In early May 1997 - Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Animal mutilations and creature report. 6' tall creature, very thin, with small forearms, long claws, dark gray color.2300
17 Dec 1997 - Alamosa, Colorado , USA - Dead gelding, missing penis and 8" circular patch of hide behind the sheath--which was intact. Rear-end neatly cored out. Found lying in dry irrigation ditch.1030
6 Mar 1998 - Alamosa, Colorado , USA - Mutilated horse. below zero degrees. Horse in remote pasture, was only white horse of 15 horse-herd. Had been running as was covered in dried sweat. 15' from its own tracks.2300
24 Dec 1998 - Colinas Verdes, Puerto Rico, USA - Farmer heard strange noise from hen house, strange creature had killed 15 hens, two ducks, other poultry. Creature had copper fur, long hind legs, short front legs, broad body. Dogs did not bark.0500
2 Jul 1999 - Moffat, Colorado , USA - Reported encounter with monstrous beings. A mysterious animal mutilation was reported (Norris, Mike).2300
In April 2000 - San Fernando, Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile - Reports of at least 30 farm animal deaths, including pigs, ducks, dogs, and hens.
In April 2000 - Calama, Antofagasta, Chile - Reports of mysterious farm animal deaths, animals drained of blood, incisions in necks. Strange cries and howls heard at night.2300
18 Dec 2000 - Moffat, Colorado , USA - Two bison mutilated on the Zapata Ranch1910
28 Aug 2004 - Brisas Del Caribe, Puerto Rico, USA - Ducks found mutilated.
8 Apr 2011 - Calle Larga, Valparaiso, Chile - A local resident, Julio Acevedo had woken up early in the morning to go to a doctor’s appointment but once he stepped outside into his yard he spotted what appeared to be a boomerang-shaped object floating over the chicken pen.…0500
1 Nov 2012 - Ethete, Wyoming , USA - During a local elk hunting contest sponsored by the Wind River Indian Casino, a hunter, Ben, found himself standing with his rifle set dead aim at a huge elk, which he shot at and hit nearly a half mile away of his position in the Wind River Mountains.…1500