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Marie Marguerie and her family in Rouen

Sex: Female.
Birth: 25 Jul 1589 in St Vincent, Rouen, Normandie, France
Death: 26 Oct 1645 in St Vincent, Rouen, Normandie, France

Family: Husband: Francois Marguerie 1590 - 1645.
Children: Marie Marguerie 1620* - 1700. Francois Marguerie 1612* - 1648.
Marriage: 1608 St Vincent, Rouen, Normandie, France.

Parents: Husband: Nicolas Romain 1565 - . Wife: Marie Lefebvre 1575 - .

Marthe's husband was a man of substance, a bougeouse, an oar maker and maritime merchant in Rouen. Given the fates of her children, it is likely he was a member of the Compagnie des Marchands de Rouen et de Saint-Malo, formed by Samuel Champlain in 1614 to colonize Quebec and corner the American fur trade.

Her son Francois went to Canada as early as 1615, and at least by 1626, to become a legend. He was regarded by the First Nations as the European who had most thoroughly learned their language and customs - they called him the 'double man' - he could pass as European or Indigenous.

Her daughter Marie would follow Francois in about 1639 to marry another legend of Canadian history, Jacques Hertel, and give birth to another, Francois Hertel.

Marie would also be the 'founder' of a mitochondrial DNA lineage in Europe that would be inherited by hundreds of thousands of her matrilineal descendents by the 21st Century. It was from her mother Marthe that she inherited the following mtdna haplotype:

Haplogroup W
HVR1: 16209C 16223T 16255A 16292T 16519C
HVR2: 73G 119C 189G 195C 204C 207A 263G 309.1C 315.1C

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