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ABANARREXIT. Full Name: King Abanarrexit. Modern Name: Harun al-Rashid. Arabic Name: Ibn ar-Rashid. Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad 786 - 809, who ruled an empire stretching from northern Africa to central Asia, and who's court was the basis of the legends of the 1001 Nights.

ABDALLA ADIZ. Arabic Name: Abd al-'Aziz. The Almoxarife (tax collector) of the Cid, described as "..a good man and one whom the Cid loved, and who never left him after he had obtained his favour".

ABDALLA AZIS. Arabic Name: Abu Bakr Ibn Abd al-Aziz. King of Valencia 1076-1085. He was governor of Toledo, but took advantage of the weakness of King Yahia to become nominal ruler of Valencia.

ABENALFANGE. Arabic Name: Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis. King of Granada, 1077-1090.

ABENALFARAX. Guazil of Valencia, whom the Cid had appointed. Nephew of Gil Diaz, author of a history of the Cid on which part of the Chronicle is based. Some scholars believe Abenalfarax and Gil Diaz to be the same person, reading the original document differently.

ABENALHAZIS. Arabic Name: Ibn al-Haji? or Abu Bakr ibn abd al-Aziz. It is possible that this is another Spanish version of the name of Abu Bakr ibn abd al-Aziz, King of Valencia 1075-1085, elsewhere called Abdalla Azis in the Chronicle.

ABENCANO. Arrayaz of Cuenca, a native of Valencia, involved in an intrigue to deliver Valencia to the King of Zaragoza in 1085. The Governor of Molina in 1095, assisting Ximena to reach Valencia, has the same name, and is perhaps the same person.

ABENFARAT. Arabic Name: ibn al-Arafat?. Cousin of King Yahia.

ABENGALVON. Arabic Name: Ibn Ghalbun. The governor of Molina in around 1098, evidently succeeding Abencano who is described as such in 1095.

ABENIAF. Arabic Name: ibn Yahhaf. Moorish Alcalde (Qadi) of Valencia 1092 - 1094. He played a constant complex game, attempting to stay in power by simultaneously playing off Almoravid and Christian Kings, the leaders of Valencia, and the Cid one against the other.

ABENMAZOT. Arabic Name: ibn-Massoud?. Moorish lord of Xativa, who refused to swear obedience to King Yahia.

ABENMOXIZ. Arabic Name: ibn-Mokhdad?. Prominent leading Moorish citizen of Valencia.

ABENRAZIN. Arabic Name: Abd al-Malik Husam al-Dawla. Long-lived Moorish King of Albarrazin (1044-1103). One of a long line of the Banu Razin clan, Andalusian Berbers of the Hawwara tribe that had ruled the kingdom since 1012.

ABOEGIB. The sons of Aboegib are mentioned many times in the chronicles. They are a prominent Moorish family in Valencia. It is impossible to connect this mutilated word with a proper Arabic name.

ABOEZA. Full Name: Aboeza Abenlupo. Alcayde and Guazil of Valencia.

ADEFIR. Full Name: Almudafar / Adefir. Arabic Name: Ahmad ibn Sulayman al-Muqtadir. King of Zaragoza, (1049-1082). On his death King Almudafar of Zaragoza divided his kingdoms between his sons, leaving Zulema the kingdom of Zaragoza, and Abenalfange the kingdom of Denia.

ALAFUM. Full Name: Cid Alafum. Alcayde of Viseu, an African, a man tried in arms.

ALI ABENAXA. Adelantado of the Almoravides, commander of a force of fundamentalist Moors from Africa, who together with an Almoravid-led Army from Andalusia, besieged the Castle of Aledo, then moved on to attack Valencia.

ALIMAYMON. Arabic Name: Yahya ibn Ismail al-Mamun. King of Toledo, 1044-1075, protector of Don Alfonso during his exile, and father of King Yahia.

ALMANZOR. Arabic Name: Muhammad Al-Mansur ibn Abi Amir. Vizier to Umayyad Caliph Hisham II from 976-1002. By 979 Almanzor had isolated the Caliph and was the effective ruler of all of Muslim Spain. He then proceeded on a series of conquests of Christian territory, including the destruction of Zamora in 981.

ALMESCAHEN. Full Name: King Almescahen. Arabic Name: Al-Mustain II, Ahmad ibn Yusuf. King of Zaragoza, 1085-1110. Son of Alcamin, Yusuf ibn Ahmad al-Mutamin.

ALMOCANIS. Arabic Name: Abbad III al-Mu'tamid. Ruler of Seville 1069-1091.

ALMOFALEZ. A Moor of Andalusia, who rose up with the Castle of Rueda, which was held for King Don Alfonso.

ALMOXARIFE YUCEF. Full Name: Yucef. Arabic Name: Yusuf. A Moor, named by the Cid to be his Almoxarife, that is to say, his Receiver of Taxes.

ALMUNDAFAR. Arabic Name: Abd Allah ibn Buluggin ibn Badis. King of Granada from 1077, until the kingdom was conquered by the Almoravides in 1090.

BENALFAGI. Lord of many lands in Estremadura.

BENIVOYAS. Modern Name: Umayyad. The Ummayyad caliphate founded by Abd ar-Rahman is understood. The dynasty he founded ruled Muslim Spain from 755 to 1031.

BUCAR. Arabic Name: Sir ibn Abu Bakr. Identified with the historical Almoravid general Sir ibn Abu Bakr, the cousin of Almoravid leader Yucef. He is referred elsewhere in the text as the King of Seville (which he conquered in 1091).

BUXAR. Otherwise unidentifiable person, the sons of whom were regents of Denia and Tortosa until the sons of Abenalfange reached their majority.

FARAS. Otherwise unidentified person.

FARIZ. One of two Moorish Kings, that set out with the companies of King Alcamin from Valencia. Hariz was a historical figure, a Moor, a good knight in arms, killed by the Cid in single combat before the walls of Medinacelli.

GALVE. Arabic Name: Ghalid. One of two Moorish Kings that set out with the companies of King Alcamin from Valencia. Identified with Ghalid, a historical figure, the father-in-law of the Moorish general Al-Mansur.

GIL DIAZ. Full Name: Gil Diaz nee Alfaraxi Alfaqui Alhagi. Modern Name: Alfaqui Alhagi. Arabic Name: Alfaqui. Born Alfaraxi, a Moor of Valencia, he became Alfaqui Alhagi, that is to say, one learned in Islamic law, who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca, who was held in much honor by the Moors. The Cid made him Cadi and Alcalde of Valencia.

GILBERT. A sage who wrote the history of the Moorish Kings who reigned in Africa.

HICEM. King of Toledo. In the poem father of Yahia, son of Alimaymon. In history he does not exist, and Yahia was the son, rather than the grandson, of Alimaymon.

HUIM ALBOAZEM. Arabic Name: Abd Allah ibn Muhammad ibn Maslamah, Ibn al-Aftas. King of Badajoz and Lamego, father of Zadan Aben Huim.

MAHOMED ABENHAYEN. A scribe of Valencia.

MUSA. A Moor appointed by the Cid as Guazil of Valencia.

NUGUEYMAT TURYA. A Moorish Negress, so skilful in drawing the Turkish bow, that it was held for a marvel, and it is said that they called her in Arabic Nugueymat Turya, which is to say, the Star of the Archers.

SELEYDA. Full Name: Queen Seleyda. Arabic Name: Zubaida. Wife to Harun al-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad. Mother of Al-Amin, his ill-starred successor.

SOLDAN. Arabic Name: Kilij Arslan I. At the period described the Seljuk Sultan of Rum, Kilij Arslan I, was fighting the Crusaders in Asia Minor. His messenger was evidently attempting to ensure that the Cid did not join the battles in the Holy Land.

SON OF ABDALLA AZIS. Arabic Name: Utzman Ibn Abu Bakr. One son of Abu Bakr Ibn Abd al-Aziz, the nominal ruler of Valencia, 1085-1086. However dissension between the two sons quickly led to Yahia’s takeover of the city.

XIMEN DE ALGEZIRA. Moorish messenger from King Bucar.

YAHIA. Arabic Name: Yahya Ibn Ismail Ibn Yahya, al-Qadir. King of Toledo, 1075-1085. King of Valencia, 1086-1092.

YUCEF. Full Name: King Yucef. Arabic Name: Yusuf ibn-Tashfin. (1061-1106) Fundamentalist leader of the Almoravides, who would conquer the fragmented Moorish kingdoms of Africa and Spain and set back the Christian reconquest by a hundred years.

ZADAN ABEN HUIM. Arabic Name: Muhammad al-Muzaffar. King of Badajoz 1045-1060. The hstorical king was preoccupied by attempts by the Banu Abbad of Seville to conquer his kingdom, giving Ferdinand an opening.

ZULEMA. Full Name: Zulema / Alcamin. Arabic Name: Yusuf ibn Ahmad al-Mutamin. King of Zaragoza (1082-1085), son of King Almudafar. He received the kingdom of Zaragoza after Almudafar's death in preference to his brother. The historical Cid served him in his first exile between 1082 and 1085.

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