Russia - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed in an apartment building.1950
In Spring 1991 - Ulaanbaator, Mongolia - Free will abduction.
2 Apr 1991 - Tenjo, Cundinamarca, Colombia - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed.0400
In May 1991 - Olivares, Puerto Rico, USA - Apparent unsuccessful abduction attempt. Woman walking wooded path near home, accosted by several small Greys. She fought them off and ran home.
May 1991 - Olivares, Puerto Rico, USA - A woman walking alone in a wooded path near her home was apparently accosted and ...
14 May 1991 - Lancaster, California , USA - Bedroom visitation. three humanoids by bed, one MIB, red lights, four hours missing time, and black helicopter.2300
27 May 1991 - Huntersville, North Carolina, USA - Object with three tiers of lights, tuning fork sound, missing time.0300
In June 1991 - La Parguera, Puerto Rico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Electromagnetic effects were noted. One object was observed.2224
8 Jun 1991 - Centerville, Indiana, USA - Deliveryman incident. 2100
In July 1991 - Gainesville, Missouri, USA - Three cattle mutilations being investigated.
In Mid- 1991 - Alva, Oklahoma, USA - Abduction and exam. Teen walking to barn ran away from UFO, but was "lifted up" by light in presence of mother. Entities, implant, examination, conference, return (in presence of mother) followed.1600
In Mid- 1991 - Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, USA - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentifiable object and its occupants were observed at close range.2300
July 1991 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Melinda Leslie and two friends were driving through the Los Angeles forest when...2100
25 Jul 1991 - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Electromagnetic effects were noted. One object was observed by three witnesses.2100
In August 1991 - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by two witnesses.2300
13 Aug 1991 - Victoria, Entre Rios, Argentina - Blue beam. Man abducted, awakens in garden as beam retracts up into UFO.2100
17 Aug 1991 - West Carleton, Ontario, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. One white disc was observed by a group of female witnesses.2300
27 Aug 1991 - Barrio Quebrada De San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by one experienced male witness in a field. Two grey beings were seen.1500
31 Aug 1991 - Central Part, Georgia, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed at a campsite.0000
In October 1991 - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by a male witness (Niedzwiedz, G).0400
In Fall 1991 - Berlin, Germany - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed.2300
3 Oct 1991 - Herakov, Bulgaria - The mysterious appearance of a red dust like substance in a local kindergarten prompted ...2000
In early October 1991 - Lalor, Victoria, Australia - Black helicopter, no markings hovers 15 meters in front of abductees home for 15 minutes. two occupants on board.1900
14 Oct 1991 - Lalor, Victoria, Australia - Kelly awoke face down on bed, spread eagle although 9 months pregnant, water broken. Nightgown was on inside out. Labor had to be induced to deliver. Implants beneath skin, she and her son.0800
24 Oct 1991 - Lymington, England, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by two witnesses in a field.2300
9 Nov 1991 - Daviston, Alabama, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by one male witness in a forest.2300
In 1992 - Almeria, Spain - Huge craft hovered, shone down large rectangular lights on two brothers. Tall Nordic, with fair skin, blond hair, appeared in front of them, waved hand at them. 12 hours missing time.
In 1992 - Sierra Mountains, California , USA - Man levitated outside home to disc. Interior appears empty. Then is lowered to school playground. 10 5' tall Greys with black almond-shaped eyes. Told marbles in transparent container power supply.
In Winter 1991 - Sedona, Arizona , USA - 3-year-old daughter describes abduction by "little white guys" on night mother and father heard low hum, neighbor saw small, bright light float past her window. Put probes up nose, scoop mark.0230
15 Dec 1991 - Catlett, Virginia , USA - Woman abducted, earrings on backwards afterward. Multiple abduction experiences.1930
21 Dec 1991 - Adirondack, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed at a mountain.
26 Dec 1991 - Bekes, Hungary - 4m disc comes down in yard. Witnessed brought up inside on beam. two human-looking beings inside. Point rivets gone from abductee's arm afterward.2350
In January 1992 - Harrison, Arkansas, USA - Missing time of 45 minutes after CE1 event.2000
In January 1992 - Szekszard, Tolna, Hungary - Mist, blackness. Fuzzy white light on road, swooped over windshield. Electromagnetic effect: engine/lights. Translocation, several hours missing time, leg injury, small marks, red rash and burns, sick. Door welded shut!2000
In January 1992 - Devon, UK - Under hypnosis recalls alien creatures with large cat-like eyes. Disc that contained door and hatchway, dark inside. Recalls seeing clouds below when looked out window.2300
11 Jan 1992 - Issaquah, Washington, USA - Abductee drives into black void on Interstate 90 highway near Issaquah. Missing time.2100
24 Jan 1992 - Mezobereny, Bekes, Hungary - Small black being in kitchen, ovoid UFO in garden. Healing. Red sunburn marks on stomach.1500
2 Feb 1992 - Union Grove, Wisconsin, USA - Car electromagnetic effects: engine dies then spontaneously restarts. 900 feet UFO over US Highway 11, Driver felt compelled to watch for three minutes. 20 minutes missing time, delta rash, two scars.2247
5 Feb 1992 - Bradenton, Florida, USA - Gynecological exam by humanoids, missing time.2000
11 Feb 1992 - Sturovo, Slovakia - The witness reported being abducted onboard a round UFO where he was apparently examined and implanted by three humanoids from 1.2 meters - 1.5 meters tall. The witness has had implants in his body ever since that day. No other information.2000
28 Feb 1992 - Adirondack, New York, USA - Several gray metallic objects maneuvered in sky. Seemed like military planes too. one UFO landed, short Greys communicated to witnesses they were to be taken, then blacked out.
In March 1992 - Nyirabrany, Hajdu-Bihar, Hungary - Week earlier man followed by crescent-shaped UFO. Awoke to dog barking, heavy weight on chest. Next recalled on exam table in white room. Short Grey stood nearby. Awoke, found blue marks on ankle.2300
5 Mar 1992 - Palhano, Brazil - Military Police incident. 1830
11 Mar 1992 - Guaynabo, Bellomonte, Puerto Rico, USA - Two tall men, light skinned, appeared on patio, wore black suits. Telepathy. two shorter beings with large egg-shaped heads, yellow skin, slit eyes, wide lipless mouths. Unknown language.1830
In April 1992 - Tijeras Canyon, New Mexico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed by one female witness in a canyon (Strickland, S).2140
1 Apr 1992 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - Saw disc outside window, felt pulled, missing time.0110
3 Apr 1992 - Cicero, Illinois, USA - Bedroom visitation. Lying in bed next to husband heard window creak open. Paralysis. three small beings with chalky white skin, big heads, big eyes walked around her bed. No addition recall.0200
12 Apr 1992 - Deming, New Mexico, USA - Haze, mist, silence, huge luminous cloud created curtain across road. Drove into it, paralysis. two beings with round oval faces, large oval black eyes, 5' tall, put firm grip on forearms, memory loss.2320
13 Apr 1992 - Deming, New Mexico, USA - Fog. Abduction. Boylan drives into smoke or fog, abducted by two beings with vise-like grip on arms. Gray beings with ovoid face, large black eyes, no nose, thin torso, limbs. Scoop marks, nasal pressure.2320
12 May 1992 - Connersville, Indiana, USA - Boy reported being paralyzed in his bedroom by strange elderly-looking humanoid. Boy had apparently been abducted on several occasions.0400
13 Jun 1992 - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Abduction Study Conference held at MIT, Cambridge, MA
28 Jun 1992 - Lakeville, Pennsylvania, USA - Abduction of husband, wife, child. Few details recalled. Wife recalls exam on craft, presentation of gray-colored baby. Husband recalls several Greys examing chest, odd red marks there next day.0300
18 Jul 1992 - Duarte, California , USA - I had the most vivid dreams two consecutive nights in mid-July 1992. I wonder if you have a record of a plethora of reports of abductions from the San Gabriel Valley about then.0500
18 Jul 1992 - Duarte, California, USA - In a "dream-like" state, a husband and wife reported being abducted from their beds ...0500
19 Jul 1992 - West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Dark cone zigzagged, beings enter bedroom via closed window. Missing time.0310
24 Jul 1992 - Tuttlingen, Germany - Maneuvering pyramid of light flew over at 2230, changed colors white to red to white, grew in size. Later awoke in unfamiliar surroundings. Short being with long arms and fingers, slant eyes, slit mouth, no hair.2230
25 Jul 1992 - Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA - UFO abductee visited by man with human appearance, Hindu features. Telepathic communication: told that Greys were androids, lived only few days before recycled.
In August 1992 - Liverpool, England, UK - Missing time, abduction experience, GYN exam, communication about human origins.0300
17 Aug 1992 - Tarbrax, UK - Disc drops silver curtain, two abducted from car. Humanoids with three fingers and cold skin.2345
22 Aug 1992 - Greenwood, Indiana, USA - Missing time of one hour after seeing lights.2230
24 Aug 1992 - Pentland Hills, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. One black object, of huge size, was observed by two male witnesses on a highway (Wright).0000
In September 1992 - Spalding, South Australia, Australia - While asleep he thought had experience in backyard:saw tear-drop-shaped object with lines hanging down. Figures hanging from them. Entity appeared and spoke to him. Explanation: Dream.
14 Sep 1992 - Monsummano, Potenza, Italy - Two witnesses, a local medium and a clairvoyant and exorcist watch a luminous sphere ...2300
24 Sep 1992 - Springfield, Missouri, USA - Abductee onboard craft apparently witnesses a live cattle mutilation in progress, performed by several short, gray-skinned humanoids. She was made to assist with tissue removal around jaw.0200
In October 1992 - Cordelia Junction, California , USA - Three adults, two infants traveling in car when vehicle was diverted to side road. Vehicle and occupants were lifted into nearby hovering craft. While babies slept in back seat, adults were interviewed.2300
In October 1992 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Abductee awoke being lifted by light. Beings place her on exam table, brightly lit room. GYN exam, felt they were extracting ova. Blacked out.2300
14 Oct 1992 - Edwardstown, South Australia, Australia - Home in bed when noticed flash of light in lounge. three humanoids appeared. 145 cm tall, grey/silver. Long thin arms and three fingers and thumb on hand.  Missing time.2045
20 Oct 1992 - Kaunas, Kauno, Lithuania - alien encounter [?] .. frog with antenna0200
23 Oct 1992 - Vidalia, Georgia, USA - Humanoid appears in home, man abducted, wife "put on hold", missing time, telepathy. four sightings nearby.2300
31 Oct 1992 - Harrison, Arkansas, USA - Man saw gray humanoid being by house. 30 minutes of missing time. Small object (implant?) fell out of percipient's nostril.1900
In November 1992 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Two short roundhead beings in living room, had round eyes with dark pupils, wore long white gowns and caps and mittens. Telepathy, free will abduction, aboard bullet-shaped craft, control romm, console, screen.2300
1 Nov 1992 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - The witness was awakened by noises and she went to investigate. As she walked into her living room she encountered two short beings all dressed in white.0200
20 Nov 1992 - Ventura, California , USA - Two women drove on Ventura Freeway, huge bright light shot down toward car. two hours missing time. Hypnosis, on-board oblong craft, stripped, exam, Greys, telepathy.2130
25 Nov 1992 - Baca Grande, Colorado , USA - Benara incident. 2030
In 1993 - Kent, UK - Boy taken from bedroom through closed windows to hospital-like room, needles stuck in him. Little men, 3-4' tall, very thin, no hair, very big black eyes. Leader bigger than the rest.0200
In 1993 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. One sphere was observed.1300
In 1993 - Panama City, Panama - Man on third floor balcony found himself flying through air, accompanied by two tall human-like beings in shiny silver suits. All entered huge silver ovoid UFO. Telepathy2300
30 Nov 1992 - Rachel, Nevada, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one experienced male witness in a desert (Boylan).2300
8 Dec 1992 - Houston, Texas, USA - The witness awoke and observed a bright flash of light (there was no sound of thunder ...0100
10 Dec 1992 - Houston, Texas, USA - Sometime after a meeting of known abductees the witness went to sleep for the night, ...0100
16 Dec 1992 - Scotland, UK - Man awoke, felt compelled to go to window. Saw tall tan-gray being, 2m away. Felt fear, felt it wanted his girlfiend in bed. Memory loss, both felt ill.0530
In late December 1992 - Severny, Russia - Brown being, 1.6m tall, with rough bark-like skin. Head oval shaped, dark eyes. Strong shoulders, wide chest. Blue beam levitated him. Missing time.2330
31 Dec 1992 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - Woman walking outside, saw huge gray metallic disc drop straight down from clouds. Made buzzing noise. Changed shape to sphere with four legs, landed. Hypnosis. Pale human-looking men, abduction, exam.0300
27 Jan 1993 - North Miami, Florida, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported in a bedroom.0439
In February 1993 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female witness in a bedroom.2300
1 Feb 1993 - Noranda, Western Australia, Australia - Close encounter with a craft and its occupants. An inhuman creature which interacted with the witness was reported by a female witness in a bedroom.0030
16 Feb 1993 - Connersville, Indiana, USA - Domed disc hovered, abduction strongly suspected.
23 Feb 1993 - Baca Grande, Colorado , USA - Investigator's 8-year-old daughter reports dream of bedroom visitation by aliens0830
16 Mar 1993 - Tikaboo Valley, Nevada, USA - Two witnesses, very strange car moving rapidly to the, 20min/missing time, complex abduction see ref.2031
3 Apr 1993 - Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia - Probable abduction of child in 1993 - Strange craft which appears to be remotely piloted1630
17 Apr 1993 - Birmingham, England, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.0230
19 May 1993 - Kenyon, Rhode Island, USA - Woman abducted, 2.5 hours of missing time, conscious memory of first part of abduction. 50 feet diameter disc, two humanoids 3' tall, transported back, 3' wide blue beam used in levitation.2215
In June 1993 - Hollywood, California , USA - Major motion picture "Fire in the Sky" released, based on Travis Walton abduction case.
In June 1993 - Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA - Interference with UFO evidence. Abductee felt pulled by UFO. Some computer discs missing, some erased.1400
In June 1993 - Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA - Bedroom visitation. Paralysis, surrounded by several short, pale, figures with huge eyes. one pressed its finger on his forehead between eyebrows, memory loss. Small scar were he was touched.2300
11 Jun 1993 - Lusby, Maryland, USA - Possible alien encounter and or abduction in 1993 0100
15 Jun 1993 - Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA - I was abducted as a child
18 Jun 1993 - Block Island, Rhode Island, USA - Time loss and multiple objects seen on Island of coast of Rhode Island, USA.2045
27 Jun 1993 - Adirondack, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported at a mountain.2300
1993 summer - Naples, Campania, Italy - A woman sights from her house a strange luminosity, then an orange sphere. The morning after she finds filaments of 6 millimeters length on her eyelashes. She develops allergies and thinks it due to an abduction. Letter in "Visto", 25.4.97.
15 Jul 1993 - Cambridge, Ohio, USA - Possible Abduction0000
24 Jul 1993 - West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Two men came into bedroom, carried abductee out to large military truck. Truck drove into underground base in mound or hill through doorway. 3' tall Grey, slanted eyes, black hooded cape, hovered, poked..0400
25 Jul 1993 - Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland - 4m dome follows two witnesses home. Video of object circling. Marks on skin suggest missing time, possible abduction.0340
8 Aug 1993 - Eumemmerring Creek, Victoria, Australia - Disc with orange lights around rim, blue beam of light from bottom. 7' tall aliens with red glowing eyes. Abduction by 8-10 beings, one hour missing time. Independent witnesses0100
8 Aug 1993 - Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia - Three carloads of people, including the principal witnesses, 27-year old Kelly Cahill, ...0100
10 Aug 1993 - Pensacola, Florida, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Gravity effects were noted. One object was observed by two witnesses (Haley, L).2300
15 Aug 1993 - Carmarthen, Wales, UK - Nocturnal light follows car for 20 minutes. Time anomalies, possible missing time and abduction.2200
3 Sep 1993 - Yuma, Arizona , USA - Abducted by 15 black/gray aliens, 5' tall, abductee John.
12 Oct 1993 - Yuma, Arizona , USA - John abducted again, physical exam
8 Nov 1993 - Merced, California , USA - Witness recalls being teleported in beam of light onboard huge triangular craft. Exam by short Greys with large black almond eyes. Scooped skin from legs and back. Returned to bedroom.2300
18 Nov 1993 - Joplin, Missouri, USA - Light, "MIB", missing time, etc.0200
22 Nov 1993 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Rated as high-reliability unknown.0053
29 Nov 1993 - Eisenhower Tunnel, Colorado , USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported at a mountain.2300
In 1994 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Woman had vivid recall of abduction by Greys. Cold metallic exam table, gyn exam. Beings had huge black almond eyes, slit mouth, no lips, large heads, thin body, greenish tinge. one stared into her eyes2300
In 1994 - Budapest, Hungary - Sexual encounter, pregnancy. Telepathy with Greys: baby would be safe with them. Sex with different types of human-like humanoids, tall with red hair.2300
In December 1993 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - Wit. awoke to find himself in strange room with diffused lighting, on V-shaped couch. Woman making sexual body motions aroused him until he saw other beings in background, watching. witness fell back asleep.2300
28 Dec 1993 - Topton, Mississippi, USA - Seconds to us are hours to them. the fifth alien or the mantis with compound eyes. have others seen it ?0100
1 Jan 1994 - Northern Part, UK - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses, a married couple.0400
15 Jan 1994 - Northern Part, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.0400
In early March 1994 - Mecklenburg, Germany - Woman put children to bed, felt panic, being watched. Humming sound. Several small Greys bedroom. Paralysis. Missing time.2300
In Spring 1994 - Dublin, Ireland - Witness taken onboard craft, saw golf-ball sized multi-colored lights floating inside. Grey humanoid with large black eyes, small slit for nose. Light emanated from being's mouth.2300
In early April 1994 - Megargel, Texas, USA - Missing Time: 10 minutes erased from my life1500
11 Apr 1994 - Louisville, Kentucky, USA - A witness reported a triangular UFO, followed by a period of time that could not be accounted for.2300
In May 1994 - Galicia Region, Spain - Woman found herself lying on a cot-like bed, naked, surrounded by alien entities. On similar cot next to her was another naked woman who looked just like her.2300
27 May 1994 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Fisherman incident. 0210
3 Jun 1994 - Sedona, Arizona , USA - Man found himself in Cottonwood, Arizona1300
7 Jun 1994 - Heilonjiang, China - White object lands on tree farm. Man hit by beam two days later, abducted.
In late June 1994 - Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - A triangular craft was observed by a witness, followed by 20 minutes that could not be accounted for.2300
In July 1994 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Huge diamond-shaped UFO paced car, made erratic maneuvers, encased in blue haze, strobe lights. Next to tree shadowy human figure. Missing time, physiological effects: nosebleeds, headaches.0430
In July 1994 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
3 Jul 1994 - Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA - Repeat abduction. 2.5 hours missing time. Hypnosis. Gray and greenish aliens, pass through walls, implant in chest.1500
3 Jul 1994 - Harrison County, West Virginia, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
In mid-July 1994 - Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada - What happened in almost three hours of missing time?2300
27 Jul 1994 - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK - Man tending flock of sheep abducted, bright white beam drew him up into craft. Exam table, short alien inserted something in his navel. Sexual encounter with female aliens, then released.2200
In September 1994 - Cipolletti, Argentina - Healing of breast cancer by luminous being.2300
2 Sep 1994 - Farasita, Colorado , USA - Hunter claims to have been abducted and held hostage by camo-clad, human-looking "aliens" while hunting on Greenhorn Mtn.
2 Sep 1994 - Greenhorn Mtns, Colorado , USA - Local hunter captured by human-like beings, dressed in camoflauge. Small silver UFO grew in size, changed shape 2x. Second hunter also missing, wouldn't say why.2300
20 Sep 1994 - Yuma, Arizona , USA - Abduction, exam table, blond woman with tattoos and man also there, both appeared incoherent. two being types: Muscular reptilians in charge, small beings wore helmets.0100
20 Sep 1994 - Miami, Florida, USA - Went to bed with dog at side. Dog left bed, as normal, and witness. turned to side, seeing small figure sitting near the foot of the bed.2000
24 Sep 1994 - Miami, Florida, USA - Dog barked. Short large-headed brown-faced figure sitting on bed. She took swing at it but missed. two other beings made "chirping" or giggling sounds. One grabbed her wrist, blanked out.2300
5 Nov 1994 - Rochdale, England, UK - Two in car approached by nocturnal light. Clock gets loud and behaves strangely. Time distortion. two hours missing time, possible abduction.2000
10 Nov 1994 - Vidor, Texas, USA - i believe i was abducted almost directly in front of my home.2300
In 1995 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Bedroom abduction. Found herself in place with empty rooms. Female Grey beings came, no hair, creamy, spongy skin. Brought to two more in exam room, paralysis, exam table...2300
In early December 1994 - Dade County, Florida, USA - A boy woke up in a yard, looking up at a large hovering triangular craft. Several men in military uniforms, armed with rifles, shouted "Hurry up, get away, there is radiation." He also saw a woman with red hair, reported telepathy effects and lost time..2300
15 Dec 1994 - La Playa Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Gravity effects were noted. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one single female witness (Rodriguez, M).0300
23 Dec 1994 - Forth Canal, UK - Television electromagnetic interference, then "human-looking alien" appeared in house. Next memory aboard UFO. Puncture marks in neck, small red, as if cluster of needles had been stuck into skin.2000
1995 - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK - A local man told investigators that he had been abducted from his car by small gray ...0100
22 Jan 1995 - Beatty, Nevada, USA - Lights flash and maneuver near truck on highway for 45 minutes. Moved faster than any jet. 2-3 hours of missing time.1400
2 Feb 1995 - Dallas, Texas, USA - Woman woke up, found short thin white being staring at her, 3-4' tall. Hand lifted slowly off her shoulder, had three long slender fingers with bulbous tips on ends. Mind scan. Paralysis, missing time.0300
2 Feb 1995 - Traverse City, Michigan, USA - Four children report seeing disc above them, bathed them in white light. Missing time, clothes. Other observers.2010
6 Feb 1995 - Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia - Couple in car, one hour missing time. Arrive in Sale, Victoria 15 minutes early on little fuel. Possible translocation.2130
11 Feb 1995 - San Antonia Oeste, Argentina - Four stop by roadside, overcome by sleep. Memories of several short beings with no hair, examined them. Under hypnosis primary witness recalls tall female beings, surgery on arm, levitation. Nocturnal lights seen.0400
In March 1995 - Melbourne, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia - Group saw lights shine into room, woman went outside, hit by "energy", friends caught her. OBE, during which 5 small beings with large eyes, 1m tall, spoke to her telepathically. Then back in body.2300
March 1995 - Chernihivarea, Ukraine - A local farmer, Nazar Kopov reported experiencing an abduction that "changed his ...
12 Mar 1995 - Leavenworth, Kansas, USA - Military employee experiences blinding flash, sees four diamond-shaped UFOs. four hours of missing time.2030
14 Mar 1995 - Joshua Tree, California, USA - Charles Little and his fiancee watched two hovering objects one in front of the ...1130
29 Mar 1995 - Tylertown, Mississippi, USA - Nocturnal lights seen widely over area. Odd hum in woods. Several observers have three hours of missing time.1550
In May 1995 - Salisbury, South Australia, Australia - An abduction of a witness was reported. Physiological effects were noted. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 20-year-old witness.2300
7 May 1995 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness (Terzic, I).2300
1 Jun 1995 - Culpeper, Virginia , USA - alien abduction0200
22 Jun 1995 - Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA - Possible abduction, I'm not sure what happened that 8 years ago.0000
Summer 1995 - Cambridge, Wisconsin, USA - Billy Dee was apparently abducted again. He recalls being in a dream like state ...2100
15 Jul 1995 - Calder Valley, UK - Mist. Time dislocation. "Oz" effect. Heavy pressure, static charge. Plates and glasses moved about on picnic table. Dark gray mass, fog enveloped garden. Missing time: many hours. Sick: naseau, tingling.1300
15 Jul 1995 - Sowerby Bridge, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by four witnesses in a yard.2240
21 Jul 1995 - Taharti Lake, Nr Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada - Father and son sight oval shaped object, size of car, hovering over lake three minutes. Returned to cabin. That night all 5 lose 24 hours of missing time. Reported to RCMP.2300
August 1995 - Perth, Scotland, UK - The witness, Karen, was doing some late studying in the back room of her flat, which ...2100
15 Aug 1995 - Howard, Colorado , USA - Boomerang object appears from north, hovers over moutain property, 40 minutes missing time, trailer moved 6 inches. four inch wart, weight loss, heavy military aerial activity in area, lots of dead animals.2040
16 Aug 1995 - Howard, Colorado , USA - Abductee, day after missing time experience, observes at least "15 Army helicopters" buzzing all over the place.1300
19 Aug 1995 - Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA - Man walking with two strange cuts on his cheek called sheriff's office to report a recurring dream of alien abduction.0115
24 Sep 1995 - Capivari, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Missing time, abduction, regression hypnosis.0300
1 Oct 1995 - Piedmont, California , USA - Woman leaves house to take out trash, vanishes for 90 minutes. Returns disoriented.2230
15 Oct 1995 - Hawesville, Kentucky, USA - Sightings of multiple craft disappearing and reappearing in sky, possible abduction.1500
8 Nov 1995 - Forth Canal, UK - Grey aliens except with rounder eyes.
8 Nov 1995 - West Lothian, Scotland, UK - John S saw "what looked like a new type of ship. It looked like a giant Frisbee. ...2100
In 1996 - Miami, Florida, USA - Sitting on couch in home, saw rectangle of light through closed window. Rotated as it moved toward witness, edgewise. From inside sprang being, wore bronze/amber suit, tight helmet. Huge eyes, paralysis.0000
In 1996 - Tijucas, Santa Catarina, Brazil - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.1900
In 1996 - Tarbrax, UK - Police incident. 2300
2 Jan 1996 - Swanage, England, UK - Radio frequency interference at 5 second pulses. Car engine died. Blue glow from trees. Missing time, possible abduction. Traces.1500
In late January 1996 - Southern California, California , USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
28 Jan 1996 - Chandler, Arizona , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
February 1996 - Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - Cranberry bog farmer Allen Greenwood was walking along Bay Road, when...2337
3rd week of February 1996 - Los Angeles, California, USA - The witness, who had been involved in a previous UFO abduction, received a strange ...1500
29 Feb 1996 - Cuscatancingo, San Salvador, El Salvador - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 17-year-old witness.2200
6 Mar 1996 - Casino, New South Wales, Australia - An abduction of a witness was reported. One object was observed.0300
16 Mar 1996 - Lismore, New South Wales, Australia - Abduction: missing time 35 minutes. two in car see formation of nocturnal lights. three types of humanoids involved in abduction experience.2030
In April 1996 - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Woman resting in bedroom during day.Male with blue eyes,blond hair, white robe visited her. Called her by name.Can't remember conversation. Scoop mark on her leg.
18 Apr 1996 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - Four persons in contact for five hours with "invisible entity." Two peripheral witnesses.1740
24 Apr 1996 - Santa Barbara, California , USA - Man driving in a car encounters a bright flash, followed by 30 minutes of missing time. He recalled envisioning old history scenes.2130
In May 1996 - Dover, England, UK - Witness found herself lying on exam table, surrounded by 3-4 6' tall beings. Described as light orange in color,w large black oval-shaped slanted eyes, hairless. Wore robes. Telepathy. Embryo implant.2300
22 May 1996 - Ipswich, Queensland, Australia - Two glowing humanoids near home. Reassuring telepathic message. 70 minutes missing time. Seen again later.0200
11 Jun 1996 - Achiras, Argentina - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by aliens was reported by a male witness (Alfredo).1500
In Mid- 1996 - Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 18-year-old witness (Perez, N).1700
12 Aug 1996 - Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2100
15 Aug 1996 - Beeville, Texas, USA - I was abducted and I can remember the happenings, I just cant remember what they want.0300
23 Aug 1996 - Carlisle, Ontario, Canada - Alien abduction and several visitations0100
15 Sep 1996 - Creston, Washington, USA - Abduction Fall 1996 2045
16 Sep 1996 - Nazareth, Israel - Man abducted.2000
30 Sep 1996 - Traverse City, Michigan, USA - UFO sighting and missing time.2200
5 Oct 1996 - Rostov-on-Don, Russia - A local young man named Igor V. Kolomiets (involved in other encounters) claimed ...0300-0400
12 Oct 1996 - Eastern Part, Michigan, USA - Occupants of the craft were seen. Physiological effects were noted. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.2130
13 Oct 1996 - Gainesville, Florida, USA - Alien contact through dreams0600
14 Oct 1996 - Gainesville, Florida, USA - Sisters shared a dream of touring inside of UFO, beings were gray.0300
In November 1996 - Kiara, Western Australia, Australia - An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported in a bedroom.0300
3 Nov 1996 - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Traces found. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two female witnesses, including one child.
In December 1996 - Rishon Le Zion, Israel - Missing time, screen memory, unexplained scars on back. Teen walking through park saw what thought was little 6-yr-old girl acting strangely. It had long albino hair, albino skin. She dissolved into lights.2300
9 Dec 1996 - Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.1830
In January 1997 - Pico Del Toro, Mexico - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.
In January 1997 - Cumbernauld, Scotland, UK - Failure of electronic equipment. Witness grabbed camera to photograph cone-shaped UFO in sky. Camera wouldn't work, replaced batteries, still wouldn't work. Felt intense vibrations, three hours missing time0220
1 Jan 1997 - Cayce, South Carolina, USA - Jesus and Aliens 2012 2100
19 Jan 1997 - Essex, UK - Four days after UFO sighting, MIB encounter with three men, 6'4" tall, wore dark gray suit, full coat. Pale faces, lips tinged red like wore lipstick. "Can I speak to you please?" deep voice. Black car.2300
30 Jan 1997 - San Bernardo, Metropolitana, Chile - Telepathic warning in advance. Girl abducted for three hours. Fetus taken, found all wet.2200
1 Feb 1997 - Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile - Abduction, fetus extraction. Several humanoids with long arms, wrinkled mouths, four fingered hands. More beings 3' tall. Awoke in town square, frightened, weeping, with wet hair.0100
5 Feb 1997 - Los Sauces, Chile - 15-20m diameter circular object appeared in front of car at low altitude when took curve, hovered over car, surrounded it in beam of light. Car engine lost power, speed dropped 80-over 20kph, no steering.2000
6 Feb 1997 - Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA - Buzzing sound, then 6 small gray figures in room, touching his leg and arms. Passed out, awoke three hours later, no memories, nose bleeds.0315
25 Feb 1997 - Punta Arenas, Magellanes, Chile - Girl chased by UFO and hit by many sparks. Missing time. Woke up elsewhere.1600
26 Feb 1997 - Lee, New Hampshire, USA - A single witness saw four balls of light zig-zag in unison over nearby power lines. Ten minutes later he saw lights over a bog, heard voices in his head, felt stomach pain, saw a flash, his car levitated, and he awoke missing one hour of time.0450
12 Mar 1997 - Portland, New South Wales, Australia - Large silver blue ball of light hovered 1m above paddock, 30m away. Grass moved and swirled. Telephone cut out. Missing time, abduction, 12' diameter swirled grass, more purple pigment in trace area.2130
14 Mar 1997 - Cote-St-Luc, Quebec, Canada - Loud whirring sound overhead, engulfed in white beam, unable to move. Saw under 50 feet up silver disc with multi-colored lights around rim. Missing time, clothes singed, skin burns. Female had round head scar.0103
21 Mar 1997 - Little Britain, Ontario, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one witness.2230
29 Mar 1997 - Phoenix City, Alabama, USA - Witness one mile from house to film Hale-Bopp comet, saw bright square hover overhead. Got very cold, ether odor. four hours missing time. Claim of UFO and beings on film.2000
15 Apr 1997 - Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA - Red and white lights flashing outside, saw 100s of white lights move in unison like swarm of bees. three hours missing time. Recall of man inside clear column filled with liquid. Awoke violently ill, face scar2300
In May 1997 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. One blue object was observed by one witness.0230
May 1997 - El Morado Natural Reserve, Chile - Electronic technician Claudio Pasten was camping in an isolated area when...2100
2 May 1997 - Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one witness.0700
13 May 1997 - Valley Springs, California , USA - My father convinced me to report my abduction. So here it is.1930
In June 1997 - Cobden, Ontario, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. One green object was observed by one witness.0000
In June 1997 - Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina - Couple walks along wooded path, wife walks ahead, husband has missing time experience. Recalls two very tall men, wore silver outfits, silent.0600
In June 1997 - Haleakala, Hawaii, USA - Couple in tent at foot of volcano. Host of light colored beings approached, memory loss until morning. Sock totally soaked, two punture wounds on left leg.2300
1 Jun 1997 - Crestwood, Kentucky, USA - i was only 3. the craft was round.a green glowing light on the side. it was close to the ground so i could see the abduction portal on the botton very clearly. i was walking back in side from church. i didnt see it for the rest of the night...0635
5 Jun 1997 - La Houssaye-en-Brie, Île-de-France, France - Nathalie, a young French woman, was sitting in her car with a companion when...02300
5 Jun 1997 - Redmond, Washington, USA - A Mr. Hassan saw a hovering saucer shaped object about 1/2 away that glowed a white ...2100
15 Jun 1997 - Middletown, New York, USA - Possible Abduction Attempt0230
17 Jun 1997 - Roswell, New Mexico, USA - i had a dream about an abductions the year before0455
27 Jun 1997 - Helena, Montana, USA - I didn't believe in UFO abduction until it happened to me.0000
28 Jun 1997 - Harvey's Lake, Pennsylvania, USA - I may have been abducted with the time differential but have no recollection of missing time.0800
1 Jul 1997 - Fort Benning, Georgia, USA - Sexual encounter. Witness claimed to have had sex with tall Grey alien. Awoke in bed, saw two tall beings, gray in color, with large heads, apparently wore no clothing. Telepathy.0001
1 Jul 1997 - Fort Benning, Georgia, USA - An alien had sex with me0001
4 Aug 1997 - Camrose, Alberta, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by two witnesses.0230
3 Oct 1997 - Raahe, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by a male witness (Kurkela, O).1600
15 Oct 1997 - Duncan, Oklahoma, USA - Felt presence in room, 3hrs missing time. Recall oval metal room with small windows, table, needle devices on robotic arms. Telepathy, injected. Triangular imprint on lower back.0215
15 Nov 1997 - Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, USA - Object was seen with small lights shining down disappeared, possible abduction.2100
15 Nov 1997 - Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, USA - A light was seen up in the sky with small lights shining down from it it dissapeared and a possible abduction took place the following night.2100
In December 1997 - La Grange, Georgia, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported in a bedroom. Three 4.5-foot-tall beings were seen.0200
In 1998 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - Witness awoke to find herself on marble like exam table, in mist with non-directional lighting. Being size of 8-yr-old, thin Grey, no clothing, large head, very large eyes, pointed chin. Telepathy: sleep2300
10 Dec 1997 - Taos County, New Mexico, USA - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. One object was observed by a male witness in a field (Alfonso, R).0630
12 Dec 1997 - Lubbock, Texas, USA - At sleep over, flashing lights, blankets ripped off bed. Tall thin figures 'spoke' to us, abduction, woke with strange triangular marks on.0203
16 Dec 1997 - Baltimore, Maryland, USA - i think i was abducted.1830
1998 - Houston, Texas, USA - Pamela Stonebrook, the famous jazz singer, whose first recorded abduction is dated ...
15 Jan 1998 - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA - Government Employee incident. 2300
1998 May - Melegnano, Lombardei, Italy - Press reports of the case of some boys who, many years before, were rendered unconscious and taken aboard a UFO would (possible CE-4). Insufficient data.
2 May 1998 - Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA - Object moving overhead, shined lights upon witnesses. "I don't remember what happened next. I woke up about 15 minutes later, I think."0100
10 Jun 1998 - Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia - Flashing light, very tall man in hallway. Wore long beige jacket, had long arms. She attempted to scream but found herself standing in different position, told to go back to bed, which she did.2215
27 Jun 1998 - Cassopolis, Michigan, USA - Teenage woman recalls being on metal table surrounded by lights. three 4' tall humanoids, gave off white light. one approached her, held out two fingers in V-sign. Anomalous scars on her body.2345
30 Jul 1998 - Auanga, California , USA - I was abducted and have video proof2345
1 Aug 1998 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Alien healing.0300
In September 1998 - Cipolletti, Argentina - Fog. Young woman on bus, listening to Walkman. Music changes to "foreign language" choral music, paralysis, altered surroundings. Dwarf on spaceship took hand, felt abdomen, fog, transport back.2130
13 Sep 1998 - Norman, Oklahoma, USA - Abduction 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2200
25 Oct 1998 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Bedroom illuminated by unknown source. Figure at foot of bed. Tried to make out face but suddenly fell asleep. Woke up in morning on family sofa.0500
28 Oct 1998 - Polson, Montana, USA - UFO reported in Lake County Leader on 10/28/98. Many people sighted these and a friend said he was abducted.0300
28 Oct 1998 - Polson, Montana, USA - Check the Polson Paper "Lake County Leader" for the date of 10/28/98. Many people sighted theses and a friend said he was abducted. I have also seen Diamond formations over Lolo MT in 8/19970300
1 Nov 1998 - Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Truck Driver incident. 2300
7 Jan 1999 - Crawley, England, UK - Bursts of light in bedroom, then found herself onboard object with low continuous windows. Control panel, two robots, two dark hooded beings, one tall blond Nordic leader, wore blue. Headaches, toothaches.0600
5 Feb 1999 - West Sussex, UK - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 23-year-old witness in a bedroom.0300
21 Mar 1999 - Jasper, Arkansas, USA - This is regarding a possible abduction when I was a caretaker on a 40 acre farm in the ozarks. 2300
22 Apr 1999 - Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.0215
4 May 1999 - Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina - Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
5 May 1999 - Phoenix, Arizona , USA - body experiments by aliens2300
10 May 1999 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - No recollection of ever seeing a UFO or alien, but awoke from sleep in the early AM hours with the sound of a "knock.0315
5 Jun 1999 - Athens (Athinai), Greece - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.2300
6 Jun 1999 - Meyers-Tahoe Paradise, California , USA - Witness was "suddenly lifted by an air bubble through a beam of light, then examined and let free".0700
7 Jun 1999 - Hollywood, Florida, USA - i think i was abducted by aliens in Hollywood, Florida on June 7th, 1999.2100
14 Jun 1999 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Possible humanoid being sighting/abduction attempt??0300
27 Jun 1999 - Fauquier County, Virginia , USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one female 44-year-old witness. Three 3.5-foot-tall little green men were seen.0200
1 Jul 1999 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Objects moving overhead and then I remember nothing because of a white flash.
18 Jul 1999 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - 3x from 7/18 to now an abduction event, but not a success for them. I am a researcher and had taken a abductee to San Antonio for .0504
15 Aug 1999 - Plano, Texas, USA - transported into another place by unknown, possibly alien contact attempting to show me something.0000
18 Aug 1999 - Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma, USA - Man at home, overcome by weird feeling. Next memory lying nude on exam table. Several 4' tall, metallic blue beings, no ears, black slit eyes, thin/fragile. Long arms, 3-fingered. Large silver being.0005
22 Aug 1999 - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA - Woman, age 87, saw large delta-shaped object buzz overhead. Blue beam came down, illuminated yard. Missing time.0430
In mid-October 1999 - Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada - Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Abduction by aliens was reported.2000
17 Nov 1999 - Tejucuoca, Ceara, Brazil - 74-year old Julia Moreira was walking home from the house of a friend on the night ...1930
3 Dec 1999 - Rochester, New York, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.0215
25 Dec 1999 - Mount Vernon, Missouri, USA - Translocation possible. Dark delta or V-Shape over rest stop on Interstate highway. Witnesses wake up hours later at home, 26km away. No recollection of how they got there.2300
26 Dec 1999 - Venice, Florida, USA - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.0120
19 Feb 2000 - Columbus, Ohio, USA - Was it a dream or was I abducted?
23 Mar 2000 - West Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK - Factory Worker incident. 2300
24 Mar 2000 - Grimsby, England, UK - Woman abducted from bedroom, taken to watch a surgical operation on a man, returned home safely. All conscious memory.1400
9 Apr 2000 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA - Motorist sees enormous pinkish metallic cigar-shaped UFO, 100 feet above road, stops in front of car. He blacks out, smells burning odor when comes to, recalls exam table, hi-pitched buzzing. Back bruised0430
14 Apr 2000 - Cairo, Egypt - An abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male 14-year-old witness.0300
18 May 2000 - Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - Observed small object fly away. Later had memories of "aliens".2245
July 2000 - Prescott, Arizona , USA - Joshua Dantz was on his way home after visiting relatives in New Mexico and found deserted highway when...0200
5 Jul 2000 - McGuire AFB, New Jersey, USA - A man named Robert Taylor, 22, remembers being abducted inside a very misty room ...1600
12 Jul 2000 - Manooth, Ontario, Canada - Semi-anonymous abduction report.
25 Jul 2000 - Firsanovka, Moscow region, Russia - The witness, Ignatiy Aleksandrovich Srartsev and 2 of his friends were out in a wooded field when...1900
1 Sep 2000 - Northern Part, Texas, USA - A young woman is driving alone through northern Texas, when a very large and strange light approaches her vehicle.  She experiences missing time, and later returns to the site.0230
6 Sep 2000 - Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines - Three days after a witness filmed a strange object over the area, 31-year old Gloria Siboa was walking on her way home when...1330
21 Sep 2000 - Chatfield, Texas, USA - i was abducted by an ailien craft and my body was examined.1930
Beginning of October 2000 - Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine - The witness, Mrs. Danilova, director of a local business firm along with her husband were in their car returning to Simferopol when...2200
19 Oct 2000 - Chiu-Chiu, Chile - White object size of soccer field hovers 40 feet above school. "burning odor", blue, red, yellow flashing lights. Panel opens, light beam shone down, two adbucted, found dazed and shivering.2200
20 Nov 2000 - Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, USA - alien abduction0413
12 Feb 2001 - Pompano Beach, Florida, USA - we were visited and possible abducted last night.0230
April 2001 - Lake Delton, Wisconsin, USA - On April 4 at about 0130A a family was woke up by a small balloon-like object that ...2100
7 Apr 2001 - Eynsham, England, UK - 1 landed and abducted the dog2254
23 Apr 2001 - Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. One blue object was observed.
1 May 2001 - Sydney, Wadalba, New South Wales, Australia - Flashing lights in mountains near house, and strange shadows seen by strong believer in alien abductions. Felt dizzy and sick. Explanation: Hallucinat.2130
7 May 2001 - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. One black triangle was observed.2210
21 May 2001 - La Mesa, California , USA - TWO ALIENS CAME TO MY ROOM - PLEASE READ THIS IS SERIOUS2300
26 May 2001 - Olympia, Washington, USA - young children experience a near abduction by a UFO in their own back yard in Olympia, Washington, May 2001.2000
1 Jun 2001 - Sandoval, Illinois, USA - There were two lights, they came at 12:30 and Ithink they abducted me, but I have no Memory from 1:00-6:00am.1230
15 Jul 2001 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA - The truth behind the Grays 0000
24 Jul 2001 - Ocean City, Maryland, USA - flash of light! possibly abduction!1000
15 Aug 2001 - Surry, UK - 5 alien crafts circled my area then flew over my head.0000
19 Aug 2001 - Sevilla, Spain - Lourdes Santos and her husband were returning home to Sevilla when...2030
19 Nov 2001 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Triangle shaped object drops from sky during meteor shower...possible abduction.0230
11 Dec 2001 - Standard, Alberta, Canada - An abduction of a witness was reported. Abduction by aliens was reported.0530
2 Jan 2002 - Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada - Object appeared; witness vanished (?)2032
24 Feb 2002 - Washington Township, New Jersey, USA - Possible abduction/missing time2208
20 Jun 2002 - Landover, Maryland, USA - Missing time experience in DC area2100
8 Jul 2002 - Waterbury, Connecticut, USA - I witnessed an abduction from my backyard.1800
1 Aug 2002 - Jacinto Arauz, La Pampa, Argentina - 64-year old Raul Dorado was touring some fields when...2200
13 Aug 2002 - Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA - Two Hour Abduction in Sharon, PA2106
24 Aug 2002 - Sparta, Tennessee, USA - Message: beauty of the flesh creates power this is aliens addiction and our mystery, why we are alone.1200
25 Aug 2002 - Cascade, Idaho, USA - Time loss1245
2 Sep 2002 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - UFO observation and alien visit
25 Sep 2002 - Grapevine, Texas, USA - Approached by blinking lights, lost time and location while driving.2030
19 Oct 2002 - Sosnovoborovsk, Russia - A woman, Tatiana Anatolievna, reported being abducted by several humanoids and taken ...2100
1 Jan 2003 - Mocksville, North Carolina, USA - UFO and alien sighting 0130
February 2003 - Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine - A local resident reported going to the balcony of his apartment when...2100
9 Feb 2003 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Abduction/contact experience, lights seen in apartment
11 Feb 2003 - Merrillville, Indiana, USA - Failed abduction attempt alleged: "I was almost abducted, along with my friends, I think we all feared for our life."0013
13 Feb 2003 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Abduction/contact experience, beams of light, walls shaking, burns
14 Feb 2003 - Lakewood, Washington, USA - Man reports that he awoke in the morning, only to find that 1) his watch was off by one hour, and 2) he had three strange marks on his neck.0700
14 Feb 2003 - Miami, Florida, USA - Saw oval shape, time-21:54, after what seemed like two seconds time was 22:26. dont know what happend.2154
21 Feb 2003 - Valley Junction, Oregon, USA - Missing time2230
22 Feb 2003 - Silver Spring, Maryland, USA - Have you ever been abducted? I have. My story in detail.1200
12 Mar 2003 - Easton, Maryland, USA - Caught a possible Alien Abduction and/or Cattle Mutiliation in progress,0530
15 Mar 2003 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Bright lights, a triangular object and a loud sound observed by two witnesses for 30 minutes. One witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for.0100
19 Apr 2003 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Possible abduction? MILAB? Strange visit from the health department?0000
15 Jun 2003 - Cambridge, England, UK - "Almost an Abduction"1610
12 Jul 2003 - Ashland, Kentucky, USA - We saw a light, then 20 or 30, mother saw aliens supposedly, and we woke up 30 minutes later in a different place on the road.2200
17 Sep 2003 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Controlled Explosion had been suggested as a way to protect against abduction.2100
17 Sep 2003 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Controlled Explosion had been suggested as a way to protect against abduction.2100
14 Oct 2003 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - ufocasebook.com/ minnesotaufo.html

The full "moon" came down & abducted us- we awoke 2 hrs later2300
8 Nov 2003 - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada - Continuing Abduction Problems For Kelowna, B.C. Family. Plus Green Lights Return.2300
10 Nov 2003 - Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA - Bulky Conical object abducts human2350
25 Nov 2003 - Creston, British Columbia, Canada - Witnesses briefly saw blue lights, then felt they had missing time2120
3 Dec 2003 - Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA - The 36-year old witness was apparently abducted into a UFO and into a pitch-black ...1651
30 Jan 2004 - Kirchzell, Bayern, Germany - Sighting/Abduction?2300
2 Feb 2004 - Coquille, Oregon, USA - I believe I was ALMOST abducted.0700
2 Mar 2004 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa - i am an alien that is what they said to me1900
14 Mar 2004 - Terre Haute, Indiana, USA - Abducted, studied, scared.0100
3 Apr 2004 - Sonora, California , USA - Shape of objects: Large Bluish White Light Full Description of event/sighting: I was facing east, the full moon was above and to my right. From my left, overhead, a large bluish-white light was passing over me...1915
3 Apr 2004 - Sonora, California , USA - Large Bluish-white Light Flies Slowly Northward over Sonora, CA1915
14 May 2004 - Valley City, Ohio, USA - A self-employed contractor working in Medina, Ohio area reported that he could not account for an hour of time after powering washing a1039
21 May 2004 - St-Philippe, Quebec, Canada - A dark triangle was observed by two witnesses for a few seconds; One witness reported extreme sleepiness, followed by a period of time that could not be accounted for, dreams, and weakness.2245
end of June 2004 - Ekaterinburg, Urals, Russia - A man named Sergey Korovin a local resident reportedly disappeared for 5 days, appearing ...
4 Jul 2004 - Provo, Utah, USA - I think I was abducted0536
12 Jul 2004 - New York, New York, USA - Mind Controlled by Aliens2300
26 Aug 2004 - Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada - Lights seen, fog appeared, witness missing time, physical effects0330
1 Sep 2004 - New York, New York, USA - bluish light and alien encounter0230
16 Sep 2004 - Oro, Ontario, Canada - Moving bands of light moving in bedroom, caused dreams. Explanation: Meteor.2244
29 Nov 2004 - New Buffalo, Michigan, USA - Raped by Aliens, ETC>.1323
9 Mar 2005 - Yorktown, Virginia , USA - Possible UFO- but more importantly, the alien experience1900
30 Mar 2005 - Vila Bilibio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Tradesman Vanderlei Rodrigues dos Santos, 42, was driving on highway BR-158 when...2130
10 May 2005 - Holstein, Iowa, USA - Time manipulation after possible abduction.1500
summer 2005 - Omsk, West Siberia, Russia - Reportedly a 12-year old boy was playing with some friends near the children's "Ecocenter" ...2000
23 Aug 2005 - Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland - Shaun Bush claims he was abducted by aliens on this day. But they weren't the probing ...0200
25 Nov 2005 - Wichita, Kansas, USA - aliens speak german???2230
8 Dec 2005 - Chehalis, Washington, USA - Hovering light moving in the distance randomly at high speeds, no abduction this time.0530
early January 2006 - Nacogdoches, Texas, USA - David Salomen, 60's, was riding his dirt bike in a secluded forest north of the location and had stopped to rest when...2100
19 Mar 2006 - Birmingham, England, UK - I actually saw an alien2300
19 Apr 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Four short grayish black-eyed aliens appeared in my room.0230
23 May 2006 - Palm Coast, Florida, USA - I belive i was abducted in palm coast2043
16 Jul 2006 - Villa Park, Illinois, USA - I believe I was abducted by Aliens2200
1 Aug 2006 - Fort Pierce, Florida, USA - Possible Abduction taken place in south FL in mid summer.0300
8 Aug 2006 - Slupsk, Pomorskie, Poland - 28-year old Zbigniew Skorzynski was awoken by a bright light, he woke up and saw ...0300
4 Dec 2006 - Clarksville, Tennessee, USA - A bright UFO jumps out of a wormhole/portal and possibly abducts a young man 500 Lights On Object0: Yes0400
1 Jan 2007 - Larne, Northern Ireland, UK - sighting in northern ireland and possible abduction.. ongoing 1300
first days of January 2007 - Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina - The witness, a 31-year old female was in her home in a neighborhood located on the ...0230
2 Mar 2007 - Stephenville, Texas, USA - Injections put into us during an abduction.0156
25 May 2007 - Manchester, England, UK - The main witness "Sting" Madison was taking a stroll with his girlfriend along some open fields and was looking at the hill ahead of them when he saw a figure at the top.2200
June 2007 - Florala, Alabama, USA - The witness who was involved in a previous close encounter reported having a very lucid or vivid "dream" ...2200
7 Jul 2007 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - UFOs abduct me 0230
13 Jul 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - THe ufo was a triangle and it tryed to abduct me and it happend before 8 years ago.2133
9 Oct 2007 - Waynesville, North Carolina, USA - Large glowing disk at Max Patch, NC...... abduction? 2133
10 Oct 2007 - Stockbridge, Georgia, USA - i was abducted 0100
12 Oct 2007 - Rogers, Arkansas, USA - abduction.2300
10 Nov 2007 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Mowd Jowhar (involved in a previous encounter) was sleeping in bed after working the night shift when three beings (not described) appeared in his bedroom.1500
11 Nov 2007 - San Antonio, Texas, USA - abduction, but no success 0300
1 Jan 2008 - Granada Hills, California , USA - The witness remembers waking up dehydrated, all sore and exhausted, feeling emotionally drained but with no memory or recollection of what had happened.…1130
3 Jan 2008 - Seattle, Washington, USA - Abduction 1500
3 Jan 2008 - Seattle, Washington, USA - A husband and wife had been falling asleep on the sofa bed in their living room when the husband woke up...1500
7 Jan 2008 - Malta, Illinois, USA - The witness (involved in other sightings) woke up feeling a sharp stabbing pain in her finger. A figure about five feet, three inches tall was standing right next to her.2330
8 Jan 2008 - Brownwood, Texas , USA - The witness was outside at night when she saw an object flying over her sort of flittering about in the night sky.…1130
12 Jan 2008 - Dubno, Rovno region, Ukraine - 34-year old Marshall arts instructor Vladimir Voronezhskiy and his wife 29-year old Olga, at the time on maternity leave were at home with their one and a half year old son Arthur and their daughters 9-year old Vanessa and 8-year old Angelica were at home0200
15 Jan 2008 - St Louis, Missouri, USA - The witness was walking his dog on his late night jog when all of the sudden he saw a large circular object overhead...2300
15 Jan 2008 - St Louis, Missouri , USA - The witness was walking his dog on his late night jog when all of the sudden he saw a large circular object overhead.…2300
15 Jan 2008 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA - i was abducted 2300
22 Jan 2008 - Blueridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA - Abduction on Blueridge Parkway.2200
24 Jan 2008 - North Riverside, Illinois, USA - Attempted abduction [?] of 2 people in Suburban Bike Trail by a U.F.O.2300
2 Feb 2008 - Houston, Texas , USA - The witness was driving on Interstate 45 in his 04 Dodge pickup truck headed northbound; he took the West Mt Houston exit and got on the road.…2220
25 Mar 2008 - Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada - The main witness (involved in two other encounters, so far) was driving the family car along the Hammonds Plains road, it had been a very long day and the witness was feeling kind of depressed, driving around with no direction or intended destination beca2330
7 May 2008 - Bush, Alaska , USA - Nick Andrew Jr. was on a snowmobile hunting birds some distance out of town---maybe three hours away.…2000
6 Jun 2008 - Reseda, California , USA - On Saturday June 7 the 34-year old witness began getting glimpses of memories of an encounter/dream she had the night before.…1130
7 Jun 2008 - Antioch Community, South Carolina , USA - A married couple with many years of aviation experience was returning from some friend's house where they had been watching movies.…2320
13 Jun 2008 - Tromsoe, Norway - Me and my friend abducted by three aircrafts at night 0000
2008 - Lajas, Puerto Rico , USA - A young child reportedly goes to the nearby forest to speak from a "being" from the "moon". He has apparently done this on several occasions since he was 3 years of age. There is no additional information and the case is still under investigation.
28 Jul 2008 - Houston, Texas, USA - If I hadn't ran I've would've been abducted..again!0815
1 Oct 2008 - West Palm Beach, Florida , USA - The anonymous witness was asleep when she awoke to a voice in her mind calling to her "Look!" She turned her head and saw three aliens staring at her from her doorway.…1130
15 Oct 2008 - Norman, Oklahoma, USA - I saw a light blue UFO with a low sound emitted that seemed to abduct a dog, and then vanish.2042
3 Nov 2008 - Ocean Beach, New York , USA - The main witness had been having strange dreams for a while.…1130
14 Nov 2008 - Paducah, Kentucky, USA - A thwarted abduction attempt.0530
12 Dec 2008 - Norman, Oklahoma, USA - A man and his wife were driving just having passed Norman and having taken a wrong turn, they found Highway 9, a small road that would take them back to Highway 44.…1028
3 Jan 2009 - New Paris, Ohio , USA - The witness (possibly involved in other encounters) was about ready for bed, letting his dog "Dudley" out for an evening walk.…2026
1 Feb 2009 - Los Lunas, New Mexico , USA - The main witness and his friend "Will' were in Will's car driving home in this town just south of Albuquerque.…1130
2 Feb 2009 - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - abducted by circular ufo while camping 0400
2 Feb 2009 - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - The witness was camping in the Abbotsford outskirts area very late one night, and was having issues sleeping because of his back.…0400
11 Mar 2009 - Kingman, Arizona , USA - A witness observed a strange light and jet in the night sky.…1130
17 Mar 2009 - Harbin Hot Springs, California , USA - Two ladies, Marlene Fitchthorn, 50, and Marie Jones, 70, became lost during a hike expecting to last 2 hours.…2000
28 Mar 2009 - La Pampa, Argentina - According to the main witness a local woman, who has been involved in previous experiences including encounters with tall humanoids and shorter robot-like beings.…1130
25 Apr 2009 - Denver, Colorado , USA - The witness, who suffers chronic pain due to a degenerative joint disease, was experiencing pain and was in bed accompanied by her dog trying to sleep.…0415
26 Apr 2009 - Basalt, Colorado , USA - The 18-year old witness was walking back home from a friend's house when he saw a large bright light hovering low over the area which began to follow him.…0230
4 May 2009 - Lake District, England , UK - After a long day the witness had eventually settled down for the night in his tent at around 2300hrs.…0130
15 May 2009 - Osprey, Florida, USA - A group of aliens went into my house and implanted me with a blue sphere, at night.0000
28 May 2009 - San Leandro, California , USA - On april 28 2009 at 3 am pacific time an alien appeared in the living room as i was sleeping on the couch.0300
6 Jun 2009 - Woonsocket, Rhode Island , USA - The two witnesses were working on a computer and one of them was demonstrating software that they had planned to use for their business.…0300
7 Jul 2009 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Seen Three aliens three different times outside my window within 2 weeks2130
22 Jul 2009 - Ocala, Florida , USA - The witness F. L. doesn't recall at what time he fell asleep, he only knows he passed out because he was so tired.…1130
16 Aug 2009 - Verkhnyaya Salda, Ural region, Russia - Ufologists in the Ural region have been called in to assist with the disappearance of an 11-year old girl three months ago after conventional investigations failed to solve the case.…2000
2 Sep 2009 - Butler, Missouri , USA - The witnesses were taking night shots in the country, trying to catch some wildlife out hunting.…2000
5 Sep 2009 - Puerto Gaboto, Santa Fe, Argentina - A family of three, Sergio, Laura and their 7-year old son were parked next to the Coronda River enjoying some "Mate' (Argentine tea) when they noticed sometime strange over some nearby fields.…1722
23 Sep 2009 - Butler, Missouri, USA - sightind and abduction on country road.2200
16 Nov 2009 - Glasgow, Scotland , UK - The witness was walking his dog at the Oval in Prestwick and was aware of a strange tension in the air and his hair began to stand on end, beneath the many layers he was wrapped up in because of the winter weather.…2130
1 Jan 2010 - Willis, Queensland, Australia - The witness was working on a property in Willis, Queensland, Australia, when he saw what he could only describe as ‘another sun’ in the sky.…1200
1 Feb 2010 - Preston, Connecticut, USA - female human abducted by aliens.0800
10 Feb 2010 - Athens, Texas , USA - The witness had just exited a vehicle he had been riding with friends and was going to walk across a field surrounded by woods to an apartment complex.…2300
31 Mar 2010 - Wakefield, England , UK - The witness (requesting anonymity) began having strange experiences some time in 2009 when she was about to commence life guard training.…1130
4 Jun 2010 - Easton, Maryland, USA - Discolored grass after thought to be Alien encounter.0200
1905-07-02 - Heiden, , Netherlands - The witness, a young man named Soufian (involved in other encounters) had gone to sleep as usual and during the middle of the night Soufian began to experience a strange ‘dream’.…2200
26 Jul 2010 - St Petersburg, Florida , USA - The witness had gone to bed around midnight, his wife and young cousin were sleeping in separate rooms on this particular night.…0000
7 Aug 2010 - Hillsboro, Illinois, USA - Abducted and screen memories were in place. Injury took place, screen memories have failed 0220
8 Aug 2010 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - The witness had gone to bed around 11pm and sometime later was woken up by three creatures in a brightly lit egg-shaped room; the light was coming out of the walls, ceiling and floor which emitted a soft luminous glow.…0000
11 Aug 2010 - Midlothian, Illinois, USA - The main witness and her boyfriend were playing pool in her basement.…1506
19 Aug 2010 - Dallas, Texas , USA - A 47-year old nurse reported that her 58-year old spouse woke up feeling short of breath and his blood pressure was elevated…nothing new for he has been going through some cardiac issues for some time now.…0500
30 Aug 2010 - Lee’s Summit, Missouri , USA - A witness had initially woken up at 3:00 a.m. because his dog was acting strangely.…2255
15 Oct 2010 - Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA - UFO above my house. Possibly abducted.0300
15 Oct 2010 - Harleysville, Pennsylvania , USA - The young witness had stayed up late playing computer games and had gone to sleep around 1 am.…0300
15 Nov 2010 - Lakewood, Washington, USA - craft hovers silently changing shape. possible abduction.1305
4 Dec 2010 - Cypress, Texas, USA - Possible Abduction Attempt in Cypress, Texas 0210
22 Feb 2011 - Germantown, Maryland , USA - The witness, who usually slept on her stomach, had fallen asleep on her back on this morning.…0115
24 Feb 2011 - Lee Summit, Missouri , USA - The witness remembers a missing time episode during the snowstorm of 2011 and bits and pieces o what happened to him.…2200
12 Mar 2011 - Morgan Mill, Texas, USA - Suicide after Alien/UFO sighting near Comanche Peak Nuclear Facility 2200
4 May 2011 - Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA - Alien Abduction Scar/Marks???
20 May 2011 - Kansas City, Kansas, USA - Possible abduction, witnessed several hovering discs from the ground 0130
7 Jul 2011 - Snoqualmie, Washington, USA - Possible abduction.0030
1 Aug 2011 - Vandellos, Tarragona, Spain - A long distance truck driver was traveling on the AP-7 route and was nearing kilometer 300.…2200
5 Aug 2011 - Woodstock, West Virginia, USA - Bright lights in a formation in the sky, and I believe I was abducted.2300
12 Nov 2011 - Guilford County, North Carolina , USA - The witness was jogging on a nature trail and had stopped briefly to rest.…0930
21 Nov 2011 - Woodland, California , USA - Re: "Abduction" at Woodland, CA the description follows the traditional "abduction" scenario. 0219
21 Nov 2011 - Woodland, California , USA - early morning abduction / visitation on november21,2011 0219
1 Jan 2012 - Elkton, Maryland, USA - Abduction 1203
1 Mar 2012 - Kendall, Florida , USA - The main witness, Reinerio (Ray) Hernandez reported than on a Sunday morning his wife and he saw two different ‘objects’ inside their home, in their living room located on the first floor of the house.…0700
12 Mar 2012 - Ocala, Florida, USA - ifo sighting

Possibly abducted with anal probing conducted on me and partner..

18 Jun 2012 - Belcourt, North Dakota , USA - The witness was out in the woods collecting firewood when he saw what he described as an ‘S’ shaped object or thing floating about 6 feet in the air.…0700
25 Jun 2012 - Glenwood Springs, Colorado , USA - The witness (involved in other encounters) heard a noise from his renter’s room---a thudlike sound; he walked down the hallway toward his room and called out his name.…2200
27 Jun 2012 - Federalsburg, Maryland, USA - This is a probable ufo abduction involving two adult females and one toddler 500 Lights On Object0: Yes2000
15 Jul 2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Fabin Torti, a member of the Grupo Tecnico de Asistencia Psicologica OVNI (GRU.…
21 Aug 2012 - Cedar Park, Texas , USA - The witness was at home and went to bed around 10:30 pm and as usual fell asleep listening to the television and slept for about 30 minutes when suddenly the television went off by itself.…2312
27 Aug 2012 - Trenton, Georgia, USA - A brief encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, belief is near-abduction sighting.0530
31 Aug 2012 - Kihei, Hawaii , USA - The witness awoke with a black mass hovering over her entire body.…2245
16 Sep 2012 - Fountain Valley, California , USA - Possible abduction in Fountain Valley, California, intellegent life has arrived and wants us to know! 500 Lights On Object0: Yes0100
13 Dec 2012 - Seminole, Florida, USA - Thousands of Crows extradiminsional being abduction 500 Lights On Object0: Yes1727
late December 2012 - Brooksville, Florida , USA - The main witness and a friend drove to isolated spot and jumped a fence to get into an isolated field to have a beer and talk about politics, religion and which one of the many genres of their band could be.…2200
1 Jan 2013 - Kissimmee, Florida , USA - The witness was driving to work, it was early and it was completely dark as she drove on a quiet street by the lake.…0545
9 Jan 2013 - Burbank, California , USA - The witness was watering plants in the backyard when suddenly she noticed a shimmering silver disc in the sky with flashing lights.…1700
14 Jan 2013 - Cedar Park, Texas , USA - The witness (involved in a previous encounter) would normally head outside his backyard around 7:00 pm to get some fresh air.…1943