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A Seigneur of New France

Sex: Female.
Birth: 31 Oct 1655 in Trois-Rivieres, St Maurice, Pq, Canada
Death: 7 Apr 1734 in Trois-Rivieres, Pq, Canada

Family: Husband: Etienne Grandmenil Degrammenil Veron.
Children: Etienne Grandmenil Veron 1679 - 1743. Marguerite Grandmenil Veron 1678 - 1748. Veronique Grandmenil Veron 1682 - 1711. Marie Madeleine Grandmenil Veron 1684 - 1760. Marie Renee Grandmenil Veron 1687 - 1704. Therese Grandmenil Veron 1689 - 1710. Marie Jean Grandmenil Veron 1695 - 1756. Louise Francoise Grandmenil Veron 1697 - .
Marriage: 30 May 1677 Trois Riviere Parish, Quebec, Canada.

Parents: Husband: Quentin Moral 1622 - 1686. Wife: Marie Marguerie 1620* - 1700.

Marie-Therese Moral was the daughter of Quentin Moral, king s lieutenant, and Marie Marguerie, sister of Francois Marguerie, widow of Jacques Hertel, and mother of Francois Hertel, all of them heroes in the colony. At age 26, in 1677, she was married to Veron de Grandmesnil, a fur trader of some means.

Veron, like Marie-Therese, had been born in the raw frontier post of Trois-Rivieres. At age three his father was killed by Iroquois. His mother remarried the noted explorer Medard Chouart. However his new stepfather applied severe corporal punishment to the headstrong Veron - and this caused strife between Veron's mother and his stepfather. The boy was entrusted instead to a guardian at a cost of 20 livres a year. When Veron was older, he was sent to the Jesuits for education and discipline. At the age of 18 he was back living with his mother - the stepfather evidently being away on the fur trade. He had prospered enough by age 28 to marry Marie-Therese, which truly put him in the upper ranks of the small society of Trois Rivieres. Veron was of high enough rank to be one of twenty at Trois Rivieres who met to fix the price of beaver furs that year.

The family greeted its first child only seven months after the marriage was formalized. Veron's mother gave him part of his father's land in 1680, and by 1681 he is recorded as having one servant, seven head of cattle and 45 acres planted. In 1682 he was named as churchwarden Trois-Rivieres, and contributed to the construction of a new church building. In the same year he was made militia captain of the parish.

Having reached the apex of life in the colony, he moved on to bigger things. He became the secretary of Lamothe Cadillac, helping to found the trading post of Detroit. On his return to Montreal he continued serving Cadillac until 1706, when he obtained a notary's commission and became independent. He was also deputy to the king s attorney. He remained an active notary until 1720.

Veron died back at his birthplace of Trois Rivieres in May 1721. Marie survived him by 12 years, dying in Trois Rivieres at the age of 79.

mtdna Haplogroup W
HVR1: 16209C 16223T 16255A 16292T 16519C
HVR2: 73G 119C 189G 195C 204C 207A 263G 309.1C 315.1C

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