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Sex: Female.
Birth: 1 Aug 1912 in Augusta, Wisconsin
Death: Jun 1974 in Chicago, Illinois

Family: Husband: John Duane Rich 1905 - 1986.
Children: Janet Irene Rich 1928 - 1997. Juanita Rich 1926 - 2004.

Family: Husband: George Schroepfer Jr 1914 - 1981.

Parents: Husband: Harry H Wilson Sr 1872 - 1953. Wife: Mary E Turner 1879 - 1959.

It seems nearly certain that Joyce L Wilson is the daughter of Harry H Wilson Sr and Mary E Turner Wilson. Joyce Wilson was only 14 and 16 years old, respectively (the father was only 18 and 20), when Juanita and Jeanette (Janet) Rich were born. This all happened in Eau Claire and Augusta, Wisconsin.

My baby book gives Joyce L Wilson's parents as Harry (Edwin) Wilson and Mary Turner. Both of these names have been revised, the initial entries erased, perhaps indicating uncertainty and a correction by the biological mother at the time her daughter visited her with the new baby in 1952. The 1920 Census lists a daughter of Harry H Wilson and Mary E Turner of Augusta, Eau Claire, of precisely the correct age (as Joy A Wilson, born in 1912). Joy/Joyce does not appear in the official Turner family genealogies, however. Considering that the whole thing must have been an enormous family scandal this perhaps is unsurprising (she was 'dead to them').

Joyce Wilson's two daughters were raised by the immediate family of the father, and later various relatives. Joyce Wilson herself moved to Chicago, later married for a time a fellow named Schroepfer, and died in 1974. She was an alcoholic (not surprising). My mother visited her a few times (once with me in 1952, but I was only a few months old then).

She is not known to have had any children with Schroepfer.

mtdna Haplogroup W
HVR1: 16209C 16223T 16255A 16292T 16519C
HVR2: 73G 119C 189G 195C 204C 207A 263G 309.1C 315.1C


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