Close Encounters of the First Kind

Close Encounters of the First Kind involve sightings close enough, whether day or night, to make out details of the unidentified object. These are commonly brilliant luminescence, relatively small size (on the order of tens rather than hundreds of feet), generally oval shape, sometimes capped with a dome, absence of conventional wings, wheels, or other protuberances, and ability to hover and to accelerate very rapidly to high speeds. UFO trajectories are largely vertical, when speeds are high --takeoffs at 45 degrees or greater seem to be the rule. Sightings are usually restricted to a single place, even in the case of multiple independent sightings within a narrow area - there is little tendency for the close encounter UFO to be seen "cruising about the country".

Vallee defined a CE1 somewhat more precisely as a UFO that comes within 500 feet of the witness, but no after effects are suffered by the witness or the surrounding area.

Equivalent Hynek code: CE1 with a strangeness of 5

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