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The F 20A Tigershark demonstrated unprecedented reliability throughout the flight test program.

Mission reliability during the flight test program was consistently greater than 95 percent. Field measured data indicated that the F-20A reliability was 159 percent better than anticipated. These data confirmed Northrop's approach to reliability and showed that the expected level at maturity of 6.00 field inherent MFHBF (mean flight hours between failure) was conservative.

Avionics              18.07 MFHBF 
Engine               190.00 MFHBF 
Airframe               9.43 MFHBF 
Total aircraft         6.00 MFHBF 

Design assessments, demonstrations, and measured data indicated that the specified 5.6 direct maintenance man hours per flying hour (DMMH/FH) maintainability requirements for scheduled and unscheduled organizational and intermediate levels of maintenance would be met before 100,000 cumulative fleet flight hours. Three quarters of the F-20A maintainability figures were based on measured empirical data.

Field measurements were conducted on flight test aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Intermediate and depot level support were provided by Northrop suppliers; therefore, these data were not measured. However, all organizational level maintenance data were collected.

MAINTENANCE INDEX (Maintenance Man Hours per Flight Hour)

  Airframe & systems                                     2.64
  F404 GE 100 engine                                     0.45
  Avionics                                               0.52
Total unscheduled maintenance - intermediate level       3.60
Inspection                                               2.00
Total (DMMH/FH)                                          5.60
General support                                          5.50
Total (MMH/FH)--organizational and intermediate levels  11.10

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