Close Encounters of the Second Kind

Close Encounters of the Second Kind involve encounters with "craft," which aside from being seen, create physical effects or leave a visible record of the encounter. Other than these physical effects , this category does not differ from Close Encounters of the First Kind. The physical effects include tangible marks on the ground that can remain in evidence for days or even months; the scorching or blighting of plants and trees; discomfort to animals as evidenced by their behavior; and physical effects on the human observer as temporary paralysis, numbness, a feeling of heat, and other discomfort. Some observers report temporary feelings of weightlessness or other inertial effects. Very often interference with electrical circuits occurs: car engines cease functioning temporarily, radios cut out or exhibit uncommon static, car headlights dim or are extinguished, or car batteries overheat and deteriorate rapidly.

Vallee defined a CE2 simply as a CE1 that leaves landing traces or injuries to the witness.

Equivalent Hynek code: CE2 with a strangeness of 5.

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