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ALCOCEVA. Modern Name: Alcoceba. Possibly a gully which feeds into the Duero at the northernmost point of the bend of the river between San Estevan de Gormaz and Gormaz.

ARLANZA. River, and region, of which Diego Sanchez was the count. The area is dotted with pre-Roman castro fortifications, and a number of important medieval castles and towns from the Cid's time.

DAMOR. River of love - unidentifiable stream between San Esteban de Gormaz and Atienza.

DEVA. River.

DOURO. River, flowing to Portugal.

EBRO. Major river of northeastern Spain.

GLERA. River.

GUADALAVER. Modern Name: Guadalaviar. Arabic Name: Wadi al-Abyad (white river). River

HENARES. River that flows northeast from

MARTIN. River in eastern central Spain which flows through Montalban to the Ebro.

OVIERNA. Full Name: Rio de Ovierna. Modern Name: Ubierna. The River Ubierna, which flows by Vivar. A mill still is on its banks.

PISUERGA. River in Palencia.

SALON. Modern Name: Jalon. River.

SEGE. Modern Name: Segre. River flowing from the Pyrenees through Lerida to the Ebro.

SILOCA. Modern Name: Jiloca. River, modern name Jiloca.

TAGUS. Major river of central Spain.

TAVORA. River, Portugal.

TIEGIO. Unidentifiable river.

VOUGA. River in central Portugal which empties into the Atlantic in the vast Ria de Averira lagoon.

XUCAR. Modern Name: Jucar. Also Xuquer. River in Valencia province, emptying into the Mediterranean at Cullera, 38 km south of the city.

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