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Sex: Female.
Birth: 1876 in Paris,Lamar Co.,Tx
Death: 1967

Family: Husband: Glenn Ketchum.

Parents: Husband: Joseph Henry Hightower 1853 - 1881. Wife: Mary Jane Hyde 1853 - 1897.

Annie and Glenn were divorced early. He was a cowboy. She taught school to support the family. She taught in Plano, TX, with Tom Hightower, and later lived in NM. One time she took a course at Thorp Spring and William Parker Hale paid her rent while there. Orbin, one of her boys, had polio as a child and was terribly crippled.

mtdna Haplogroup W
HVR1: 16209C 16223T 16255A 16292T 16519C

Information from Cato Hightower, and Carl Hightower, Jr.

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