Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind differ, by definition, from other close encounter cases in that humanoid entities are reported, usually but not always in connection with a report of an unidentifiable craft. These may be seen aboard the craft or on the ground outside of it. Such encounters are not as frequently reported by highly trained and sophisticated people as are other close encounters. About one third of the beings seen are described as dwarfs or little people of various types, one third are humans or humanoids, and one third are a motely collection of monsters. The dwarfs are generally reported to be three and a half feet tall, with large heads, spindly feet, and a head that sits squat on the shoulders without much evidence of a neck. They resemble the "little folk" of folk legends -- elves, brownies, and so on. The humanoids are reported to be human size or a little larger, and are generally very well formed, sometimes termed beautiful. The monsters are varied, with every kind of winged, hairy, robotic, and gruesome creature described.

The 'grey' alien type popularized in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind has become the public and media image of the standard type sighted. But in fact such types made up under 10% of the descriptions in CE3 cases.

Vallee defined a CE3 as simply a case were entities were observed on the UFO. Equivalent Hynek code: CE3 with a strangeness of 7

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