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Sex: Female.
Birth: 1869 in Wisconsin
Death: BEF 1930

Family: Husband: Robert Hanson 1856 - 1930.

Parents: Husband: John Barto 1838 - 1900. Wife: Margaret Sutherland 1845 - .

Idenification is firm in 1920 census, based on unique combination of first name, birthdate, parent's birth places, and the fact she is living with newphew Franklin Barto.

Cannot be located in between census of 1880 and 1920. Possibly was married to a different husband. No information on children. One possible marriage record for Robert Hanson indicates that this may have been a late second marriage (in 1892) for both parties. Neither appears in the 1930 census.

mtdna Haplogroup W
HVR1: 16209C 16223T 16255A 16292T 16519C
HVR2: 73G 119C 189G 195C 204C 207A 263G 309.1C 315.1C

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